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    Could be worse, you could have bought from Oculus only to discover that you only bought half the game and that the DLC is never coming, so you have to buy again from Steam if you want the other half.
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    They would be far less stressed had they simply not released an unfinished game in the first place. It is not acceptable to sell any software in this state. It never used to happen. In the days before the internet, games had to work as there was no way to patch it once its out there. It makes no difference if the games are more complicated these days, that just means they need more time to complete the game. They should give themselves that time. Im not here to test or report bugs, Codemaster's sold me the game to play it Yet I cannot. Its highly frustrating when people seem to accept this kind of **** as "part of gaming". It sends the wrong message to the game studio. If you bought a TV and it kept turning its self off, would you just accept that as part of watching TV? No, you'd get it fixed or replaced or get your money back. If you bought a car and it kept braking down do you accept thats part of motoring? Or do you get rid of the problem car and get a totally different one? Do you buy a cooked food and accept its part of eating if its raw? Or would you demand another COOKED one? Or storm out of the place without paying? Why are games any different. WE shouldn't have to wait for any patches, the game is finished. Its been through Codemasters QA. They have a whole floor dedicated to it. What does that say about their Quality Assurance. Maybe QA means Questions and Answers to Codies???
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    unusually I decide to give a sprint duel a shot (i usually bail if it’s not a qually duel), All it did was reinforce my decision to stick with qualifying only duels. Opponent was some waste of space called Moreira, pushed me into the wall immediately after the duel started (montreal circuit). i passed him again at turn 2 after he’d made a mess of ramming an npc off, he then just smashed me into the barrier. From that i get a DNF, loss of points and .4 off my safety rating! How is it that the devs ‘need’ evidence of this behaviour, all they need to do is play the bl***y game and they’d know how frustrating it is! Anyway, qual only might not be as ‘challenging’ as the other duels but at least I only have to contend with stupid sticky grass, invisible brick walls and ghost cars which appear to suffer from none of the afore mentioned game ‘improvements’! Happy racing! (in game: qualonlyduels)
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    We all know they made the Transit WRC for only one reason... **Deja Vu**
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    While I get the point, why does everyone feel the need to have everything? Do people not enjoy the idea of earning things anymore or that certain items are limited to those who put in the time? The reason things become coveted in games and communities has a large part due to the fact that not everyone can have it. That adds to the value. Why not have a cool, limited livery for those who clear a certain hurdle? Would be much cooler IMO if it was an RX livery though because other people would actually see it too.
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    So that’s why they made a Transit WRC...
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    The idea of the event itself is great, but there are a few things i don't like: 1) On December 25th, most of us spend time with our family or leave and are unable to play. I am one of those people. Is it really necessary to play that particular day? 2) As a player who has a lot of responsibilities and i can afford to play in my free time, i don't like the idea of rewarding the top 10% of players. In the game i am the type of collector and i want to receive all rewards. I am sad that i may not receive something. Can it be changed somehow?
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    You would be just the same if you were as cool as I am
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    Sometimes I just can’t fit my massive head and balls into the car and it’s really sad 😞
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    It's a bait and switch. Buy DR2.0, and discover that you didn't buy the whole package, so you spend more.
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    Nice job with that green/red livery guys...just beautiful! 🤢👍
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    I will pay way more for a well done new rally location...no problem. Something fun and super technical like idk rally Corsica...something with really tight hairpins and roads barely larger than your car (and with tight I mean turns where you have to really rotate the car and be precise,unless you want to get stuck )
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    I would not have any problem paying $15-20 US for a new location, season 3/4 I skipped because alI am not interested in RX and not paying for something that I will never use, also I’m not real fond of the bonus liverys. So I bought the rally stuff I wanted separately. The great thing about DLC for me, is I don’t have to chuck $90+ at a game all at once. I can pick and choose what I want to play and purchase over time. Maybe that ends up $120 if I happen to like everything or maybe it ends up $75 if I don’t. @AlexSpartan316 and get out of MY dream, its MINE not yours 😂 (joking)
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    Hmm, some interestingly close stuff here.... Oh, and i'm pretty certain the PSRX is genuine PSRX.
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    I wished season 3+4 would have a Black Friday sale, but no 😞
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    This would be me in that situation.
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    If there is more DLC then new rally stages really need to be a priority. DLC costing as much as a full game has not added a single kilometer of new stage, which is pretty sad. You are not going to run out of rally cars to drive anytime soon, but driving the same stages over and over (half of which are from DR1 where we drove them over and over) kind of becomes a problem in rally since you are supposed to rely on your co-driver rather than know the stages from memory. New locations, or new stages for the existing locations, or both, as long as there are new stages
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    They've given the finger to sim drivers every step of the way. Those using a wheel and cockpit are at 2 massive disadvantages right off the bat. No option to force cockpit view, like every other sim (even on console) is absolutely incredible. Dirt 2.0 is very good. This is the first F1 I've owned since 2013 or so and it will be my last unless they fix fundamental flaws. GUARANTEED none of them will be fixed in coming months. There will be a couple trivial changes and then $$$ Thanksgiving and Christmas car paint, suits, and gloves.
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    They didn't forget to tell you, because they didn't know. The release of extra seasons depended on sales figures.
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    Grid IMHO it’s the kind of game that can’t decide if being arcade or sim-cade/ kinda-sim. Resulting not satisfying neither of the two kind of Motorsport players...
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    I id not spend alot 🤷‍♂️ made by myshelf 😁
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    So guys when I posted that codemasters were changing the graphics on dirt rally 2.0 now looks better, f12019 now looks worse , a lot worse because of the inclusion of silly F2 , grid 2019 , all of a sudden looks 10x better , just check mirror reflections , and now finally codemasters admit on forums that they can alter graphics as it does not affect core game, the standand ps4 can handle 60fps , who the hell thought in a online multiplayer game to add Ai , and 400 Ai , Ai are only needed in story mode , wait you don't have a story mode . we don't want Ai OK ,. They can't drive and ruin the game, the rubbish we get told on here makes me laugh, how old do you think we are , the official post press release has been taken down, because all the things it said how great the new grid was going to be, turned out to be completely false.