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    Merry Xmas all. Big Thanks to Codies for DR2.0. Can’t wait to what 2020 will bring 🙂
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    Wouldn't mind that honestly. The R2's are pretty fun
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    You'll get it just some time patience and elbow grease😄 Happy Holidays Everyone!
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    That's a shame you were flying! I used the softs.
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    merry christmas all .
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    Merry Christmas Fellas, something to get the mood
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    Please just scan the tracks and be done with it. It’s already well over due.
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    Nothing needing to be fixed will be fixed. Just more skins and paints for $$$. The bump is bad just like not having a single laser scanned track us bad.
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    Thank you kaylos, Ive reinstalled the game again, did what you said....thank you thank you thank you.......Yes its playable again now..... I noticed on dirt 2 wheel friction and tyre friction where there as well, i don't know if they have always been, but that game felt weird yesterday so turned that off as well..... What weird settings they added, wonder why as it made the game rubbish, no control, horrible force feedback etc...
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    Simply turn off Wheel and Tyre Friction and it should be just like it was. Like I said, I turned off Wheel Friction entirely and now have Tyre Friction at 80. I tested it with them off and the other settings like they were and it was the same as before. I can understand the frustration, because I was frustrated too until I realized what happened. Hope this helps.
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    "Dear Community, We take our customers' concerns seriously. In doing so, we proudly release long awaited Thanksgiving helmets, suits, and car paint ( each sold separately). Thank you for yo biznassss."
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    I didnt realize there were That many. But, at least we have new Halloween skins. The car was nearly $3.lol
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    It's appalling that codemasters refuse to fix the tracks in a officially licenced F1 game. But credit is due where credit is deserved, at least they finally fixed the French Pitlane at Paul Ricard after 2 years. Still... ...Germany, start/finish straight DRS Zone has been removed irl, in the game it still exists. ...Singapore, Bridge straight after the slow left handed hairpin got a new DRS Zone irl, in the game it does not exist. ...Japan, Suzuka Bump at the last fast right handed corner before the main start/finish straight next to the pit entry has no effect on modern F1 cars irl as they take it flatout, in the game they exaggerated that bump to the point that you can't take the natural racing line over the bump flatout and if you do, you spin. ...Mexico, new DRS Zone was added after Turn 7-11 right before the stadium section, in the game it does not exist. "OfFicIAlLy lICencEd F1 PRoDucT" #MakeF1GamesGreatAgain
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    I'm going to remind some people that the employees working on the track geometry may not be the same as those who are working on 2d car textures 🙂 There are different teams for (Technical Design/) Level Design, Environment Art and Vehicle Art for example. It's even possible that the vehicle art is created in a studio that is over 10 000 kilometres away! So basically having more skins most likely takes no resources from the team that is working on the track meshes.