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    just stay on the track, I love the new and much better track limits
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    1 and 2./ Aware of that and we will be looking to add improvements to the customisation where we can later in the cycle. I've done a fair bit of tinkering in the Customisation stuff and its our first major attempt at it, so we'll always be looking to improve this for sure
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    ABS seems to be OP currently. If you check TT leaderboards on PS4, most of top times are made with ABS on. I haven’t driven with ABS for two years now and just tried it, it’s way too good. Braking distances are equal when there is no risk of locking up with ABS off. However for an example Vietnam T1, you can gain hugely time because you can brake a bit later than with ABS off as you can start turning at the same time without worrying about locking up. It was well balanced in F1 2019 as with ABS braking distances were longer. It should be like this in F1 2020 also as ABS is an assist. Is this going to be nerfed?
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    Micro transactions in full priced products is very very cheeky. Even cosmetic ones. This practice needs to stop. It won't but one can try. Lucky for me I don't care, my customization needs are fairly simple but this practice of 'making content available then later locking it behind a pay wall' is nothing new.
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    Honestly, no matter what they say, F1 2019 and F1 2020 graphics are night and day difference. - The distance view is CLEARLY lower this year. We can see this perfectly in Spa, sector 3, reaching the old Bus Stop. Also in Canada, first corner. The public stands low draw distance is EVIDENT after we turn left and their textures load in front of us. - Colors. They are totally washed. Mainly trees/nature in general. - Anti aliasing. I'm playing on Xbox One X and it's absolutely frustrating to see so many objects "flashing" here and there, totally lacking a mininum of it. - The sun. Used to be bright and realistic when played in HDR, to a point where using Samsung Q80R TV in maximum back light was able to hurt a bit our eyes. Now it seems to be nerfed as well. It's EXTREMELY sad to face this level of downgrade probably because of a new feature just 1% of player base will use. And, for sure, for just a few rare occasions and never more.
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    With F1 2019 having a wide-variety of customisation stuff, including liveries, overalls, gloves, helmets etc. , I had a same level of expectation that we will get something similar in F1 2020. Especially with the new Podium Pass feature. I took a look on YouTube and in the game to see, what liveries overalls and helmets we can win. Unfortunately I have to say that F1 2020's customisation is a massive disappointment compared to F1 2019. The amount of helmets, overalls, gloves that were available us, have let me down aswell. The majority of the helmets and overalls that looked good, and were worth wearing, have been swept down, leaving me and other players being able to choose from completely basic ones. Same with the liveries. I cannot belive that all the good looking liveries you made in F1 2019, are not in this years game, instead we got liveries that look like, that they were made by beginners (with the exception of the British flag shape and the galactic livery). In my opinion, these liveries should have made it into F1 2020: Avax - G-Sync Xenon - Bisect Atlantic - Vostok Zanzare - Flow Venus - Data Stripe Xenon - Dorsal Lupo Industries - Full Moon Distort - Swipe Monnaie - Heritage Avax - Cockpit Achevée - Gradient Xenon - Dart These liveries looked completely amazing, and no matter what color combination you made, it gave you the feeling that, you'd belong to the grid. And since we are at multiplayer cars, I also want to express my opinions about putting sponsors on the cars. I am happy that we can put sponsors on the cars, but it needs a little update. Each livery template should have their own sponsor spots and there should be an option where we can set the size of the sponsors. There are sponsors which size are extremely tiny on certain parts of the car (like XXY). Overall this is what I think about the customisation system of F1 2020. I hope that sooner or later this will be updated.
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    @BarryBL thanks for your quick responses, in the 4 years I've been a member on here no staff member has responded as frequently or quickly as yourself - I think most on here really appreciate that. I get Licensing/copywriting can be an issue with customising - (for example the "Scuderia" debate yesterday) The two things that stick out for me with the custom liveries I think avoid anything to do with licensing 1) No scaling of logo sizes 2) No livery template where sidepods or rear wings have different colour scheme to rest of car Other than that "My team" works a treat - they are my only "moans" with it
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    You can't use ERS 3 (overtake) in qualifying, only in the race and free practice. In qualifying it is set to ERS 2 (hotlap) which in return isn't available during the race or free practice. This is by design and kind of makes sense.
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    Hey, really enjoying the handling and team management in My Team. Thankyou. I'm have real problems with practice sessions. With the difficulty set so I can achieve lap times around tenth or lower (I'm a new team after all) I'm around half a second off at best from the teams expected lap times. If I adjust the difficulty so I can just about pass the practice programs I'm setting the fastest times in the session, 2.5 seconds faster than my team mate. The top teams are setting times around where the practice target times are set. Really hope this is something that's being looked into, I'm honestly not exaggerating when I say it's killing the My Team mode for me.
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    @BarryBL sorry one more thing - ability to change colour of car number
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    I've done it before when helping provide footage for the official Hotlap videos. Basically, you record the driving as it happens, and then you go into the replay afterwards and record all of that too. When they (our video team, or in the case of your example, the YouTubers) edit the video, they'll sync up the two clips on separate layers so that the action is identical, and cut between them as needed. So in short, it's not cutting to replays "live", it's all done in post-production.
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    Imola and Algarve also reported to be coming after Sochi. Worth pointing out that Codemasters have all 3 tracks mapped already through their recently acquired studio SMS which developed Project Cars 2. All 3 tracks are in that game. I understand however that it’s not just the track it’s all the AI behaviour, translating over to a new engine, bug testing and a shed-load of additional work to be done. Really hoping that they do a 2015 style game for 2021 where they re-release the 2020 season in the 2021 game with the realistic “COVID” calendar playable.
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    Gossip generator re-re-re-re-re-re-reactivated.
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    No you are right. If you preordered the game you even got 15.000 for free and you can use it to buy a VIP pass and if you get all the tiers you can buy a new one and never have to pay with real cash.
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    Sorry, it was the 20.5.1 optional I had installed that fixed my problems. Haven't tried 20.7.1 and I have no need to right now since everything works just fine for me. Always a good idea to use a cleanup tool to completely remove all driver files, at least when there's problems with the current one.
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    Also bear in mind the skill difference. Not just between you and the team mate but them and the F1 field as well. Calderón is a very average F2 rating so will take long to get up to a skill level that will be competitive in F1.
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    All drys done, will hopefully have wets done today
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    @BarryBL you could add a „helmet pack“ DLC to the store with for example all F1 2019 helmets to purchase. That would help. Just a suggestion. I think lots of people would buy it.
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    Yes. Both Merc and Codies have confirmed in a tweet
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    Anyone else feel like something is a bit off with the AI straight line speed? I'm playing on 100 AI just having a quick race round Spa starting from the back in a Red Bull. On the straights the rest of the field literally leave me behind. Even with rich mix and overtake I'm only going the same speed they are. This is with the 'Improved straight line speed' setup with 4-4 wings. It can't even be down to the engine, in my Haas career at Vietnam the Alpha Tauri was catching me like a rocket ship on the straights, even without DRS. Feels like something isn't right with the AI or slip stream is slightly wonky.
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    I totally agree, in F1 2018 you could change the climate in any type of mode, but since 2019, you cannot change. I can't understand why they changed that. What is the problem? it frustrates me, because I'm not good at rain, I play with my cousin and we need to restart the entire weekend just to avoid the rain.
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    You don’t have to manage it in the race. You just leave it on the standard mode and it will recharge your battery over time and deploy power as it sees fit across the lap and I keep up with cars that I should be keeping up with no problem. I’d say you gain about 10-15% battery per lap If you don’t use overtake mode, key is to use the ERS in the race strategically and not hammer it all the time. I only really use it for a couple of seconds at a time, to give a boost exiting a corner before a long straight, or to pull along side a car to pass, but then turn it off as you will have enough momentum to get the pass done. I never really have an issue running out of battery. I have also heard that you cannot turn off ERS in the race, but you wouldn’t want to turn it off anyway as you would lose a lot of power, and you will harvest enough energy anyway providing you don’t go crazy with the overtake button.
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    It's good idea and suggestion of being able to move/rotate the sponsors within a particular section on the car. Maybe something they could add later perhaps.
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    The new game is fantastic. Thank you Codies for the great work. But it is a fact that the strict corner cutting rule is very bad and not realistic at all for years now. On the calendar there are a few corners which are made for running over the curbs but in the game the lap would be invalid. It is also a shame that you get a warning or penalty even if you clip the grass and loose time while going wide. This MUST be fixed.