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    a simple solution that works for cuts being taken that shouldnt. many events are brilliant yet become hated just because of cuts available. make it so leave the track road by more than a car width and you are penalized. im sure people at codies can sort this out and its time to do it. no more cutting whole sections or driving across fields. please.
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    Mouse navigation for the UI. Proper FOV adjustment settings. Fix the ping display in the lobby and provide a ping number rather than a simple graphic of Red, Orange & Green. More setup options for advance users like heave springs, dampers, castor angle etc.. More agile physics and feel for low speed scenarios. SOC ERS management. DRS LED added to each cockpit to indicate DRS is activated rather than relying on artificial wind noises or checking a fake rear camera. Visor tear offs. A virtual rear-view mirror added to the HUD that can be scaled as most cars for single screen users will not show the side mirrors. Add fuel mix number to the cockpit digital display. Classic F1 cars should have engine map modes and TC adjustments. Classic F1 cars should have gearing options as tracks like China with long straights are being speed clipped at 310 kph. Classic F1 cars to include a KERS version. Classic F1 tracks or at least some that were included in older tittles like Istanbul Park, Sepang etc.. Add Formula 3 Push to talk option should be set as default so newbies are not hot micing in MP. More camera/seat adjustment. Enhanced understeer option should be moved to an assist as I believe some users are exploiting this for lap time. Filters added to the time trial leader board whereby you can filter for your team or particular classic F1 car.
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    Hi Everybody, I want open this new discussion to know how you think about my idea for a future game F1 2020. As you can see, my idea is mainly based on a graphic collection, similar to the one with which Codemasters publishes its phenomenal racing video games, especially those of the F1 series, based however on the slight difference of proposed contents. As already written on the images, they are only examples and any name or brand imprinted inside them has been reported only for a graphic exhibition in order to better understand the concept. I wanted to add the F1 fonts and get closer to the official graphics. And now let's move on to the game themes. The video game is mainly based on two career methods: the classic one of the "ranks" of pilot, with the difference of trying to land in F1 from the F2 only and only if you arrive at least thirds in the championship. The career mode, in my opinion, should be similar to that known up to F1 2019 with the difference that the swap of the drivers should be at least at the end of the natural contracts in place and not during the current season (beautiful, but not very realistic if in reality we only know the real swap that took place this year between Gasly and Albon in Toro Rosso). Then, vendor swap by season would also be wonderful. For example, Alpha Tauri and Red Bull that from Honda pass to Mercedes, or HAAS that passes to Honda, just to give a practical example. Now, the highlight, for those who also care about the managerial side of an F1 team, would be to make a career as a driver and head of the team, taking care of the main aspects and being the eleventh team that takes the seasons away with a budget management that must be taken care of after a total number of races, a bit like it was in F1 2018 during the discussion of the contracts, but aimed as a team, that is, the care of the sponsors, the confirmation of some technicians and engineers, the development of the car , the compensation, ... Then there are other themes that respectively represent the "head-to-head" duel with your team-mate, competing in one or more heats at choice on circuits loaded at random by the computer. The winner is the one who scores the best average between pole, victories and fastest laps and time at the top of the race. Another aspect is that of the historical races, relive the duels of the past such as Villeneuve and Pironi, Lauda and Hunt, Schumacher and Hakkinen and obviously Senna with Prost but on several occasions and try, albeit virtually, to change the outcome of the real outcome . The last is the classic theme of the F1 single Grand Prix, where you can randomly choose between normal or timed racing. In short, I put some stuff in it, hoping that the Codemasters developer friends can have more information from us enthusiasts to make the video game as exciting as possible. Thanks for the kind attention reserved to me. P.S.: if you have anything adding about my ideas, please propose it, thanks!!!
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    Dear Santa Claus, My name is Mark and i have been very good this year and played Dirt Rally VR a lot! This year i would really like the PSVR support for Dirt Rally 2.0! Thank you so much 🙂 I alredy own DR 2.0 Deluxe Edition and PSVR would make it perfect! Sincerely Mark xoxo
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    would like to see as well mechanical wear online in a season, where you must change the engine if it is broken or weared massivaly, or you can manage your 4 compulsory engines for all the season (if your season is 100% of course) in other cases it depends of the number of races, it should be less engines available.
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    I would like to have a manual pitlane entry/exit with no cinematic unless you are in front of your team mates.
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    My ultimate dream would be a private online mode ... where at the end of the season or even during, new contracts will be offered depending on the results as in career ... it would be even more exciting to beat your friends...the coop mode was a good start some years ago...but abandoned No actually my real ultimate dream would be a bug-free game;)
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    Hi Alex, At this moment in time, we have 1 more patch in the development plans. As you can imagine, sometimes these are subject to change, but we are continuing to support the game
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    Hey guys, what do you think about the pitlane exit until start GP? Can be interesting how idea? It's realistic?
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    Ok, I found a solution for Windows 7. The problem is, that Windows 7 uses as standard secure protocol TLS 1.0 or SSL 2.0. I think, something was changed at the servers, that they don't accept these secure protocols anymore. There is a fix from Microsoft to set the default secure protocol: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/3140245/update-to-enable-tls-1-1-and-tls-1-2-as-default-secure-protocols-in-wi In section "Easy fix" there is a file to download, which inserts two registry entries. After restart my F1 game used the new secure protocol and all works now.
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    First and foremost I want there to BE a Dirt Rally 3, and hope it will be the next installment of the Dirt IP. I'd be very sad to see "Dirt 5" given Dirt 4's trend toward trying to please both sim and arcade rally fans, then pleasing neither. That said Dirt 4 did some things that I would actually like to see in Dirt Rally 3, specifically campaign depth. For the Dirt Rally 3 campaign, it would be awesome to capture the feeling of starting up a rally team from the hobbyist/amateur level all the way up to world rally contender. example: In the beginning of the campaign, you play the roles of team manager and driver with a small team of enthusiasts. You, your co-driver, a mechanic, and a budget just big enough to buy a newer compact FWD car or a banged up historic car then choose what modifications you want to invest in to make the car rally worthy. You could choose to leave your car as is and just tear out the extra weight, or spend your left over budget on new diffs, better suspension, engine tuning, etc. Your first races would be open entries where you compete in a wide class and your goal at first is merely to finish the rally and get your name out there, maybe draw the attention of sponsors to bring in some cash. Unless you've got mad skill and drive like a pro to win in your class, your first few events will probably not earn you alot of cash, but the point would be gaining experience and getting your name out there. Sponsorships would end up being a great source of cash for your team, and serve as gameplay challenges as they did in Dirt 4. Acquiring more sponsors, and winning rallies would be your avenues to income to improve your team's facilities and expand your staff as you enter more and more prestigious rally classes where the risk/reward increases. Eventually, only at the highest levels would winning would become a primary goal for your team, because at that point, you have the budget and the team to support the risk required to win a rally. That gameplay loop seemed to work well for Dirt 4, but some of the execution wasn't great. There was so much emphasis on winning in Dirt 4 which was frustrating and unrealistic. In a real rally, your goal is to improve yourself and your team, and do what you can not to destroy your hardware. If winning a rally costs you a car, it might not have been worth it for your team. I REALLY think this attitude would be refreshing to players, and it would be in the spirit of Dirt Rally, which I feel is about self-improvement above all else. Along with the emphasis on finishing a rally, I would really hope that "hardcore" damage meant what it says. Dirt Rally 2.0 and its predecessor have cars made of magical steel, driving away from crashes that would completely destroy a car. By itself this isn't a problem, but what makes it a problem is that it changes the way the game is played. Instead of driving carefully, you can still confidently drive like an absolute maniac without the risk that should come with that style. One thing I LOVE about rallying is the constant tug of war between speed and safety- knowing when/where to push, and when to be careful. Dirt Rally 3 should bring more emphasis to this fundamental strategy in rallying.
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    Another idea: human error. During the pit stops, the mechanics can fails during the wheels changing, or the car, because we don't pushing the clutch or leaving too early it, can stopping the car
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    So with the new multiplayer car designed as an independent car in 2019 which is customisable along with overalls and driver swaps, I fully expect a custom team mode for 2020 where you can replace 1 of the bottom teams - or even make it 11 teams (that would be cool)?! I don't think it would have all the snazzy stuff as say Motorsport Manager has but I expect it to be your team to customize, with you as 1 driver and say Weber or other as the other. Driver swaps and as long as you have the budget, you could trade for a real driver to partner you can or perhaps even swap teams yourself. This would put a greater emphasis on team goals and rivalries in a championship in order to get the max prize money to advance you team and add better drivers. Come on it's gotta be in there surely!!!
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    The logo of team on helmet! F1 2019 was a very important game, because the swap driver is very lovable. But, we have a bit difficulty. For example: if a driver from Mercedes pass to Ferrari, why the Mercedes logo remain in the helmet? For my humble opinion, these texture must remain only to membership team. Is laughly to see Hamilton in Ferrari with Mercedes logo in his helmet, how also Vettel pass to Mercedes and have a pricing horse, typical Ferrari's symbol, what do you think it? And, can be beautiful if when we racing for a team, have in our helmet the team logo and his some sponsorship 😀
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    Another idea can be making a team order: if I drive and combat for the championship and I have in front of me my team mate, talking to box to overtake it and vice versa, if he combat for the championship. What do you think?
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    Here are some things i wrote down that are more minor and things that i would like to see changed 1. Customisation/settings for online lobbies I would like to see some more settings for online lobbies, Tyre wear scaling/toggle on/off, more damage settings that let you control what can be damaged and whether you can get punctures from debris etc. Safety car and VSC seperate settings for togglability, speeds aswell as probability. Let us actually have consistent rules and penalties by letting us choose each rule and flag and what penalities are possible to receive and please for the love of god stop making us serve our unfair instant penalites, as stop go's in the pits as it messes up our league races. Let us give grid penalites in the lobby or pitlane starts perhaps for those who acquired penality points in X league. Let us choose whether or not blue flagged cars ghost or not as yes that was a good addition for open lobbies but for league races it's not realistic and just annoying. 2. Setups/Setup saving I do a fair bit of tt and i've recently ran out of setup save slots and it's quite a messy way to find one i'm looking for. One small change would be to only show setups for the current track your at rather than seeing monaco setups at spa for example, also if that mean that we can have 10 setups per track or something that would be great. As setups go i don't mind how it is, some people say it's silly and basic but i think it's fine, couple of minor things i would to point out though. The camber is the wrong way round in the setuo screen, 'max camber' is shown as -2.50 whereas min is -3.50, -3.50 is more camber and therefore it's kinda confusing to me and i still am unsure how it translates to ingame. Also i've done some testing and tyre pressures don't seem to make any difference to tyre temps or straight line speed even though the info text suggests it does. Also ride height doesn't affect top speed even though i am unsure if that actuall would affect it. 3. Spectating/viewer experience Alot of the races i do are commentated over and streamed and some small things would improve the experience. A track map so commentators can see where cars are on track, this is useful for race and especially qualy. Let spectators somehow view the weather forecast. Maybe add a small 3 sector traffic light system next to each driver on the list, this would be quite helpful for who's improving or going purple in qualy. When there's a yellow flag, flash the drivers name or something to easily find what's happening. 4. Tyres Let us have a cutom tyre allocation. It would be nice to have more than 1 medium set. So if we can have balanced, harder, softer and custom where we can have things like 1 hard 2 mediums and 1 soft for example. Maybe let us change this in the garage rather than the loading screen to speed that part up. 5. Wet weather I enjoy wet races in this game, especially as i use no assists, i even had a full wet 50% monaco race last season and won it just... But i must say the chance of rain is a tad high, maybe it's just variance but they happen alot in my experience. On the subject of rain i don't think the track should dry nowhere as quick as it does but if it's stopped raining form a line in the road. YOu may not agree with this next suggestion but i think drivers shouldn't be informed as accuratuly about the weather, Jeff should be saying things like "there's a chance" or "the rain might die down" rather than "it will". and also can you make it so the DRS enabled/disbaled message isn't at the same time as the crossover point as it ruins any form of risk or being unknown to the drivers if that makes sense. 6. Please have push to talk enabled as default PLEASE, open lobbies are just full of people's mic's blasting their games or voices because their mic is just open 7. Please adjust tyre temps, certain tracks are really bad for tyre temps especially on the pad, regardless of setup chanegs and using no ers in the corners etc it just becomes really annoying especially when other people have less temps with the same setup but they use a wheel instead.
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    Virtual Reality. I know this quote is old and overused, but no VR support means I will not buy it.
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    I can 100% see manager mode happening one day if they make driver transfers happen then really anything is possible.
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    Other ideas: condition weather in real time with actually real condition (for only exception if there is snow where, the system can switch in heavy rain, for example), or weather season select (for example, Germany GP 2019 was raced in rain and the same condition are in first time of career season in German GP); tv sport breaking news: in connection from the autodrome, interview in third person and new camera mode (see Youtube link for this idea: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYVlhhfyy5s ). However, thanks for all to have shared ideas in this post and constructionally discussion.
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    Hey all - I received confirmation today that this bug has been addressed and fixed. The fix will be included in the Season 2 content drop over the next few weeks. Thanks to everyone for reporting and helping on this 🙂
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    Hey all - this was logged over the holidays and will be investigated for a fix, thank you 🙂 Was first spotted a couple of weeks ago, but this is my first day back in the office, so we can get to work on it now!
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    Nice work, you have put quite some work into it. Do hope the classic mode will be there again and full season like you wish for, but there are multiple problems creating that (licensing being the main problem). Personally I would have loved to see an anniversary edition with all earlier editions updated to todays standards and being able to start a career from there instead of playing a career into the future. I’m no fan of personal liveries.
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    Some nice ideas, I'd love to see historic mode run for a whole season with ALL the cars and drivers involved available from classic seasons. Seasons could be paid DLC rather than money grabbing seasonal liveries.
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    Excuse my cynicism but when the core game functions as advertised then I would be very happy to see new features like this added. If I remember correctly it has taken 4 years to get the career car development into the state it is, and arguably, it is still not working correctly. Then there is the driver transfers, a highly requested feature that when combined with the car development system basically broke the career mode, as it was impossible for the player to keep pace with AI teams development. Do I need mention the increasingly broken saftey car feature, AI behavior on out/in laps in quali, or lapped car/blue flag behaviour? Personally I fear the more the community demand more features, the more broken the game becomes. Codemasters, it would appear, simply don't have the resources to deliver what they advertise. Patches have in some cases fixed issues but in most cases have just covered the cracks, or caused bigger issues. Then the following years release has the same bugs to solve all over again plus a plethora of new ones! I would love this game to be a success however codemasters give me little reason to believe this will ever happen. Perhaps this is due to my personal expectations but I think the game tries to be all things to all customers, and that is an impossible premise.