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    The mulitplayer Update with the custom Lobbys with no AI online is amazing and makes a lot of fun thank you to listen to us Codemasters 🙂
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    Not really gossip, but I felt the need to share this with you all here since I figured it'd get a few laughs. The amazing new logo I made for our team in a DR2 Club - Team 'Bin It or Win It'!
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    After playing F1 2019 for a few weeks, like everyone, I’ve come up with a few features I’d like to see in future F1 games. These aren’t complaints, I actually like F1 2019, it’s just some positive feedback and a few new ideas for, who knows, maybe 2020? A full F2 championship in career mode that actually impacts your F1 career options. No more fictional drivers, please. Option to disable mid-season transfers. For me it takes away from the realism and adds nothing in return. No more multiplayer car, maybe it’s just me, but I like to see and race with the actual real world F1 cars... and drivers. Visor Cam (check out Project Cars’ helmet cam). Look for F1 visor cam on Youtube, it looks spectacular. Looks like fun. Dirt Rally-style F1 team management: Mechanics, R&D, agent, pit crew, etc. Instead of doing the same practice sessions over and over again (year after year) for research points. Get rid of the reporter, let your accomplishments and behaviour on track (and team management) decide your stats and rep. Updated post race animations. Historical tracks and keep the 2019 tracks that don’t make onto the 2020 calender. Use it for multiplayer, time trials, invitationals. Please, no more fictional drivers and their scripted drama. I just read about the Nemesis system in the new Grid game, it sounds promising and I think it would be a great way to get a natural random rivalry going in the F1 career too. (With real world F1 drivers please) No more microtransactions, cosmetics or other. Seriously Codemasters, don’t go all EA on us now. I’m all for extra dlc or a season pass for more content, but not those dirty microtransactions. Please substitute the stuffy old first person paddock/workstation enviorment for a sleek new no nonsense menu system. Tyre punctures, from collisions or on track debris. More spectacular and realistic crashes and damage. There’s like one crash animation in the game. We’ll be oke, we have halo’s now. Select real world drivers helmet designs for your driver. Truck Racing Championships.. just kidding, please don’t 😀 Ofcourse this is just my opinion; and even with all these things mentioned above, like I said, I still enjoy playing F1 2019. I like the car handeling, leagues, F2, the cars, weather and tracks all look great and it’s just fun to play 👍 ___ TL;DR: focus on a more realistic and fun on track experience, less tedious off track fluff and drama.
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    Hello everyone, time to go on a journey 🙂 I've been a pad player in racing games ever since I started playing back in the 1990s, and I've gotten quite decent at it; never quite esports ready but good enough to set the occasionally solid Leaderboard time. In 2019 I decided to move away from a long-serving job in trading card games to pursue a career in motorsport. I'll never be a professional racing driver (I'm far too old to start) but I do want to get better at sim racing and, although I'm strong on a pad, take on a tougher challenge... ...this is that tougher challenge. Outside of a few 10 minute sessions on office rigs I have never used a wheel before. In this thread I'll post updates as I play with the rig throughout 2020. A busy job plus other personal ambitions means I won't be playing every day, but over time I do plan to improve and get to a point where I am competitive. In the interest of setting some goals for the year, here's where I'd like to end up: COMPLETE - Day 34 - Win a DiRT Rally 2.0 Career Rally Championship at Masters Difficulty NOT COMPLETE - Win a DiRT Rally 2.0 Career Rallycross Championship at Masters Difficulty* COMPLETE - Day 13 - Set a DiRT Rally 2.0 Time Trial rally time that I cannot beat on a pad. * I abandoned this once the Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack was released, and instead focused on completing all of the Scenarios on Very Hard difficulty, which I managed to do. Let's see how I get on. ----- For those curious, this is the rig. It's pricey but I was fortunate enough to get a few discounts shortly after joining Codemasters. Playseat Sensation Pro Black / Cockpit Fanatec CSL Elite / Wheel Base Fanatec ClubSport Formula V2 / Wheel Rim Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals LC / Pedals Sparco Hypergrip / Gloves Logitech G433 / Headset Samsung UE43RU7100K / Monitor I'm playing DiRT Rally 2.0 on Xbox One X though the rig is set up to be compatible on PlayStation 4 and PC as well, and I eventually plan to play various circuit racing games (hence why I opted for the Formula rim). I'm using a 2 pedal setup, having removed the clutch.
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    There were no lobbies (XB1) when I checked last night. This game needs to go to Xbox Game Pass ASAP if it’s any hope of surviving.
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    *cough* maybe better than normal stability levels should be the goal here. They seem less stable than power supply in the Soviet block. What testers? You mean us? We're always smug though. Literally no idea. Other than a few sneak previews real early on, and I mean just pictures or words, we haven't gotten anything in terms of news for months. I can check the secret place, but typically we would all get tagged since we don't have any reason to visit it anymore. *Edit, I'd say at best the last time we actually got anything somewhat gossipy was in June of last year in which PJ just said that basically tarmac physics are unlikely to change, due to the reworking of a bunch of other systems and them being busy with the GRID reboot. Like, big surprise there. May 16th CMMcBabe asked for our opinions on the FFB changes. That's all. I don't believe that was an early release for us either, that's just when the FFB update happened. April 16th I got in an argument with @dgeesi0 about his... umm... "unique" writing style I can't decipher, despite him being English. And after looking through like 20 pages it's mainly been us quibbling about random things or bug reports. I'm thinking it's more like a year or more since we've actually been let in on something.
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    Just realized the WRX championship starts in April, which is spring too. But I really hope the new content isn't just some kind of live competition based on realtime WRX events...
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    All I've noticed is that testers seem to be *reeeeeaaaaally* smug right now. I take that as a good sign 😄
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    I would go for a different rim for playing DR2. Good luck
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    Need to learn 2 pedals before learning 3 😉 Also outside of DiRT I'd never use it.
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    I don’t think Rally Raid is coming to a Dirt Rally title, I think that fits in more with the DiRT 5 side of it, which I honestly hope the include this time.
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    There were some server issues yesterday after the maintenance, can you take another look?
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    I don't care if the announcement is coming tomorrow or in a month, I just hope it's not only 1 car and that's it. I hope for a full second year of DLC-Support + fixes. I stopped playing other racing games, because I feel this is the most fun for me at the moment, so I just need more content and a few things fixed and I'm happy.
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    @ChrisGrovesMCM yeeeah it is okay the update is now available I can't wait to play 😄
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    I'm afraid that those ugly scratched and dirty cars are 'artistic choice', there's no way to clean your car, ever. Though, selling the car and buying it again MIGHT do the trick (never tested this), but it will work for one race only 🙂 I just hope that @ChrisGrovesMCM will finally raise that issue with the team, because NOONE likes that 'artistic choice'. Because right now, there's no point in spending your time painting your cars... and then finding out that during the race, they look like trash anyway.
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    So you are one of those modders... Breaking the integrity of the game by modding in cars that aren't suppose to be in the game, tracks-car combos that aren't allowed, and so much more apparently. You and similar modders like you are the reasons we aren't allowed to get our hands on the files for designing liveries for the DLC cars. I believe this to be extremely disrespectful and shameful behaviour. The reason we, honest players and modders, can't have the nice things we deserve...
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    So this is one of the options we have been testing for other Multiplayer changes - capping the GRID size in lobbies. E.G - if you create a lobby and allow AI drivers to be added, and there are four human players in the lobby, we cap the GRID size at a specific number (let's say 8), so the grid would be four human drivers and four AI. It means that smaller lobbies still have some AI, but not so much that it can be overwhelming. So would that be something you'd like to see added? If anyone else likes the sound of it, give a ❤️ to this post, so we can gauge interest.
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    This is a very bizarre and nonsensical thing to say. They could explain it in far more depth and detail, they have told us very little. No one here is asking to see the entire game code. They could explain why, out of all the countless things developers can do to increase performance, they picked a horrible looking fog that make it look painfully bad. They could explain why and how their "visual upgrade" has resulted in Finland looking a hell of a lot worse than in DR1. To me it just says they have done an astonishingly awful job. They could explain why they think Finland DLC is in a condition fit for release in its current state. It's so awful Codies can't even show screenshots of it. They should have postponed release They could explain why they release fake screesnshots that look nothing like the real game. They could explain how they managed to get dusk and sunset to run ok without the horrible fog. They could explain why this fog is the same on all platforms and why PC has no option to adjust it. They could explain why it took them two months to give such a short and incomplete response. They could explain why they say they don't plan to fix it, when it's so far below standard and so bad some players are avoiding Finland. I could go on and on. Lots of questions, next to zero information. "clues as to how their tech works" oh dear. You are actually under some delusion that tech stuff in a video game that anyone can buy is some super-confidential high-level military secret that cannot even be hinted at. Try to get to touch with reality would you? Maybe then you would also understand that they can give us information without sharing the entire game code.
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    Give us 1986 turbo beasts...it's turbo era again, why we have only mp4/4...where's lotus 98t? Brabham bt 55, williams fw 11, where the hell is benetton b186????? And get a speed data for all classic cars...speeds of those we have are too low...every one of them was faster in straight line...or better option are gear ratios, give them back...
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    HI @JuanCarMR, Thanks for the video and feedback on this, makes it easier for me to take this straight to the development team. This has been added and passed on to them
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    So definitely no hillclimb But rally cars and liveries seem to be confirmed though? If I see the tweet from a few posts back, "something worth experiencing", does it mean there is a new Rally discipline added? For example Trophee Andros, or Rally-Raid cars (and trucks) with a kinda dessert stage or other baja. I hope @PJTierney not ment something Landrush. as we already experienced that in DiRT 4.
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    That's a classical straw man argument. If you read back you will notice that nobody's denying the 'foggy' atmosphere. Codies have spoken, in order to maintain a certain performance across all platforms they had to make compromises, so it looks like by bringing this topic up again and again you're not going to change the situation, and the nonsense and hyperbole aren't adding anything to the discussion. They're only making it worse for us players for future communication. Please explain again why I should stop arguing now because I'm not getting it. Not sure if you noticed (apparently not) but I'm not defending anything. Great, now that it's clear that consoles are the reason for the graphics compromises let the lynching begin.
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    I don't think so. I'm on console and PJ confirmed that Finland seems to be toned down for everyone, and still I have seen plenty of replays showing clear skies and roads without fog. What deserves more attention is twisting things and misrepresentation of 'facts'.