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    First of all, I love what you've done with the game in the past years. Though, as someone who plays the game mostly for the offline part of the game casually, with a cheap controller/gamepad, I have some suggestions for the future of the game. These are things I'd like to have in the game or things that annoy me and I'd love changed/removed/have an option to remove them. Issues : - AI incredible grip at race starts (cannot counter that with a cheap gamepad) - the level of AI is unoptimized in some races, even from corner to corner they can be either very slow consistently or too fast compared to actual player and adjusting AI skill level doesn't really help that (at least from my experience) (good example is canada after turn 7, AI just finds incredible grip and accelarates so much faster than I can, or the straight after last corner in japan) (another good example is mexican GP, the AI has unreal traction after the last corner coming onto the straight) - AI is often veeeeeeeeery slow when coming for a pitstop - when under safety car, when the message comes up "SC coming in this lap" the AI suddenly brake unrealistically hard, almost coming to a full stop, it often happens that I either hit the car in front or I have to dodge it - when an AI car has an issue and is driving slowly, the AI behind that car are terrible at overtaking that car (usually takes them more than half a lap to finally overtake), often creating a ton of gap between say me and them, takes away from the joy, when I suddenly have 10 sec advantage because of that in 1-2 laps, also sucks being stuck behind those cars as it's pretty much free positions for me Suggestions : - ability to skip practices automatically to not waste time loading practices and then going to qualy manually every time in the "computer" - bring back simulation of races mid race like there was a couple of years ago (obviously make it so that the AI has worse times than actual player) - make it so that when you select a new tyre to fit mid game that the team does not have it actually doesn't let you do it/ notifies you that the tyre is unavailable (as it is now, if you say you want to go to wets and your team doesn't have them, they'll just give you interns and there's no way a player can know that unless looking before each racing weekend how many tyres he has) - ability to remove weber and butler from f1 career mode as I'd rather race vs actual drivers, also all the questions about them are annoying and it just keeps going even if you've raced for 5 seasons or more - as a matter of fact, you could give players the ability to remove interviews all together - ability to edit each AI racers skill level, aggressiveness, tendency of crashes, etc - ability to edit all of the AI's aggressiveness, tendency of crashes overall - more options for race distance? i personally often felt like 5 laps are too little and 25% can sometimes be too long, but something like 15-20% can be ok while still needing to do at least 1 pitstop - ability to change tyre wear so we could potentially be forced to do 2 pitstops in 25% race some of these problems were in the game before F1 2019, it'd be really amazing if you managed to fix all of them and add other features/abilites to players for f1 2020.
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    Hey Codemasters, can you give us option Performance for every Car equal in Grand Prix Mode (F1 2019) ? 🙂 I just want to start a new Grand Prix Season with Equal Car Performance, but unfortunately we dont have that option in Single Player Grand Prix F1 2019 mode 🙂 We can do that with Classic mode (old cars), but we dont have that option with Standard F1 2019 mode. I think it would be more interesting if the cars are equal and the differences are only the pilots performance in the car 🙂 If you can do that in Multiplayer mode, i think it is not problem for you in Single Player Grand Prix mode 🙂 Thank you, sorry for my english
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    This is why I don’t race against humans. It will never change, a large slice of the player population will always act like this. In single player the ai is already superior to race against than many human players In multiplayer and the ai will keep improving, unfortunately a sizeable portion of the player base never will. We will still be talking about bad behaviour by others in 10 years time.
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    @steviejay69 not sure if you noticed how close it was between us in Q
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    It could be part of F1 2020 because no one is allowed to show the Mercedes car in the beta
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    I think this is one topic that should help the casters. i've been in 3 customs leagues and i have notice casters doing very hard job to make their streams more close to original F1 My suggestion is to create custom broadcasting mode for casters, custom camera angles with binds, turns and etc, struggling to take the perfect camera angle when overtake happens. Just make them happy
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    Nothing I can confirm at this time.
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    @PJTierney I do and sent it via message now.
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    As there is no section like this yet, I thought to start a new. I assume that many here are also interested in offroad-stuff beyond the pure rallying and might appreciate a place to talk about it. For a start, I wanna share a little guide for fording through rivers, especially those that are not in rallies and don't have a convenient concrete floor:
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    Hi, I’ve been playing F1 for around 5 years now and I’ve only just been starting to get my set up together. At the moment I have a Logitech G920 on a stand but I’m hoping to get hold of a Playseat soon so I can play properly. Good to be here 🙂
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    That's great to hear, welcome aboard! And have fun playing ofc 😃
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    Yeah, there are always forums like these where you can ask for help in understanding how it all works and people will always help. I'm glad that you're understanding it better and ofc if you have any other questions, be sure to ask 😃
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    I don't know if they use exactly Evo 6 Sound, but i know they have Evo 9 group N sound recorded, and the Lancer 2005 WRC sound recorded.. so they most likely use Mitsubishi sound (They all use 4G63 engine )
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    Just want to say that this is a great thread to read as a noob to F1 and F1 2019 in particular. I've had the game for a few days and to be honest am a bit overwhelmed with the rules and technical side of F1 but reading this thread has explained a lot of the nuances of the game. Thanks to all who have posted.
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    Thanks everyone, watched all in game tutorials, slowly learning stuff 🙂 Regarding my first race AI was on default level 30, this is why I managed to finish in 4th place with Alpha Romeo. Now increased AI to 45, little more challenging for n00b like me.
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    I got this note this morning from my missus: 'Dearest Kitty, I know how much you've been looking forward to joining the 30 club (drawn big grin emoji), only a month to go from today! I thought I would share with you some of the things you can look forward to when finally becoming a mature adult. You can look forward to age lines forming on your face, lots more grey hairs, your sciatic nerve will start to play up and best of all your b**** will start to sag! (she drew a LOL emojii there). I can't wait to share these experiences with you!!! Love Megs (love heart)' I wrote **** off and drew a hand with the middle finger extended. She thinks she's so funny!
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    F2 star Dan Ticktum has announced he will start his own F1 team, which he will also drive for, in 2021! Oh, actually he hasn't because that's really stupid. When I want to play an F1 management game I turn on Motorsport Manager. The codemasters games are supposed to be licensed F1 DRIVING games. What a stupid feature for them to produce. Will obviously be rushed and ridiculously buggy too.
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    As someone who enjoys racing in leagues and smashing AI in career mode while making Toro Rosso the new dominative team of the decade, I think a fantastic new feature would be the addition of the R&D mechanic to Multiplayer, perhaps to the new Leagues format as Leagues now allows the option to save progress in between sessions in private Leagues. This would give Leagues a new dynamic as the 10 teams compete to make the fastest, most durable car on track and would make the realistic car performance option more than a niche setting. Drivers on each team can work together to upgrade their parts for the team as they earn R&D points through the sessions, giving drivers an extra incentive to turn up to each session (Free Practice, I'm looking at you!) and giving players an extra reason to play F1 more together. After a certain amount of seasons, regulations can come in which can level the playing field, if for example, Force India Racing Point have been absolutely smashing it. I'd love to hear if you guys think this a good idea or if it's absolutely horrendous, or if you have additional things to add on to this.
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    How about in qualy if theres 2 minutes left of a session and I have enough fuel to just do a pit stop for tyres the option to do that rather than pull up in pits get jacked up and pushed into pitlane wasting 1 whole minute for sake of some tryres!
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    Really hope that they've made a load of changes to Spa. Also heard that the Japan bump is fixed, which is very good
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    Don't know if this allowed by forum rules. But, as F1 marks its 70th anniversary, an amazing tale of Tony Rolt. They don't make them like him anymore. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/may/17/colditz-to-silverstone-incredible-tale-of-tony-rolt-f1-motor-sport
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    I can confirm this issue on PC with Fanatec gear (F1 Esports wheel & CSL Elite wheel base). It seems like a universal issue with the game when using MFD shortcuts. Without using shortcuts you can switch the fuel and ERS modes much faster and more importantly consistently. 5 presses = 5 switches. With shortcuts enabled you need a very specific time gap between each press for them to register all. I must say it's highly annoying and makes managing the Fuel and ERS so much more stressful because you need to double check if you're in the correct mode.
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    Nope unfortunately. It's a Microsoft issue not the game or wheel. They only allow the same buttons as you have on a pad. I too have the Thrustmaster TX F1 rim and it's annoying I have like 3 A buttons.
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    I agree with some of these a lot. Glad to have someone new to the forums who takes the time to write a detailed post about realistic improvements. I hope you applied for the beta!?
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    ah, you haven't seen this (otherwise pretty uninteresting) interview yet, have you? skip to 0:45 seconds in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFw752sJEhI he makes it clear that different seasons offer different places to race in NYC, and I think it's safe to say that this will mean different event types too, (you can't race on ice year round) and will apply to other (if not all) locations: Norway (it looks like Lofoten, which is very far north) is pretty different from summer to winter, so it's worth showing, and the one shot in the trailer where they showed different seasons seemed to be in China. the bottom line is that there's 70 routes, which roughly lines up with what Dirt 3 had (including the Japan & Monte Carlo DLC). 70 routes have to go somewhere. they're not going to have 10 locations each with 7 different routes in one discipline. that is a terrible way to design a game, and is completely contrary to how Dirt 2 and 3 were set up - not a good start for a game that's trying to emulate their atmosphere and success. uh, they announced the game 3 days ago, on Thursday. Friday was a holiday, and Saturday and Sunday are what we call the weekend. or, as they say in france, le weekend. they've already put out a roadmap for all the announcements (lol @ that. how ridiculous.) so they already have a plan for when we find everything out. so we're going to have to wait. so for disciplines, here are some safe guesses + things we know: Sprint car racing (announced) Ice racing (announced) RX (obviously. and getting the Amplified edition gives you a free VW Beetle RX) Rally (obviously. also C3 R5 and Escort Cosworth are announced) Buggies (announced) my predictions (not super likely, but possible imo): something team-based. D2 and 3 had team-based things, and the game is supposed to enable 4 player split screen in career mode. Raid? (you get a Ford F150 for preordering. however, it could be a landrush car, or something else) Trailblazer? (2 RGT cars from DR2 were in the trailer) Landrush (same as Raid)