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    I feel codies have definitely saved the best until last. Scotland is phenomenal!
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    Not that my opinion matters too terribly much, but now that Dirt Rally 2.0 is nearing the end of its support/content cycle, and with the GOTY edition coming out, here are my thoughts about the game having played since the beginning (pre-ordered for release). For reference, I am playing on Xbox One S with gamepad. Good: Content - With a good roster of cars and a nice mix of rallies, this game truly has a little bit of everything for rally fans. There are nice winding stages, there are quick, short blasts through the forest. I never really feel like I'm missing much if I want to just jump on and do a quick stage. I do miss the hill climb events from previous games, but I understand the licensing issues with say, Pikes Peak. Even though I'm not the biggest rallycross player, the rallycross action is fun and a nice change from constant rallying. The amount of DLC for this game has kept it fresh and it does make me want to come back and play more if I've stepped away from the game for a bit. Physics - The cars do feel very much alive, the best of any DiRT title in my opinion. You do have to think about how the car will react when placing it on the road, can't really just point and shoot. There is a good weight to the cars that makes you feel the movement. It might be even better if I had a sim rig, but for how I play, this game works well for me. Sounds - The game has some of the best car sounds and, in most cases, environment sounds from any racing game I've played. I love hearing the turbos whine and the exhaust pops, the sound of the tires fighting through the gravel. I recently purchased some decent gaming headphones, and that has really made me feel like I'm in the car with Phil Mills barking directions at me. Scenery - Some of the scenery on this game is absolutely stunning. There was a dusk race I did in Germany, with the sun setting behind the hot air balloon, that would've made any racing fan and photographer weep. Blasting through the trees of Poland, bouncing off the rev limiter, is a joy. The recent addition of Scotland makes me think of some of the roads I've driven in real life (here in Ohio) that are my favourite places to drive, nice and winding through fields and trees. Argentina, if I'm pushing right on the edge, makes me sit on the edge of my seat because I feel like I could fall down a mountain at any time. P.S. Good stuff: When the game is on point and really good, it is REALLY GOOD. I enjoy rallying on the game, and like I've said, the rallycross is fun to just fling cars around as well. Not so good: RAIN - The single, biggest gripe I have with this game is the rain/heavy rain. As someone who has played from initial release, there have been improvements made in the rain visuals which were much needed. That being said, just because the rain looks good, doesn't mean it needs to rain 95% of the time. For example, I do enjoy doing the rallycross events, but in my experience, apparently only rallycross events are held in the rain because the online events are ALMOST ALWAYS in the rain, and it's usually heavy rain. The new Scotland DLC, one of the first weekly events was 9 stages, of which 8 were some sort of rain. I'm sure it rains a lot in Scotland, but I live in Ohio and see enough rain, so PLEASE let the sunshine more in this game. Not every event has to be sunshine, it could be overcast or something, but PLEASE, in future titles, make the rain happen in say 5% of instances. Poland isn't much fun, in my opinion, when I'm going 100+ mph through a torrential downpour. If I'm racing in the hills of Spain, the rain shouldn't be falling all too frequently. I believe improvements have been made, but next title, make like every 5th event a rain event, not 95% of stages. Also, in free play, it'd be nice if we could get more weather options as it was in Dirt 4 or Dirt Rally. Just being in either dry or rain really doesn't give that much variety. DLC - I know this has been stated previously, but when paid DLC is mostly content that was in a previous iteration of the game, that really doesn't leave a good taste in your consumer's mouth. I love the 2000cc class. So why did I have to pay to have the cars that were in previous titles? Finland was a much welcome addition to the game, but having to pay for it just so I can say "Well, the physics have improved" doesn't really do much. I will say that the cost of the DLC is good, they did not break the bank by any means, but paying twice for something that is, for most intents and purposes, very similar to what it was before doesn't sit well with me. Monte Carlo is fun in DR2.0, definitely feels more realistic, but it also felt good in Dirt Rally.... Another thing with the DLC, is that if it is content carried over from a previous title, some of it just lost character from the previous game. I don't know if they've really done this in the Panzerplatte, but not having the downed plane and some of the other more "military" aspects of the location really kind of made it not as exciting. The DirtFish school is missing the container/parking lot obstacles from Dirt 4, and that really made it not as exciting. As much as I love driving across an empty parking lot, while that may be more accurate, it really lost the spirit from the previous iteration of the location. Inconsistent Pacenotes - Another fairly major gripe for me with this game is the quality of the pacenotes. I'm not a real rally driver, I've never done it in real life, but if Dirt Rally 2.0 Phil Mills was my real life co-driver, he would've got a gloved hand across his helmet. I'm sure my rally fans here would know when I refer to the rally drivers who yell at their co-driver when notes are wrong and/or the timing is off. That's how I feel with this game. I only have 90% confidence in the notes, and in rally, you need 110% confidence in the notes. I have the timing of the notes to almost the earliest, and it's not consistent. Sometimes it's three corners ahead. Sometimes I'm going through the hairpin when being told it's a 1-right. In Spain, it seems to me that there are "Don't cut" notes missing, through some of the quick winding parts, when there is a guardrail on the inside of the corner that I flip over from trying to cut. In my experience (and in Jon Armstrong's video about pace notes), the number of the corner USUALLY corresponds to the gear you can take it in. I don't feel confident in these pacenotes enough to really do that. There is a corner in Germany that used to be a "5-left, be brave" that, if I'm thinking of it correct, is a "2-left" in DR2.0, just because it is a slightly acute angle. Time is of the essence in rally, of course, and I did have to re-evaluate how I drive and adjusted my racing lines in some stages, but these notes just always seem a little off. I also miss the "acute hairpin," other "hairpin" calls, or even "square left/right" from previous titles, as the turns now seem to be more "1-left or 2-right". The hairpin calls seemed more accurate to me. Summary: This game is good. I spend a good chunk of my time playing Dirt Rally 2.0 The majority of what I do is rally racing, and there is a good amount of content to keep me preoccupied. But, for every good thing in this game, there is something that just holds it back from truly being a "game of the year" for me. Part of it is just a "been there, done that" from the previous title that might have been slightly changed, but not enough to make me want to pay for it again (although I did buy most of the DLC). Another part of it is the frustration brought on by constantly driving in less-than-ideal conditions (again, not that everything has to be sunshine and rainbows), but it is nice when you can just see out of the windscreen a blue sky. I know co-drivers are going to have different styles, but how things are in Dirt Rally 2.0 doesn't make me always feel confident in approaching the rally stage. Although I've learned how to drive a bit better, I should also be able to drive well because I have confidence in the calls in my ear. There's a lot of good stuff in this game, but now that the title is nearing completion, it's been a rough (I'll say it, DiRT-y) road to get here, and it's not quite the shining example of a great rally sim that it could be. Part of it is me, part of it is the limitations of my gaming system, part of it is just the game... Catch y'all in the leaderboards. :)
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    Hello - I was led to believe GRiD 2019 will be getting split screen like the previous two versions of GRID had - when is this feature likely to be added? Thanks
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    Hi everybody, are there any information about the intention of the sim development team to provide F1 2019 with a serious telemetry dataset? I would like to make mention, as an example, to the telemetry tool that was present in F1 GP4 developed by Geoff Crammond. The data provided in this way are a must in order to make a serious set-up!
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    Was hoping for a top 10 finish. Not put a prolonged amount of time into DiRT in well over a year so happy with 11th that I'm currently in. Lets see if that's were I end up 🤣 Going try and commit to the whole season and hopefully improve as the season continues.
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    Hey! Many games don't support changing resolution while in Fullscreen Windowed mode, so do try and change your"Display Mode to Exclusive Fullscreen or Windowed 🙂
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    Well this is what I mostly meant. For me it's hard to trust the calls when those are inconsistent. But I know that pace notes are hard to make to suit everyone and different people would prefer different calls.
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    As a side note, after restarting the game I played the MyTeam delta daily (r5 in Argentina) and had no problem. Then did the bonus daily in the Legacy in Argentina and the game crashed after the stage pressing continue
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    I just tried the first McRae scenario without signing in to racenet as you suggested and it crashed in the same place again pressing continue after completing the stage unfortunately
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    Fantastic. I hate the predictable day-night progression in every event..
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    Scotland has one of the best stages in DR2 this far. I really like it. But. I also have to say that I don't like those super late pace notes. Also there is just plain wrong calls IMO and I find it confusing and hard to trust those pace notes.
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    Tbh I think we all gave up on grid 2019. Had enormous potential and although I am a wheel sim guy . I enjoyed what little content we had for grid 2019. I only played grid 2019 on a controller as I was told it did not work well with wheels and yet we were told it was for the casual sim racer and serious arcade racer. For £55 the base game as its called nowadays was not much more than a expensive demo of yesteryear games I could never understand why codemasters chose there different routes with games that make money. All the best and I hope everyone is safe And well.
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    The problem with Autosport was it's timing of release and the fact Codemasters decided it wasn't financially viable to port it to XB1 and PS4, so it kind of got overlooked when everyone upgraded to the newer consoles. If it was good enough to generate 1m unit sales on previous gen consoles then it does kind of make you wonder how well it would have done if Codemasters had decided to take the plunge and upgrade it for the newer consoles as well. You never know, we might now be talking about how great Grid 5 (or even Grid 6) is instead of lamenting over the half-hearted game we ended up with after six years of waiting. Anyhows, i'm now bringing this whole Grid thing to an end and moving onwards and upwards to better things (and judging by forum activity it looks like i'm not alone in my decision) so, in the words of Delboy, it's "bonjour" from me.... Happy gaming and stay well.
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    Regarding the bridge slow down, until now users like me only have reported it on older gen CPUs (there's also a thread on Steam about it). FX8350, FX6300, i7 2600, a 12' Mac Pro Xeon Quad (1st or 2nd gen Core i, probably), i7 860. Not sure if user reports with a i7 3770k and i7-4720HQ were affected in the exact same way, or just general slowdown. Can be tested while going very slowly with the car on that zone, and it affects one half of the bridge (entry half on Muir Reverse and some meters before, exit on Muir). If you stop in there, fps will be terribly low, then they return to normal abruptly after exiting the affected area. Even dropping the detail to minimum possible doesn't affect the situation, so it doesn't look like the usual situation where an old cpu will cause a slight stutter due to more draw calls on a zone with more objects/details (within a reasonable limit). One affected user on the Steam thread suggested reducing AO, but it does no difference on my system (from Medium to Off) at the lowest fps points. Could it be something relying on instructions these older CPUs can't cope with, like a reverb sound effect or physics calc at this point of stage? If needed I can make a clip, on the following screenshots you see how constant fps flow with the car stopped at various points while crossing the zone, from >100 to under 15fps then back to 100fps. Screens
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    • PC, Steam user. • Windows 7 professional 64 bit, Intel Core i5-3450 3.10 GHz, 12 GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 3GB. • Deluxe user. • OSW Simucube (steering wheel), Xin-Mo Controller (Shifter), BU0836-LC Interface (Pedals), BU0836A Interface (Handbrake). Bug: Wrong Gearbox 1 - Subaru WRX Sti NR4, in game use Manual H shifter gearbox. 2 - Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X NR4, in game use Sequential shifter gearbox. 3 - Subaru Impreza WRX Sti Rallycross, in game use Sequential shifter gearbox. 4 - Subaru Impreza S4, in game use Sequential shifter gearbox.
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    Interior lighting in Subaru Legacy does not work, no light at all other than shift light and gear indicator Steam, super deluxe edition 1230v3, GTX 1070, 16gb ram, SSD, Windows 10, SB Z 2D, 2560x1440 60Hz Logitech G920+shifter
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    If it's any consolation, I have observed the lag when people leave and join, hosting or not. This would seem to be a symptom of 1.22.
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    hello in the first special of the scotland rally, shortly after the start on the bridge (quite technical), i have a loss of FPS. I have 90 FPS in the whole game and there, on the bridge, I fall back to less than 20 FPS, it lasts a few seconds then more problem. It's only there in one way or the other. What is it about ? thank you
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    please , why for carreer is not grid of 2019 or 2020 ? sorry but i not like .
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    Its a thing of a past if you like sitting in a roon your own ....
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    Same problem with my XboxOne. Practice and qualifying works fine. But when I try to race I get ejected from the race an receive the message “Error Cannot join the session, you have no multiplayer privileges, Error Code : HO163:8803”. And that has happened twice on the second lap.
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    Same here on Xbox. Started the weekly event race. After ~ 30 seconds into the race I got kicked out of the race and the same errorcode appeared.