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    Seriously, could the team just take a week out and play Autosport multiplayer so they can have a point of reference, the event details screen in GAS multiplayer... can click on the track to see number of laps, this event list is prime example of why you would want to be able to change tuning before each race, Mount Panorama on short gears would be murder, next race is Chicago where you want short.
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    FFB is subjective. I feel it's adequate on gravel but it's too vague on tarmac. Then again, tarmac needs other attention before FFB. No Koly, don't count on any FFB refinement in DR2. That ship sailed a long time ago.
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    Just something I noticed is missing, I don't know if it's still possible to add it back in at this stage of development - in the previous F1 games, on the tyre selection screen, it showed which tyre I had used for my fastest lap in Q2 i.e. the one I would be starting the race on. This enable me to avoid using it again accidently in Q3 (or using it a second time in Q2). In F1 2019, this seems to have been removed, so once you change to a different tyre, you have to remember which tyre you used for the fast lap, to avoid using it again before the race. It's only a minor point, but it was clearly marked in F1 2017 as the race tyre, which was very useful.
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    How can we not unlap ourselves under saftey car. It's literally ruining peoples league races.
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    F1 2019 been a really good game but changing the ERS on almost every corner and lap is a joke! F1 drivers don’t do this they have overtake button. Surly they don’t change it every corner!? I can’t concentrate on driving and changing ERS all the time. I use to race in leagues but got frustrated with saving ERS all the time.
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    Hey everyone, Whilst Season 2 for GRID has only just hit the track, we’re already looking towards the future – and looking at how to keep up the pace with GRID by listening to you, the players. On top of headline-grabbing content like new cars and circuits, we’ve continuously made tweaks and additions to the game that directly address hot topics within our community. Ahead of the next Season of content will be a free update for GRID. Alongside the usual technical tweaks and optimisations, we’re adding a clutch of new features that are the result of feedback and requests for players. First up, in the next update we’ll be adding an area in GRID’s profile section, that allows each player to view their own in-game statistics and accolades. Included in this area will be the total distance you have driven in the game – something that’ll come in handy to track that infamous ‘Around The Globe’ Achievement/Trophy we devilishly included… Next up: Cleaning your car. Whilst all cars in GRID are intentionally slightly scuffed and scratched in areas, to show their battle scars and the game’s action-packed nature, we’ve heard the requests to give your garage a squeaky-clean look. So, before each race event in the vehicle select menu, you’ll have the option to clean your car, if you wish. We’ve also spoken to plenty of GRID racers about the game’s car tuning options. Whilst the feedback around the variety and accessibility of the tuning system has been great, players have asked to have this option in Multiplayer, as well as the single-player modes. From the next update, all players will now be able to adjust their car’s tuning setup, whenever they’re in Skirmish. It’s another way for all players to prove their worth against the world and adds some more depth into the Multiplayer experience. Speaking of Achievements and Trophies, we have some more good news. We’ve heard the requests from players to add more of these based around post-launch content, and are working hard to add extra Achievements/Trophies to GRID, for all platforms, when the next Season of content drops. These new achievements would be split up to cover all three of GRID’s Seasons, so you’ll have scenarios and objectives to hit based around the new cars and circuits added to the game since launch. Closer to the new Season’s drop, we’ll have full details on this addition. Each of these additions are the continuation of prioritising player feedback to further improve GRID – the driving factor behind other new features, such as Session Search the option to extend race lengths in Career mode. That’s alongside 10 cars, two circuits, and other new additions since launch. Let us know what you think of the additions! 🙂
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    Their priorities changed, nothing more and nothing less. It happens in game development. As nice as it would be for an explanation, they dont exactly have to give us all one if they dont want to. But if you want an official answer to this question, its always best to tag a member of staff, it highlights the thread on their radar, and is more likely going to gain an official response then. Not guaranteed mind you, its just increases the chances. @PJTierneymight be able to help.
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    Im not to sure if this will work but Have you tried to restore licences Settings/account management/restore licences.
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    Thanx for this update, especially the in-game statistics and accolades section is great news for me, i like that
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHsti8vt9h8 Hey guys,that was my first try.... There is 1:04.73 lap 1 hour and 38 minutes in to the stream
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    @CMTGK I heard you are new... Here is one of the major unfixed bugs... Hope you can help to get this fixed asap 🙂
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    Team's working on it and we're drafting patch notes over the coming weeks 🙂 1.13 will be the Colin update, so don't expect it until the end of March.
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    There's never a bad time to post a Jennifer gif 😉 Not possible in DR2, but some mega-long stages would certainly be a challenge. Personally Poland is the only location in the game that scares me, oh and that damn rock hidden in the grass in Greece 😄
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    Hey everyone, this issue has now been fixed (Incorrect original pricing and incorrect discount price). If you purchased a discounted Parts Pack during this sale, please contact our customer support team so we can refund you the credit difference. We will now be running another 24 hour Parts Pack sale tomorrow with this fix in place.
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    Actually F1 cars' ERS is pre-programmed for each track, so the driver won't have to adjust it as much as we have to in the F1 game.
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    @steviejay69 makes an interesting point about dlc. As 2019 pretty much dies out sales wise and certainly interest has waned on the forums, I think the regular bug fest scenario has started to jade even the most enthusiast players. 2019 had so much hype it did not live up to I think many players will feel insulted if it's just swept under the carpet as a title and most of the code kept for 2020 but with new liveries and cars and... Drum roll... A new title. Seeing as Codies have wrapped the license up for many years to come the pressure is off to attempt to produce a new award winning title every single year. Unless FOM has them tied to a one game per season license formula (!) it would make good business sense to release a reduced price 2020 season game ($40) using 2019 assets as all as a combined 2019/2020 game at full price. I remain pessimistic this will happen though. EDIT my personal fave scenario would be an F1 WORLD CHAMPION game with no fixed year but instead each year would be dlc. 2020 would be the starting point and 2019 would be available at release.
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    DLC Dirt Rally 2.0 Seasons 5,6,7,8,9,10,11 My Wishlist Season 5 For Class 2000cm Suzuki SX4 WRC 2008 Citroen Xsara WRC Rally 2006 Hyundai Accent WRC Rally 2001 Toyota Corolla WRC Rally 1998 Peugeot 307 WRC Rally 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 7 WRC Rally 2001 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8 WRC Rally 2005 Skoda Octavia WRC Rally 2002 Livery Ford Focus WRC Rally 2007 Mikko Hirvonen Ford Focus WRC Rally 2007 Henning Solberg Ford Focus WRC Rally 2007 Ken Block Citroen C4 WRC Rally 2010 Season 6 For Class WRC 2011-2016 1600cm Ford Fiesta WRC Rally 2011 Mini Countryman John Cooper Works WRC Rally 2011 Citroen DS 3 WRC Rally 2013 Hyundai I20 WRC Rally 2014 Volkswagen Polo WRC Rally 2015 Hyundai I20 WRC Rally 2016 MG 3 WRC Rally Concept 2016 Rallies Rally Jordan Season 7 Rally Bulgaria Rally Safari Kenya Vodafone Rally Portugal Marmaris Rally Turkey Rally Tour De Corse Corica Season 8 For Class Group B RWD Nissan 240 RS Rally Renault 5 Maxi Turbo Rally Mazda RX 7 Rally For Class Group B 4WD Citroen BX4TC Rally Toyota Celica Twincam Turbo Rally For Class Fwd H1 Saab 96 Soprt Rally Season 9 For Class Fwd H2 Citroen AX GTI Rally Renault 5 GT Turbo Rally Daihatsu Charade GTti Rally Opel Corsa GSI Rally For Class Group A Mazda 323 GT-R Rally Nissan Pulsar Sunny GTI-R Rally Toyota Celica st185 Rally Season 10 For Class R5 Proton Iriz R5 Opel Corsa R5 Ford Fiesta R5 2019 Toyota Etios R5 For Class F2 Kit Car Renault Clio Maxi Kit Car Citroen ZX Kit Car Renault Megane Maxi Season 11 For Class Fwd R2 Suzuki Baleno R2 Rally Honda Jazz R2 Rally For Class Rally GT Lotus Exige Rally GT For Class Rwd H3 Alfa Romeo GTV 6 Alfetta Rally For Class Rwd H2 Talbot Sunbeam Lotus Volkswagen Beetle Kafer Garbus Rally Kia Rio Supercars Rallycross All This cars, Liviery, Rallies, please in Dirt Rally 2.0 DLC Seasons;5,6,7,8,9,10,11 Dirt Rally 2.0 is the best rally game in the world Thank You so much Codemasters :)
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    That's a very optimistic way of looking at it, and I admire you for that! And judging games before release is always kinda lame, but it's our pals at codemasters we're still talking about, so please enjoy this list of things that will happen before they fix all the bugs: - Alonso comes back to F1 - The planets form a line and codemasters employees actually answer to questions in this forum - A Nintendo Switch port of F1 mobile is released in 2020 - Sebastian Vettel wins a race in 2019 (😥) - F1 2024 finally supports VR (but only on playstation) - Formula 2 cars are taken away from F1 2020 - Formula 2 cars are added back in F1 2022 - A dedicated server app is added but it's highly experimental and doesn't really work at all - Lando Norris wins the F1 esports championship - Codemasters develops a new engine but for some reason it has all the old bugs again - Formula 3 is added to the game - Aliens visit the Earth and Lewis Hamilton is like they are the best fans - sjsharp2010 pre-orders an F1 game /s
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    *hoping for both the 2018 and 2019 i20 RXs as well as the R5* (and don't forget the Nitiss and Heikkinen liveries) however, I suspect that Gronholm is like us: he likes Dirt, and wants his car(s) in the game. and that's it.
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    Le FFB est incomplet, il manque les deux paramètres grisés dans les menus de réglage FFB que sont le glissement des pneus et le moteur. Si vous voulez vous en convaincre il suffit de retourner sur Dirt Rally 1 et mettre ces deux paramètres sur 0 et vous obtenez les sensations de Dirt Rally 2.0 avec l'ancienne physique. Il m'est impossible de prendre du plaisir en l'absence de ces ressentis qui apportent une grande immersion à la simulation de conduite, on ne ressens la route que via les suspensions... Dans le premier opus nous ressentions beaucoup mieux les pertes d'adhérence, dérapages et patinage, les voitures se délester sur les bosses, petits sauts et dénivelés ainsi que le régime moteur. Ces sensations sont inexistante dans Dirt 2.0 et il est incroyable que la communauté ne s'en rende pas compte. Bientôt un an que ce jeu est sorti, je trouve cela honteux et inadmissible, je suis extrêmement déçu.
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    so they have LIED ? Can we have the official Codemasters answer "WE HAVE LIED", and can we have a discount like -50% for the next Dirt rally 3 for this lie for compensation ?
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    The fact that you even THOUGHT to be the only one with a celeb crush on Aniston amazes me. (besides, I never thought I'd see Friends' GIFS in the Gossip Thread but I guess nothing is impossible here)
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    Good grief..your using the TV pod cam and out everything the game does and doesnt do right this is what you waste a thread on. Yea...where is the tire marble says the guy using the tv pod cam! Some of you guys really are ridiculous.