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    I think racing against your own times is such a pure part of what the Dirt Rally series is about, but the Time Trials section of the game is incredibly cumbersome to deal with when you just want to look through your times. This suggestion tries to improve that, with as few changes as possible. Suggestion: Add times and some other extra details to the Stage Select and Vehicle Select screens Do so using local saves so the new info can always be presented with no delays. By keeping just the player's own times saved locally, 100% independent of the server's records, it would mean: no concern about players modding offline files no extra server load no server code changes to implement the player can easily view the info that matters (see screens below) with no waiting If a player were to edit those offline saves, it wouldn't matter since the online records would have nothing to do with it. Only that modding player would see a discrepancy, due to their own actions. The mockups below show the simplest way I can think of to get useful info to the player as soon as is helpful. They take into account the rule of "1 record per stage + conditions + class". Stage Select screen: Add something like: "Latest Record" "Vehicle" "Classes Driven" ... that update as the player changes stage and conditions. Vehicle Select screen: Add something like: "Personal Best" next to the class selection widget, that updates as the player changes vehicle class An icon representing "fastest in class" on the thumbnail of the vehicle that set that class's best time I understand that it isn't the role of the Vehicle Select screen to show times, so my suggestion is fudging that design principle a bit. It's just the best thing I can think of, short of adding entire new screens to the interface. (Not that I'd have a problem with improved records menus, but I'm trying to keep this suggestion as simple as possible.) Why I'd like this change: When choosing which stage I want to time attack, I find I care about 2 things: Which vehicle classes have I already set times for on a stage? And what are those times? But looking up this data in Dirt Rally 2 is so tedious that it's genuinely impractical to even bother. I have to choose a stage, then a vehicle, then wait for a leaderboard to download just to check one single personal record... that might not even exist. Basically if you're looking for one of your previous records it's just a big guessing game, punctuated by server delays. For those of us who can't always remember exactly which vehicle classes they ran on exactly which stage and which conditions in each country, here are the steps you would take to compare dry and wet for any 1 stage, any class. Go to Stage Select and select North Fork Pass (for example) Dry Surface, hit Confirm. With H1 class already selected, press Y. Wait for the server. Observe you don't have a time for H1 on this stage. Go back, hit right-bumper, press Y. Wait for the server. Observe you don't have a time for H2 (FWD) on this stage. Go back, hit right-bumper, press Y. Wait for the server. Discover that you do have a time for H2 (RWD) on this stage. Remember it. Go back, go back again. Change to Wet Surface, hit Confirm. With H2 (RWD) already selected, press Y. Wait for the server. Observe now that you don't have a time for H2 (FWD) on this stage. Go back, hit right-bumper, press Y. Wait for the server. Keep doing this until you find a class with a time on each stage condition. Or say you want to revisit the track you set a good time for last week. You know it was one of Spain's tracks, dry surface, and you're sure it was a H3 or H2 RWD. Finding that time is just as bad as the steps above. Now instead the player could skip all that and just start a stage, but it makes you wonder why bother keeping personal records when they're so hard to enjoy. Bear in mind also that even after the entire loading screen finishes, the player still won't know their best time. In fact they still won't even know if one exists, not until they've also tuned the car and actually put it on the starting line. So the player is massively discouraged from using the Time Trials mode because it's just a constant hassle to look up anything they've done before. Whether it's new screens, or Vehicle and Stage Select screens with added details, I'd be happy with any improvement that makes viewing records much faster than it currently is. Thanks for the read. :) EDIT - It seems I can't delete all the old pics below this line. :( If a mod is able to get rid of these, please feel free to.
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    AWAT mod (Any Weather for Any Track) is in preparation, you will race with snow, rain, noon, everywhere ! And of course the fog can be properly added/removed for any rally ! Stay tuned on youtube !
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    In singleplayer rallycross qualifying there is often a really severe inconsistency between the AI drivers you race against and the randomized times from the other qualifiers. I beat the AI drivers in my heat only to finish 16th because somehow the random AI times are 10-20 seconds faster than the AI drivers I race against, when they should be around the same level. This can happen on any RX track Here the fastest AI driver is 2:48 while the randomized times are 2:30, which is world record pace on every lap despite this being only elite level. Shows how terribly off the randomized times are What platform you're playing on (for PC also state Steam, Microsoft or Oculus): Steam What your PC setup/build is like (graphics card, processor etc.): 1230v3, GTX 1070, 16gb ram, SSD, Windows 10, SB Z If you're playing on PC, state whether you're in 2D or VR: 2D. 2560x1440 resolution Whether or not you have any non-standard peripherals connected, like steering wheels, gaming mice etc: Logitech G920 steering wheel+shifter
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    What's the philosophy behind the static camera? In the current case the driver is like a robot with static eyes. The human eye and the human brain(-"algorhythms" are) is flexibel, so that a static shaking is compensated with a smoother and concentrated view to a point in the front. The car can still shake and vibrate around this not so strong shaking viewing-line. Thats kind of unplayable. Drivers are not body-, neck- and eye-static robots. Maybe it's a bug. Changing "Camera shake" in preferences has no effect. The rest is a good game for me. Greetz.
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    Hey all, Thanks for the survey feedback. A big part of the feedback we received was to communicate what we are doing and more often. So, please see below for the latest high-priority developments for F1 2019 and what the Development Team is currently working on. Keyboard Binding Support (XBOX)- Thread- We have a proposed solution in final stages of testing. This is due to be released in the next patch coming in January 2020. Safety Car. We have some tweaks which are planned to improve the deployment behaviour which are currently in test and hope to release in a future patch. League Improvements. Thanks everyone for the feedback on the new 2019 leagues feature. We are continuing to make improvements to this and are hoping to have some updates released in a future patch (Hopefully the January 2020 patch upcoming). Wheel vs Pad Abilities- Thread- We are currently investigating statistics within leaderboards across all platforms to track data and any circumstances where one peripheral has an advantage over another. Our current findings are that, over the course of a race season, the difference is minimal. If you have any extreme scenarios (track, game mode, huge difference in timings etc) that you would like for us to gather data for, please add it to the appropriate thread. Logitech G29 Rotary Dial Mapping Issue. We have a proposed solution in test at the moment. Pending confirmation of these test results, we are hoping to release this in the next upcoming patch. Please continue to use the correct and appropriate forum threads to discuss, give constructive feedback and provide evidence where possible. It is always being monitored and appreciated. Once we can accurately re-produce an issue, we can start putting in place the fixes (where possible) to issues and improve the overall game experience For some topics, especially for some that create the most discussion with everyone, an update can take some time as more people from Codemasters will usually be involved. Once I do have a note-worthy update on things, I will keep everyone updated with anything else that is high on our agenda or any progress on the above.
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    See title. Which F1 season would you want to play with current features and graphics, and why? No matter how long ago. 
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    scam in British English (skæm ) slang NOUN 1. a stratagem for gain; a swindle (Collins English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers) so it's a scam I dont care about liveries at all....it should be free....I dont care about car updates from 2019 to 2020, the changes are very minors..it's 99% of recylced content...I don't care bout new RX cars....I drive always the same (3 or 4 max) What the majority asks is NEW RALLY LOCATIONS. Yeah it's a big big scam this season 4, they can maybe add a better season 5 with Hillclimbs (The season 3 was very very good)
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    Actually a nice event - and interesting! While watching, too much is moderated for me, especially the female modarator talks too quickly and too much for my well-being. Less is sometimes more. But that's just my opinion. Hope this event will be repeated. So you can see how the pros are driving 👍
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    Cant wait for season 2 all four new cars! and the INSANELY HUGE amount of 1 new track added!
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    this is just a simple UI thing, but it needs clarification, in my opinion. basically, the staff upgrade for your Co-Driver (Phil Mills in English version) allows you to send your car to the next service station in the event after you get terminal damage. an example of the screen is below. for me, there are a few problems with it: the phrasing of the question (especially using the word "return") gives the impression you'll be sent back to the service area before the stage you just broke your car on, allowing you to try the same stage again. it needs to be made clear that selecting "Yes" will give you a DNF for this stage, as well as all remaining stages before the next service station - and this action cannot be undone. it also needs to be made clear that selecting "No" will send you to the end of stage menu, where you can either Restart the stage (if possible) or Retire to the end of th Event (as well as see the Replay, Quit to Main Menu, etc) and in case you were wondering, yes, I'm just a bit salty because I've known how this screen works for at least 6 months, but selected Yes by accident because the instructions were unclear and thus I basically ruined a whole championship for myself in career mode.
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    You have said it all. As a racing game, it is a must-have feature that does not exists in DR2.0. The only other way I see to do this is by logging telemetry and use other software like MoTeC, but 1) it's not every user that want to go through all of this and 2) it is a hassle to switch between the game and other programs since you must either leave fullscreen mode or run the game in windowed mode. Thank you for this extensive and detailed post. I really hope it will be highly considered by CM.
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    There is an XML file in My Documents\My Games\F1 2019 called hardware_settings_config.xml, he means send that. (You can delete it to force a redetection of the game settings, but try that after you've sent it, at least).
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    Apologies if this has been raised before. I’m an admin for a historic only racing club (the latest cars we use are the 2001 focus, Impreza, and 206 and anything before). In November we ran a 5 day RAC rally using the H2 rwd class. Each country represented an area of the UK eg Wales was wales, New England was the North of England and Poland was Scotland and Germany was the ‘Micky mouse’ day 1 stages. 10 stages a day and if you retired on any day you were out of the event completely. The event was a great success and for 2020 we’re thinking of using Group B in a similar format. What we be great would be if we could could pick all homoglated cars from that era. So, obviously Group B 4wd, but also the Group B rwd ( as the Manta 400s are such an iconic part of British rallying) and other cars such as the Ascona 400 which would have still been eligible to complete. in essence it would be great if we could pick and choose the cars we want to run in a championship rather than being confined to one class. This would also work where we hold one day sprints were everyone has to use the same car. Thoughts?
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    I like to drive damaged (just body) and dirt (not cleaned) Car myself, but the only thing i notice, i get much easier puncture, and if i Crash again, other part get sooner bad, didnt notice any other Car behavior (less top speed, or any other negative effect)
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    • PC, Steam user. • Windows 7 professional 64 bit, Intel Core i5-3450 3.10 GHz, 12 GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 3GB. • Deluxe user. • OSW Simucube (steering wheel), Xin-Mo Controller (Shifter), BU0836-LC Interface (Pedals), BU0836A Interface (Handbrake). Bug: Wrong times Already reported! Monthly events AI Rally, R5 class, at the first assistance area, I went back to main menu, when i continued the event, times were the same for everyone!
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    Still thinks this is the best solution to calls back a lot of single players
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    • PC, Steam user. • Windows 7 professional 64 bit, Intel Core i5-3450 3.10 GHz, 12 GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 3GB. • Deluxe user. • OSW Simucube (steering wheel), Xin-Mo Controller (Shifter), BU0836-LC Interface (Pedals), BU0836A Interface (Handbrake). Bug: Killarney (South Africa) Rallycross AI times Career mode, Master difficulty, in every qualification I manage to finish 1st, but all other AI opponents make decidedly shorter times, only when they aren't running in my battery!
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    Version 1.11.1 - Steam - Super Deluxe Edition In daily awards screen results show wrong stage picture. In fact they are messed up. See in red circle on the screenshots.
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    Had a bit of a weird one doing the AI Monthly last night. I'd done 2 stages on Tuesday and was 25 seconds up on 2nd with about 7 mins of driving done. When I continued last night i finished about 7th on SS3 with a time of 4.20 but when I went to the overall time screen it had me in 7th overall with a time of 44m 20s. It looked like it had taken the SS3 times and added about 40 mins on to everyone's stage time to get the overall time thus completely deleting the actual times for SS1 and SS2.... It didn't make much difference as I won the event anyway but I would hate for this to happen to someone who has completed all but 1 stage and then it resets it all when they come to do the last stage!!
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    Hi everyone, first post on these forums. I'd like to say that I've been enjoying Grid 2019 quite a bit, but having stepped in from Grid 2 and never playing Grid Autosport, I feel a severe lack of impact on the world you race in. What happened devs? Why was the decision made that no one is called out by name anymore? In interviews you guys were so happy to tell everyone that you guys made a bunch of AI all named with specific aggression stats and such, so why not have them in voice lines? To add to that, why did the nickname system have to be removed?! OMG, I felt so happy being able to choose my own nickname, and then being called out by that name made my experience just that much more immersive, but no, you're nameless now... Also, my point of no impact goes further, smashing someone into a wall and getting them as a nemesis only for the next race to be best of friends again feels like I'm pressing a reset button on every race... The impact point also sticks for damage, please add in a legacy damage setting, and just get that absurd Grid 2 damage system where just a slight bump would make your car constantly veer right or left would make this game be more in line of what the other games before it did, that chaos, that destructive power is all gone in this game. I changed one of the call out options on my controller to be the announcement of damage to my car, but when I pinball from 1 wall to the other I still get the answer "No new damage to report". Then lastly, get local co-op in, me and my bud have been destroying each others cars and racing untill the death in Grid 2, but that feature has to wait a while then I guess. What I do have to give this game credit for is its chipping damage model, seeing those cars lose all its paint when you rub it against a different driver feels nice. The cockpit cam is really fun, makes me feel like I'm driving. And lastly, the weather effects look very nice. What I would like to recommend you guys add/ bring back to the game: 1. That legacy damage setting I previously mentioned. 2. Bring back the normal street cars that Grid 2 had, those were fun. 3. Add a new tier of cars which just break speed limits, like the one koenigsegg car from Grid 2 that had the ability to go 430 km/ph which could only be achieved on the oval track which was DLC. 4. Add more map variety, I love the amount of small differences you guys added in layout, but I personally think different scenery would be more fun to drive through than different layouts. 5. (Optional), Add really over the top custom lobby settings, I think that would create a game like no other, image the following: popped tires mode, so all cars are slidding on metal wheel frames, or monster truck mode, where cars have huge wheels, or 6th gear only mode, where every car is stuck in 6th gear so takes like 3 minutes to get to 100 km/ph, or what I think would be hillarious is all tiers allowed mode, where you could drive the fastest of the fastest GP cars against the slower but more steerable tuner cars or something. TLDR: Grid 2019 is proving to be a nice game, but my god, I think it has lost some of its chaotic energy from its ancestors and should definitely try to get that back for it to be a strong game in the market.
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    Please add cars from behind the iron curtain like Skoda, Lada, Polonez etc. We're defenitely need cars like this: Skoda 130 LR (RWD) the little 126 Polski Fiat (RWD) Dont forget Skoda 130 RS coupe (RWD) Zastava (RWD) Trabant 601 (FWD) 2 stroke engine! Wartburg 353 (FWD) 2 stroke engine FSO Polonez
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    Yeah, I saw this on discord..but I didn't want to ' leak ' this.. This HUD is awesome.
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    I would buy a complete SKODA DLC for sure!