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    Hi everyone, In case you have missed it, the first two sections of the setup guide are now on our blog. Part 1 is here Part 2 is here Part 3 is here **NEW** Part 4 is here Hope it helps come race weekend! If people have a read and have any feedback for me, please let me know. We are planning to release updated and improved variants of a setup guide for future titles moving forward, and anyway I can make it better and be useful to more people is really appreciated!
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    Will you guys ever fix the ridiculous unrealistic setups that are much faster? Like.. 2/10 wings, 11 ballast, minimum camber etc... I know you guys aren't simulating the car to the detail of rF2/AC but come on, these setups are a joke and they're actually faster than running a more realistic one.
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    Barry did say that the response would be for the forums and therefore threads not the actual game itself so don't be getting excited about a patch or anything. Might just be the two new user mods we got or a new color scheme! ✌️🤣😎
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    ...And the wait goes on... You do yourself no favours @BarryBL I sincerely hope codemasters can learn from SMS and be more communicative, my fear is that SMS will be dragged down to what's experienced here.
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    50% Race,Shanghai,Career Mode,Season 2
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    this is just a simple UI thing, but it needs clarification, in my opinion. basically, the staff upgrade for your Co-Driver (Phil Mills in English version) allows you to send your car to the next service station in the event after you get terminal damage. an example of the screen is below. for me, there are a few problems with it: the phrasing of the question (especially using the word "return") gives the impression you'll be sent back to the service area before the stage you just broke your car on, allowing you to try the same stage again. it needs to be made clear that selecting "Yes" will give you a DNF for this stage, as well as all remaining stages before the next service station - and this action cannot be undone. it also needs to be made clear that selecting "No" will send you to the end of stage menu, where you can either Restart the stage (if possible) or Retire to the end of th Event (as well as see the Replay, Quit to Main Menu, etc) and in case you were wondering, yes, I'm just a bit salty because I've known how this screen works for at least 6 months, but selected Yes by accident because the instructions were unclear and thus I basically ruined a whole championship for myself in career mode.
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    For us more mortals that will be 3 bank holidays in the UK! There's been more days lost due to weekends than festivities since the BarryBL post.
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    Keep in mind there was a Holiday break and before posting anything a lot of people have to give the green light. That’s time consuming.
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    Hi Sloppysmusic, as ever it's good to hear what you have to say. To clarify my position, I don't own the 19 game, and given its state I doubt I will ever bother to buy. I have had all the previous games in the series, which from 16 onwards, have been second hand copies purchased after all patches were released. I personally can't fund such a poor game, and don't get me started on microtransactions, although I guess I should be glad some folk buy in! Maybe the move into microtransactions can fund improvements to the core game. Likwise the acquisition of SMS I hope can improve the physics and car tuning. My fear is SMS and Project Cars 3 will be dragged down to codemasters level. Consequently my continued presence on the forum is to ascess the communities opinion of the game and codemasters response to bugs and issues. With that in mind I have no expectations beyond hoping that the quality of the game shows some drastic improvement. I also hope codemasters attitude to, and communication with its customers also improves. As an avid gamer and F1 fan I would sincerely love to see this series reach its potential, however given the trajectory in recent years this hope is just a glimmer I'm afraid to say. It seems my desire for a decent F1 simulation (if the game can at all be classed as simulation) will not be satisfied by codemasters.
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    This is cheap indie racing Xenon Racer: Look at the reflections...
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    Agree this for me was Grid 2 once custom lobbies come (we are already on January) hopefully more fixes and tracks will come the game will be good enough... And Senna94f1 dr2.0 is good but the dlc / sessions policy was tragic especially with session 3/4 ****** off deluxe owners, tje game worths only if you buy the super duper complet ultimate edition or how the hell is called... And for Dr 1 is better in terms of rally /physics /handling rx is way better in dr2 though...
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    Yes same here (also Dutch). I know they are currently re-designing the Zandvoort circuit, so i am wondering the end design and how it will be in May 2020 and in the game.. Historical track would be Turkey for me, love that old track on the F1 games back in the days.
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    Great tracks have been mentioned already, i'd add Indianapolis and Sepang to the list.
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    This was about classic tracks 😂 San Marino would be a good one.
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    You can see the issue in that SMS don't have Monaco and Suzuka or F1 cars (Azure Coast, Sakitto and Formula A). Licensing doesn't work that way, it's per title and look at F1 2013, it's vapour unless you can find a physical copy. I even sold my XBox version of the game. (I do own it digitally but....)
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    The sound of the Nissan F2 was/is used for the Golf Kit Car I believe.
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    @scottishwildcat They did it in F1 2013, it means that it's possible. We don't ask for 10 new circuits, 3 would be a good start.
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    We'd all love it. Many of us have asked for it before. The reality is, licensing historical stuff is legally difficult and time-consuming, and costs more money over and above their annual F1 licence, so they're always going to be limited in what they can do.
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    So when is your „major response“ going to drop? @BarryBL
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    It's time for wishes, isn't it ? Please Codies give us a Dirt Rally 2.0 Year 2 content. With these things : Season 5 : March - May - Week 1 : Nissan Sunny kit car and Megane Maxi kit car. - Week 3 : Rally Manx or Ireland, with 3 long tracks (instead of 2 for all the rallies we had till now). - Week 5 : Citroen Saxo S1600 and Ford Puma S1600. - Week 7 : One new long track for Germany, Wales and New England (free for those who own the dlc locations, NE free for everyone). - Week 9 : Renault R5 maxi turbo (grp B RWD) and Mitsubishi Lancer 2005. - Week 11 : RX Nurburgring. Bonus free car : Subaru Legacy (grp A) Season 6 : June - August - Week 13 : Renault Clio S1600 and Fiat Punto S1600. - Week 15 : Rally Kenya or Morrocco, with 3 long tracks. - Week 17 : 2 RX Project E cars. - Week 19 : One new long track for Sweden, Greece and Spain. - Week 21 : Audi R1 R4 and Fiat 500X R4. - Week 23 : RX Spa. Bonus free car : Citroen Xsara kit car Season 7 : September - November - Week 25 : VW Beetle and Renault R8 (H1 RWD). - Week 27 : Rally San Remo or Corsica, with 3 long tracks. - Week 29 : Opel Kadett E Gsi (H2 FWD) and Abarth 124 RGT. - Week 31 : One new long track for New-Zeland, Australia and Finland. - Week 33 : 2 2020 RX cars. - Week 35 : RX Russia. Bonus free car : Alpine A110 RGT Season 8 : December - February - Week 37 : Honda S2000 and Nissan Silvia S15 (2000cc RWD). - Week 39 : Rally Indonesia, Malaysia or China, with 3 long tracks. - Week 41 : 2 2020 RX cars. - Week 43 : One new long track for Argentina, Poland and Monte. - Week 45 : Subaru 555 (grp A) and BMW 2002 TI (H1 RWD). - Week 47 : 2 2020 RX cars. ❤️ Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Max total size 48.83MB
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    Anything new happened here?? Still waiting for a better monitor view while driving in VR.
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    your statement in red above is very problematic: do you really think modders have made ACAT mods for those games and the devs have implemented them? because no, of course they haven't. also, talking about the Dirt series in general, including DR2 of course: licencing (for movies, video games, music, whatever) is extremely complicated. for car games, different devs have different licensing agreements with manufacturers. think about the basically nonexistent damage models in Gran Turismo or Forza: that is because many of the manufacturers don't want their cars to be seen broken. the Dirt series is pretty damn good by comparison. every single one of the games you mentioned except for PC2 is a circuit/road racing game. if CM thought they could do any car-any track legally, they probably would have. but as you have pointed out, people have had to use mods to do this in the series since at least Dirt 3 which came out 8.5 years ago, so this is nothing new. meanwhile, as a rally game, the Dirt series is the direct competitor to the official WRC games, so manufacturers need to be be careful about where and how their cars are shown. most of the manufacturers in the game have (or used to have) relations with the WRC. note that 2 of the 4 current WRC manufacturers are not in DR2 at all. also keep in mind that DR2, DR1 and D4 are the official games of the World RX Championship, and that means CM are not only dealing with manufacturers, but also the World RX Championship itself, which adds another layer of complexity. those last two points are things that PC2 does not have to deal with, because they've just got a few RX car models and tracks. but no, you just want to ignore all this and call CM stupid.
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    Just look at my screeshots. 6K career race and not even 500 credits for the exact same event in freeplay. Thats insane. No one will drive 10-15 times more races to get to the same amount of credits as you get in the career. Thats way too less credits in free play mode and way too much grind. It feels like a punishment for using free play mode if you ask me.
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    http://blog.codemasters.com/dirt/12/the-dirt-roadbook-of-the-year-2019/ January – Car List Revealed & Real-Life Rallying February – DiRT Rally 2.0 Released! March – Season 1 Begins April – Sweden Rally Arrives May – Germany Rally and More Cars June – Season 2 Begins July – We’re off to Wales August – VR, DirtFish, Estering and Season 3 September – Game Pass, World Series and F2 Kit Cars October – New cars and a trip to Yas Marina November – Welcome to Finland, South Africa and the Trial Version December – Lydden Hill, 2019 Rallycross Cars and the World Series Heats Up