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    The problem is the AI when letting you past when you are the faster car, for example during qualifying or a blue flag decide to slow in the middle of the corner to let you past, the AI need programmed to only let you past before or after a corner rather than in the middle of it
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    no but i at least expect the to make adjustments when the teams bring massive upgrades like spain, spa and more. The cars are still australia spec in this game Plus that excuse wont work after abu dhabi because then the season is over so they can easily change the cars then, Because then the performance and cars wont change again so if they dont fix it they will have to come up with a new dumb excuse to why they are lazy. But the safety car they have no excuse for. @1512marcel
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    Sell it ? Not worth it. I would gain maybe 20 or 25 bucks. Maybe less since the game didn't sell well. Btw, we didn't insult anyone and I guess we all respected the rules. The poll is clear. Answers are also clear. There are issues with the game. I'm eagerly waiting for Chris' answer (and not the usual "I'll check the dev team but y'know it's gonne be difficult" answer). We are customers before players and when you deliver a broken game like this one, you gotta ask yourself some questions.
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    They would be far less stressed had they simply not released an unfinished game in the first place. It is not acceptable to sell any software in this state. It never used to happen. In the days before the internet, games had to work as there was no way to patch it once its out there. It makes no difference if the games are more complicated these days, that just means they need more time to complete the game. They should give themselves that time. Im not here to test or report bugs, Codemaster's sold me the game to play it Yet I cannot. Its highly frustrating when people seem to accept this kind of **** as "part of gaming". It sends the wrong message to the game studio. If you bought a TV and it kept turning its self off, would you just accept that as part of watching TV? No, you'd get it fixed or replaced or get your money back. If you bought a car and it kept braking down do you accept thats part of motoring? Or do you get rid of the problem car and get a totally different one? Do you buy a cooked food and accept its part of eating if its raw? Or would you demand another COOKED one? Or storm out of the place without paying? Why are games any different. WE shouldn't have to wait for any patches, the game is finished. Its been through Codemasters QA. They have a whole floor dedicated to it. What does that say about their Quality Assurance. Maybe QA means Questions and Answers to Codies???
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    GRID Season 1 adds even more variety and unpredictability to GRID’s action-packed racing experience on December 4, with the arrival of the Hot Hatch Showdown. Four new cars, over 30 new career events, and a new circuit all drop into GRID in this update, with Ultimate Edition players receiving exclusive content. If you're yet to jump into GRID, you can pick up the Ultimate Edition now on PS4, Xbox One and PC, whilst existing Standard Edition players can upgrade to Ultimate Edition on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Let’s take a closer look at what’s rolling out of the garage for Season 1. The Hot Hatch Showdown sees four brand new cars added to GRID’s roster – all legendary pint-sized hatchbacks. Ultimate Edition players can get behind the wheel of the MINI Hatch JCW, Lancia Delta HF Integrale Super Hatch, Renault s1600, and the AUDI S1 quattro Concept. Playable in Career, Free Play and Multiplayer, the new Hot Hatches can be used in any race scenario. For GRID players without Ultimate Edition, the Renault Clio is available in Free Play and Multiplayer events as a loan car. GRID’s globe-trotting Career mode now has even more challenges to overcome, with Season 1 adding another 33 Career events to conquer. Available to Ultimate Edition players, head to the Career menu and switch to the new tab to find two brand new Career threads – one featuring the new Season 1 cars, the other using the existing car roster. Complete the race objectives to advance through the threads and reach two new Showdown events; win those and you’ll be in the final three-race Series, where a new Ravenwest challenge awaits you. Finally, we’re adding to GRID’s list of circuits with the return of a series favourite, available for free to all players. Race around the Arc de Triomphe and underneath the Eiffel Tower, and Get Your Heart Racing around the streets of Paris. With three different routes, each with a reverse option, Paris is a tight and complex circuit, full of undulation and overtaking opportunities. Race in daytime, nighttime, in the rain, dusk or dawn – all options are open to create a dream race event, in one of the world’s most iconic cities. New races, new cars, new ways to experience our unpredictable world of motorsport. Season 1 of GRID and the Hot Hatch Showdown is all about giving you new ways to race #LikeNoOther. Follow GRID on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for all the news as Season 1 arrives on December 4.
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    Even if, according to JD aka. "Tiarl Limiss", assists are a bit slower on one lap pace for most average players, the results were still way too close. CM should take a look at Assetto Corsa, Project Cars series or Forza series etc., those games handle assists the right way, in those games you have to go for no assists to actually be competitive. Whereas in CM's F1 series assists always were way too close or even faster laptimewise to no assists which basically destroys any incentive to actually learn and drive no assists racing (with the exception of F1 2013). Imo, the difference between no assists and assists should be that asissts are at least 4 seconds slower, if full assists are being used. Here's a example of how that could be achieved: Full ABS, should make one start braking at least (20 - 40 meters) earlier than no assists. Medium ABS, which currently doesn't exist for whatever reason, should make one start braking at least (15 - 30 meters) earlier than no assists. Low ABS, which currently doesn't exist for whatever reason, should make one start braking at least (10 - 20 meters) earlier than no assists. Full TC, should make acceleration at least (30 - 60 kmh) slower out of corners. Medium TC, should make acceleration at least (20 - 40 kmh) slower out of corners. Low TC, which currently doesn't exist for whatever reason, should make acceleration at least (10 - 20kmh) slower. Auto Gears, should always shift up at 11500 rpm. If all this, or a similar approach to no assists vs. assists balancing, is considered and done, the game will be more "E-Sports" friendly. Also if some bonus extra XP or ingame cash for not running assists was granted to no assists driving, it would give even more incentive to the players to finally make the switch and eventually forces us all to be better drivers.
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    This feature cannot be stated enough for its importance. A solid multiplayer experience can give devs enough time to deal with other issues. Players are willing to deal with technical difficulties as long as the online is good. We have to convince the devs to put this issue at the top of the list even over future DLC. New cars and tracks are not enough when no one is playing cause the multiplayer is poor. I, like many others bought the UE of GRID, an although progress was made Im dissapointed so far.
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    Nice job with that green/red livery guys...just beautiful! 🤢👍
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    What I would've loved to see is a qualification system where each of the platforms had their own complete championship. Instead of each winner per event for each platform and the overall winner after three events (1 round) for each platform, I would have loved to see the top three of each event + top three of the overall standings after one round be qualified. Those will battle it out in the quarter and semi finals for each platform. Instead of doing the grand final between the two best drivers per platform, you organise a true final for each of the platforms. Then you get a PC, PS4 and Xbox World Champion. And maybe then you can do the ultimate battle between the champions of each platform: a Race of Champions... This should fit nicely in the way they organise it right now, even with the live events and all. Doesn't it make more sense this way?
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    I don't wanna buy a new game, for godsake. I just want Codemasters to make this one great! This just came out, not even two months passed... how is that some people is already asking another game to fix the issues with this one? Is this 1995 or something? If anything, give the game another chance. It would he cheaper to fix this one rather than start from scratch doing a sequel. Cheaper not only for CM, but also for us who already spent money on Grid 2019! I think the game is "serviceable" now. I totally understand the gripes from the MP players, and I really hope they fix the mode ASAP, and also add some core features like the Career length and more tracks.
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    Where are the players if its not that bad ? 133 player 24h peak is horrible... Tbh i sometimes think they could give you 1 track and 1 car for 60 bucks and you would still say oh its not that bad ^^
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    Crucial here is the period in which the "improvements" are brought about. When I sell bad food, my customers die. It also does not matter to me whether or how much CM has to do. That's their problem, not mine. It needs urgent improvement and not just next year.
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    You can not destroy something that is already broken. And what good is it if the core is good but the housing is ailing? The ship already has a big leak and is beyond saving. Not with empty promises. I've never mourned my money like that. Sad but true.
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    multiplayer sure is lacking in features
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    They've given the finger to sim drivers every step of the way. Those using a wheel and cockpit are at 2 massive disadvantages right off the bat. No option to force cockpit view, like every other sim (even on console) is absolutely incredible. Dirt 2.0 is very good. This is the first F1 I've owned since 2013 or so and it will be my last unless they fix fundamental flaws. GUARANTEED none of them will be fixed in coming months. There will be a couple trivial changes and then $$$ Thanksgiving and Christmas car paint, suits, and gloves.
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    Oh come on, we are all in the dark here, even when it came to your announcement on season 1 that you hyped, the only news we got was a picture of paris. Is the studio looking at implementing public lobbies or an option for public races without AI, if they have not decided on this by now then it is how we feared, this is the final deeply flawed game and all we are getting is bug fixes and seasons. for gods sake we cant even adjust the tuning of a car in multiplayer, got to exit out first!
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    @ChrisGrovesMCM Can we get an answer for this potential game breaker?
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    Grid IMHO it’s the kind of game that can’t decide if being arcade or sim-cade/ kinda-sim. Resulting not satisfying neither of the two kind of Motorsport players...
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    "I am not supporting your demands if you guys cannot be mature about this" ...what demands ? " because this would probably break the forum rules had I signed in yesterday"...what would?.. all I see are discontented paying customers voicing thier opnions.
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    When I said "constrictive criticism" I basically meant that we should tell them what needs to be addressed within the game. Some stuff they haven't done in past games, some may say. Ok, you have a point there. Some stuff they made in other Codemasters games, even other Grid games. You also have a point. But what I tried to say is, it's THAT (we telling them what to do) or it is nothing at all. And we all would have wasted our money and time. Despite everything, Codemasters will deliver the DLC for the premium buyers. So, during that, they have to keep improving the base game. Because I agree with everyone that there's a whole LOT to work on. And they better do it as best as possible. They need to leave a good image at least on the long run, if they ever plan to release a new Grid game some day...
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    There are people (like me and many other) asking for the damn built in text chat on multiplayer, something like 9years now. What constructive has to be more than that ? lol We tried everything, we already writed everything. Everytime there is something more missing…
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    I don't see the problem actually. You need to learn to drive without assists to be fast online as it can be enforced in online races or leagues so what does it matter that someone can think he's fast when he can't actually prove it when it really counts.