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    Keep waving that flag Katz, they're working on it real hard for you.
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    With the competition now over, I guess it’s time to give my opinion/feedback of the DiRT World Championship…Oh boy…where to start - I guess at the beginning? I’ll be covering the topics based on the timeline, so I’ll start with the Qualifiers, then the Quarter- and Semi-Finals and then the Finals at the Autosport International Show. Qualifiers Honestly, I feel as if we already started off on the wrong footing, because as soon as the announcement was made and everyone dove into the “Sporting Regulations” and “Terms & Conditions” documents – And what they found, was no small feat. There were sections of the “Sporting Regulation” that outright contradicted each other, such as different graphics detailing the different ways a singular process was going to be handled. (For more information see the Reddit thread) On top of that the “Sporting Regulations” were plain inaccurate up till a week before the Quarter- and Semi-Finals, with many rules still be dated to the DiRT 4 era, and being outright impossible to achieve in DiRT Rally 2.0. Furthermore, there was quite a lot of pushback regarding the fact that the cars that were being chosen for the Qualifiers, could only be driven with a default setup, which arguably removes a very important aspect to both Rally and Rallycross. Not to even mention the fact that assists were allowed, one of which, Launch Control, was a MAJOR advantage in Rallycross. Assists should NEVER be a factor in ANY Esports championship or competition. Last but not least, the car classes chosen in the Qualifiers didn’t represent the game’s Esports scene as a whole, the fact they included Super 1600s, H2 FWDs and more, is very puzzling to me, as the people who get through on those are just hopelessly lost in contrast to the people that go through in the cars that are being used in the Quarter-, Semi- and Grand Finals. Personally I’d rather see the Qualifiers and all kinds of Finals use only the best cars, those being the Supercars and the R5s. Quarter- and Semi-Finals Moving on to the Quarter- and Semi-Finals, it was a disgrace that these were delayed a week, and it was an outright miracle some drivers managed to delay or cancel holidays due to this, especially considering it was a last minute notice only 2-3 days before the event. The reasoning for this delay was the “Sporting Regulations” which were not ready for the Quarter- and Semi-Finals, due to the inconsistencies mentioned above. I’d love to give Codemasters some benefit of doubt, but I made a Reddit thread laying out the issues with the “Sporting Regulations” mere days after the announcement was made, so they could’ve been fixed well ahead of time. Entering the actual Quarter- and Semi-Finals, which both were one Qualifying race and one Race. Firstly, the fact these are all single races that leads to the elimination of many is an idea that should be abolished. As a matter of fact, many drivers were taken out of the running for either the Semi-Finals or Grand Final due to no fault of their own, but a mistake or intentional action of another driver. There’d have been a very simple way to mitigate this, to hold multiple races, each of which award points, and after a set number of races (2 or 3) the set amount of people with the most points continue to the next round. But we’ll be coming back to this topic when we’ll discuss the Grand Finals… Oh boy, bear with me for that. Furthermore, the Quarter- and Semi-Finals for RX both utilized tracks on which overtaking was literally impossible without forcing someone off their line or even in a wall, as we could very well see in some of the races. These tracks were decided based on marketing and what Codemasters wanted to show, but rather they should have been chosen based on what would provide the best racing. Last but not least the adjudicating/stewarding, coming from multiple drivers’ perspective this was done horribly, as we all feel certain actions should’ve warranted certain penalties to be dished out or removed in cases of being forced wide. But this wasn’t done, and in some case, because the result didn’t depend on it, these investigations weren’t even finished. And regardless of impact, incidents should always be investigated, otherwise drivers will always feel wronged. Grand Finals Moving on to the final chapter of the DiRT World Championships, the Grand Final at the Autosport International Show – And oh boy…is this a controversial topic. But lets begin with some positives, the viewing figures were absolutely amazing compared to the last DiRT World Championship. But that’s where the positives sadly end… Starting with the format… Dear lord, this couldn’t have been done any worse in regards to the format. An Esports Championship is meant to decide the best driver, this usually means the fastest and most consistent. Yet in both Rally and Rallycross they decided to have a final decider stage/race in which wherever you finish, is your end result, turning it from a competition of consistency and pace, in a competition of just pace and luck. That said, this was lessened a bit in Rally due to only the top 3 advancing to the next stage, but ultimately this still doesn’t excuse the fact all the previous stages and races are completely thrown away. In a proper Esports Championship every single race should count towards the winner. I find this format absolutely inexcusable, there was enough time to hold these races and stages, since they were driven, so they should’ve counter toward the overall victory. This could’ve been fixed with the exact solution I mentioned when I talked about the Quarter- and Semi-Finals. In RX, have a set number of races, each awarding points and the one with the most points wins. In Rally, do the same, except get rid of the points and order based on cumulative time. If this is done, along with all other suggestions I made in this thread, then you can guarantee you have the best and I mean the most consistently fast driver there is. On top of that, all finalists were limited to using a single car. Now I’ll admit, I’m unaware as to the reasoning behind this, but in any competition it should never be about limiting your drivers’ options, whether those be in regards to setup or cars. Some cars, some setups suit one drivers’ driving style more than the other, so there will always be someone who prefers one car over another. For that reason alone it’s a choice that never should be taken away. Conclusion To summarize, this DiRT World Championship was better in regards to production and viewing figures, but the overall format completely ruined the championship for both passionate fans, involved teams and participating drivers. This NEEDS to be improve for the next DiRT World Championship, it NEEDS to…Currently we have teams abandoning the DIRT Esports scene for WRC’s or even withdrawing from Rally entirely…Drivers aren’t being paid…Local/Smaller competitions aren’t held…The scene’s dying, and it’s up to Codemasters to provide an attractive platform for the external organizations to hold smaller competitions and to provide a good example as to how attractive it can be for teams, drivers and organizations to be apart of the DIRT Esports scene. That concludes my overall opinion of the DIRT World Championship, @PJTierney I hope this suffices to give everyone involved enough feedback for the next iteration of this series. I bid you all a great day, and I truly hope it’ll improve on the things that went wrong this time around. 🙂
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    Just watched some of the clips and the drivers just make it seem like the game is broken and completely unrealistic, hardly using the brakes and just using the gears to slow the car down. Just seems silly to me.
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    That'll be tricky as I don't do something iike that. 😛
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    Hey all, I'm pleased to confirm that public lobbies are coming to GRID, in the form of Session Search, on January 13. Below are all the details you need on how the feature works, ahead of its launch. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Session Search option in GRID is a new addition to Multiplayer, coming in a free update. It allows players to search for and race in bespoke lobbies that have been created by other players. Session Search includes filters and other options for the player, meaning you can search for exactly what kind of race session you want to jump into. Session Select will be available from the first Multiplayer menu in a new third tile, alongside the existing two options, Quick Match and Custom Match (previously named Private Match). The TL;DR version of how It works is this: if you’ve played a recent Codemasters title that includes public lobbies, you’ll be familiar with the system we’re adding to GRID. 😊 Once players enter Session Search, you can adjust six different filters to narrow down your lobby search. These filters are: Show in Progress – Dictate whether or not your searches include lobbies that are currently racing Discipline – Choose to only show lobbies using Race or Time Attack events, or all Vehicle Class – Choose to only show lobbies using a specific vehicle class, or leave it open to all Hot Lap Qualifying – Choose to include or exclude lobbies that are include a Hot Lap Qualifying session AI Drivers – Choose to include or exclude lobbies that have enabled AI drivers to feature in races AI Skill Level – If AI drivers are enabled, use this option to include/exclude lobbies with certain AI skill level options Once you adjust these filters and begin the search, a new screen will appear, collating the live lobbies that meet your search requirements. In list format, the screen will show you the key features of each lobby, which are: Host – The name of the player hosting the lobby Event Card – This shows the session’s category, vehicle, each track in the event, and the game type Players – The number of players already in that lobby Progress – What stage of an event the lobby is currently at (Skirmish, Qualifying, Race) Round – Shows how many rounds the lobby consists of, and which round is currently in progress Track – The circuit that players in the lobby are currently racing on, or about to race on AI Drivers – Number of AI opponents included in races AI Skill Level – If AI drivers are include, this shows their chosen skill level Damage Level – The chosen damage level for the lobby Terminal Damage – Outlines whether or not terminal damage is active Flashbacks – The chosen number of Flashbacks allowed in races Hot Lap Qualifying – Shows if a Hot Lap Qualifying session is included in races From this screen, you will also be able to view the profile of the lobby host, and refresh the screen to search for more sessions. All the above allows you to narrow down your search and jump into session that best suits what kind of racing experience you’re looking for in GRID. For players creating race lobbies, you will still have the option of adjusting the visibility of your session. When creating your lobby in Custom Match, setting the visibility to ‘Public’ will ensure that your session is viewable to all players in Session Search. Once players have entered a lobby, the process is the same as Custom Match: at the end of the event you can choose to exit the lobby and find a new one, or stick around and let the lobby host create another session. Thank you to everyone for their feedback on public lobbies, which we’re pleased to bring into GRID in the form of Session Search. Jump in, enjoy, and let us know your thoughts. 😊
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    So my problem is i cant find ranked games, its always only me in the lobby is some way to reset account?
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    Can we have a DLC with stages (asphalt) from France (Corsica) Location????
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    I’m getting the same errors for past 24 hours. Will this issue get fixed before the discount ends?
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    will be yet another copy paste badly done. nothing to worry about nex-gen. 😄 sorry I didn't want to quote you. :)
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    Meanwhile i‘d like to announce that i will try to get my first full season in with you guys! lets focus on having good competition, shall we? 😬
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    so the people who finished 1st and 2nd in RX qualified on Xbox and Playstation. funny how so many people said that console players were too slow and there should be separate events for each platform. will be interesting to see the rally final now.
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    Just goes to show that graphical fidelity alone is utterly worthless (or rather, extremely counterproductive in this case) if you muck up the visual style and overall looks. Low fidelity with clear, realistic visuals is a hell of a lot more immersive and enjoyable to play than high fidelity that needs a horrible fog "for performance reasons". Heavily downgrading graphics in DR2.0 Finland would actually make it look far better.
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    I think really the issue is the community events system was designed for DR1; a game that didn't have DLC. Dirt Rally 2.0 is trying to shoehorn a system that was made for a homogenous community into its new DLC business model. The whole daily/weekly/monthly idea is nice, but it's certainly not the last word in good ideas for community competition. They could/should redesign the community events system entirely imo. It's not really a complex part of the game and shouldn't cost a tonne for them to deliver a better experience next time round. Admittedly, that's in a DR3.0 mindset. For DR2, yeah, what the OP said.
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    The Abu Dhabi livery was for the WRC-esque car (I say, because it’s actually the test version and not the one that competed), not the R5 we have in DR2.
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    Or they will add McRae photo, 2 liveries and one car 😄
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    Hi @spirus91, BarryBL from Codies has given an update on some requested things in the "Community Requested" thread, which you should see at the top of the Technical assistence, including the Safety Car deployment. This is what he said: (hope it helps you) Safety Car. We have some tweaks which are planned to improve the deployment behaviour which are currently in test and hope to release in a future patch.
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    Don't worry about this, I was awful in my first season. Was finishing in the bottom 5 each run. The 2nd season, I won the championship with a rally to spare (Which I didn't even bother competing in). The only thing I different I did was take my time and not be so focused on winning. Take it in stages, split the field into segments and make your goal to finish in the segment above and not trying to get first place. Continue this approach until you do finish 1st. By taking your time and improving your drive, your times will get faster and eventually you will get up the grid.
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    Maximum attack at Lohéac. PS4 slim
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    Don't be sorry: the rally fans get very touchy when it isn't all about them.
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    I wonder what he would say if the base game was the updated version of Dirt Rally (all content the same but updated) and all the DLC content was brand new. Let me tell you something @KolysioN... You bought a rally and rx game which has masses of new content like stages, circuits and cars. People then get the option to buy DLC content from previous Dirt games but updated in so many ways and even new content, which is not forced on you or needed to play competitively online in clubs or online events. If you are not happy with the excellent content they offer as extra content, free for anyone to buy, you should try to force your brain to think and see things from a different perspective than your needy greedy behind. Unbelievable that we still have to explain it time and time again to those disrespectful needy people.
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    Happy New Year Everyone 🙌🍾+ to: @ChrisGrovesMCM and All the GRID team. Well done 👍
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    I find it fascinating that people REEEE about paying full price for a game that will give you hundreds of hours of interactive entertainment, but don't think twice about paying $15 for a movie ticket and another $25 for popcorn and liquid candy; a passive form of entertainment for a couple hours at most. Video games take an incredible amount of time and hard, thoughtful work. As a part time sound designer for a racing game myself, I can tell you first hand that just the TIME going into ONE car into for recording and game implementation and testing, is in the dozens to hundreds. And that assumes most of the game systems are already built. Most games are way too cheap, I'm telling you. There are more game devs working for free than most people know.
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    It's time for wishes, isn't it ? Please Codies give us a Dirt Rally 2.0 Year 2 content. With these things : Season 5 : March - May - Week 1 : Nissan Sunny kit car and Megane Maxi kit car. - Week 3 : Rally Manx or Ireland, with 3 long tracks (instead of 2 for all the rallies we had till now). - Week 5 : Citroen Saxo S1600 and Ford Puma S1600. - Week 7 : One new long track for Germany, Wales and New England (free for those who own the dlc locations, NE free for everyone). - Week 9 : Renault R5 maxi turbo (grp B RWD) and Mitsubishi Lancer 2005. - Week 11 : RX Nurburgring. Bonus free car : Subaru Legacy (grp A) Season 6 : June - August - Week 13 : Renault Clio S1600 and Fiat Punto S1600. - Week 15 : Rally Kenya or Morrocco, with 3 long tracks. - Week 17 : 2 RX Project E cars. - Week 19 : One new long track for Sweden, Greece and Spain. - Week 21 : Audi R1 R4 and Fiat 500X R4. - Week 23 : RX Spa. Bonus free car : Citroen Xsara kit car Season 7 : September - November - Week 25 : VW Beetle and Renault R8 (H1 RWD). - Week 27 : Rally San Remo or Corsica, with 3 long tracks. - Week 29 : Opel Kadett E Gsi (H2 FWD) and Abarth 124 RGT. - Week 31 : One new long track for New-Zeland, Australia and Finland. - Week 33 : 2 2020 RX cars. - Week 35 : RX Russia. Bonus free car : Alpine A110 RGT Season 8 : December - February - Week 37 : Honda S2000 and Nissan Silvia S15 (2000cc RWD). - Week 39 : Rally Indonesia, Malaysia or China, with 3 long tracks. - Week 41 : 2 2020 RX cars. - Week 43 : One new long track for Argentina, Poland and Monte. - Week 45 : Subaru 555 (grp A) and BMW 2002 TI (H1 RWD). - Week 47 : 2 2020 RX cars. ❤️ Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Max total size 48.83MB
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    Something more about a possible content that will come and is actually based on CM titles. Dynamic weather system from DiRT 4 I think it was not really dynamic, it was more "random", but it was very cool that the weather in the stage could change from clear into fog or rain. I think it might already have been confirmed this would not come to DR2.0, but originally the plan would also be that DR2.0 would only have two seasons of content (although I think there were already plans for season 3 and 4 at launch). RX and Rally - Weather options Some of the weather options of the previous games are missing. Maybe they will return (not as DLC, but as updates are coming in as well). Personally I hope some more RX locations will get a night option. Livery editor from DiRT 4 Same as the dynamic random weather, i think also for this it was confirmed this would not come to DR2.0, but who knows plans have changed. Although I not was a huge fan of the D4 editor and I rather have something as what iRacing or Gran Turismo have. Photo mode The photo mode is in the F1 games. Same as the previous two points, this was also confirmed it would not come to DR2.0, but again plans could have changed for this. Rally - R5 - Hyundai i20 R5. This car was in DiRT 4. Probably not possible due to licensing issues (Hyundai is partner of the WRC game with e-sports). RX - Mini classic A standalone start-up class in DiRT Rally. RX - Super 1600 - Peugeot 207 Super 1600. This car was in DiRT Rally. - Peugeot 208 Super 1600. I know Linneman build his 208 S1600 around a R2 208 and mostly with a 208 R5 (adjusted) aero kit. So when the 208 R5 gets Some super 1600 physics and the 208 R2 sound, you basically have a new S1600 car without much build investment. - Skoda Fabia Super 1600. A lot of the newer gen Fabia S1600 have the R5 (lookalike) aero kit. it would also be thanperfect to use the R5 Fabia model and give it soem Super 1600 physics which can be used from the Polo S1600. RX - Supercars It would be cool if the WRX seasons (2015 in DR1, 2016 in D4) could return to DiRT Rally 2.0. Than only the 2017 season also need to be made. Than you could do a five year "career" in DR2.0. But overall if some of the cars could return is also cool. Still nowadays some of thise still compete in hands of privateers in ERX and even sometimes WRX. - Citroën DS3 WRX. This car was in DiRT Rally and DiRT 4. - Ford Focus RS RX. This car was in DiRT 4 and a fan favorite. - MINI Countryman RX. This car was in DiRT Rally and DiRT 4. 3d models between the games is no difference, but engine wise the DR1 car had a 1.6L and the D4 car a 2.0L. - Peugeot 208 WRX. This car was in DiRT Rally and DiRT 4. There is only a small visual difference, namely the back with the exit of the cooling. Overall the car is pretty different compared to the 2018/2019 spec car in DR2.0. Currently some of the privateers in europe use this older spec Hansen 208 WRX. - SEAT Ibiza RX. The 2019 spec will come in season 4 DLC. But the 2016 spec (in DiRT 4) was quite different. - Skoda Fabia WRX. The ES Motorsport build Fabia has a lot of R5 parts and the looks of the R5 cars, although the R5 version ingame has a different front (facelift). It need small work, but than the Fabia Supercar could be possible. - Subaru Impreza WRX STI (hatchback). This car was in DiRT Rally. - VW Polo Rallycross (Marklund). This car was in DiRT Rally and DiRT 4. RX - Projekt E The STARD MK8 Fiesta will be in the season 4 DLC. This is the same car model as the Projekt E. Although the car looks pretty much the same, there are quite some differences. - Exterior, The side and rear has no cooling holes. Also there is no "hole" for te exhaust in the rear bumper. - Interior, This might need the biggest adjustments, as for example the engine, transmission, fuel cell, cooling are all replaced with electrics. Landrush Landrush was featured in DiRT 4 and pretty "easy" to convert to DiRT Rally 2.0 Although I also don't think the priority will be here. Also if this would be DLC I don't think this will be sold well. But in the end this could be a nice "free add-on". RX - Locations - Belgium - Spa. Already in Codemasters in F1 games. So a lot of assets can be used from that. Although the RX arena still needs to be completly made. - Germany - Hockenheim. Same as Spa, although it probably will be less work to do Hockenheim than Spa. - Turkey - Istanbul Park. The last Codemasters game (if i'm right) that featured this track was GRID Autosport. This was on the previous gen and maybe not completly up to standards for now. But it is probably easier that a complete new track. - USA - Circuit of the Americas. This track is in 2019. Similar to Hockenheim, it will need less adjustments than Spa or Belgium. RX - Locations variations In DiRT Rally and DiRT 4 the RX locations had some more different lay-outs. Some of them were really good, so maybe they will return in an update. But imo I rather have better AI for the current available lay-outs than more track lay-outs. Monza Rally Show The F1 games already have the Monza track. Maybe with some adjustments the (popular) Monza Rally Show event can be integrated into the game. Still a lot of things need to be created as the rally takes also place on the old oval and some other small parts next to the track. The Monza Rally Show has 5 "stages" although it seems it are all similar but with different starting points and variants. Some onboard can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/user/rallylink09/videos