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    ^^^Look at those trees @GavinMac Nothing wrong with them they look like trees. p.s See multiple previous graphics threads of the complaints about all the trees and leaves zoomed in.
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    can we please have the sector times back to how they was ? cant see if im up or down. this is in time trials. each sector just says the time now. instead of up or down . which is the whole point of time trials.
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    Thank you for sharing these 2 Nissan photos I took on your Instagram. (I just spotted them) No tag 😞?
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    The legend ❤️ Platform: PS4 Nick: iamthevp
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    Platform: Steam User: Schuby91 Location: New England, USA Car: Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI
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    I thought the top picture was real at first!
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    Hello 🙂 Love this game and this car is great car 🙂
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    Platform: steam, medium PC spec Some daily action: And testing the new beast:
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    Platform: PS4 Nick: iamthevp Hunting the playstation trophies!
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    Absolutely loving the two new beauties! PC - Edited (colour/contrast)
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    Pioykowsky / steam Thank you for this iconic lion!
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    Mc-rock 😉 Sainz vs Mcrae spain 1995 😉 131 Sweden
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    There is a steering assist in the Assists menu IIRC. If you're new to a wheel, I recommend you drive with assists off. (No ABS, no TC, no auto box)
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    I think a lot of people will be boycotting 2020 and it won't be because of the classic cars!
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    Cockpit user here... I just turn off the pillar and go about my day. Making it transparent is just a more convoluted way of deleting the pillar, so what's the point?