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    You mean, because it's a road car, right?
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    Hi Everybody, I want open this new discussion to know how you think about my idea for a future game F1 2020. As you can see, my idea is mainly based on a graphic collection, similar to the one with which Codemasters publishes its phenomenal racing video games, especially those of the F1 series, based however on the slight difference of proposed contents. As already written on the images, they are only examples and any name or brand imprinted inside them has been reported only for a graphic exhibition in order to better understand the concept. I wanted to add the F1 fonts and get closer to the official graphics. And now let's move on to the game themes. The video game is mainly based on two career methods: the classic one of the "ranks" of pilot, with the difference of trying to land in F1 from the F2 only and only if you arrive at least thirds in the championship. The career mode, in my opinion, should be similar to that known up to F1 2019 with the difference that the swap of the drivers should be at least at the end of the natural contracts in place and not during the current season (beautiful, but not very realistic if in reality we only know the real swap that took place this year between Gasly and Albon in Toro Rosso). Then, vendor swap by season would also be wonderful. For example, Alpha Tauri and Red Bull that from Honda pass to Mercedes, or HAAS that passes to Honda, just to give a practical example. Now, the highlight, for those who also care about the managerial side of an F1 team, would be to make a career as a driver and head of the team, taking care of the main aspects and being the eleventh team that takes the seasons away with a budget management that must be taken care of after a total number of races, a bit like it was in F1 2018 during the discussion of the contracts, but aimed as a team, that is, the care of the sponsors, the confirmation of some technicians and engineers, the development of the car , the compensation, ... Then there are other themes that respectively represent the "head-to-head" duel with your team-mate, competing in one or more heats at choice on circuits loaded at random by the computer. The winner is the one who scores the best average between pole, victories and fastest laps and time at the top of the race. Another aspect is that of the historical races, relive the duels of the past such as Villeneuve and Pironi, Lauda and Hunt, Schumacher and Hakkinen and obviously Senna with Prost but on several occasions and try, albeit virtually, to change the outcome of the real outcome . The last is the classic theme of the F1 single Grand Prix, where you can randomly choose between normal or timed racing. In short, I put some stuff in it, hoping that the Codemasters developer friends can have more information from us enthusiasts to make the video game as exciting as possible. Thanks for the kind attention reserved to me. P.S.: if you have anything adding about my ideas, please propose it, thanks!!!
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    I just spent all afternoon unlocking this one, will get some tips out soon 🙂
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    The ARX Subaru would be a cool addition: or what about a Projekt E Fiesta?
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    The Cartel achievement would mean something like "Win the WRX 2019 Championship with Bakkerud while Doran finishes 2nd" "Team results standings" dlc confirmed ! 🐵
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    Hi everyone, Just thought I'd give a bit of an update on some of the work we have done on this topic: 1./ Testing through our Handling department and various other able testers on the game, recording comparative times. 2./ As well as my addition to testing, we have taken a random sample of 20,000 times across Career mode on the same tracks with similar car (Would be the same base car, but with differing R&D paths. Over such a large sample size, these would even out towards equal). This includes 10,000 recorded pad times, and 10,000 recorded wheel times. 3./ deeper analysis of the top 100 times recorded in various scenarios and compared percentages of pad times vs wheel times. We have noticed that, in terms of pure delta and recorded times across various testing methods, there is a variant of around a tenth of a second a lap between wheel times and pad times across all skill levels. This does vary, with some tracks being marginal for a pad user, and some tracks being marginal for the wheel user. Over the course of a F1 season, or even a series of races, they do equal out. From a Codemasters perspective, our main aim is to make sure pads and wheels can jump into lobbies together and feel that, if they perform at their best in that session, they could get a good result compared to their overall abilities and speed. With the data we have looked at, we believe that this is currently the case. If people do spot any extreme cases (tracks, setups, game modes) where the difference is large, please give us the examples and we will try to investigate.
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    I wish you all the best on the road to improving things. Like you, perfection I believe, is unobtainable. However with the communities help and some serious attention to detail a good game could be produced. Legacy bugs are utterly unacceptable in my opinion. It would appear internal communication is as bad as communication with the community. I hope with the purchase of SMS the simulation aspect of the game, ie physics model, car tuning, and track accuracy will improve. Moreover new hardware will be available soon and a new game engine also offers opportunities for improvements.
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    I can't see it happening, but it is a good idea mate!
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    are you a mod or not ? https://twitter.com/gridgame/status/1167723701808316417
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    They have said a number of extra tracks will be made available as free DLC. No more details are available as yet.
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    I just wanted to have a moan. These bugs have been reported and mentioned in these forums so many times that if CM arnt already aware of them that is staggering. There are even YouTube videos that talk about these bugs.
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    Would it be an idea to have an official 'known issues' thread? This would be locked for mod edits only and would contain one post for each of the known issues with the game. This would of course be pinned (is that possible here?) so everyone new coming to forums could check it first to see if their issue was already reported. Would be kind of cool if despite being locked people could emote each issue /post in the thread so Codies would have an idea of how many people were affected by it or wanted improvements made?
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    @DaleRossi? I know you've just switched games and leagues but your F1 league was ok wasn't it? It was just the game itself especially the ai you objected to?
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    Hi @BarryBL I love the serie, but I need some further improvement with the SC which is an awesome issue if its works properly, right now and since 2013, that is not the case despite I had post video testing year after year in order to help to fix it. @sloppysmusic I will never give up and I will continuous send here video testings each other week when we do the Torneo Nocturno race, of course, if the SC go out I will post it as well. By the rules of the Torneo Nocturno championship every driver must record the hole session, so for me its not an inconvenience do post them later. Of course, if you need some further information do not hesitate to contact with me in. I will help you in all you need it. I make constructive criticism.
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    There are no plans for interrogation in DiRT Rally 2.0.
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    not enough for me. Since here someone is starting to delete ''not welcome'' posts, i just say this game is dead and to have one chance to be playable for me this is what should be featured: custom lobbies, text chat, spectator mode, players stats, no regional limitation. Now you can delete it again, i don't care, since you will never see a cent from me.
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    PS4 Pro - JorritVD Weekly event with the Fabia R5
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    Yeah mate, absolute shocker we have to pay for content worked on by people with families to feed!
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    @dejkoo It's strange for me you've spent a tonne of money in you rig and you play on console instead of pc. No offense, just saying 😉 Anyway, Pioykowsky / Steam
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    Featuring the LOTOS Polo R5 by @Lebrass & the RedBull Polo R5 by https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/volkswagen-polo-gti-r5-carbon-livery-pack.27850/ & the M2 Livery by @RallyGamer