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    Yeah. Would be nice to see the historic Championships expanded to include the DLC classes as well.
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    Aight, starting to be a bit video crowded in here lately.
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    1988 Vauxhall Nova? also something regarding the binary code - in the original series of Colin McRae games, the Impreza 97 was called the 22B because 22B is the hexadecimal number for '555'. If you take the binary numbers in the thumbnail and convert them to hexadecimal you end up with '1DC' (or 01DC). no idea what that means, if anything. might just be meaningless.
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    it's definitely just referring to that gif. it's just referring to the car though, not the location. since, you know, the car is what is in the actual video and what has been talked about for like 8 months now....
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    R5 cars are all 5-speed, what are you talking about? To make the class cost-effective, R5 regulations force manufacturers to use several standard parts, one of which is a Sadev 5-speed sequential transmission, engineered specifically for the class. If you want to homologate a car to R5 specs, you cannot have any other transmission.
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    Since after the last update I've read some complaints about argentina here again, this might be useful for some:
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    You, *******, I'm installing Autosport! Are u happy now?
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    I think I didn't touched the Historic Championship Mode since march last year. Completed it once and done. Codemasters could do so much more out of that game-mode with regular updates. Mixed car classes, new fixed championships for each class, championships with just specific cars allowed, specific scenario rallies like "finish the rally starting with a heavily damaged car" or "win with +30 sec penalty" etc. But I don't believe we will see things like this in DR 2.0. Too much work. Maybe in the next entry, if there will be one.
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    Working on it I've asked the question on this one today, will let you know when I find out 🙂
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    Hey @ReimvomSchleim I'm terrible around Monaco, I'm taking that pole and running with it! I honestly don't think a 1:12:651 is any good at all haha. To answer this question, we are still investigating at the moment with regards to spectating, but we think that there is a possibility that your spectating issue and my issue (I was cut to spectator after the lap- when this happened) may be linked. Nothing concrete as of yet, but we'll keep looking into this.
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    in the colin pack (which we're sure of right?) i wonder if we gonna have another co-pilot than phill? I love Phill but it would be nice to see something else like Nicky. THAT would be mind blowing!
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    It's a road car. That's fine if they want to call the road going rally replica a rally car, but it's just a tribute special edition road car. I guess it's like people calling magazines, clips, when clips are specifically another object.... Shrug, we'll likely get what they're saying and possibly (:D) accept it, but they need to know they're talking about road cars with a rally style, not a rally car.
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    I just had to link someone on twitter to this thread. I will NOT lose this argument! Thank you @tbtstt!
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    Its definitely a 97 WRC: the headlights looked different on the Legacy.
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    They will never touch the classes. The new Impreza will go 80% into 2000cc, because it's the "DLC-Class". There is a 19,9% chance it's going into Group A, were it should go for performance reasons. And 0,1% chance they re-group the cars, but very unlikely. But if they do, please no mix of RWDs and 4WDs, thats unfair.
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    Maybe it was because of me then. I wanted the S14, but my preference would also have been the S12 as it might be my favorite (possible to that series on Discovery channel about it) and there have been multiple S12/S14 in the Netherlands. One of the stand-out WRC cars missing out is the Xsara and both McRae and Solberg have driven that. But I don't know how easy the licensing would be for that, as the official livery for the C4 isn't even in there. So maybe than the Kronos and Solberg livery than instead. But there are so many interesting cars that could join. I think the most interesting question is how Codies will do the classes.... The Evo VI and the new Impreza 97-2000 should definitly be in the same class. Maybe they can implement a millenium class with the Evo VI, Impreza 97-2000, Focus 2001, Impreza 2001 and the Pug 206.
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    Modern 1 (97-2004) and Modern 2 (2005-2010) classes please. Although as I'm wishlisting, I may as well go all in and say "and please add the M3 and Sierra to the Group A class, where they belong" too.
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    You can say that about a ton of things that are not in GRID 2019 compared to Grid Autosport. Completely not understandable. It´s kinda they wanted to make a game that dies in 4 weeks after release lol. And on top of that they ruin the free play mode with reducing the amount of credits big time. And the community manager does not reply to this issue since weeks. Weird things are going on at "New" Codemasters. Very weird things.
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    Well that is odd, because if you do tune some of the effects in the different events you can get rid of a lot of the fog, and not have performance issues. If anything the effect seems to hide some LOD transitions, but at a price that should really be deemed too high. I do call some ******** on what you've been told in it being related to performance, in the sense that running without the fog there isn't really decreased performance ,but maybe something isn't as polished and appears so without it. In any case, as I said, a lot of this smoke can be mitigated by turning down settings.
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    Well it's a bit easier when the actual car is an 80's brick.
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    I‘ll just leave a big thank you for adressing this! This was the main reason why i left the game because these short 3lap sprints are really just a warmup. With 10+ round races the AI system REALLY comes into play i think. Fighting with an angry driver over the course of 5-6 rounds gives the whole NemesisSystem its character.
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    Exactly, we still have quite a few Subarus missing in the game
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    Finland in daytime/clear and daytime/overcast has a horrible looking thick fog on it. Completely unrealistic for the weather (I live in Finland so I would know, also every single Finnish player says this is not even close to how it looks like in reality), looks painfully awful, and you can barely see the road in what should be crystal clear weather with no fog at all. Yes, I know that you said it's "for performance reasons" but that just isn't a good enough answer. Adding this kind of horrible fog that makes it look awful is absolutely not the right way to increase performance. What you should do is get rid of the fog, or at least tone it down to the same level as Wales (where it's bad enough but at least playable) and increase performance in other ways. The kind of ways the leave daytime Finland looking decent. Look at this. This is a comparison of Finland in Dirt Rally vs. Dirt Rally 2.0. You can see it looks FAR better in DR1, because low graphical fidelity without the fog is far better than high graphical fidelity with a horrible fog slapped on it that completely ruins its looks. Your "visual upgrade" has left daytime Finland looking far worse that it did in DR1. These fake promo screenshots, with no fog at all, are what the real game should look like. As it stands this might as well be from a completely different game. The fact that you can't show real screenshots of daytime Finland would kind of suggest even you at Codemasters are not too happy with how it looks like. Steam, super deluxe edition 1230v3, GTX 1070, 16gb ram, SSD, Windows 10, SB Z 2D, 2560x1440 60Hz Logitech G920+shifter