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    I've been playing the F1 games since last March. In that span, I've racked up close to 900 hours on both 2018 and 2019, winning multiple AOR league racing championships in the process. I consider myself to be an above average driver, not the fastest by any means, but definitely capable of putting down some solid lap times. Over my year of sim racing I've also dabbled in several other sims, mainly iRacing and Assetto Corsa. Having played all 3 games quite intensively, I've noticed what I enjoy about each game and where they excel. After coming back to F1 after playing the other two for several months, it really leaves a lot to be desired. Please don't get me wrong, F1 2019 is a great game, but it isn't without it's faults and there are some things that need to be done way better. There are several main points that I'll be going over, which if improved, will drastically increase the quality of the game. I'll be referencing iRacing and AC quite often throughout as I feel like Codemasters could learn a lot from how these two simulations implement certain aspects. Force feedback/tyres These two go hand-in-hand as the what the tyres are doing is directly translated through the force feedback. While this is area that has drastically improved over the years, it still has a long way to go. My biggest issue is that you can never properly feel when the car is on the edge of grip. I've lost count of the amount of times I've spun with absolutely no warning that I was about to lose traction. When you're driving the fastest circuit cars in the world, you absolutely need to be able to feel when you're on the edge of grip. The understeer enhanced feature is definitely not the way to go with this. In iRacing, when you're pushing the car hard, you can feel and hear where the edge is, allowing yourself to extract the maximum from the car. You'll notice I said hear and this is a pretty crucial aspect. In both iRacing and Assetto Corsa, your tyres will quite literally be screeching at you as you near the edge of their grip. The feel part is hard to explain, but whatever they're doing differently in their FFB allows you to toe the line better than the F1 games. Anyone who has played either will understand what I'm talking about. Locking up your tyres in real-life racing is a huge no-no, but in F1 2019, it's not punished at all. This creates unrealistic driving styles that completely ruin the immersion, similar to how people were exploiting high rear ballast systems in F1 2018. I like the direction Codemasters are heading with the FFB, but it is one area that needs to be focused on. Sound Checkout this short clip of the RSS Formula Hybrid X 2021 mod for Assetto Corsa. This is a community created mod and it captures the sound of an F1 car infinitely better than any of the F1 games. The cars in F1 2019 sound very flat and lifeless. Notice how aggressive the 2021 car sounds on the downshifts, listen to the turbo and ERS noises, IT'S SO GOOD. It amazes me how a mod team can create something better than a full-fledged game studio that specializes in racing games. When comparing the RSS mod to the honda engine in F1 2019 (the engine the RSS mod is based off), it's honestly a bit of a joke. The Renault engine, in my opinion, is the best sounding in 2019, but when you compare it to the one in real life it sounds nothing alike. Increasing the realism and sound quality of the cars will be a huge step in increasing the immersion in F1. At the moment, they're really nothing impressive at all. Continuing on my from previous point above regarding tyres, they need to be more dynamic in terms of sound. As we're driving virtually, we need as much information as possible from our eyes, hands and ears. HUD This game desperately needs a virtual mirror. Having to use the look back feature to watch for overtaking cars is absurd. Of all the racing simulators I've played, F1 is the only game that doesn't feature a virtual mirror. It's stupid to have use the look back feature as you're approaching a heavy braking zone at 300+ km/h. Having a virtual mirror will allow better battles on track as drivers will have much better awareness of what's going on around them. 2019 took a huge step in the right direction with the introduction of being able to customize your HUD, but they need to take it a few steps further. In iRacing, I use a piece of software called "Joel Real Timing". This application allows me to create an overlay that I can display on my screen while racing. These overlays can include a massive amount of information including a track map (iRacing doesn't have this by default), full leader boards with gaps, deltas, pit stops, fastest laps, average laps, along with custom fuel calculators. Basically, you have enough information to fill your entire screen. F1 2019 pales in comparison. At the very least, give us a leader board that shows all 20 drivers and the intervals between. Having a track map is awesome, but I want to be able to see how many seconds the car I'm chasing down is ahead, at ANY GIVEN TIME, not at the beginning of a sector or the start of a lap. I want to be able to see how many tenths I'm gaining a lap and I want to be able to see how many laps into his stint he is. This is basic information and I'm honestly having a hard time going back to the game after being spoiled with this in iRacing. The next point is a bit nit-picky but nonetheless, is something I'd like to see. In the t-cam view, you can see exactly how much throttle and brake you're giving. When driving in cockpit, this information is gone. Why? Can this not be part of the custom HUD elements that we can drag wherever we want on screen? ERS This has been another point of controversy ever since it's been added. The system we have now works, but it is not realistic and requires WAY too much micro-managing. To maximize your lap times, you really need to be adjusting your ERS on the majority of corners, particularly low-speed. Some find this fun and it is rewarding once you get it figured out, but as Lando Norris said in one of his youtube videos, it's simply not realistic. I can totally understand the difficulty in trying to replicate this system, as it's likely that every team has a different mapping for each track, but there has to be a way to make this easier to manage in a race scenario. I think we definitely need to have an overtake/push to pass button for maximum deployment (similar power to setting 4 - overtake in the MFD) and we should be able to cycle between two modes (they could be called deploy and harvest). Then, it would just be matter of selecting harvest through slow sections and before big braking zones and then using deploy through high-speed corners and straights. Obviously the system would need to be a lot more fine-tuned than this, but I think that would be a better direction to go than what we currently have. To conclude While this post may just seem like I'm sh*tting on the F1 games, I assure you, it's coming from a place of love. I see so much potential in these games and I just find they're lacking in very basic elements. I haven't touched on physics as that is something Codemasters has done quite well. They've found a really good balance between simulator and arcade. F1 cars are incredibly hard to drive and the physics are realistic enough that you are punished for your mistakes, but the cars are totally drive-able. If anyone has tried the McLaren in iRacing, you'll understand where I'm coming from. That car is an absolute chore to drive and I don't find it fun at all. Codemasters have found the sweet spot where it comes to realism and driveability, giving you a fairly fun F1 experience. It is by no means perfect, but I think that with a great team of developers these games can be turned into masterpieces. Spend less time on the stupid DLC packs and the gimmicky stuff that nobody cares about and invest more on what matters the most, the driving experience.
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    I never did, don't accuse me to it. This is just your assumption. What no? You did got personal, because you are really arrogant or at least writing like you are. I am very sensitive about that, because I already saw what happens to my beloved franchises. It get's worse and worse and I find it more and more difficult to find games that suits my taste. CMR3 is almost 20 years old, a time were you could more easily put stuff like that into the game. And CMR3/04/2005 is part of the main series, the successor to it being Colin McRae: DiRT up until DiRT 4. DiRT Rally & 2.0 being splitted from main series as hardcore rally simulation. At least this is the way I see them. So what's wrong having "extraordinary" cars and things like Landrush, Gymkhana etc. in DiRT 5 and leaving DR3 serious like it is now? If Codemasters follows the pattern, the next entry would be DiRT 5 anyway. Yeah, probably, for the moment. I just see what happens after that. Or at least it's my fear it turns into a new Colin McRae: DiRT 2, or worse: DiRT: Showdown. It wont happen with DR2.0 anymore anyway, because the big support ends with the Flat Out Pack. In DiRT 5 I would be ok with that, but not in DR3. I still don't get what "slippery slope fallacy" means. Google translation isn't very helpful. You're right, I didn't played it. But I know enough about it to dislike it heavily. It's pretty much impossible for a gamer these days to avoid it. YouTube, Twitch, advertisments etc are full of it. And I have a younger brother who plays alot of these games. I generally don't like MP-focused shooters. And this game is build around a cosmetics shop and a battle pass, wich forces you to play alot, if you want all that limited stuff. I know that relatively new marketing strategy too well, I play quite alot Destiny 2. That creativity argument is nonsense in my point of view. Most games have some sort of creativity in them. Fortnite is mainly a PvP-Shooter with a specific tweak. Lie. I admitted the definition of the word "simulation". RX has a connection to the rally sport. What connection have trucks like the Ford Transit to rally? Already explained. Old game. You can keep ignoring that argument, but it's still valid in my point of view. 1) Literally every car can be challenging, why must it be an "over the top" car like a truck? It should have at least a historic connection to rally. 2) Subjective. 3) Good marketing for what? "Hey, this is the ultimate rally experience with a ultra realistic handling physics model and realistic tracks, iconic rally cars...and hey, we have trucks!" This just gets those people to the game who would ruin it for me in the long run. Again. Already happened. I don't like MOBAs, too. Generally most PvP games. Look at the market right now. How many PvP games are out there at the moment and how many games without any connection to PvP? The gaming industry changed hard in the last 10 years towards to PvP, "game live services", cosmetics-shops and battle passes, the worst thing, wich you have to buy AND you have to get the content within a specific time frame. And with abo-service models like game pass it will get much worse in the future. It even effected DR2.0 with that free BMW M2 Competition and the liveries. But yeah, hard off-topic now, I will come to an end with my last statement. The Witcher as an example: It didn't changed the The Witcher main series, because they put the MP-stuff in a separate game. I know, a complete MP-Part has probably bigger impact on the main game then 2-3 silly cars on DiRT, but it's still making my point that stuff like this shouldn't effect that simulation. The Witcher is a solo experience, and an MP-Part would negatively affect the solo experience: Best example is BioShock 2. Because resources are limited. Same goes for DR3, but in a smaller scale of course.
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    This was the first game in franchise that i didn't pre-ordered. Not because I didn't like it, but because i knew it will be a big disappointment, I knew it after watching few gameplay videos , it was that obvious. Now I am positive 100% that I will never pre-order Codemasters game, never ! GRID games were all about great story and even more about great MULTIPLAYER and lot of features that were part of online experience. Not the case here. Looks like this game was made for some other audience , it was rushed out and looks like it was made by new people, people who never played GRID games before. And fans of franchise didn't welcomed that. They never listened to the people before the game was released, after they hit the rock bottom (around 200 active players on Steam, I believe it's the same on consoles) , they now want to redeem themselves by adding most wanted features by community. If you want to know what were the most wanted features, you will find several threads about that. It is little too late now, people moved on other games. I am afraid that they made a huge disaster, they lost so many fans and players with this mess of a game. I am afraid they will ruin great team of SMS too... I do hope that SMS help them make better racing games in future. And to add to the subject of this thread, yes, there were promises before game release that they will add split screen feature sometimes later.
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    Hello everyone. In this moment the whole world lives in a emergency situation for Covid-19, and potentially the calendar could lose most of GP scheduled for this year. What do you think about that? In F1 2020 there will be races that will be canceled? (for example, China).
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    @minetti ' CM is simply a well-known brand and it's easy to sell car games under this banner. ' I'm afraid they'll have a difficult time to sell any to me in the future. Previously bought: Dirt 4 Dirt Rally Grid (Original) F1 2010 F1 2018 F1 2019 Grid 2019 There will be no more unless there is a change of principles.
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    the FPS craze has only taken off since YT reviews became a thing - before, people might have had the tools to measure FPS on PC, but they didn't on consoles, and there was no way of spreading the information collected (like fps, etc) because the internet just wasn't fast enough to deal with videos for most people until the mid-2000s. edit: that stats page is pay-only, and also it's for ubisoft games, which does not include WRC 7.
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    The most unfortunate Group B. ♥️ Rosemeyer78, PS4
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    And final, but not least, starting with my attack on that DS21 trophy
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    Also had some fun with the 240Z at the daily in USA
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    The Official DiRT Club round 10 at wales was fully jinxed for me and in the end caused me a strange DNF. nevertheless, here some screenshots from the Mirage i was using.
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    set a 'wet' WR last night in the Freedom Machine for ***** and giggles last night. Only hit a few spectators...
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    Platform: Steam User: BavarianLord29 Location: Poland A beautiful Subaru in the dark!!
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    Platform: Steam User: BavarianLord29 Location: Sweden
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    C4 New Zealand 1 curve at a time 🐌💨✌ GT:D2ROLL4ATL XBOX
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    Xbox One x - Seat Ibiza kitcar - Filandia 1998 Mundial
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    I really would like to know if there is even something planned to improve those basics. Like FOV + seatposition are the most important things before you even start a Sim. Only in Arcade like games this doesn't play a role, which is fine. But I thought this would be a sim... Sorry that I sound like a crybaby, I really want to play this sim and buy the latest content, but this limited seat/fov thing keeps me away from dirt 2.0 at the moment ;(
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    ... so another good thing would be if the game would save the seat position for each car individually (if this unlimited or increased seat position is possible). Maybe there is some sort of limitation in the basic code of DR 2.0. It would be nice to hear if this is even possible (and maybe a thing for the future) or not possible at all. 🕵️‍♂️
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    This. Or maybe not unlimited but increase the allowed movement a lot, and allow movement backwards and down from default position. I play with the narrowest FOV and with some cars I can't get an ideal seat position because I can't move it enough. With some cars the default position is too much forward, which would not be much of a problem if I could move it backwards, but I can't for some reason.