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    @BarryBL Hi everyone, I have wanted to share this idea in the F1 forum for some time. My idea was to totally renew the customization of liveries etc ... My idea was to totally renew the customization, instead of just changing the colors of a preset livery, it would be better to make a livery from 0, creating designs independently and putting sponsors on it ... So I would like people to be free to create their own livery. Maybe by sharing it with the community, which in turn can put a "like" and use it. To create a livery, my idea was to put shapes that can be stretched, shortened, swirled and squared. The sponsors that are put on the livery can be of 2 types: 1. They are sponsors put by the community, obviously sponsors created and not real. 2. If you could put sponsors of the real stables, for example: AMD, Shell, UPS, etc ...
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    Hi all, Does anyone know of code masters has any plan to make the next version of F1 cross play? I have a friend on xbox who I’d like to play with.
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    Good idea in a fantasy racing game like gran Turismo but in an officially licensed game that's the only way it ever works. You just can't have a yellow Ferrari with dancing frogs on it... Now if you're talking about the MY TEAM instance it's not so strict but those sponsors pay big money to be in the licensing. They won't accept 3rd party original designs at all. Especially when people make YouTube videos with them as it counts as denigrating f1s consumer image /profile.
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    I am going to write a fully structured sentence in the forums official language as I believe this thread urgently needs one. Done! 😉
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    I had forgotten the above, BarryBL it is frankly insulting to suggest we have enough to think about given the system in place for 18/19. The hold function needs to be an option. After all that is how the old KERS system was implemented, did anyone ever complain about that? I can't claim the once a lap change is my idea, it was mentioned by someone else earlier in this thread. But I must agree it is insulting to folk who invest in wheels pedals and a rig to use them in. Quite frankly I think the "dumbed down physics" an insult to f1 in general. Even with more realistic physics/car setup model and a tyre model that included flat spots the casual gamer would find the game accessible given the amount of assists (including the "hidden" gamepad assist) available. The simplicity of the car setup model and an AI that run the default at every track is frankly also insulting. The game really feels like it's aimed at the lowest common denominator and those who want more are ignored. It's a bottom up approach, when in reality a top down approach would be more apt given f1's technical genius. I'm beginning to digress so that's enough!
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    Whoop, whoop, finally a rally without a big mistake, time penalty or puncture 😃 Had a moment on SS3 were I came wide and almost crashed, but managed to come back on the road without any problem. Struggled a bit with the tyres on SS3 & 6, but was managable. Wasn't the max possible pace, because I was cautious sometimes, but still pretty good.
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    Or, if Max is knocked out of the race, the orange converges on the track. Mwa ha ha ha ha!! 🤣
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    Would be cool if we eventually get the option to divide the leaderboards by teams, e.g.: If i drive the Williams and post a 1:16:8 at Spain, i will be listed XXXXth in the general leaderboard. But, i get the option to filter the leaderboards and choose "filter by teams", which grants me the ability to see my Williams laptime of 1:16:8 listed against all the other Williams times that have been posted by other people. Imo, with this filter system in mind, other options such as "filter by assists" (no assists/ medium assists/ full assists), "filter by platform" (PC/ PS4/ XBone), "filter by device" (Steering Wheel/ Controller/ Keyboard/ Joystick) and "filter by date" (Newest/ Oldest) etc. should also be added. Codemasters need to give us more filter options for the Time Trial or Special Event or Online MP leaderboards.
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    Phil Mills in his "final form" can swap out punctures in 30 seconds, so that's a worthy upgrade 😉
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    Okay, on a serious note here. BETA Update: List is now completed and we are in the process of sorting out applications over the next few days. I'm not going to guarantee a date or time on this, but thank you for your patience. We've had a lot to sort out and a lot to consider.
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    please telemetry udp for ps4
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    As the title says, which classic car is the best for a noob to the classics?
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    Do you have a fever by any chance? 🤔 😝 As to what you pointed out you are completely forgetting that literal 5 year olds play the game and set up their own lobbies. Whereas personally I believe for the protection of children only people 13 and over should be able to create online meeting places with strangers I don't believe that rule is integrated into the game? Correct me if I'm wrong. I think THAT'S your problem mate. Kids don't spend 15 mins planning a lobby structure then implementing it perfectly from scratch. They kind of experiment and try random stuff out when and where they think of it with no thought to possible consequences. Bless 'em! 🙆🙏🤔💭🙄😁
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    There is a petition going Asking Codemasters to enable crossplay. I just hope we get it for F1 2020 http://chng.it/F4C9GdXH
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    Just think lads and lasses, in 2022 this guy can post "cmon Codies I've been asking for this stuff for TWO YEARS NOW!". If that's what his plan is I can truly say that's some impressive forward thinking! 💭🤔😉
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    To be fair here Dirt usually only has ONE car on screen at a time except for small races (6?). Having large realistic looking tracks and 20 different cars with all the ai running in the background is a much bigger system load. If you're talking VR for time trial only, that's different.
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    Finally someone who shares my thoughts... remember last year? We got pretty clouds! But a stable framerate is too much to ask. He just doesn't have high standards when it comes to producing a complete package, same with the tracks and all the other ********. in stead of beeing honest and saying it's just too much work for the few people who use VR, he comes with another ******** excuse. It's always excuses with this guy. If this is so intense graphics engine, how come the framerate in 19 is all over the place? Why does it looks cartoony? dirt looks 10 times better, AND THEY HAVE VR. With more detailed cars and tracks. And F1 in this state is too heavy? What a joke! It's just the same blablabla, just a different day. And what you said, time to switch leadership and place someone who actually cares for QUALITY, in stead of filling it with useless functions, while all that time and resources should be used to fix all the issues from previous years which carried over. One thing he seems to miss is that people don't care about the quantity of options in a game, when the QUALITY SUCKS BALLS! great minds think alike!
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    Its been confirmed by youtubers that in time trial the cars are still not equal, so we will all still be using the Mercedes again it seems
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    Will pass on @AlexTT, seems sensible. UDP stuff is on my to do list, I'll see what I can do.
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    Im very impressed that you made it to master when you dont understand how the pace notes work! Pace notes are pretty off like a 4 could be a 3 etc but still. Good job
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    If anyone wants to do random 5 lappers at 1500BST, just join on. Probably for about 1 hour. For unranked, it wasn't too bad.
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    The VR statement is obviously a meaningless excuse that translates to "We don't think it's worth the investment". We probably won't be getting it until PSVR2 or something, because who cares about PC right?
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    Hi everyone, I've spoken to the developers on comments on this one. To confirm, for the equal cars, the performance is all based off the standard, multiplayer car. The only differences are the visuals of the cars, not the physics themselves.
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    I can already promise you @steviejay69 that I'll try to be more harsh on the Beta side 😁