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    "We are working diligently to bring you Thanksgiving and Christmas DLC paint, etc. Thank you."
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    Good job with this game! I really love it! What do you think about an improvement of it with new tarmac location? Should be nice to receive for ex. : - Corsica - Sanremo ... Tight roads on the mountains... Thanks!!
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    I am playing on the XBox One with the newest version as of today. When I go under Player Profile and try it changer my car number (I believe it’s called Race Number on the screen) it doesn’t save my desired number. It just stays at “1”. Is there something I need to do to ingame to unlock this or this simply a glitch? It’s not a game breaking problem, just an irritation. Any help would be welcome. Thank you.
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    Codemasters, Will the 2019 in game DRS zones be fixed to match the original DRS zones in real life F1? I am talking about Germany, Singapore and Mexico.
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    Hi there. You are not alone, i got the same issue, also on Xbox One. Cheers.
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    Hi there - this isn't a bug, it's a stylistic choice. I'm about to raise the question to the team on if there's potential in the future to have the option to clean or remove visual damage from cars before races, as we've had a few requests for this recently. Thanks 🙂
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    How do you deal with the lack of individual sound? This always annoys me when I play racing games with splitscreen. I need to focus on my own revs and engine sound...
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    I love the game and progress the devs made to improve it. The content should be in my opinion more focused on rally stages since its a rally game not a rallycross game. If the game ever gets randomly generated stages from dirt 4 to make it fresh it would be awesome too.
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    Hope this week is going to be the week that somebody can give us a serious answer to a 10 July question about two buttons that work properly in any other game
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    I would ideally see 4 new rally countries : - 1 tarmac like Manx or Ireland. - 1 mountainous tarmac like Sanremo or Corsica, or even Japan. - 1 dirt country like Kenya, Morrocco or Mexico. - 1 muddy country like Malaysia, Indonesia or China. If they add stages to existing countries, it would be nice too. New rally cars are also very welcome, especially R4, more kit cars, GTs, R2s and oldies. Wouldn't be against a H1 RWD category.
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    I hope we get Africa for Rally (Kenya), One location for Asia (Japan)? and Ireland.. As for Cars, i hope we dont get new Class, would more like to get new Cars for every Existing Class: Opel Kadett Gsi 16v (Vauxhall Astra 16v Gsi) H2Fwd Mazda RX7 Group B Rwd SUBARU Legacy Group A SUBARU Impreza S4 wrc (also known for road model 22B) Up to 2000ccm Mitshubishi Lancer Evo 7 or 8 or 9 Up to 2000ccm Citroen Xsara Up to 2000ccm
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    ok, you have a license from F1 to produce this game so why not contact them before the season and request the DRS zones that will be used along with a request to be advised if any are changed during the season
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    @BarryBL As this is THE OFFICIAL LICENSED 2019 season, isn't it MANDATORY and aren't you as studio contractually obligated to make everything, from the cars to the tracks and THE REGULATIONS to 2019 spec? when will the DRS zones be adjusted to the OFFICIAL track spec? People buy this because they want to race in the 2019 season on the 2019 track specs! Not 2018 spec tracks. It may seem as a minor detail, but people buy this because according to you this is the OFFICIAL 2019 spec season, and right now you're not holding up your end of the contract because the track layouts aren't up to offical 2019 spec.
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    so that's why @CMF1mobile and @ChrisGrovesMCM teams didn't solved the I.A. being RIDICULOUS FAST in straights and RIDICULOUS SLOW in corners on Grid Starts for over one year... they needed a video of it...
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    It's becoming monotonously repetitive to be leading in a Sprint or Grid Start and despite driving safely and having a commanding lead over your opponent, you are rear ended on the last corner by a bot and shoved into a wall or the sand to finish 12th. Why do you program such behaviours that make me hate the game? I really hate it lately. At seasons end I have to seriously consider deleting it because the frustration simply isn't worth it.
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    I get that you are keen to improve things, but i think there are better ways of solving duel cheating. For example, you could introduce a progressive damage model so that in the bottom leagues you can play bumper cars, but to play in the elite leagues you have a full damage model where a hit on another car is going to give you wing damage or a puncture, and put you out of contention in terms of performance. Get rid of the stupid engine cut out and apply a stewards penalty at the end of the race just like in... er... formula one! Apply stewards penalties appropriately - so going off track doesn’t confer a penalty unless the driver gets an advantage. Then you can get rid of the invisible walls. Disqualify qually laps if the car exceeds track limits just like in er... formula one! Oh and solve the bots braking issues. Increase the number of laps for duels too - maybe give players the option to opt out of longer races if they want to.
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    it won't even make it into 2020 game never mind next patch
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    Title. Codemaster, please don't forget to add this zone in your next patch. Thank you!
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    Firstly, at first wasn’t too keen to have to provide footage of all the problems we are experiencing with game. But then decided, ok if CM wants video then I will record every duel in case an incident happens of any of the multitude of complaints that we have previously mentioned. This footage was not my best lap 😁 however does show how the “bots” slow down way too much on cornering, causing you, the player, to inevitably ram him from behind. If bots can overtake even if we have a perfect start then they should be able to corner quicker than they clearly are. https://streamable.com/yvpa4
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    If CM really wants players to do this, add a replay option that saves the most recent race. Tried to upload a Bot punting me off but the streamable site was locking up...
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    As an offical licensed game, CM should has it fixed.
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    Some new cars (Clio 2 S16000, Saxo kit car, Renault Williams kit car, Renault megane kit car and more .... and with that, new rally locations ?! France, England, Corsica ... this is what we want if it’s possible
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    I would buy a complete SKODA DLC for sure!