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    It's getting late in the development to add anything not already being worked on; and frankly 2021 will be the next game I get of the franchise unless something mind blowing comes out in the 2020 game. (I'm still not very far in 2019, but loving it.) But anyway since other threads are full and talking 2020 I thought I'd start fresh with and with mostly ideas for career mode. Give the player options of a Short-Medium-Long career mode play through. Short- straight to F1 and player chooses any team. Medium- Basically the 2019 career mode with the story mode F2 season with more scenarios. (5 vs. 3 or something) Have the players results in the previous scenarios effect the final Championship scenario instead of coming in tied on points regardless of the players results in the previous 2 events. Player can pick any F1 team; contracts affected by performance in the story mode. Long- Career starts with a story mode rookie year of F2 with 6-8 scenarios where players results affect the next scenario. At the end of this story mode the player will then run a full season of F2. Results from that season and driver academy will then affect what rides are made available; but you are basically guaranteed to not be with a top team. Cut scenes extended throughout the career in Medium and Long careers. Interaction with Weber and Butler (or whomever if character names are changed with I'd be pro so there's one less element of just repeat process from previous games. In long career you should have several cut scenes during your full season of F2 In both medium and long careers you should have a "good number" of cut scenes your rookie year of F1 to keep the banter going and make the player care about the story more. In both medium and long careers there should be sporadic cut scenes all the way throughout career mode whenever there is a direct battle or incident with the story mode drivers; not 100% replacing the news clippings but adding to. (Makes news clippings more interesting in your mind when you know real interaction is still a possibility.) Cut scenes with real F1 drivers. Perhaps set up a few to use in F1 rookie year, with an interaction with your new F1 team mate before FP1 in Australia, and a few drivers throughout with encouragement or frustration depending on your driving style. Then after rookie year, be much more rare but possible if there was an incident that caused some sort of major damage. Player getting a voice and getting to choose between different lines of dialog in the cut scenes with the story mode characters. (To decrease amount of dialog needed to be recorded from real F1 drivers, maybe make only dialog options for player in confrontation with real world driver is at end of the scene to be apologetic or passive. Calendar changes. Allow dates to swap between tracks in career mode to reduce some of the repetitiveness of multi seasons in career mode. Make an option for there to be track swaps and if player selects yes, then maybe a (recent) historical track may replace a race on the calendar. Like maybe Hockenheim comes back on the schedule and replaces Russia. Or maybe Malaysia replaces China, etc. Additionally maybe it could be an option that even if the player selects yes, they can still pick their 3-5 favorite circuits and those circuits will then become safe from being replaced in their career mode. Practice programs. I know that some are complaining about how they have been the same for several years; but as a first year player they are great and I'm not sure how you could make those better. HOWEVER perhaps in your 1st year of F1 you have the full current practice modes; but in future season you actually simplify them in parts check, Q run, race pace as the mandatory sessions to get full R&D points. Have the Track acclamation, separate fuel run, separate tire run, all be 100% optional with no penalty for failing to complete after season one EXCEPT, when their is a new circuit then perhaps all programs become mandatory in order to get full R&D points. Fast forward glitch. This has been a legacy glitch that the AI, especially later in career modes, find extraordinary speed during sim times of when the player fast forwards or ends a session early or even just in the garage. This needs to be addressed in the next 2 games 100% (hopefully fixed for 2020) Make their sim times match what the cars are actually able to do when played through in real time! Custom weather. I personally love realistic and random weather; but unfortunately the random isn't always realistic as sometimes the player gets hammered with lots of rain races in a row. So giving the player the option that can be adjusted for each weekend to change the weather to 'Realistic, Random, Dry, Wet, Mixed' to adjust some of that out of the game would be great. And it also gives an option to some players (perhaps younger) that just want a dry career. Maybe some want punishment and want to be wet all the time. (Note in my mind the difference in Realistic weather and Random weather in the menu would be Realistic would be a weight number generator based on location and time of year of what the weather most likely would be. Random would be an even chance number generator for any weather event to occur. So Bahrain could be heavy rain as easily as clear and sunny; while realistically chance of rain vs sun is incredibly low) A different Lead Engineer for each team (different Jeff's). It's a small thing that breaks immersion of realism that no matter where you go Jeff tags along. I know it would be a pain to have 10 different voice actors do the same engineer lines; but it would certainly add something for the player as you would feel more like you truly moved teams. (Maybe if you can hire a voice after that does... well, voices, that actor could voice 5-6 different accents and characters for the game and not be the cost of hiring separate actors..) Livery updates season to season. I know this probably something incredibly hard to get approved, but if the liveries of the cars could change, even slightly from season to season the game would continue to feel fresh. Deteriorating AI driver attributes. The AI drivers rankings should change in career mode based on age at start of career mode and then change each year. Meaning if a drivers peak driving age statistically is 30 (idk if true but find that age best to build into the game) drivers in career mode under 30 should get better each season, peaking at 30 if they reach that in the 10 year career, and then once you hit 30 your AI rankings start to slowly decrease. With the cars changing performance, and the drivers changing performance each season would be exciting and could drive more interesting driver transfers. I think the idea originally with driver transfers was to have Lewis and other fall down the field. But instead Lewis was always the best driver so he transferred to what ever car was the best no matter where it started out on the game. (Before the logic was adjusted) So if Lewis is getting slightly worse maybe you can't just always stay in what ever the best car is and you can go back a little bit on the logic to get more driver moves. Driver retirements. Have some of the older drivers retire (player choice yes or no) after 2 seasons and then "randomly" throughout the career mode and replaced with real life F2 drivers. Driver confidence. Perhaps have a driver confidence rating that slightly boosts from their total AI rating if they do things like score points in a car in the lower half of the grid, podium in a car not in the top 3 best on paper, or finish above projected position for multiple weeks in a row. Take away from their total AI rating is they have DNF, have a crash, don't score points in a top half of the grid car, etc. This affecting their performance would be true to real life, add effect not just tied to the car. HOWEVER for this to not just end up being an infinite loop of confidence, or loop of losing confidence this feature would need to be tied to: Car-track compatibility rankings. Each car should not just be ranked overall, but would be ranked track to track and maybe Ferrari would be best ranked car for Monza and Spa, while Red Bull is especially good at the street circuits, and Mercedes is good at both and especially excels at everything in between. There's already a lot of levels that play into car ranking that should make this easy to tap into, I just think it needs to be more profound so that a driver in the #1 car can't just get the "big head" and become unbeatable. As their car will eventually mis-match a circuit and likely put an end to their gaining confidence; or their car is good at a track and breaks their streak of losing confidence. VERY important these 2 would be in tandem.
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    Hey everyone, Whilst Season 2 for GRID has only just hit the track, we’re already looking towards the future – and looking at how to keep up the pace with GRID by listening to you, the players. On top of headline-grabbing content like new cars and circuits, we’ve continuously made tweaks and additions to the game that directly address hot topics within our community. Ahead of the next Season of content will be a free update for GRID. Alongside the usual technical tweaks and optimisations, we’re adding a clutch of new features that are the result of feedback and requests for players. First up, in the next update we’ll be adding an area in GRID’s profile section, that allows each player to view their own in-game statistics and accolades. Included in this area will be the total distance you have driven in the game – something that’ll come in handy to track that infamous ‘Around The Globe’ Achievement/Trophy we devilishly included… Next up: Cleaning your car. Whilst all cars in GRID are intentionally slightly scuffed and scratched in areas, to show their battle scars and the game’s action-packed nature, we’ve heard the requests to give your garage a squeaky-clean look. So, before each race event in the vehicle select menu, you’ll have the option to clean your car, if you wish. We’ve also spoken to plenty of GRID racers about the game’s car tuning options. Whilst the feedback around the variety and accessibility of the tuning system has been great, players have asked to have this option in Multiplayer, as well as the single-player modes. From the next update, all players will now be able to adjust their car’s tuning setup, whenever they’re in Skirmish. It’s another way for all players to prove their worth against the world and adds some more depth into the Multiplayer experience. Speaking of Achievements and Trophies, we have some more good news. We’ve heard the requests from players to add more of these based around post-launch content, and are working hard to add extra Achievements/Trophies to GRID, for all platforms, when the next Season of content drops. These new achievements would be split up to cover all three of GRID’s Seasons, so you’ll have scenarios and objectives to hit based around the new cars and circuits added to the game since launch. Closer to the new Season’s drop, we’ll have full details on this addition. Each of these additions are the continuation of prioritising player feedback to further improve GRID – the driving factor behind other new features, such as Session Search the option to extend race lengths in Career mode. That’s alongside 10 cars, two circuits, and other new additions since launch. Let us know what you think of the additions! 🙂
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    So every race you did 2nd time is basicly -50% credits... So its around 0,5% of the career mode credits you get in free play mode atm 😄
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    @CMTGK My career was already 100% finished/gold.. so all of these were repeats.
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    @tourist - This kind of replicating, stats, and comparison are super useful, thank you very much for this. I agree, the payout in Freeplay is too low based on what you've shown here. You would expect the Career payouts to be higher than Freeplay (otherwise this would lessen the incentive to play Career) but these Freeplay payouts should, in my opinion, be higher. I've already got some of our team actively looking at this. Can you confirm whether the figures above are based on your completing that Career event for the first time or have you completed these events already and are re-completing them?
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    Hang on, so let me get this right. The OP has coming here to complain that he is dissatisfied and seeking recompense, when actually... ...he is completely satisfied with the product? There is a word for that isn't there? Oh yeah, I got it: Codemasters and the contributors in this thread now all demand compensation for your attempted deception @KolysioN. That's how it works, right?
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    Sry but if you look up to the date when this thread was made, when that "intentional change" happend it says October 30th 2019 so of course i complain because the game has an ruined game mode since 4 month... Same with the not usable cockpit cam since 4 month... In case you missed it please take a look here:
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    I say NO to this. I paid for this and I want to decide how to play the game. And i want to use the freeplay mode to create my own events and get a fair amount of credits for them.
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    Currently career vs free play First invitational event (Mini Cooper on San Francisco Short Circuit B) 1st place career (not counting cost or teammate, to have a consistent comparison) = 18,750 CREDITS 1st place free play (again, not counting cost or teammate earnings) = 782 CREDITS (only 4.17% of career mode) this is on hard difficulty, no flashbacks, no ABS, no TC, no stability control, no racing line, manual shifting, interior cam, terminal damage enabled. All we are saying is that THERE IS A HUGE GAP between career and free play.. We get it, you want us to prefer career mode, but can we please have a more reasonable difference? only 4% payout means we have to spend +-25 times more time to unlock a car for same amount of effort?
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    Why is that important ? It was wrong because it ruined a game mode.
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    But Career mode is nothing more as a bunch of separate Freeplay events? Am I missing something here?
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    @CMTGK From my experience AI difficulty, assists and/or race length multiplier (from career) don't affect payout at all (or very little) The 1st two Invitational races (Mini Cooper) easily payout 30K or more for 3 laps or so unlike the two first races in Touring cars, those pay a lot less. I wonder what do you (CodeMasters) consider to be a fair reward for doing the exact same race (Mini Cooper) in free play? 10%? 20%? 50%? I will do this test later this evening.
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    You'll always get more credits for completing the Career event for the first time and won't earn as many by simply recreating the same event in Freeplay. If you could earn just as many credits in Freeplay as Career, you'd have less of an incentive to play Career mode. As @ChrisGrovesMCM mentioned above, there was a change made to the number of credits issued but comparing a Career payout to a Freeplay payout isn't a fair comparison. I'm going to do some digging as to whether there needs to be some tweaking to the distribution of the credits in general (multiplayer payouts are low, as well). Whatever I find out, I'll report back here.
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    To me the racing line has always been the biggest handicap actually, and one I turn off immediately in any game I play. If I never see it I never miss it! 🤔 It let's me actually learn the track so much faster (like NOT using GPS in real life for example) and encourages me to try new lines out or pass cars in interesting ways. Plus the braking /throttle colors can be pretty innacurate especially in the wet so I can brake at the lady moment better or go round some corners faster. The racing line is basically exactly what the ai cars use ALL the time, so it feels like I'm a robot just copying them. There are plenty of faster lines and cool passes to experiment with once you give yourself total freedom! The mini map is a way better assist for me if I'm learning a new track. I won't quit practice until I can turn all visual aids off though. It's a cool 'reward' for my efforts in learning a track!
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    Career still gives way more credits than free play, I don't see how this change prevents people from unlocking cars too fast. All they have to do is play a few career events.. pays out easily 10x more than free play. All this is currently doing is ruining free play.
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    Community Update - Patch Notes (25/02/2020) As discussed last week, we have been working hard on some community-requested features in GRID. As always, thank you for your feedback and ongoing support. We hope you enjoy these changes - after all, you asked for them! Bugs Fix for Hot lap joining issue grid placement. Rain on the window screen is working correctly again with all vehicles. Features Added the ability to tune vehicle in the pause menu in Skirmish (Once in Skirmish mode: Pause > Vehicle Tuning > Tune to what you like > Apply) Added the ability to remove scratches and dirt when changing liveries or changing vehicles Once you have driven with a vehicle it will have built up scratches and dirt, changing your livery will automatically clean your vehicle, entering into the garage and finding the vehicle you were using will give you the option ‘Clean and Respray’ in the tooltips at the bottom of the screen, press the right trigger button and this will clean your vehicle. This can also be done in the vehicle select menu screen as well. Note – The vehicle can only be cleaned if you own it Added a stats screen (To access the stats screen: Main Menu > Player Profile > Edit Profile > Statistics) This will give you stats for the following: - Distance Driven - Career Events Completed - Total Drafting Time - Cars Overtaken - Distance on Racing Line - Good Corners Taken - Total Gear Shifts - Total Air Time - Distance Driven on Two Wheels - Total Drift Distance Update is now available across Xbox One, PS4, and PC. For Stadia, these changes have been included with the release of Season 2.
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    May the Wales be with you ! Tricky Round 10 of The Official DiRT Club. Actually I regret I only took part into the last 2 rounds. I wish I could do all ! Very funny and attractive.
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    About the compensation ? I call this a false announce to attract people and to sell more copies (=scam)
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    set a 'wet' WR last night in the Freedom Machine for ***** and giggles last night. Only hit a few spectators...
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    Finland in daytime/clear and daytime/overcast has a horrible looking thick fog on it. Completely unrealistic for the weather (I live in Finland so I would know, also every single Finnish player says this is not even close to how it looks like in reality), looks painfully awful, and you can barely see the road in what should be crystal clear weather with no fog at all. Yes, I know that you said it's "for performance reasons" but that just isn't a good enough answer. Adding this kind of horrible fog that makes it look awful is absolutely not the right way to increase performance. What you should do is get rid of the fog, or at least tone it down to the same level as Wales (where it's bad enough but at least playable) and increase performance in other ways. The kind of ways the leave daytime Finland looking decent. Look at this. This is a comparison of Finland in Dirt Rally vs. Dirt Rally 2.0. You can see it looks FAR better in DR1, because low graphical fidelity without the fog is far better than high graphical fidelity with a horrible fog slapped on it that completely ruins its looks. Your "visual upgrade" has left daytime Finland looking far worse that it did in DR1. These fake promo screenshots, with no fog at all, are what the real game should look like. As it stands this might as well be from a completely different game. The fact that you can't show real screenshots of daytime Finland would kind of suggest even you at Codemasters are not too happy with how it looks like. Steam, super deluxe edition 1230v3, GTX 1070, 16gb ram, SSD, Windows 10, SB Z 2D, 2560x1440 60Hz Logitech G920+shifter
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    I just saw this. you need to consult outside your team and get a real perspective.
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    when you can buy 30millions SMS you canbuy the licence 🙂