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    I really hated setting up cars in Dirt Rally and you have made it even more of a pain in 2.0. I'm not a game designer so I don't know what to suggest, only that the current system is absolutely horrible. Rally 1.0 really stunk for making setups and 2.0 is much worse. You basically get one try to get your setup right and it's simply not enough. You make a complete guess...since the stock setups are trash, every single thing needs to be changed...and if you tap one thing on your practice run the session is over because you have to make a repair, no matter how minor. What?! Now you're running your rally with a trash setup wishing the car didn't suck the entire run. To make it worse you have to do 2 stages like this, then make changes and pray it's even better to any degree and hope it's not worse. It's a fun killer. Running in freemode is just as bad....there is no true freemode to just run a trail and test things out. If you don't want people memorizing the trails make a separate setup mode and give us a minute and a half where we could test things out without having to worry about tapping a wall and ending the progress of setting up. Give us separate little test sections with tight uphill turns or flat out sections to at least get in the neighborhood of things. Exactly how did you want us to make setups? The correct way is to make a single change, test, make another, test...so you know what changes are working. This is literally impossible with your system. The only way is making multiple changes at a time and hoping for the best as you do your official run. If it's no good you have to guess what it was you don't like and start guessing again. And every track/surface needs a different setup so you basically never EVER have the setup you want. At least in 1.0 I was guaranteed a few tries, in 2.0 it's a complete joke. Sorry, but it is. Cmon guys.
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    Love the game but what's with the kerbs, they're like icy hooks. Best avoided.
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    Just give up with this. I hope they just admit they f-Ed up with some sort of deep hard coded pad controller benefit.
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    Sometimes practicing for hours can be counter productive and frustrating. I find the easiest way to learn tracks is first to know them like the back of your hand. Easy way to do this is just setup a full length race with ai low so 50 and drive them 70 laps or so. Just follow the lines of the cars in front and eventually when you get more confident practice passing them. Once you know the track itself get on YouTube and watch some pole laps from pro drivers during real life qualifying sessions. This part is the most useful as you can observe braking, turn in and acceleration plus the incredibly useful gear shifts they use (I bet you change down lose than they do.. I did!). Eventually you will improve until you are at your best average and then will have good days and bad days but a lot more fun. Yes, like Marcel said, don't worry about the setups as they are so unrealistic they can actually teach you bad habits (for bad habits watch YouTube gamers cheat the system!) It doesn't help that the 2019 F1 game has poor handling relative to real life and other recent F1 games. I'd recommend picking up 2018 or 2017 while you practice as cornering is so much easier (and fun!)
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    You can count 4. I was going to buy this game, but then I discovered that you have to play it... ***? You should fire the guy who came up with that! Merry Christmas CM.
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    @BarryBL Just swinging by in the hope of a Christmas miracle. Do we have any news or anything new to report on this along with the game menus resetting DOR which was highlighted by Hoo very early on in this thread. It's all gone quiet on both issues.
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    Make it 3 sales, i was all hyped for this game untill i noticed that you actually have to drive wirh the cars by your self, what a bummer
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    Please just scan the tracks and be done with it. It’s already well over due.
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    Well make that two sales because I too was going to buy it "until" I saw the box art on the shelf at ASDA. I didn't feel the red colour on the Grid logo was vibrant enough and maybe displayed a few pixels too far to the right so I chose to buy three donuts and a fridge pack of Lucozade instead. You can fire the design artist who came up with this BS. Merry xmas
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    Nothing needing to be fixed will be fixed. Just more skins and paints for $$$. The bump is bad just like not having a single laser scanned track us bad.
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    Thanks Chris, when it comes to sense-checking, get them to take a quick look at how things are done in autosport first, no need to reinvent the wheel!! 😜 example... we may want to limit the number of joiners.
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    https://grid-2019.fandom.com/wiki/Downloadable_Content "Additional tracks will be released after the base game and will be free of charge. Additional cars will also be available from DLC packages and it is confirmed that at least some will be free of charge." Season 1 - Hot Hatch Showdown Season 2 - Track Day Supercars Season 3 - Track Day Hypercars and that's all there is..
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    Thank you kaylos, Ive reinstalled the game again, did what you said....thank you thank you thank you.......Yes its playable again now..... I noticed on dirt 2 wheel friction and tyre friction where there as well, i don't know if they have always been, but that game felt weird yesterday so turned that off as well..... What weird settings they added, wonder why as it made the game rubbish, no control, horrible force feedback etc...
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    This is exactly what feared, 2 new moderaters sticking up for each other, i remember up100 ,you were quite rude to me on here 3 years ago, I reported you and my normal account was replaced with this account literally over night, land when I asked why ,codemasters said nothing had changed on my account, a moderater is supposed to be non biased towards forum users , your the the police on here enforcing your will and views on everyone, i screen shot everything,, so let me get this right, the 2 new moderaters UP100 and Marcel, 1 was personally sarcastic and rude and actually storked me and the other admitted his use of English is not very good, and then to cape it off they defend each other, now that is a fact,
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    Well I did bring that up in the last line of the comment. My point still stands, although not as clear as I could have made it admittedly, that bringing in a new public relations person is not what this game needs. It needs dedicated dev time instead. I don't need answers or explanations, I need patches and long lists of revision notes!
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    @BarryBL My lord.. Start here why don't you.. He is obviously talking about the session not starting because of desynced cars. Acting like you don't know what he's talking about... either you guys never play your own game or you're just pretending to be stupid to buy time. I really hoped you would be different. bring improvement to the forums.. But you give us this **** just so you don't have to say "we've known about this issue for months now and have done nothing about it" TRY HONESTY FOR ONCE
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    Simply turn off Wheel and Tyre Friction and it should be just like it was. Like I said, I turned off Wheel Friction entirely and now have Tyre Friction at 80. I tested it with them off and the other settings like they were and it was the same as before. I can understand the frustration, because I was frustrated too until I realized what happened. Hope this helps.
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    "Also coming on December 3 are the first set of liveries for Season 4 players. This sharp red and yellow design will be available on the following cars if you own DiRT Rally 2.0 Season 4: Volkswagen Polo GTi R5 (pictured) Volkswagen Golf GTi 16V Audi S1 EKS RX quattro Peugeot 208 R2 Ford Escort MKII" Is there like a particular reason these season liveries are never released for season cars? Other than the one for Focus 2007. Many DLC cars could use some livery love, certainly more lacking in that area than RX supercars That design could look nice on Focus 2001 or Golf kitcar
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    "Dear Community, We take our customers' concerns seriously. In doing so, we proudly release long awaited Thanksgiving helmets, suits, and car paint ( each sold separately). Thank you for yo biznassss."
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    I didnt realize there were That many. But, at least we have new Halloween skins. The car was nearly $3.lol
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    It's appalling that codemasters refuse to fix the tracks in a officially licenced F1 game. But credit is due where credit is deserved, at least they finally fixed the French Pitlane at Paul Ricard after 2 years. Still... ...Germany, start/finish straight DRS Zone has been removed irl, in the game it still exists. ...Singapore, Bridge straight after the slow left handed hairpin got a new DRS Zone irl, in the game it does not exist. ...Japan, Suzuka Bump at the last fast right handed corner before the main start/finish straight next to the pit entry has no effect on modern F1 cars irl as they take it flatout, in the game they exaggerated that bump to the point that you can't take the natural racing line over the bump flatout and if you do, you spin. ...Mexico, new DRS Zone was added after Turn 7-11 right before the stadium section, in the game it does not exist. "OfFicIAlLy lICencEd F1 PRoDucT" #MakeF1GamesGreatAgain
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    sorry to be harsh, but you don't seem to understand how the superdeluxe edition works. it's a bundle. here's a screenshot of what it looks like when you go buy it. [check below.] as you can see, you aren't actually getting the S3 + S4 pack discounted at all. instead, you're getting the base game and S1 + S2 packs at 60% and 50% off, respectively. and then there's another ~13% discount because you are buying a bundle, and that brings the discount to 40% off overall. the Year Pass (S1-S4) is the same. it's 25% off, which is exactly half the discount you get for buying the S1 + S2 pack by itself. get it? so yeah they don't want to put the S3 + S4 pack on sale yet, and the prices for the Year Pass (S1-S4) and Superdeluxe reflect that. DR2 and its (older) DLC was on sale last month too, for exactly the same prices. this is nothing new. also, as you can see, I don't have the S3/S4 pass yet either. I'm waiting for a sale too. but I've been playing other games like AC Syndicate, CTR Nitro Fueled, Red Dead Redemption 1 and WRC8 while I wait. it'll come, just be patient, there will probably be another one for US black friday in 3-4 weeks 🙂
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    Hello, I am sure you are aware of this problem as it existed in Dirt Rally 1.0 as well, but it's even worse in 2.0. The problem I am talking about is Auto Exposure in VR. On the internal cockpit view it causes terrible over and under exposure fluctuations which spoil the otherwise good looking game and immersion. Please can a simple toggle option be provided in the graphics menu to turn off this auto exposure adjustment because after all, it is an effect and not realistic, as well as making things either far too dark or too bright depending on the conditions. External camera views don't seem to be as negatively affected by this in the same way as the cockpit camera and in VR it is especially bad. Otherwise I am having a great time since the VR update and much appreciate the implementation regardless of a few bugs such as the above. Thankyou! What platform you're playing on (Steam or Oculus). What headset you're using (Pimax 5k+). What your PC setup/build is like (1080Ti, 16gb Ram, i7 5820k 4.4ghz). Whether you're a Standard or Deluxe user (Steam only). Whether or not you have any non-standard peripherals connected: Logitech G25
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    Honestly I don't know what to say here. You're speculating about someone's personal life so that you can use it as a point against Codemasters... She also worked there for over 8 years in total, and now seems to be working at a place she had already known for years to some extent. It's like you rather take stuff from thin air than focus on some actual drama that we know about.
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    Other games have the exact same issue as P2P multiplayer is very hard to develop in a way that you can have 22 cars going at over 300kph and also have a host migration at the same point. That's why many games don't do host migrations, it's easier to just shut the game. I'm still not sure are beta testers allowed to talk about their experiences from the last 2 betas, in 2017 we did get a thread about what we can talk about I believe.