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    I hope it releases as planned as staying at home and playing it is one of the few things I'm still allowed to do... I live in Northern Italy. I mean, I'd stay at home anyways but having two new SUBARUs to play is definitely a pro
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    The ultimate DiRT Rally 2.0 experience is coming. Get all the DiRT in one complete package on March 27. All 4 Seasons of Content DiRT Rally 2.0 Game of the Year Edition provides the most comprehensive rally and rallycross experience ever made, with over 80 cars and 26 locations to take on the world with. Since the release of the base game in 2019, DiRT Rally 2.0 has been on a path of evolution with new cars, locations and community-requested features coming every month, and with the Game of the Year Edition all post-launch content is now available in a single package. Take on the definitive versions of iconic rally locations such as Wales, Monte Carlo, Sweden, Germany, Greece, Finland and Scotland in legendary rally cars, including fan-favourites like the SUBARU Impreza 2001, Peugeot 206 Rally and the Skoda Fabia Rally (pictured above). DiRT Rally 2.0 Game of the Year Edition also includes the latest and greatest of the FIA World Rallycross Championship, with the 2018 and 2019 championships, cars, drivers and locations at your fingertips. Experience the fast-paced super-intense action from the world of rallycross in modern machinery, or take on the fearsome monsters of the Group B era, the choice is yours. Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack Included The ultimate tribute to a rally legend who gave birth to the DiRT series over 20 years ago. The Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack is included in DiRT Rally 2.0 Game of the Year Edition. DiRT Rally 2.0 celebrates the 25th anniversary of Colin McRae’s World Championship victory with two of his most iconic cars, an all-new rally location and 40 challenging scenarios which will test the toughest of drivers. Relive the humble beginnings, the giant-killing, the never-say-never attitude and the sensation of driving FLAT OUT. Full details on the Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack are available here. For the first time: All content available on Oculus DiRT Rally 2.0 Game of the Year Edition brings with it a significant milestone to our players on the Oculus platform, who have only had access to the Standard Edition up until now. On March 24, all Oculus users will have their game updated to the Game of the Year Edition, making all post-launch content (including the Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack) playable in the dramatic world of virtual reality. If you’ve just got a headset and are ready to take on the world of rally, this is the perfect place to start. New Livery: Ford Focus RS Rally 2001 (Valvoline) Coinciding with the release of DiRT Rally 2.0 Game of the Year Edition, we’ve got a special treat for all DiRT Rally 2.0 players in the form of a new livery. On March 24, all players who have access to the Ford Focus RS Rally 2001 (it was available in Season 3) will have a new, original Valvoline-branded design available to use. This car and livery also feature in the Colin McRae Scenarios, so all players with access to the Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack can drive in style too. DiRT Rally 2.0 Game of the Year Edition: Full Content Details View full-size here. When can I get the DiRT Rally 2.0 Game of the Year Edition? Physical versions (Xbox One and PlayStation 4 only) release on March 27. Digital versions (all platforms) release on March 24. Can I pre-order the DiRT Rally 2.0 Game of the Year Edition? If you don’t have DiRT Rally 2.0 at all, the DiRT Rally 2.0 Super Deluxe Edition (available now) will contain all of the content listed above. If you have the DiRT Rally 2.0 Standard Edition (also known as the Day One Edition), the Year One Pass will give you the remaining content not included in the Base Game. I bought the DiRT Rally 2.0 Deluxe Edition, what do I need to have all the DiRT Rally 2.0 Game of the Year Edition content? The Deluxe Edition contains Season 1 and 2. If you purchase the Season 3 and 4 bundle, you’ll have everything. You will already have access to the Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack even if you don’t purchase Seasons 3 and 4. I have the DiRT Rally 2.0 Deluxe Content Upgrade (Seasons 1 and 2), what do I need to have all the DiRT Rally 2.0 Game of the Year Edition content? If you purchase the Season 3 and 4 bundle, you’ll have everything. You will already have access to the Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack even if you don’t purchase Seasons 1 and 2. I have the DiRT Rally 2.0 Super Deluxe Edition, does that mean I’ll have DiRT Rally 2.0 Game of the Year Edition content? Yes. I have the DiRT Rally 2.0 Year One Pass, does that mean I have all of the DiRT Rally 2.0 Game of the Year Edition content? Yes. I have all 4 Seasons of DiRT Rally 2.0, does that mean I already have the DiRT Rally 2.0 Game of the Year Edition? Yes. The Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack will unlock for you on March 24. I have DiRT Rally 2.0 on Oculus, do I need to do anything to get the DiRT Rally 2.0 Game of the Year Edition? No. When your game updates on March 24 you’ll get everything. I bought DiRT Rally 2.0 DLC content (individual cars and locations) but did not buy a Season bundle, do I need to do anything to get the DiRT Rally 2.0 Game of the Year Edition? The DiRT Rally 2.0 Year One Pass will give you everything. I have DiRT Rally 2.0 on Xbox Game Pass, do I need to do anything to get the DiRT Rally 2.0 Game of the Year Edition? The DiRT Rally 2.0 Year One Pass will give you everything. Are the timed-exclusive (Festive & Solberg Challenge) liveries available in DiRT Rally 2.0 Game of the Year Edition? The liveries for these cars will be unlocked for all players later this year. Can I buy the Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack individually? Yes. (Price £7.99 / €9.99 / $9.99) Can I buy the Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack content pieces individually? All contents from the Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack come as a complete package and cannot be bought individually. View the full article
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    I'd like to see an expansion of the information about the vehicles, more info for the tracks, descriptions for tuning options and descriptions for repair options. I'll go through a quick rundown of what I'm imagining for each category. ============================== Expanded Vehicle Information - For all the info that's already shown, there are a few things that aren't there that would be useful. Things like the Ride Height, the amount of Torque produced by the engine, and how much the HP and/or Torque is changed when you upgrade the engine. Being a nerd, I could also go for a little more info regarding the Vehicle History, but that's just me. Expanded Track Information - It seems to me that although there is a lot of useful info, some of it is incomplete. My biggest annoyance is the info about Elevation Change, all it says is the difference between the Start and Finish. There's nothing about whether that change is going up or down, or what the elevation of the Start or Finish lines are. This would be especially useful on the tracks with higher elevations, since it seems like certain vehicles have a loss of engine power on those. I also think it would be helpful to be able to access some sort of 3D model of the track when you look at it's info when at the Service Area or when choosing a track, like for Custom Events or Time Trials. Description for Tuning Options - What I mean for this is making a few adjustments to how the Tuning Option is presented and expanding some of their descriptions. For example, the way the options for Brake Bias and Torque Bias are represented should be changed from a simple percentage that goes up or down; instead it should be two numbers ( 50/50 ) to show the amount of power going to both the front and rear. The Ride Height option could also be adjusted, because as it is, all you're told is how many millimeters you are raising or lowering it. You don't know if the Ride Height is constant, or if it changes with the different Surface Types. It'd be a little more helpful to know what the actual Ride Height is and have that shown as the stat that's being changed. Descriptions for Repair Options - When repairing a vehicle, there come times when you just can't afford everything. However, all you're told is how much damage each part has received. You don't know what that damage actually does unless you've been playing long enough to know what each tier of damage (Light, Medium, Heavy) actually means for certain parts. Some things are obvious (if your Engine is damaged, you go slower; if your Transmission is damaged, your shifting is affected; etc.), but I don't like not knowing what does what.
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    I'm convinced many of you will have fun showing off this marvelous beauty to the crowds! Sébastien Bedoret - Skoda Fabia R5 Evo - Haspengouw Rally 2020 https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/s-bedoret-haspengouw-rally-2020.31449/
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    I don’t know all the specifics but one thing to consider is that each platform has their own policies on how soon or how often you can drop the price of something, or put it on sale. Hypothetically, on Platform A you need to keep a static price for 30 days before you can go on sale, and after that sale ends you can’t change the price again for at least another 30, things like that.
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    I can say it's looking like I'm about to be working from home indefinitely over here in the US while they try to get this all under control. Now I might be regretting that I have added my co-workers & senior employees as friends on Steam though... kind of hard to explain why I was 5 minutes late to a meeting when 2 of them could see I was in Wales with the 2000cc when it started
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    Because it takes me at least 20 minutes to get my eyes "adjusted" to how bumpy it gets every time I boot up one of those stages. If I'm driving it multiple times in a week for some reason like a club, I normally don't have much adjusting to do after day 1, but if I ever step away from Argentina for a while there is always a warming up process when I come back. I love how tight and technical it is though, I just wish it didn't feel like my eyes were having a seizure the entire drive.
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    If only we could do mixed class clubs 😭 imagine watching NR4's posting times alongside the Group A's, with some R2s trying to sneak in as well.
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    I want to have more Filter Options in the Leaderboards. At the moment you can only choose Global and Friends, it would be nice to sort it by Continent and Country, also want to sort the shift Mode(automatic and manuall) And another reward System that motivates to play the Career Mode. Like getting Cars for winning or finishing, Cars that you only can get this way and can't buy them.
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    I paid ~€70-80 for all the rally content so far. Absolute bargain. I wouldn't swap the price difference for the year I had with it and all the hours I enjoyed the game last year; I more feel sorry for the people who missed out for a year!
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    Been reporting this for god knows how long, and seeing no mention of any fix in 1.13 makes me wanna just uninstall and forget about the game
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    Yeah and you can have a gigantic mismatch in rallycross random AI times vs. the drivers in your qualifier. Maybe, just maybe, a more basic approach could be a good idea when you super hyper advanced AI simulation makes singleplayer rallycross unplayable on certain difficulties And with no mention in 1.13 patch notes so apparently singleplayer rallycross remains broken forever thanks to your super hyper advanced AI simulation, awesome
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    Use assists like TC and/or ABS? no ********, just curious to why you would use assists on a wheel? i just can't see the appeal of it, winning on a wheel while you almost have to do nothing but steer and push pedals without any finesse or feeling. can't imagine if a win is just as satisfactoring as doing without. when you have a wheel, you should be challenged by the game and yourself to master the physics, to overcome spinning and blocking wheels on braking. You bought a wheel for a reason, and i don't guess it's just for an easy win. You bought a wheel to experience that sensation. But in the meanwhile, while taking the easy way out, you're killing all that sensation by using assists. You threw away money and some sort of selfrespect by using assists. any moron can zit in a cockpit, push pedals flatout without any feeling, without any finesse, and just stupidly push them down, not even knowing what would happen if you did that without assists (or even in a road car) and steer a little. you could have saved a lot of money because with assists on a wheel, you'd better could have sticked with controller. Try to drive your own car like your sim rig with assists. Only full throttle and full brake. Why can you do it on the roadcar like it should, but not in a sim?
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    Just trying to understand WHY. Didn't know you'd be offended🤣 OMG what a really mature reaction. And your final sentence, well that says it all😂
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    131 Is the way The Queen. My favorite car. ❤ Polo. R5 Made in Italy. 🇮🇹 Burns. R.I.P
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    @ianism is incorrect here. AI in DiRT Rally 2.0 works similar to how it does in DiRT Rally: The system is largely similar, but with additional variances based on DiRT Rally 2.0 features, like weather, tyre wear etc. I believe @EvansR5 and @jonny174 set the Bogey Times now since they're the fastest guys we have. AI times are not dynamically scaled based on human performance.
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    Find out why you should #manage your expectations with GRID 2019!
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    Headlights in DR2.0 are way too weak and the light beam they emit is way too short. It's like low-beam only, and when the extra headlight pods break it's like DRLs only. They should be changed so the light beam goes much, much further down the road. Would make night racing much better and more realistic. A few screenshot to illustrate the problem. The beam is very wide but pitifully short. They only illuminate the road a very short distance For comparison look at this. Difference is night and day, no pun intended
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    20km+ stages would be nice to have again like 1995 RAC Rally Championship & Mobil 1 Rally Championship 2000 had.
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    here is the Fiesta in Martini colors in tribute to Colin McRae https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ford-fiesta-martini-tribute-to-colin-mcrae.30849/
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    Dirt Rally had proper headlights. Just what do you PC experts think has happened to the game engine that it can no longer handle lighting??
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    Hi everyone, This poll has been closed by myself. Apart from one, the options on this poll are not constructive and come across as offensive. Our standpoint is that F1 titles should be accessible to all players, regardless of initial skill level, budget or equipment. As long as you enjoy playing our game with the settings that suit you, we'd consider that a success. If you decide to practice and challenge yourself by removing assists, improving immersion etc, then go for it! Play the game your way. OP has been messaged
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    Long time lurker, mostly play dirt 2 but gotten into F1 little while ago. Made an account to say can we just get rid of this Alex guy? All he does is post toxic braindead comments and threads bashing people left right and centre. What’s the point having someone like that about? Now the guy is trying to gatekeep how people play a game? *** yo who does that