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    I noticed that the amount of credits in free play mode events got reduced by alot after patch 1.1 So custom events are completely not worth the effort and so the mode is pretty much useless atm. I compared full grid events in career and free play mode with identical settings: Time attack: Race:
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    Headlights in DR2.0 are way too weak and the light beam they emit is way too short. It's like low-beam only, and when the extra headlight pods break it's like DRLs only. They should be changed so the light beam goes much, much further down the road. Would make night racing much better and more realistic. A few screenshot to illustrate the problem. The beam is very wide but pitifully short. They only illuminate the road a very short distance For comparison look at this. Difference is night and day, no pun intended
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    When you need to get that Launch Event trophy!
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    Hi everyone, Just thought I'd give a bit of an update on some of the work we have done on this topic: 1./ Testing through our Handling department and various other able testers on the game, recording comparative times. 2./ As well as my addition to testing, we have taken a random sample of 20,000 times across Career mode on the same tracks with similar car (Would be the same base car, but with differing R&D paths. Over such a large sample size, these would even out towards equal). This includes 10,000 recorded pad times, and 10,000 recorded wheel times. 3./ deeper analysis of the top 100 times recorded in various scenarios and compared percentages of pad times vs wheel times. We have noticed that, in terms of pure delta and recorded times across various testing methods, there is a variant of around a tenth of a second a lap between wheel times and pad times across all skill levels. This does vary, with some tracks being marginal for a pad user, and some tracks being marginal for the wheel user. Over the course of a F1 season, or even a series of races, they do equal out. From a Codemasters perspective, our main aim is to make sure pads and wheels can jump into lobbies together and feel that, if they perform at their best in that session, they could get a good result compared to their overall abilities and speed. With the data we have looked at, we believe that this is currently the case. If people do spot any extreme cases (tracks, setups, game modes) where the difference is large, please give us the examples and we will try to investigate.
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    JorritVD / PS4 Pro / Third round of the Official DiRT Club, taking place at New England / Peugeot 208 R5
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    No, having the Fanatec gear, but I had to let go of the buttkicker. I was breaking the cups and plates in the cupboards.
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    There are no plans for interrogation in DiRT Rally 2.0.
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    Platform: Steam User: BavarianLord29 Car: Peugeot 208 R2 Location: New England
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    PS4 Pro - JorritVD First event of the 2019/2020 Official DiRT Club at Monte Carlo
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    PS4 Pro - JorritVD Weekly event with the Fabia R5
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    I'm doing it. I can hear it. I'm getting my hopes up. I'm going to call it now.
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    Yeah mate, absolute shocker we have to pay for content worked on by people with families to feed!
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    From the daily challenges + the last shakedown of the DiRT WRC Italian Championship Platform: steam (btw, the Stratos in Greece and the 240z in NZ are the perfect cars in the perfect location, right?)
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    @dejkoo It's strange for me you've spent a tonne of money in you rig and you play on console instead of pc. No offense, just saying 😉 Anyway, Pioykowsky / Steam
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    Leggend The Adam fight Fiesta tour Mitsu performance
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    N4 full gas. 131 beautiful leggendary car The opel fight The golf jump 205 power Best car and the best location.
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    Good to be back in Finland 😉 | PC, Steam
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    Featuring the LOTOS Polo R5 by @Lebrass & the RedBull Polo R5 by https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/volkswagen-polo-gti-r5-carbon-livery-pack.27850/ & the M2 Livery by @RallyGamer