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    The ridiculous situation of needing to have an internet connection to play a single player game is the problem. It’s not been fixed, it’s not going to be fixed. Codemasters took my money (£70+ with game plus season passes) and now they hold me to ransom by deciding when I can play. This is totally unacceptable and not how a company should treat its customers. My game is getting uninstalled, my game disc is going on eBay and I will never EVER be buying another Codemasters product again!
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    Im assuming that its slow for everyone. Why would it be very slow for a couple of people while it "works good for a majority"? I was probably a part of your chart when doing the daily AI challenge but i can assure you that the game did not work well. Maybe try the game yourself and see what a great experience it is.
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    So despite having better physics (excluding tarmac) than RBR, it is no simulation? Is this one of these arguments, where "simulation" equals "most difficult to drive" rather than "like driving in real life" ???
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    It's hilarious how many people don't use comon sense and basic logic. They have nothing to investigate, the problem is simple, they were never prepared for the servers to have such a high load. Due to corona everybody is at home playing video games so the servers just get overloaded. It's simple as that. And the players from PS4 are not making things easier. The solution to the problem is even simpler: upgrade servers. They dont need "all the tehnical teams" like they say to investigate what a child can find out by using logic. What they are investigating is if they want to spend money on new servers giving the fact that those servers will not be used after Corona pandemic goes away. And we all know how are these companies about spending money... Of course they get a ton of money with the pandemic and the PS4 players but, hey, why spend some on servers them when you can just keep it and keep "investigating" until the pandemic pases. Their problem is that the pandemic doesn't seem to be over so soon so we need to harras them until they will upgrade their servers (not even talking about so much money if we calculate their profit).
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    Its not difficult for them to try it themselves. Just fire up the game and look at the loading times. Even when you had choosen the car and go to the next screen, the buttons to move in the tabs did only respond after a few seconds which usually are immediately. Its very bad but if you only watch at some graphs how many playing it might look like everything is fine?
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    Absolutely nothing is laser scanned when it comes to DR2 and its stages. They've never done it that way.
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    The game is unplayable right now. What a joke
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    The RaceNet issue has been there since launch! Have you really tried to fix it?
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    We live in cloud age so servers are not any problem if design is OK. But somebody needs to repeat same mistakes again and again. Always on completely destroys the game reputation. It was pretty bad after release and it's pretty bad now. Maybe they should fire management for similar decisions. Crisis should help with it a lot 😉
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    I wouldn't say the game is dead - but it is certainly at an inflection moment. When F1 drivers are trashing the game it is a very serious problem, particularly these two who sim race quite a bit. Codemasters needs to get these two back on board to restore confidence in the game. F1 management also needs to think this through - they have given the license to a game that is being trashed by their own drivers - what does that say about their quality control in providing a positive experience to their fans.
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    first of all, regarding all of this, a lot of people bought the game on launch left and didn't come back soon after it came out, because the game was released with a lot of bugs (fairly serious graphical issues on the consoles and bugged trophies, for instance) and a lot of things didn't work as well as might be reasonably expected, (like Ai difficulty differing massively between car classes, FFB being unsatisfactory to a majority of wheel users, not very good tarmac handling, career mode requires internet connection). so a large percentage of people who own the game didn't play for very long. now, a large % of the player base have bought the game in the last few months, with everything going heavily on sale during the winter while the devs were wrapping up Season 4 and preparing for the release of the Colin McRae pack. (also, though this doesn't apply to the PS4 achievement stats, the game was free on xbox gamepass last autumn, so that platform had the most users - until this week). Adaptable is a good example. it was bugged for months, and just wouldn't pop for many people. I did get it, but it took a month for it to pop, during which time I did dozens of stages in each condition. it didn't seem to be really fixed until like 4 months after the game came out. that would explain why so few people have that one. as for Qualified and Against the Clock, not all that many people do Ai Challenges or Time Trial. AI Challenges especially are weird, because everyone gets the same difficulty level: where it's set is too hard for beginning and too easy for even upper intermediate players. I remember thinking they were impossible when I first started playing, but now I find them too easy (and I'm not even particularly good. I play on KB for god's sake). I started doing Dailies, Weeklies and Monthlies pretty early on, but driving against other people is more interesting than driving against the AI, so I do far fewer Ai Challenges. also, the AI Challenges never have any DLC content, which makes them much less interesting to me now, because I've played the base game stuff to death. and yeah, most players use some form of assist. I certainly do, but I wanted the achievement, so I turned them off for one of the Historic Championships.
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    I don't know if this is a server issue. I had this happen to me once, a year ago, driving the M1 Procar in a Weekly in Germany. I didn't notice the increase in km driven until later, but during the event I have crazy levels of wear on the parts - I just couldn't fix most of them until after the event was finished because it made me exceed the repair time limit. after the event, I had something like 475km driven, when it should have been around 150
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    back after 24h. online sections are still virtually unplayable yikes, this is not good when the game just went free on PS Plus
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    I'm not sure, but it's probably related to the pc's bluetooth adapter and my bluetooth headphone. I tried disabling the bluetooth driver and obviously I can't use my headphone after that. Need it cos the current headphone cable is super short and gets in the way. Probably can work around it in due time. I don't have any other input devices apart from the usual keyboard and mouse. I use a Logitech wheel, but only to play the game.
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    seemed to hold up enough for me to do dailies today, hopefully it keeps up.
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    I've never tried the following nor I recommend it, because in the end that error is still between local (which should be the same as in steam cloud) vs racenet data. Looking at the files, the way to restore the local profile to a previous state could be to discard the current/newer savegame@profile#* file pair on userdata\<user>\690790\remote, and replace them with a copy of the older savegame@profile_backup#* (if the date corresponds to the desirable previous state). The problem with that, is that when you connect to racenet there should still be a mismatch since the last time you've connected to them and a newer remote save was created on racenet, so you'll probably still have the championships reset, or even worse, risk having the whole career reset, depending on how they manage these assyncs. I've had a similar situation this week on a bad connection day, after exiting time trial and going back to main menu on a session where I didn't even touch the pending masters rx championship (only Club events), so it got reset with the same message. TBH, all this sync process should be more resilient if the game doesn't allow a user to manage backups/save slots (to avoid save-scumming, maybe), or at least offer the chance to return to a previous championship state when such unexpected errors occur (from a local auto-backup or at least racenet's own). This can be very damaging to the relation between CM and its costumers, specially if a whole career reset is still a possibility.
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    Now it's working fine and fast. I hope that it will be the same in afternoon and after.
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    Actually the issues are to do with the reliability of racenet and codies server, not people's internet. My internet is absolutely fine, but the last two days DR2 has struggled to connect and has displayed "communicating with server" for several minutes. You can't even repair a car or buy an engine upgrade without it having to connect to the server. The decision to design it this way is nothing short of asinine. Here's hoping it's not in DR3.
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    The capacity issue started showing up in January. Got worse in February, and have basically been a persistent issue for much of March, we've had major issues over the last weeks at RaceDepartment, people asking for longer session times (not possible). Rallies having to start later as it's been impossible to even enter the club-section on the dirtrally2-site. Basically the last 3 weeks it's always been hours in the afternoon/evening EU-time with massive connection-issues. This has been reported in many places, but seemingly no work was taken from Codemasters... See quote under as well! Not now, but there's no denying you(as in Codemasters) have been blind to this for weeks. if work had started earlier when issues started, maybe you'd have less issues now. PC Norway Not possible to connect. This seems to be a thing for the users in our club as well. We've had well over 100-drivers the last weeks, 161 last week. With 60 new members this week we've had less than 70 drivers starting SS1. In addition to this, while there is always a "solid" number of retired drivers, Of the 69 starters, only 19 has been able to do all stages. Many falling off due to the connection-error leading to retirements as one don't want to have the game open for x-hours in case it suddenly works the 10 seconds when you click "try again". And main menu leads to retirement on the stage. Too bad you had to give the game away for free and get a massive influx of users not able to play the game to start investigating and fixing this... On the flipside - good thing game was given away for free, so this actually is worked on.
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    Hmm, lost the interest in this discussion, after just 1 sentence I decided it was just unneccessary bashing. No need for and a shame.
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    Just looked on steam Buy F1 2019 £44.99 Just amazed it is not at least £20 by now
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    You're joking right? I think you do a very good job as community manager, and my love for the game is big.....but this almost feels like an insult....
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    Editing the actual actionmap file that your controller uses. It's more complicated to explain here when it's been explained well enough elsewhere. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\F1 2019\actionmaps
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    I can't connect. This is getting ridiculous now. How many times do we have to complain about server connection issues before Codemasters bother to do anything? What's worse is that it's not a recent issue! People on here have been complaining since the game was released and nothing gets fixed. Please Codemasters, either improve your servers or make My Team playable offline. @PJTierney
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    I have the same problem I can used all the car is Rally DLC in all other modes but not in career . We need her to be resolved as soon as possible. Please thank you.