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    The career mode of their F1 games are repetitive as hell. It is always said how great the game looks but they don't do anything with their great graphics. It looks good and that is it. No new animations, intros, podium celebrations, etc. "Commentator" intros are almost always the same making it unnecessary in the first place. Track intro animations are also pretty much the same. Interviews become annoying because it is the same question & answer only asked & answered in a different way. There is absolutely no story after F2. F2 rivalry between you, WEBER & BUTLER is the best part of the whole career mode and it is not even F1. After F2 the career mode is a complete copy of F1 2018 with driver transfers + WEBER & BUTLER. Generally the game still has bugs and glitches that exist since F1 2016. Safety Car barely comes out. (Saftey Car feature really seems to be CM's kryptonite, I mean 2015 did not even have it at all) Penalty System is punishing all drivers involved instead of the one T-Boning half the field in T1 and other hard braking zones. Track limits are inconsistent in the majority of the corners of the calendar. You can cut some corners in a specific angle and get away with it gaining time. On the other hand you go off track on the exits of some turns, which costs you time and you get a penalty on top of the time lost. Since 2015 we are still waiting for a proper penalty system. Their highlights feature works like a$z recording the whole field getting past a camera that keeps on recording the same part of the track for 10 more seconds after. Then it just records random moments while missing or cutting off all the actual great moments like overtakes. The only good thing about the highlights feature is the slow motion shots but they come barely once in every highlights video. Exported videos have a very low bitrate and only 30FPS. Half hearted implementation like many other features of this game. We wanted a FULL REPLAY FEATURE where we could watch, save and export the entire race from different angles and driver perspectives like after grand prix and career mode races. Apparently that is too much to ask even though Supreme Commander, a game from 2007, had exactly that. Another example for half hearted implementations would be the driver transfers in career mode. Everyone wanted it for years and they go "Alright, alright, here! Have your bloody driver transfers and leave us alone!" *throws driver transfers into the game that are unrealistically fast and break championships* All of this mess comes down to Codemasters Birmingham, including Lee Mather (Game Driector) being one of the most half hearted and most clueless (in terms of Formula 1 motorsport) developers in the history of gaming. The only way I can see them getting all those great ratings and "Best Racing Game Of The Year" awards and what not is by imagining that the people rating the games got temporary amnesia, forgetting or simply ignoring the fact that the game is part of a series where the previous two titles barely differ from it. I don't see a bright future for this game series because every time I open the comments section of their forums or a twitter post regarding F1 games by CM the majority there are always the same negative comments about bugs and features. It just shows that they are losing their community. The new Xbox and PS are going to be released next year. I assume that F1 2020 will be a complete copy of 2019 + some new premium liveries and the final game on the current engine. I just cannot believe that F1 2019 has been in development for 2 years. At the first glance and couple of minutes into the game it felt like a new game. However, once you get a bit deeper into it you basically play the same game as last year. They probably wanted to release it as early as it was to focus on coding a new engine for F1 2021 in two years. F1 2021 will most likely be next gen. New engine and all like F1 2015. If 2021 does not kick a$z then it is only going to get even worse and it is already pretty bad. Their game development progression from one game to the next is so slow that they just need a good kick starter base game which F1 2015 was the complete opposite.
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    The problem is the AI when letting you past when you are the faster car, for example during qualifying or a blue flag decide to slow in the middle of the corner to let you past, the AI need programmed to only let you past before or after a corner rather than in the middle of it
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    no but i at least expect the to make adjustments when the teams bring massive upgrades like spain, spa and more. The cars are still australia spec in this game Plus that excuse wont work after abu dhabi because then the season is over so they can easily change the cars then, Because then the performance and cars wont change again so if they dont fix it they will have to come up with a new dumb excuse to why they are lazy. But the safety car they have no excuse for. @1512marcel
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    Sell it ? Not worth it. I would gain maybe 20 or 25 bucks. Maybe less since the game didn't sell well. Btw, we didn't insult anyone and I guess we all respected the rules. The poll is clear. Answers are also clear. There are issues with the game. I'm eagerly waiting for Chris' answer (and not the usual "I'll check the dev team but y'know it's gonne be difficult" answer). We are customers before players and when you deliver a broken game like this one, you gotta ask yourself some questions.
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    They would be far less stressed had they simply not released an unfinished game in the first place. It is not acceptable to sell any software in this state. It never used to happen. In the days before the internet, games had to work as there was no way to patch it once its out there. It makes no difference if the games are more complicated these days, that just means they need more time to complete the game. They should give themselves that time. Im not here to test or report bugs, Codemaster's sold me the game to play it Yet I cannot. Its highly frustrating when people seem to accept this kind of **** as "part of gaming". It sends the wrong message to the game studio. If you bought a TV and it kept turning its self off, would you just accept that as part of watching TV? No, you'd get it fixed or replaced or get your money back. If you bought a car and it kept braking down do you accept thats part of motoring? Or do you get rid of the problem car and get a totally different one? Do you buy a cooked food and accept its part of eating if its raw? Or would you demand another COOKED one? Or storm out of the place without paying? Why are games any different. WE shouldn't have to wait for any patches, the game is finished. Its been through Codemasters QA. They have a whole floor dedicated to it. What does that say about their Quality Assurance. Maybe QA means Questions and Answers to Codies???
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    GRID Season 1 adds even more variety and unpredictability to GRID’s action-packed racing experience on December 4, with the arrival of the Hot Hatch Showdown. Four new cars, over 30 new career events, and a new circuit all drop into GRID in this update, with Ultimate Edition players receiving exclusive content. If you're yet to jump into GRID, you can pick up the Ultimate Edition now on PS4, Xbox One and PC, whilst existing Standard Edition players can upgrade to Ultimate Edition on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Let’s take a closer look at what’s rolling out of the garage for Season 1. The Hot Hatch Showdown sees four brand new cars added to GRID’s roster – all legendary pint-sized hatchbacks. Ultimate Edition players can get behind the wheel of the MINI Hatch JCW, Lancia Delta HF Integrale Super Hatch, Renault s1600, and the AUDI S1 quattro Concept. Playable in Career, Free Play and Multiplayer, the new Hot Hatches can be used in any race scenario. For GRID players without Ultimate Edition, the Renault Clio is available in Free Play and Multiplayer events as a loan car. GRID’s globe-trotting Career mode now has even more challenges to overcome, with Season 1 adding another 33 Career events to conquer. Available to Ultimate Edition players, head to the Career menu and switch to the new tab to find two brand new Career threads – one featuring the new Season 1 cars, the other using the existing car roster. Complete the race objectives to advance through the threads and reach two new Showdown events; win those and you’ll be in the final three-race Series, where a new Ravenwest challenge awaits you. Finally, we’re adding to GRID’s list of circuits with the return of a series favourite, available for free to all players. Race around the Arc de Triomphe and underneath the Eiffel Tower, and Get Your Heart Racing around the streets of Paris. With three different routes, each with a reverse option, Paris is a tight and complex circuit, full of undulation and overtaking opportunities. Race in daytime, nighttime, in the rain, dusk or dawn – all options are open to create a dream race event, in one of the world’s most iconic cities. New races, new cars, new ways to experience our unpredictable world of motorsport. Season 1 of GRID and the Hot Hatch Showdown is all about giving you new ways to race #LikeNoOther. Follow GRID on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for all the news as Season 1 arrives on December 4.
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    This feature cannot be stated enough for its importance. A solid multiplayer experience can give devs enough time to deal with other issues. Players are willing to deal with technical difficulties as long as the online is good. We have to convince the devs to put this issue at the top of the list even over future DLC. New cars and tracks are not enough when no one is playing cause the multiplayer is poor. I, like many others bought the UE of GRID, an although progress was made Im dissapointed so far.
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    I've tried reinstalling sound card drivers, reinstalled the game and even checked the integrity of the files ... and nothing works. Attached is my dxdiag. Best regards, Guimaraes DxDiag.txt
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    They didn't copy all, they completely left out the online championship mode that was used by many, which still confuses and annoys many people
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    I just gave RR3 a go. Wow! This feels real. There's room to overtake, no corner penalties when putting a wheel on the grass. The entire architecture feels opened up compared to the tight, claustrophobic atmosphere of F1 Mobile. I won't be able to afford a fully upgraded car, but I'll stick with it until I hit the ceiling. But Codies, take a look at how this game should be.
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    Hmm, some interestingly close stuff here.... Oh, and i'm pretty certain the PSRX is genuine PSRX.
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    The problem is big difference in visibility between cameras like @Kjell007 said. Incar is undriveable and bumper or hood cam is quite okay. This is the problem. And your video is a bit off topic. I get winter conditions every year where I live, I was 4 times or more on Rally Sweden, I was in Arctic Rally and I have never experienced such problems. So I think that there is something wrong with these settings.
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    And it's a terrible game that has nothing to do with racing.
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    ppl who own this steaming pile need to get a discount
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    Crucial here is the period in which the "improvements" are brought about. When I sell bad food, my customers die. It also does not matter to me whether or how much CM has to do. That's their problem, not mine. It needs urgent improvement and not just next year.
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    I don't care for all the bickering, i just want a game to work and in this day and age is pretty simple, if I pay £50 for a game I expect it to be excellent ,better then the previous game , ,grid a week or two ago the graphics were overhauled and reflection in mirrors showed that ,everything is more crisper and sharper, it made grid look nice and changed the feeling of the game, so credit is given, It's the complete opposite for f12019 ,the once beautiful graphics were dulled down to look the same as f12018 ,sound of cars is worse,sound bug lol and very poor ffb for the f12019 cars , so it begs question if they can suddenly up the graphics on grid ,which clearly they have done , then they change any aspect of any game at ther choosing, . Is that not correct, have a great Monday everyone,
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    multiplayer sure is lacking in features
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    They've given the finger to sim drivers every step of the way. Those using a wheel and cockpit are at 2 massive disadvantages right off the bat. No option to force cockpit view, like every other sim (even on console) is absolutely incredible. Dirt 2.0 is very good. This is the first F1 I've owned since 2013 or so and it will be my last unless they fix fundamental flaws. GUARANTEED none of them will be fixed in coming months. There will be a couple trivial changes and then $$$ Thanksgiving and Christmas car paint, suits, and gloves.
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    Concerned that xbox. ps4, pc game is not crashing and initial hotfixes are done that we are going to get forgotten about as codemasters tries to cash into the stadia cash cow. We have seen time and time again were games suffer from multi platform releases, please @ChrisGrovesMCM assure us this wont be the case, we need the multi player failures to be addressed to keep the game alive for us! The lack of content is already going to see our gaming group turn back to Autosport at least on alternating weeks! The gameplay is good but dam its lacking on content/modes/public...
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    just rename it ''grid2019 doa edition''
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    "I am not supporting your demands if you guys cannot be mature about this" ...what demands ? " because this would probably break the forum rules had I signed in yesterday"...what would?.. all I see are discontented paying customers voicing thier opnions.
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    I have to agree with all the comments here . We were led to believe that this game would be like the old Grid , the original Grid, i mean come on who wouldnt beleive that when you call it by the same name. I have no idea what CM were thinking with this , other than a cash grab, relying on the reputation of the original grid. Some real poor design decisions were made with this game , like they were with Grid 2 , "oh only 5% play with the cockpit View, so we arent including it" More like lets see if we can cut a corner here and take out the cockpit view, they wont notice. This game is dead already. Ive played probably 25% of ther career mode, and Im bored with it!!, you guys should listen to the people who pay your wages, and thats the customer. Ive gone back to Project cars 2 for now , as many laps as i want, a decent damage model, ie the cars performance is effected if I play bumper cars too much , Pit stops, a good multiplayer, good selection of cars and TRACKS , where are the tracks CM!?? Ive had enough, game shelved, forever, no more rushing to buy a CM game now without waiting for reviews.
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    There are people (like me and many other) asking for the damn built in text chat on multiplayer, something like 9years now. What constructive has to be more than that ? lol We tried everything, we already writed everything. Everytime there is something more missing…