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    The game is a joke. The bump is there for years and we are complaining every version. Then the have time for skins?? Instead of really fixing a game. It is a bloody joke.
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    @sloppysmusic I just hope they take the laserscanned tracks from PCars 2 to F1 2020, that would be great as they just bought SMS
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    Good job with this game! I really love it! What do you think about an improvement of it with new tarmac location? Should be nice to receive for ex. : - Corsica - Sanremo ... Tight roads on the mountains... Thanks!!
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    This is extremely frustrating I refuse to buy s3 and s4 it for full price when the game and all dlc (s1-s4) costs the same whenever it goes on sale every other week. Stop punishing early adopters and put this up for sale in the next psn sale. And all platforms and regions. Thank you.
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    Headlights in DR2.0 are way too weak and the light beam they emit is way too short. It's like low-beam only, and when the extra headlight pods break it's like DRLs only. They should be changed so the light beam goes much, much further down the road. Would make night racing much better and more realistic. A few screenshot to illustrate the problem. The beam is very wide but pitifully short. They only illuminate the road a very short distance For comparison look at this. Difference is night and day, no pun intended
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    They did. It looks quite a bit better on pro.
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    For me and a lot of others is or rather F12019 , had a huge bright future and was the best F1 so far , the rest is history, F12019 sunk faster then the titanic, shame really . It still could have been generating decent cash sales , it's not about negative or positive,. It's black and white, i bought an f1 game for sim users and leagues and wheel users , but in truthfulness the game code was altered to sell to 3 year olds , i wonder if they are allowed on a ps4 , or own a sponsored fanatic wheel , or able to run and host leagues ( that's 3 year olds 🚥🏎🏁🎮 🙈
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    Please just scan the tracks and be done with it. It’s already well over due.
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    Well make that two sales because I too was going to buy it "until" I saw the box art on the shelf at ASDA. I didn't feel the red colour on the Grid logo was vibrant enough and maybe displayed a few pixels too far to the right so I chose to buy three donuts and a fridge pack of Lucozade instead. You can fire the design artist who came up with this BS. Merry xmas
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    My first post here, but I figured I would chime in since I have put a lot of time in on WRC 8. I play on an Xbox One X and had been using a Thrustmaster TX. It took some time to dial in but the FFB was really good once I got the wheel right. If felt better than DR and DR2.0 The default setups and quick adjustments for the car setups suck. To get the cars to actually handle properly, especially at slow speed, you have to setup the suspension and diff for each location. The physics shine once this is done. There still are some strange physics things going on though. There are invisible puddles sometimes, and the car's reaction to puddles and water spots is way over-tuned. It is also not predictable based on your angle of entry, throttle position, or speed. You also get no feedback from running over some larger rocks or brush on the side of the stage. Curbs on tarmac stages are the exception. Speaking of tarmac, the physics here are really good. The WRC cars tend to still be a little floaty, but proper suspension and diff tuning help with this. Back to the FFB. I just upgraded this week to a CSL Elite 1.1 with the R330 wheel and universal hub and CSL Elite LC pedals. The LC brake has made a huge difference, but it feels better in DR and DR2. The FFB in DR and DR2.0 now feel light-years beyond WRC 8 with my new hardware. I still have some tuning to do, but WRC 8 feels like canned feedback and vibrations now, to where DR and DR2 feel more natural; how I would expect the car and wheel to react. Tarmac still does feel better than the DR games, but even this has improved with the new wheel. And let's talk about fps on console. It runs fairly smooth for 30fps on my One X. BUT......the low fps starts compounding problems as you get faster. When I had the TX dialed in with the car settings right, I was able to push top 25 in a number of stages, but at this speed the frame stutter and graphics wash out was interfering with the physics and my ability to react. TL;DR is that WRC 8 is a good game. It has its issues as does DR and DR2, but it's good. I would recommend if you want to play it seriously, do so on PC. The 30 fps limit on consoles will eventually hold you back. For asphalt rallies, it is much better than DR/DR2. On gravel, I still prefer DR/DR2. My dream come true would be for CM to get the WRC license and make a fully licensed WRC rally game with DR2 gravel physics and proper asphalt physics.
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    If it would be a new game then they wouldn't say "Dirt Rally 2.0" in the teaser.
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    yep. Same for day. Doesn't really matter lights on or off in dark places. Codemasters devs should check Euro Truck Simulator 2
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    The rendering distance on trees and grass could need some improvement, it pops up in the view. Add a extra (higher) setting? Easy to spot on Poland and USA. Watch the clip i uploaded in the previous thread.
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    In the new upcoming content, I'd like to see, at least, the new Ford Fiesta R2 and R5. Also, the Hyundai R5 would be nice, if it could return.
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    So a patch was released today with no improvements whatsoever to Finland. Codemasters have not even acknowledged that daytime Finland looks horrible and is a huge downgrade visually from Dirt Rally, so remains to be seen if it will be fixed in 1.12, or ever. Had hoped they could remove the fog with a hotfix and then add some weather options that Finland sorely lacks, but they couldn't even get rid of the fog with a patch 5 weeks after release. Loved driving these in DR, really cannot understand how the same stages can be so much worse in DR2.0.
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    Guess it's just like when I bought my car and I didn't choose to take all the upgrades in the brochure, then they bait and switched me and provided me a car without all the extra upgrades on it.
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    I have all the respect to McRae, but this is the Focus mk1 i want in a Rally Game. Edit: For those who thinks its same Car with just other spoiler, its not, more than 80% of Car is changed, the interieur, the Areo, New rear suspension system, the engine is lowered in chasis for 2cm for better corner stability and weight distribution edited, there is surge thank hidden in rear bumper, that keeps boost, even when the turbo dont kick in, the Car was very ahead of its time! its much faster then 2001/02 Focus model!
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    Opel Astra Kitcar Skoda Octavia WRC Citroen Xsara WRC Or as Kitcar Renault Alpine A 310 from 1977
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    Sorry but you're being extremely touchy. In my original post I actually agreed with your suggestion, but expressed my opinion that you were exaggerating how much of a problem it is. For some reason you took this as an insult or attack (which it wasn't). You then proceeded to actually insult me multiple times for no reason. I chose not to react in the hope that you would chill out. Instead you have just carried on digging a hole in my absence. Forums are for discussion. If you post a suggestion, why are you surprised that people come and comment on it? It is OK to have different opinions, we are not trying to change your mind, just have a balanced discussion on the genuinely interesting suggestion you made.
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    You are dangerously rude my friend. If you really don't want people's opinions then posting on a community forum may not be a great idea.
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    Wow, you shared your opinion, I shared mine. I will go back to not playing the game with my newly accrued self-affirmation. Thanks.
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    If Codies is working on a new rally game for future consoles, and that rallies from DR2.0 could be upgraded for that new game, which ones would you keep or ditch ? I hope they won't just upgrade the visuals, but also add new tracks : at least twice more would be great. 10 countries in the base game would be nice, so considering there should be at least two new locations, you can keep a max of 8. My choice : Keep : Greece, Germany, Montecarlo, Finland, Argentina, Wales, New Zealand, Poland. Remove (but still welcome as DLCs later, with new tracks as well) : New England, Sweden, Australia, Spain.
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    Wow I'm usually a nice guy but you guys are morons. I wasn't asking you dumb ass opinion. Make your own thread about how you love their game. What is wrong with people? I don't care about how realistic it is. I don't even watch real rallies and never will as they are boring as hell. I donm't care how you feel and I didn't ask your opinion. This is a suggestion area of the forums and I was suggesting....as I have stated several times already.
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    Your opinion was to try to invalidate mine, which it does not. I did not ask your opinion, as I said, it's a suggestion area of the forums. I was suggesting. You were...I don't know what you thought you were doing other than suggesting I didn't know what I was talking about. With 364 posts in the forums you obviously live here and should understand what each section is for.
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    If you don't play the game, understand the issue, or read what I have typed, please don't comment. You do not get 10 tries anymore if you get any dmg to your car at all, which is very common trying to see how your car will behave at the limit. You should know this if you have played the game. I said this in my post. It is a huge problem. It is a suggestion area in the forums, I didn't type it for you to try to invalidate my opinions to make you feel better about yourself. I've been sim racing for 15 years and have been doing all my own setups for most of that, I know what I'm talking about. Thanks.