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    Seriously, could the team just take a week out and play Autosport multiplayer so they can have a point of reference, the event details screen in GAS multiplayer... can click on the track to see number of laps, this event list is prime example of why you would want to be able to change tuning before each race, Mount Panorama on short gears would be murder, next race is Chicago where you want short.
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    @BarryBL Been a while since I posted something, but just wanted to contribute on improvements on 2020 Online lobbies (ranked as well as unranked) are not really good designed (understatement of the year) What needs to be changed other than the obvious what everybody is already stating that ranked lobbies need to be split up in assist users and no assist users, the broken ranking system, and the penalty system. - The so called filter: what's the use of a filter on region only? People want to be able to filter lobbies on how long a race is, which assists needs to be on or off, damage type, those kind of things. Right now people need to open every lobby to see what assists the host has turned on, not user friendly. Cleans up the overview of lobbies which are also in progress. - When leaving said unranked lobby, why for god sake do people get returned to the MAIN screen in stead of back to the lobby oversight screen? Now we get returned to the main screen and start searching all over again. There's absolutely no logic in that. - Hosts need to be able to stop a race session at any moment, so they can kick out dirty drivers and this way clean out the lobby from toxic people, and afterwards restart the race again with everyone who is able to behave properly. This way the dirty scum who's only there for chaos do understand that they only impact themselves with their behaviour because they can't get into any lobby anymore where they are kicked from. Also every kick action needs to be logged, so CM can take the appropriate action to these people when they get kicked all the time. PLUS Make it clear next to their name or something. Only the host needs to see it, and when someone enters who's been kicked several times for dirty driving, they can prevent the lobby from this kind of people. So when people are kicked, give hosts several reasons why they are kicked. #makeonlinelobbiescleanagain - Connections need to be filtered way better. If your connection to the lobby isn't stable enough, you won't be able to enter the lobby, and getting a message that your connection is too bad and it preventing people in the lobby from having a negative experience. This way you can prevent teleporting cars, unstable lobbies, framedrops, teleporting AI. - AI is not intelligent. People get taken out by AI in online lobbies. AI drives like dirty drivers, when they hit you, they don't back off, they keep on pressing the throttle until you spin. how many times i am beeing tboned by A"I"... - When people run lobbies only with themselves and the rest AI, people can't take over any AI driver. Hide these lobbies from the overview, because there's absolutely no use in showing them when people can't take control of an AI driver. - When running a lobby with F1 2019 cars, automatically set the max player count to 20 since there aren't 22 cars/spots available. Also when people leave these lobbies, when running multiple races, the cars/spots are beeing blocked from usage. This way people who join the lobbies can't select a team because someone who left holds an available spot even when not in the lobby. Perhaps I think of other things, but this is a start. On a sidenote, IMO you'd better start focussing on the 2021 regulation changes and next gen consoles and put in all your effort there to make a better experience, because everyone already knows 2020 will be a copy paste of 2019 with new skins on the cars. It's already a JOKE that the DRS zones aren't even updated in the OFFICIAL licensed game, even when the season is already over. And don't get me started on the rest. Save yourself some emberassment and make 2020 a DLC for 2019, make improvements based on 2019 and what's beeing said on the forums and at least try to salvage something of the mess. In the meantime, start focussing on the new 2021 season, build from the ground up with what you learned from all the abominations you made the years before, and build something GOOD! With the quality of what you released in the previous years, people will perhaps accept a DLC version for 2020 more than having to pay full money. Plus it gives you more time and resources to actually work and focus on the problems, in stead of taking the whole ******** with you for again another year, and start all over again. Because that WILL happen when you release a 'new' copy paste version. Stop lying about years of development, when everyone can see how 2019 was a copy of 2017 with all the same problems and ********. Start admitting your errors, take your loss this year by releasing a smaller DLC for less money, improve from there, and throw all your efforts in the new generation consoles with their power and possibilites. From there you can build on a clean slate.
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    Hey everyone, Whilst Season 2 for GRID has only just hit the track, we’re already looking towards the future – and looking at how to keep up the pace with GRID by listening to you, the players. On top of headline-grabbing content like new cars and circuits, we’ve continuously made tweaks and additions to the game that directly address hot topics within our community. Ahead of the next Season of content will be a free update for GRID. Alongside the usual technical tweaks and optimisations, we’re adding a clutch of new features that are the result of feedback and requests for players. First up, in the next update we’ll be adding an area in GRID’s profile section, that allows each player to view their own in-game statistics and accolades. Included in this area will be the total distance you have driven in the game – something that’ll come in handy to track that infamous ‘Around The Globe’ Achievement/Trophy we devilishly included… Next up: Cleaning your car. Whilst all cars in GRID are intentionally slightly scuffed and scratched in areas, to show their battle scars and the game’s action-packed nature, we’ve heard the requests to give your garage a squeaky-clean look. So, before each race event in the vehicle select menu, you’ll have the option to clean your car, if you wish. We’ve also spoken to plenty of GRID racers about the game’s car tuning options. Whilst the feedback around the variety and accessibility of the tuning system has been great, players have asked to have this option in Multiplayer, as well as the single-player modes. From the next update, all players will now be able to adjust their car’s tuning setup, whenever they’re in Skirmish. It’s another way for all players to prove their worth against the world and adds some more depth into the Multiplayer experience. Speaking of Achievements and Trophies, we have some more good news. We’ve heard the requests from players to add more of these based around post-launch content, and are working hard to add extra Achievements/Trophies to GRID, for all platforms, when the next Season of content drops. These new achievements would be split up to cover all three of GRID’s Seasons, so you’ll have scenarios and objectives to hit based around the new cars and circuits added to the game since launch. Closer to the new Season’s drop, we’ll have full details on this addition. Each of these additions are the continuation of prioritising player feedback to further improve GRID – the driving factor behind other new features, such as Session Search the option to extend race lengths in Career mode. That’s alongside 10 cars, two circuits, and other new additions since launch. Let us know what you think of the additions! 🙂
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    Any updates to this issue ? @BarryBL
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    Also had some fun with the 240Z at the daily in USA
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    The Official DiRT Club round 10 at wales was fully jinxed for me and in the end caused me a strange DNF. nevertheless, here some screenshots from the Mirage i was using.
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    Im pretty sure they already working on the next game. Just most/all resources will go there once this final pack is out.
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    Thanx for this update, especially the in-game statistics and accolades section is great news for me, i like that
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    @CMTGK I heard you are new... Here is one of the major unfixed bugs... Hope you can help to get this fixed asap 🙂
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    Team's working on it and we're drafting patch notes over the coming weeks 🙂 1.13 will be the Colin update, so don't expect it until the end of March.
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    There's never a bad time to post a Jennifer gif 😉 Not possible in DR2, but some mega-long stages would certainly be a challenge. Personally Poland is the only location in the game that scares me, oh and that damn rock hidden in the grass in Greece 😄
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    Actually F1 cars' ERS is pre-programmed for each track, so the driver won't have to adjust it as much as we have to in the F1 game.
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    @steviejay69 makes an interesting point about dlc. As 2019 pretty much dies out sales wise and certainly interest has waned on the forums, I think the regular bug fest scenario has started to jade even the most enthusiast players. 2019 had so much hype it did not live up to I think many players will feel insulted if it's just swept under the carpet as a title and most of the code kept for 2020 but with new liveries and cars and... Drum roll... A new title. Seeing as Codies have wrapped the license up for many years to come the pressure is off to attempt to produce a new award winning title every single year. Unless FOM has them tied to a one game per season license formula (!) it would make good business sense to release a reduced price 2020 season game ($40) using 2019 assets as all as a combined 2019/2020 game at full price. I remain pessimistic this will happen though. EDIT my personal fave scenario would be an F1 WORLD CHAMPION game with no fixed year but instead each year would be dlc. 2020 would be the starting point and 2019 would be available at release.
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    *hoping for both the 2018 and 2019 i20 RXs as well as the R5* (and don't forget the Nitiss and Heikkinen liveries) however, I suspect that Gronholm is like us: he likes Dirt, and wants his car(s) in the game. and that's it.
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    The fact that you even THOUGHT to be the only one with a celeb crush on Aniston amazes me. (besides, I never thought I'd see Friends' GIFS in the Gossip Thread but I guess nothing is impossible here)