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    And the game generally getting better with every update 😉
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    Version 1.13 February 15, 2020 Locations: Jämsä, Finland - Changed Location name to Värmland, Sweden Version 1.14 is in development and will release on April 1.
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    Hello Guys, few days aago i bought Trustmaster T300RS steereng wheel and Playseat Evolution. Everything is fine with them. I strated playing the favorite game F1 2019 and already had maybe 10 - 15 hours on Australia and Bahrain and feel very frustrated by me. Normally I'm not very fast, but my lap times with the wheel are 4 sec slower than the lap times with controller (PS4). I tried and tried and tried and the things doesn't becomes better, even worse. Did I miss something or... i don't know. When I comapre my lap times i see the most tome I lose is exiting the slow corners, even 0.5sec at corner some times. I tride with and without traction control - the same situation. Is the same with you or may be i miss anything. I have not make any settings of the wheel. Thank you inadvance.
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    Consider me a noob. 1st question. Where/how can I find out if the ride height is correct. Is there a graph I can look at? How high the vehicle is above ground around the track? Is there an indication somewhere when I am driving? Going on a long straight and see how fast I go doesn't answer my ride height question, nor do I detect enough differences through audio (noise levels/grinding?)
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    check out how the playerbase has increased in the last couple months. largely due to the christmas and current sales, imo the A indicates the point it went on the humble bundle
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    I just wanted to post about a very glaring error in DiRT Rally 2.0, which has been there since DR1 actually. As evidenced by the attached pictures Rally Sweden is run on gravel, without any snow in sight. The devs must have gone to Värmland at the wrong time of year or something, lol they must be kicking themselves for this ****-up 😂 Sort it out Codemasters! #GameIsBroken #Unplayable #SnowNoBuy Pictures credit: https://www.ewrc.cz/foto/60140-rally-sweden-2020/515/
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    Is there a good track record for that though? Dirt Rally 2.0 has almost exactly the same championship structure (with a repetitive singleplayer and the daily/weekly/monthly spread), it has all the previous cars and obviously all DLC rally tracks have been from the previous game. The driving is certainly different, but the game itself is not a revolution nor an evolution. More like Dirt Rally 1.9. The stage is set. New engine, VR support from Day 1, actual "hardcore" damage, an online ladder system, randomized stages done well, team management and upgrades that aren't brainless timesinks, these are only some of the things Dirt Rally 3 should have. I'll believe it when I see it.
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    to the torpedo guys you re 100% right. For the 2nd part I have an advise for you...start a league with a friend and you will reach pretty fast Level 50, if you need it for the trophy.
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    Totally recommend it. It’s also my most played game. Only had a break with SW Jedi Fallen Order during the Xmas holidays. imo its more realistic than DR1 and D4, but on the other side easier to handle with just a controller compared to DR1. But overall mastering the game is still on a high level. What is that expression again “East to learn, hard to master”. yes some cars and locations are from DR1, but overall are updated, new physics and some also new sounds. you can always start with just the base game and later add the DLC. I do have the suggestion, if you are on a controller, than rather start with a FWD or 4WD. Rear wheel drive is very tricky. yes the game has a few minus. The AI could be better, RWD physics could be better imo and tarmac physics could be better. But this are still better than the previous two games. you could always join the official clubs and maybe check some PS4 members like me, @tbtstt or @JamesMcAdam and join us for some online sessions in both Rallycross and Rally. overall, I think if you liked DiRT4 a lot, you will definitely like DR2.0 also a lot. The only thing that would cause me to boot up DiRT 4 (just happened twice in the last year) is for the Marklund Polo, DS3 and Focus RS RX Rallycross Supercars. Unfortunately those cars did not make the return to DR2.0 in any way (base game or dlc). (Why not @PJTierney? 😭)
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    It’s still my most played game nearly a year after release, so would definitely recommend. There’s no chance of you being disappointed. plus most bugs have been fixed and it is probably cheaper now too. just be aware, the rally dlc locations/stages (as well as some of the cars are from DR1), but as Ianism mentioned, a fresh new rally of Scotland is coming soon, with 2 new cars that weren’t in DR1. the Rallycross dlc is all new though so that’s cool if you like RX too!
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    I would have happily paid for DR2.0 and every DLC at full price. I play in VR and there's no experience like it short of actually rallying in real life.
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    yeah, it's worth it. it's better than DR1 and D4. huge car list now, and tons of rally locations (12) and RX tracks (13). there's one more rally location coming in 6 weeks with two more cars as part of a Colin McRae pack. just make sure you buy the cheaper option 😉 the sale has resulted in a weird situation on my (canadian) PS store where you can either get SuperDeluxe edition, which is the base game and Seasons 1-4 (all DLC) for $66.74 Base Game ($24.99) + Year 1 Pass ($26.99) which is also all DLC with Seasons 1-4 = $51.98 so obviously if you want to get everything, option 2 is quite a lot cheaper, and you get the exact same stuff. both of these options will give you the upcoming CM pack for free.
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    If it's not inclement weather doing the killing, then it's a virus. What else will potentially jeopardize F1 venues this year! Given that F1 is a potentially lethal sport anyways, where drivers as well as spectators can succumb to fatal injuries during a race, I say let the show go on. The air quality in Melbourne vs the very rare chance of someone catching this virus while attending the race seems a bit far-fetched to me for the latter. In the words of Queen, the show must go on!
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    Just a quick word on this and where we're at: Season 4 has essentially ended now. There will be no more D+ Events once the current ones close. The standard Events will continue. There will be 3 Bonus Daily Challenges. There will be 2 Bonus Weekly Challenges. There will be 1 Bonus Monthly Challenge.
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    No, I mean the shift light as in the light that is on the outside of the instrument cluster shroud that should light up when it's time to shift. I am aware that most RX cars do not usually have headlights.
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    This is an interesting video on using telemetry to improve a setup
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    Hi, this is my first Topic, and if it goes wrong than it will be the last :) Edit: its second topic , first was ps4 DLC problem DR 2.0 was a great game, but it had flaws too, most negative for myself was simple campaign, it felt so flat.. I think V-Rally 3 had Great Career Mode, with Next Gen Games. it would look Awesome to have something in that way, the F-1 style would be to much, but team presentation, team goal. Dynamic Task, Teammate, Team goals (for example if your teammate is better in Season ,they tell you via Radio to let him win during race so He can win championship, or they tell you to drive slower and don't risk so you earn points for Team Championship).. that would be Awesome. Sponsors similar to Dirt 4, just for longer time? second part are liveries, BIG LETDOWN. i Hoped for returning from Dirt 4. it was not great but with few new pattern it would do.. So write Your most important Things for next Game: my list- *Deeper Career Mode (to drive for Existing Team, or create Your own) *Teammate- compete for Team Championship *unlocking Liveries or Cars, so we have motivation to play more *Livery editor (Forza , or GTsport livery style would be ideal, so we can re-create every livery without licence fee for CM) * Dynamic Weather
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    Specially registered in order to support this great idea. Thanks to the author for the excellent screenshots. I hope it will be realized soon. P.S. Translated by Google
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    This is for those other then cootiemasters who clearly don't give a **** about their customers because not one response (don't give me 1 or 2) But i can safely say they are NOT playing online MP grid since i never saw a group of more then 1 player at any one time...
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    It's always the same story. Tones of DRM, protections, servers, internet, etc, and then there is a random guy who can easily find a work around these things. Then they will say the game is not selling well because they maybe didn't enough promotion or people is not interested in rally. It will be funny to see how long it takes for the first 1 second stage to happen.
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    Good grief..your using the TV pod cam and out everything the game does and doesnt do right this is what you waste a thread on. Yea...where is the tire marble says the guy using the tv pod cam! Some of you guys really are ridiculous.
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    This wont make me faster but who cares. Almost Scotland 😄
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    DiRT Rally 2.0: Colin McRae: FLAT OUT pack is the last major piece of content we're releasing.