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    If one thing is improved in F1 2020, it needs to be the car sounds. All of the cars in 2019 sound very flat and lifeless. Checkout this clip of the RSS 2021 Formula Hybrid X in Assetto Corsa. This is a mod created by a small team of modders and it sounds infinitely better than the Honda engine in F1 2019.
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    Round 11 of the Official Dirt Club - Spain Plateform : PS4 PSN : JamesMcAdam1987
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    Helloooo CM, here few screenshot from these challenges. As always, PC platform and a rusty keyboard No editing.
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    This update doesn’t change a thing for me.
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    Also, I imagine there's big insurance costs associated with driving museum pieces like these.
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    I'm afraid that the concept of the Team is a deliberate marketing abuse here. CM is simply a well-known brand and it's easy to sell car games under this banner. Contracts are people who are to heat up the chops a little so that they can be sold again. Contents are cut at the same time because it makes no sense to raise costs since the financial result will be similar if we do half as much. Then a short testing phase and someone approves of it for sale. Persons participating in the project are billed and undertake other projects, remains to order the removal of possible errors. The design stage is closed. The rest is marketing costs, because from that moment only the sales result counts. That was the project 👈
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    What an idiots... Instead hear pro drivers, they changed assist for inters...
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    Lol that's not how pacenotes are recorded, are you a simpleton? If you drive really slowly or just stop he doesn't keep reading the notes for corners miles ahead. They are separately recorded clips which are inserted when your car reaches a certain point on the track. It IS indeed a database of words which are played back when needed, that's EXACTLY what it is.
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    Sorry but that's a complete load. Name one other game where in order to win the campaign/story/career you need to literally beat the best records ever set. Even real life sport doesn't work like that, you don't need to beat a world record in order to win a race/sporting event, in fact they are world records because they aren't routinely beaten. You're simply engaging in apologetics. You've got a whole thread of people who are really good at this game saying that it isn't working - things like AI cars being completely unaffected by weather, for example. Codies have **** the bed on this one.
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    I didn't know that I could predict the future...… The title "Where's Barry?" became pretty appropriate. Just a brief one to explain everything, I've been inactive for a while due to pretty major surgery and recovery that goes with it. Special thanks to @RedDevilKT, @Hoo, @UP100, @1512marcel and the regular contributors for keeping things ticking in my absence. I'm looking to start being around the forums again next week from home. Thanks for your patience. I will return to being crashed out at T1 in Forum Fridays once I am back in the office. I will be needing some major F1 2019 practice mind, so expect to be passing me on pretty much every corner 😛
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    The thing is I want my car to go straight on the straights. I have to constantly fidget with minor steering input to keep it going straight on no assist. A car doesn't drive like this IRL.
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    Exactly, I play this on a mobile phone and it’s too Difficult to steer now without the low drawing assist. DRS on some tracks is a complete nightmare because you start to drift off the track and when you try and move you get loads of oversteer and crash. This has been another really poorly thought update that no one even asked for.
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    What was the point to change assistance set up? I get used to a certain setup and now it is totally messed. I like the report button. But, what kind of punishment will get a player after being complained?
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    I agree, the game is ruined for me because of redesigining assists. Putting braking and stability assist in one setting is a misunderstanding. I cannot race the way I like with a stability assist on and braking assist off. I can either use the Novice setting which gives me the stability but makes the car brake in ridiculous places or use the Professional and have no braking and no stability assists. Both settings make me slower than before the update. I completely don’t understand this change. I lost interest in playing this game because of those changes.
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    What do you mean by false start? Wasn't there an issue with the lights that weekend? Jump starts are already possible at least on older F1 games.
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    F1® 2019 PATCH NOTES – v1.22 Patch 1.22 is now out on all platforms. Below, you’ll find notes for this patch, and further down you can read the notes. General Radio language option has returned to the advanced audio options screen Users will now see the speed they set in the speed trap in practice sessions Addressed an issue where the camera would reset when the game was started User is now notified of their progress through a championship on the loading screen User can now see if they are serving a penalty during a pit-stop Front wing damage threshold has been reduced in practice and qualifying sessions to include minor physical damage Addressed an issue where the safety car could appear in One-Shot Qualifying in online sessions Leagues Addressed an issue where users could not submit results if they didn't enter qualifying 2 or 3 with saving between sessions enabled Addressed an issue where a scheduled league could become stuck in an old event Addressed an issue where a league could become stuck if abandoning a practice or qualifying session with saving between sessions enabled PC Maximum Vehicle Reflections setting reduced from ‘Ultra High’ to ‘High’ for stability For our Deep Dive on this patch, please see here. Please use the below for the General Discussion on the new patch.
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    Platform Pc-Steam Custom Liveries.