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    This is not my video, but I will just leave it here. Codemasters, please clean this forest fire smoke and make Finland look at least like in original DiRT Rally! 🙏
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    Most of the options are quite clear, but some options are totally unknown what will happen. Also sometimes it is unknown what a slider will do if you put it minus or plus. That's why I had this suggestion/concept: https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/35255-jorritvd’s-suggestions-for-dirt-rally-20/?do=findComment&comment=405065 Although the interface looks nice, I think some things are a bit hidden and people don't know about, like you can save championships, can generate an random stages for a rally, you can select multiple ghosts in time trail, etc. I have once thought about to start a topic where Tutorials can be posted.
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    The title says it all 😉 post photos and videos from your favourite GRID races, achievements and moments, to show off your style and maybe even feature on GRID socials! Make good use of the Replay options and multiple camera angles to nail that perfect shot 🙂 We're kicking it off by showcasing a couple of our faves so far from @torque99uk 📸
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    @RedDevilKT here are some intriguing suggestions for missing features which could bring the new F1 game to a brand new level and add to it's overall immersion. If there is a chance to add these things into the upcoming game, the franchise would make a big leap towards perfection: HUD for replays Replays right now are boring and don't provide us with all the necessary information (which lap are we currently in, who is leading etc.) and therefore don't tap their full potential! Why not insert the HUD into replays? Many games offer this feature during replays and it makes the whole thing more reasonable to watch. Commentary for replays Why not have David Croft and Anthony Davidson comment the race in replay mode? At least some of the important race moments such as drivers overtaking others, drivers doing pit stops, drivers having mechanical issues and/or failures, the driver order (Top 10) every 10 laps. It would bring the game to a whole new level. Why have David Croft and Anthony Davidson in the game if you barely utilise them... Official TV HUD We've been pegging for this feature for almost half a decade now! You should give us full HUD customization so every player can adjust the HUD to it's own liking. Players want a full HUD with all the drivers shown and their constant time gaps and only the 3 main characters of their names like in real life (HAM instead of Hamilton...). Team Sponsors on helmets Especially now that we have drivers changing teams over the course of seasons it would make a lot sense if the team sponsors of their helmets would change if they changed teams. There should be certain sponsor templates for every team which could be used. It would also make career mode more immersive if our own career helmet would feature the current team's sponsors. Preseason Testing in Career Mode Why not add a Preseason Testing Phase to the start of career mode or to the start of each season. Just give us like 3 days of Spain/Catalunya testing our new car together with all other teams doing tests as we do and earning ressource points by doing individual R&D events. This way we could upgrade our car before the start of the season. National anthem before race How cool would it be if there would be a cutscene before each race where the current national anthem would be played in it's full length while showing the 20 drivers standing in line next to each other and the flag of the country in the backfield. National anthem during podium celebration An expansion for the podium celebration is long overdue. Before the actual celebration it would be great to see the drivers standing on the podium while the winner's national anthem is playing with the character waving towards the fans and showing the constructors and mechanics celebrating. What do you guys think? 🙂
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    Tech is filled with these issues and absolutely nothing has been done. Our 100% race last week, with a modest 12 people, was an absolute ghost disaster followed by BS drive through penalties at the start. Today is the 3rd Weekly Event in a row where I've tried multiple times and failed. It will not load, or it will crash, or everyone else will not get in. Wait another hour and try again only to happen again. Stop releasing DLC $$$ Paint jobs and fix the core problems. I have never seen apathy like this and I've been gaming since 14.4 dialup. Fix the damn servers. Or obliterate Racenet completely and outsource it to people that know what they're doing. Thankfully the season is almost over.
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    I am very much real :p I was just exploring some old stuff in my laptop last night and came across a lot of memories, OT being one of them. So glad to see that some of the members from the time I left this place are still here. I actually found my scripts for the OT awards shows and as expected, it literally took me back in time :) I had a great couple of years here and now when I look back at the past, dear me I was one annoying # that everyone had to deal with :D I see that Luke, Mikey, Hughesey(I guess) and f1since08(looks like you have been promoted mate, congo buddy :) ) are still here... can't see my old buddies like Bumfez here and some of them I have on facebook and instagram though. We had a super great community back in those days and am very glad that I had the privilege to be a part of that family. If I had it my way, I could write an essay about how much spending time here has taught me valuable life lessons, becoming mature, improving communication skills(which I use during my US/EMEA client interactions very often) and blah blah blah :p :p But yes, it's great to see this community still alive and running and hoping it stays that way :) Edit: Been looking at some of my posts from the archives especially 2014 OT awards show and all that I can say is, I sincerely apologize to anyone whom I may have hurt, it was unintentional and my behavior? Well... it was just childish/immature and clearly I never had the right choice of words, how awfully silly I was :p Just to be clear everyone, I never wanted to hurt anyone, it's just that I never properly understood that I was sharing a stage with people from various places :) I hope to be able to interact with as many of you as possible, wonder when did the forum slow down :( And btw, if my memory serves me correct, this ain't the forum it was when I left almost 5 years ago, it was bluish
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    Pads have built-in traction assist. People in many leagues switched back to pad just to keep up. I use a wheel and cockpit because I enjoy sim racing. If I cared more about winning at any cost, absolutely I would be on a pad and using TCam.
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    They could use laser scan data for every track. It's been a standard feature in racing titles going back to last gen consoles.
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    I feel next year/years game have got to have classic tracks let me know what you think. please codemasters make this happen!!
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    To CMF1mobile, add one more category in challenge. Finishing 1st (10x) in either Grid or Sprint Duels wins you 10 cr. That’s on top of what is there now.
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    Driving almost 25,000 miles isn't long enough for you?
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    But its possible for custom offline or online events to have both classes? Some maybe want go with the Polo or Impreza, others maybe with the Clio or MINI. It would not be nice to limit this to or 2018 or 2019. my suggestion there will be an option for 2018, an option for 2019, and an option to have all. Also I still hope the 2019 Subaru ARX liveries will come, and maybe the Loenbro liveries aswell.. about the different Fiesta; I can understand a group of people are not really interested in all different specs, but technically they are all very different. I am happy to see all these different specs. The OMSE MK7 is own developed, but the STARD MK7 is for example started with an R5/WRC shell. About the Audi/208 2019 “new” cars. One things that should have been changed is a detail in the interior. As far as I know all cars need to have a safety net at both sides of the driver. Before 2019 this was only needed at the drivers door side. An other things i know for the Audi is that KYB developed new dampers for the S1. With the OMSE Fiesta it changed a bit more with the cooling that went to the back. Also the Megan’s has quite a differences, especially on the rear, but also the steering wheel has changed. Also I think we shouldn’t complain to much. With for example F1 you need to buy a new game if you want the latest season. Now you can buy the new season in the same game.
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    Thank you but I Play mostly alone against the AI I hope they will them faster and add 110 difficulty 🙂
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    Bigmoon was screwed over by the publisher. They have been bought by Saber and there are rumors that a Baja game could be in the works. https://venturebeat.com/2019/10/18/saber-interactive-buys-bigmoon-entertainment-announces-two-new-projects/ Shameless plug for my Dakar 18 review and followup for those that are looking at the game.
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    Wow, time flies fast. Last time i posted screens was in August 😮 So here a little collection.
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    Some of my latest snaps featuring some older cars Platform: PS4 Nick: iamthevp (VPRP_CZ)
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    First time I've uninstalled an F1 game before the actual F1 season ended - I know it came out earlier, but I still had F1 2018 installed in April this year, so 4 months longer than F1 2019. It's not that it's extremely buggy for me - I mean it has bugs, but I could live with it - but, if I could sum it up in a few words, it feels lifeless, stale, dull, boring. And that includes the FFB.
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    Okay, well extremely unrealistic is true. Visibility most of the time there is like 40Km. Tragic relating to the implementation of fog strictly, and in terms of someone sitting there and adding this much fog IMO it's a tragically bad decision and shows some lack of visual QA. Someone should have said "hey, I can't really see at 200m in Finland during mid day, please fix this"
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    i don't see hopes for this game, and a proper fix (of everything) will take too much time and work, there is no interest from cm to turn a total fiasco into and half success. This game will keep going on the cash grab strategy, with heavy discount in next weeks. Maybe a patch fix for many crashes and bugs. Nothing more. I make a bet here (happy to lose it), we will never see AI removed from online. There is a reason for that.
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    If thousands of trains run late every day or are canceled there will certainly also be 100s that DO turn up and ARE on time.
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    Vehicle: Volkswagen Polo GTI R5 Livery: Delporte/THX Racing Driver: Davy Vanneste (BE) Codriver: Kris D'alleine (BE) Rally: Rally van Wervik 2019 Class: R5 Installation manual can be found in the download. Livery can be downloaded here: http://www.rallygamer.com/dirtrally2/liveries/page1.php
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    I have a complaint about the HDR in the game in cockpit cam because the dashboard is so dark the outside of the car gets too bright to the point i cant see the road in snow and sunny stages. There could be a setting ingame to change it also an option to chane supersampling ingame vould be nice. I know about hardware setting config vr settings to make it better but thats not for the avrage user and it wuild be better to see the diffrence ingame . What platform you're playing on : STEAM What headset you're using: Oculus Rift S What your PC setup/build is like: 9900K overclocked to 5Ghz, NVIDIA EVGA 2080TI overclocked, Trident z 3200Mhz DDR4 RAM, Windows 10, SSD Whether you're a Standard or Deluxe user: Deluxe + Seasons 3 & 4 Whether or not you have any non-standard peripherals connected: Logitech G920 hardware_settings_config_vr.xml