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    Can we have a DLC with stages (asphalt) from France (Corsica) Location????
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    As mentioned by @PJTierney here: So lets make a specific topic about which liveries you would like to see added in the game. Some groundrules so to make it as easy as possible for Codies: Only request liveries for the cars who are in the game, or have been announced for the game (or cars that have been strongly linked to come to the game are also ok). Check out confirmed car list topic by @tbtstt: https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/32695-dirt-rally-20-confirmed-car-list/ If you see someone posted a livery, than give it a reaction with the "love" button if you want to see that livery as well in the game. Give details about the livery. Use the following format: - SEASON: - CHAMPIONSHIP / EVENT: - CLASS: - CAR: - TEAM: - DRIVER / CO-DRIVER: - IMAGE: - OTHER:
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    Is there nothing left to fix in this game? The strength ratio of the teams, for example. I don't see Haas as the fourth grid force.
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    We have spent a lot of time on here complaining about a lot of things in this game. I have be guilty of it, and I will probably complain about something in the future. However, I want the thank Codemaster support. I raced all season with one goal; be in the Gold Tier at the end of the 2019 Championship Event. I did it. BUT.... When I went to open my phone last night to collect my reward, it glitched and restarted (as usual) and lost my rewards. I sent several not kind messages to the support team. I got more mad every time I raced someone with the black and silver car last night. But lo and behold, I woke up this morning and they had restored my rewards. I even got to open them the proper way. Thank you Codemaster Support for promptly responding to my issue and solving it so fast. This really is a great game. I spend way too much time on it, and I probably will in 2020. See all of you next year! and if you wreck into me, I will come for you lol. Happy New Year!!!!
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    The ability to set the weather/time of day leagues is sorely missed, you can do this in normal online race just not a league ones for some reason. Also the ability to save between sessions is what is keeping people away from leagues, as it means you have to do a whole race weekend in one sitting! We need these features in the next update, after all they were included in last years online championship mode, or how about we just get an online championship mode like last year?
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    Not yet, but we're running some internal tests on adding a race length extender to Career events and hope to get this live over the next couple of months 🙂
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    Current target is still the start of February, launching simultaneously on Xbox, PC and PS4 🙂
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    What platform you're playing on. - Steam, PC What your PC setup/build is like (if playing on Steam). - i7, 16GB RAM, GTX 1650Ti Whether you're a Standard or Deluxe user. - Deluxe Whether or not you have any non-standard peripherals connected, like steering wheels, gaming mice etc. - No There are points in certain tracks where the AI drive too slowly -In Abu Dhabi the AI in your heat take the first hairpin way too slowly on exit making overtakes incredibly easy -In Spain at the exit of the joker lap, the AI will slow down and almost stop if there is another car at the exit, rather than go around the outside as they do in real life -See https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/43734-the-rallycross-ai-topic/ for more detailed examples
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    What platform you're playing on. - Steam, PC What your PC setup/build is like (if playing on Steam). - i7, 16GB RAM, GTX 1650Ti Whether you're a Standard or Deluxe user. - Deluxe Whether or not you have any non-standard peripherals connected, like steering wheels, gaming mice etc. - No -The AI in wet conditions are so much slower than they should be on all tracks, you can be struggling to get P1 in a heat in the dry and then get P1 by a significant amount in the wet on the same difficulty (Especially noticeable in custom events when you set the conditions to change mid event without changing difficulty)
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    If you don't qualify, the game will use a reverse championship grid format 🙂 That's also my favourite for multiple race events.
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    Thanks for the feedback 👍 I can look into adding what would be good for certain tracks should I do anything like this again in the future for sure.
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    The old school guys like me (and everyone who set GRID1 as refer point/measure for a good sequel) has long stopped considering Codemasters a money Worth for upcoming AAA titles. This company can only fool newborn kids (15-17yo) by showing them Alonso and some gfx filters Instagram style. People who want a proper GRID1 game, with the same style, amount of content and features, are still dreaming. This games are good for 5$ just to spend 2hours and uninstall it after one day, or for free into mega-bundles packs. This game was just a fast money grab, pushed it all the way on ads marketing and already abandoned from community… if you check on steam there are 30ppl playing it Worldwide right now. pretty dead already. Well done codemasters… custom lobbies and 2 tracks/car for season cannot save it from the oblivion. I feel sorry for people who spent 70 or more euros on Ultimate version on preorder LOL 🤣
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    Theres no such thing as excatly when it comes to BoP, the idea is for cars in their classes to be competitive with one another. I never said anything about making them exactly same, each car will have its own unique characteristics due to different parts, engine, body etc. But you cant have a car 20-25mph faster then all the rest. As for tracks did you know there are 30 reverse tracks ? So half of the track list they boasted arent even unique tracks at all. If they cant use that method in order to fill the list then they have to bring actual tracks. Which would gamers prefer, 60+ tracks with half being in reverse, or 40-50 unique tracks ? Most would choose the later. I've never seen Brands Hatch driven backwards in any IMSA or Blancpain televised event. You cant give us real cars and real tracks and then decide to do things that arent real.
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    Mistakes? This company is making racing games for 20 years! This is like Einstein makes a mistake counting 1+1 ! Even starting developers and indie teams design their games more professional!
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    I do know that feeling very well I have ran 100% races pretty much since 2010 I used to get around 3 seasons finished between releases until the 2017 game then family and work life took a bigger chunk of my spare time. I tried half races on 2017 to try and get multiple seasons done but this lasted 3 races it was sub par at best. Only just managed to finish my 2018 first career season with Williams I only scored 4 points all season our car was simply not good enough but it was the most immersive season yet as it was a transition from pad to wheel in Hungary then manual gears came fully by USA all no assists. This brought added satisfaction and realism. My tactic was to instead of drasically improving aero was to increase our engine advantage early season and try and score points at the power cicuits. Seasons best 9th came at Austria then a point at russia and brazil. Small aero upgrades arrived in the last half of season but we were still worst car by seasons end just. Strolls sole point came at monza so we only scored 5 points as a team. We were 9th for a short time but upgrades from sauber (alfa) in the second half of the season and LeClercs speed bumped them into the top ten a fair amount and we were over 20 points away from 9th in the end. Weirdly my rep with Williams is pretty low I played mostly without flashbacks but rep was severly pubished by some AI ramming causing DNFs. Despite out qualifying stroll and out racing him my rep with williams was 7th worst and since the new contract system came in where you can pretty much go anywhere I have a rule where I will only negotiate the top 3 rep teams so I have Torro Rosso sauber and mclaren to chat with 🙂
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    I am the same with 100% races also. Half races feel like a cop out and great results sagurated. Plus strategy plays out better. I dont know how people can even do tcam with a wheel! On the pad I get it I have been there between 2011 and 2015 but on a wheel it feels odd.
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    Dont take notice of the best times most likely tcam esporters. Hell I can go a second a lap faster on tcam consistently.
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    Easiest to play? Actually, it’s difficult to say. I have some 20,000 km experience with DR2.0 by now using the stock DS4. I haven’t been playing WRC8 as much I would like yet because I’m waiting for a patch fixing some of the trophies so I can continue my way to platinum. DR2.0 has a more intuitive controls than WRC8 which is less complex. But when you get the hang of it, I would say that WRC8 is the easiest of the two games. In addition WRC8 has way better AI than DR2.0, that makes WRC8 more accessible for more people. Both games have some dodgy physics, where DR2.0 has built in physics to give pro gamers advantages over the average players. The physics in WRC8 suffers more for its simplisity. But to summarise: Both games plays great on PS4 with the standard PS4 controller - no need for steeringwheel and bucket seat to enjoy these games. 😎👍🏻 Personally I prefer DR2.0 though. 😊 If you are like me, a rally enthusiast/purist, you will enjoy both. 😉
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    A lot is already mentioned and hopefully some of it will make it to 2020. One thing I miss is the Bite Point mode. I know this applies probably only to Fanatec users but it would make a great improvement in manual starts. Regarding race starts, I would like to see that as a training option in the Track Acclimation programs. Practice race starts from the pits. But above all, fix the things that remain open at the end of 2019 support.
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    Team orders. If it's impossible to program the AI to "think" on the fly if your teammate should let you pass, then they could rework teams order into the "contract" section of your career and let you activate it with the radio. Some of the current contract perks are stupid, like the pit stop speed or reduced development weeks, so what? the engineers are being slow on purpose? that makes no sense. Maybe they could replace those perks with teammate perks, one for when you are ahead of him ("no action", "slow down cars behind", "aggressively attack cars ahead") and one for when you're behind him ("no action", "let you pass if ahead in championship", "let you pass if faster/fresh tyres", "let you pass always")....then in the race you activate that perk with the radio option. Those same perks would work backwards while you're the 2nd driver. The "cheaper" perk would be "let teammate pass always" and the most expensive "no action"
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    I realized i have another issue from my last season, it's also regarding AI but not drivers this time but team chief's. i was fighting for the title with Verstappen, it was really great, we were very close in championship table after every weekend, till the ending phase of the season, when Max started to receive grid penalties before EVERY race! It's very strange and unnatural, while in real life the team would change all needed components before just one race to start from the back just once and have fresh car and no penalties to fight to the end for the title. As the result i have won the title but I wasn't really satisfied while i know in real life it would'nt be that easy. Hope You get my point. This game is great, but obviously can be much better.
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    Well I was thinking of replying just because I spent every vacation in Wales during my childhood and toured there a lot on motorcycles so was interested to see which region you were in. Then I thought well I'm English born so I'd just disappoint you!
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    Season 1 is Hot Hatch Showdown - 4 new cars/30 new events Season 2 is Track Day Hypercars - 4 new cars/30 new events Season 3 is Track Day Supercars - 4 new cars/30 new events
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    - SEASON: 2003 - CHAMPIONSHIP / EVENT: ERC Rallye du Condroz 2003 - CLASS: 2000cc 4WD - CAR: Peugeot 206 WRC - TEAM: Kronos Racing - DRIVER / CO-DRIVER: Freddy Loix / Sven Smeets + Bruno Thiry / Jean-Marc Fortin - IMAGE: - SEASON: 2001 - CHAMPIONSHIP / EVENT: WRC Rally Catalunya - CLASS: 2000cc 4WD - CAR: Peugeot 206 WRC - TEAM: Peugeot Silver Team - DRIVER / CO-DRIVER: Andruzilo Lopes / L. Lisboa - IMAGE: - SEASON: 2005 - CHAMPIONSHIP / EVENT: WRC Rallye Monte Carlo 2005 - CLASS: 2000cc 4WD - CAR: Peugeot 206 WRC - TEAM: Bozian Racing - DRIVER / CO-DRIVER: Didier Auriol / Denis Giraudet - IMAGE:
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    - SEASON: 2009 - CHAMPIONSHIP / EVENT: WRC / Portugal - CLASS: 2000's - CAR: Subaru Impreza 2008 - TEAM: Prodrive - DRIVER / CO-DRIVER: Grönholm / Rautiainen - IMAGE: