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    I made an Excel spreadsheet to organize my setups, track my performance, and give me an insight on the AI levels. There are two worksheets in it. The first is for the setups and performance. There's a table for each GP and it is sectioned with the car setup and a few items I find interesting in the Practice Programs and the Qualifying rounds. Alongside the car setups you have slots to fill with setups you find online and there are two columns that will give you (1) the median average for a given slider and (2) the mode average for it – i.e. which value is the most common one, if there is one. This way if you gather a bunch of setups but some of them are outliers, it is easier to identify which ones are on the "right" ballpark. Under the setups you'll be mostly filling in with fuel usage and time laps for the different practice programs and the qualifying. There are rows to compare those laps with (1) your teammate, (2) the 1st CPU in the grid and (3) the 6th CPU in the grid. It goes without saying but you can change those parameters to your heart's desire. The second worksheet is to get a hold on the AI levels. Since your teammate is your first rival, I usually try to set the AI at a level where I'm in unceasing fight with him, either having an edge or infrequently topping him depending if I am the team’s 1st or 2nd driver. From what I heard, you should dial it up or down 1-2 notches for each 0.1 second difference, but this is my first racing game in more than a decade, it is hard as hell to get it right because I’m often improving during that session. To thwart that, instead of simply filling the worksheet with the race AI level, I do a simple average of the whole GP accordingly to the data on the main worksheet. In this second worksheet you will just fill in the AI level, the qualy laps for you, your teammate and the 1st and 6th CPU, and their respective best laps on the race. There are formulas in the delta rows and formatting rules in the cells so it should automatically calculate the delta and highlight the whole thing dependent on it being a positive or negative delta. I did a chart with the qualy deltas just to ease the visualization part of it too, but it came out dreadful. I am using a custom number format for the lap times on the whole workbook. It is [mm]:ss,000 or ss,000 depending on the context. Sorry about the comma, that’s the decimal separator I primarily use on my country and I wasn’t feeling like fiddling with Excel’s underbelly just to adapt it for the rest of the world. The file is partially filled up and it is a mishmashly hodgepodge jumble of numbers. This is not the original file and I wasn’t meticulous on duplicating everything, but at least you’ll hit the ground running already. I'm more of a Word guy, though, and it really shows. The workbook is as ugly as they come. But my intentions were good! Those with a keen eye may notice I used a few official hex codes when color coding some elements... F1 2019 Setups and Career Performance.xlsx
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    With a game like that if it's not solid out of the box day 1 there's a chance its audience could move to another racing game if one is releasing around the same time. Project CARS 2 had this challenge, in that it came out the same month as Forza Motorsport 7 and Gran Turismo Sport. Assetto Corsa Competitzione's biggest challenger right now is F1 2020, which is only 2 weeks away and (combined with Forza/GT) has the potential to suck up all of their potential multiplayer drivers. There's only so many racing games one can play really 😅 I have ACC on Steam since Early Access and I like the look of it, but frankly never got round to putting the time in. These days I've got DiRT Rally 2.0, Forza Motorsport 7 and soon F1 2020 on the go, so I'm not going to play it on console either, and by the time space frees up Project CARS 3 will be here, and after that who knows (rumours of a new Forza on Xbox Series X, and DIRT 5 is coming too). This is why a racing game needs to be rock solid on launch, as the genre is highly competitive with many good titles out there fighting for your attention. Sadly, ACC on console seems to be missing the mark in some areas from the reviews I've seen.
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    Well worth the money/effort imo, once you've used a wheel you'll never want to go back to a pad. Be warned though, it will take a lot of practice to get the hang of after having used a pad previously!
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    Ahhhh.......I get it now. Thanks for explaining the fuel saving program marioho. I'm all sorted now.
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    @Scrogs you can't change the ERS and fuel settings in the fuel saving program. That is by design. The purpose of that program is to teach you to save fuel with your driving by forcing you to save fuel only with your driving. It is basically a tutorial on how to lift and coast. This is a technique in where the driver lifts the foot on the throttle pedal and lets the air drag slow the car down instead of hitting the brakes. There are videos on youtube that will teach you how to use it properly. Otherwise you're good, you made all the necessary changes yourself.
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    I use the Shortcut MFD screen. Did you put it there? And i have Fuel and ERS as manual, otherwise it will not work. i hope this helps you
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    Thanks for replying marioho. I've ( kind of) sorted the issue. I reckon that manual ERS/ fuel mix can't be used in Time Trial. Makes sense that ERS and fuel will be automatically set to highest settings so that you can set a faster lap time.......apologies to all you seasoned F1 gamers for me not realizing the obvious. I found the auto/manual setting for ERS within the career menu.....in the practice/ qualifying rounds prior to race day. And manual ERS/fuel mix works well......until I choose that manage fuel learning thing/scenario within the practice session and then it goes awry. Can't seem to manage fuel management either with dpad or right stick settings!!
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    I was going to say, I think you need to short shift up through the gears quicker. You’re in 1st for a while.
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    This is true, but for a healthy multiplayer population you need a wide range of skill levels and people interested in sticking around, and if half the playerbase jumps off to F1 or something else, you're stuck with private lobby racing (which ACC doesn't even have as a feature at the moment). I like that they decided to bring ACC to console, I hope they iron out their issues as more decent racing games to choose from is always a good thing.
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    Eng: You will be able to pre download the game on 4th or 5th a think PL: Będziesz mógł pobrać gre przed premierą, coś około 4/5 lipca
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    Hi. If I bought the Schumacher Edition, will I be able to download the game on July 7 at midnight, or will the game come out in the morning? hi i translated your question i think it will be available at midnight
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    The only thing is, ACC is in a league of its own when it comes to driving physics, nothing else on consoles even comes close (I doubt F1 2020 will, with all respect), and for this reason alone I reckon that sim enthusiasts who play on consoles will not abandon it for other racing games, even with its flaws.
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    Discord is a live chat platform, similar to what IRC was back in the day but with a bit more structure. There are different communities (servers), which have their own conversation topics, and it's available on your phone or PC. I for example am in a server just for F1 (the sport) fans, one for graphic designers, streamers etc. People are using Discord more than forums these days, with official ones out there for DIRT 5, GRID and tons of other games.
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    Honestly, the physics in ACC are so good, if I could have this kind of tarmac handling in DR2 at the cost of 30 fps, I'd take it. It might be an unpopular opinion. When you're on PS4 and you jump from DR2 or PC2 into ACC, the difference in framerate is noticeable, but after a few laps you get so immersed, you forget about it. Sure, if you're a proffessional sim racer, 30fps is going to be problem, but for people who play sims for fun and immersion, it's not that big of a deal. ACC is definitely the most realistic sim on consoles and I'm very happy it's here, even with its technical shortcomings. On the other hand, what is happening around Project Cars 3 at the moment, is shocking in my opinion. Still, you're right that Codies should be applauded for managing to combine 60 fps with this kind of visual performance on consoles. The company name checks out I guess. 😉
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    some simple livery this time - Martin Semerád Fabia R5 https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/Škoda-fabia-r5-martin-semerád.34073/
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    I feel your pain. I have the same surname as one of the drivers. So I know my name is in the audio files. But since they only use last names I have to accept it will never be in there. Very frustrating when your name is in there but can't use it.
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    Nice rig @Matthiasrsteam 🙂 - Here is a fresh guide, taking everything I've learned so far while playing this game to give you the best advice I could 🙂
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    From what I am seeing on demo impression videos, people that are seasoned racers, think the game handling model is too easy even with all the assists turned off. I hope this is adjusted so that with all assists off, the game is challenging and throttle and brake inputs are more meaningful with proper feedback through the impulse triggers for Xbox One/S/X/Series X, the adaptive triggers for PS5 and FFB steering wheels. I understand that it is an arcade game but am hoping that in the launch build of the game, all assists off will make it more rewarding for counter-steering and nailing those powerslides with the right amount of throttle and brake inputs. It would be amazing if you could steer the car on throttle to some degree even though it is arcade. I am not asking for the game to be a simulation because I understand that is not the intent but even in Forza Horizon 4, throttle control while drifting matters and they implemented it rather well in that game. Also, I hope that there is something in place to prevent rammers from ruining online races. Forza Horizon 4 ended up with a clever system to stop wall riding and people using you as a brake when entering a turn. Hopefully you can use all cars on all tracks with the exception of maybe sprint cars. I wouldn't really understand the reason for restrictions of certain car classes to certain locations or tracks. Hopefully the cars have working mirrors for cockpit cam and not just silver place holders. I know that it's still 3+ months until release but issues such as cockpit lighting in Grid 2019 were brought up before release and they are still present now 8+ months after release with no fixes announced. The issues were acknowledged for Grid 2019 but now I cannot get a community manager to reply to my request for an update on the issue. I might understand being ignored if I had flamed them or been rude but I have always been respectful on Codemasters' forums. I feel a little let down with the Grid 2019 release at $79.99 for what I feel is not very much content but it makes it even worse to have known issues ignored. This game looks very promising and I am very excited for it as long as they deliver great value which for me was not the case with the latest Grid 2019 game. Dirt Rally 2.0 is my favorite racing game to date and it's because of the attention to detail, the amount of content and the amazing handling model. The community manager for Dirt Rally 2.0 is also first rate. I am very much a fan of some of Codemasters' games but it's great games that make Codemasters' name great and not the other way around. P.S. I have played DIRT 1 on PC/Steam, DIRT 2 on Xbox 360, Dirt 3 on PS3 and am currently playing Dirt Rally 2.0 on Xbox One X. I have not played the first Dirt Rally or DIRT 4. I am very much aware that the numbered DIRT games have been arcade games which is wonderful. I am glad that they are different than the Dirt Rally games and I loved DIRT 1-3. I am only asking for a little more depth to the handling model when all assists are turned off for people that want a challenge.
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    Les Paul guitars ❤ I imagine you would be devestated if you did get your Gibson 😁
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    I would like to see this in the game. Always I do my pre-season making some FP1 at Barcelona, in a GP mode. This is determine in wich AI difficult leve I will start my career. If I choose start from F2 my pre-season will be Bahrain.
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    Yup. I started at 90 difficulty then in my fourth season onwards I had to drop the difficulty to 70. Massive spikes between tracks too.
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    I’m same on pad on PS4. I’ve had one decent start on 2019. Was at Monaco and it caught me off guard that I got a good getaway so didn’t really react well enough and lost my front wing going into turn 1.
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    Although they are drivers that come with substantial backing @RPJ1984 in real-life, the drivers will still have contracts with previous teams that need to be broken, and the drivers would still receive a salary. Also, we're not quite at the level yet where if you sign Lance, you get Lawrence in your garage 😛. If we are talking about ultra-realism, in theory, Lance wouldn't move team at all because of his involvement and investment with Racing Point. Maybe in some version of the franchise in the future (unlikely tbh), but we'd want all the drivers available for you to recruit on MyTeam.
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    Subaru Impreza 555 - Kryzstof Hołowczyc https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/subaru-impreza-555-krzysztof-hołowczyc.33903/