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    Your aware that every reason you have given for cancelling your pre order the game was exactly the same in 2019? Which begs the question, why on earth did you pre-order in the first place....
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    This was also the case with the F1 2019 game. Never fixed
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    I think to make money more valuable once fully upgraded on facilities r&d should cost resource points and money. This will also slow down player progress as at times its too easy to leap near the top inside a couple of seasons.
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    Since 2019 I have been trying to figure out what my skill level (or lack thereof lol) and used the practice program times and qualifying and racing position (example - use racing point, I should be around mid field...say between pos 8-14) as indicators. Anything faster...better then 8, I need to adjust lvl higher, anything slower, the opposite. In order to get R&D points I need to be able to complete the programs etc Problem... the qualifying program tine doesn't fit in with all others. All practice programs, qualifying and race ... lvl 82 In order to even have a chance to get close to full R&D points in qualifying practice program it is no further then lvl 77-78 (To make it even more clear- If I do everything in lvl 77-78 I can win the championship with a mid level car) Is anybody else having this issue?
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    I don't know if the bug is already known. It is often the case that the AI has problems overtaking other cars. In particular, this leads to strange results if the AI drives on a 2 stop strategy (top 10 drivers) and the others on 1 stop strategy. The AI drives several laps behind the train of slow drivers (2 seconds slower per lap) until these cars come to the pit stop. They are then faster again immediately, but have to go to the pits again and are behind the slow cars again - this problem is even more serious if it is a slow route or it is difficult to overtake there. (Monaco, Spain, Hungary, Singapore for example) I hope you can fix this bug - the error occurs especially in 50% races. Thanks and best regards AndreK
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    Hello, i just want to share with you some ideas for multiplayer, that could be added in the future updates. Add an option that allows the use of just one car and lock all the others ( For example this can be useful when you are doing a lobby with old cars, and the host decides to use a specific car. This option avoid people picking up the wrong car before race starts or picking the fastest car, this would be unfair.) Add the " Give the host " button while you are in lobby before race starts. When the host has to go, he can decide the new host, maybe a friend. In this way, you don't lose the lobby you created. This can be useful to avoid creating and setting up the lobby again with all the options. Before creating a lobby, the option " Preset " could be added. (For example, if you are doing a league, and you have different races and different assists, you can choose directly which preset you want to use. In this way, once you press Create, the lobby will be automatically as you selected. In my opinion, this is easier than the actual way.) Add a time limit before and after race. As you know, many people crash during all the events like qualifying or race. Adding a timer of 30/60 seconds would be great. In this way, you dont have to do ALT+F4 everytime that the lobby crashes. After the timer ends, all the people who are still loading in the loading screen will be automatically kicked, so you can switch between qualifying and race or, after the race, return to the main menu, without being stuck in the loading screen. Add the possibility to start a Qualifying / Race session even if you are alone in the lobby. Once you left the lobby, the should bring you back to the server list, and not in the main menu. If you have any other ideas for multiplayer just share everything here! I would like to receive some feedback for these ideas, I would appreciate it very much. Thanks 😉
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    Cockpit with no halo and Track ir. It really helps to be able to naturally look to the apex and check mirrors with Track ir. I'm very happy they added a virtual mirror, helps massively with situational awareness. I'm such a nerd I've also set limits to the track ir so I can't look beyond the limit of the hans device.... yes I have issues.
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    I think what this thread is essentially saying to me is that maybe it's time Codies implemented a system of user controlled sliders in game that we can manually adjust ourselves so we can adjust rankings on an individual basis. Of course, the game can be defaulted to what Codies set and the teams sign off on (although I'm sure they don't have to sign off on performance ratings) and could receive 1-2 updates to correct the default settings where they see fit. What I would imagine is a slider per department (as per R&D screen - chassis, engine, aero, durability) per team that we could adjust and also a slider for each of the different engines base performance like in MyTeam (this I assume differs to that of the engine R&D rankings?). That way when the game launches Codies can set their default to what they believe the pecking order is and if we believe otherwise because we are waiting on Codies to update the game or wait for more races, we can adjust our game accordingly there and then and then there is no more whingeing and complaining to Codies about performance updates. I know it's probably not as easy as that to incorporate but I'm sure they are capable of doing such a thing. I mean sliders and being able to adjust individual ratings are a thing in other games (Fifa, Madden, etc) so I don't see why it can't be a thing here - perhaps even allow us to adjust the driver ratings too 😉 I do not believe that not being able to do so is anything to do with licenses before anyone suggests as otherwise the engines would not change ratings from season to season, the teams order would not change season to season in game, so it is something that I believe can be looked at if Codies choose to do so. They do have an obligation to have the teams as accurate as possible of course (livery and performance) as to the season the game relates to but I do not believe that teams have to sign off for performance ratings as I'm sure you'd likely have arguments amongst them as to who has the best chassis, who has the best engine etc, like I'm sure EA do not need to get sign off for player and team ratings as it's all considered subjective - they always have some players reacting funny to their stats haha. Make it happen Codies 🙂
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    Yawn, that was a total waste of 10 seconds reading that post.
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    Well technically the game doesn't know how tall you are so you can increase it higher to replicate where your own head height would be and "technically" it would still be realistic 😄 That said, if your 6 years old and only a few feet tall and wouldn't be able to see over the cockpit, i probably wouldn't recommend lowering it so you see nothing...
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    Just tried with these new settings and it seems fine now. Turned understeer enhance off too. It might be that I’m more used to it now.
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    “By design” - Helps my old eyes see the gap imma about to send it through more clearly 😂
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    My liveries for season 1 and 2.
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    When commentating a league race I often have to go through hoops to find out the predicted weather for the race, it would be a great and easy addition to have the spectator see the predicted weather for the session.
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    I think that your entire quality control process needs to be urgently reviewed. The irony is that the name of the company is "codemasters"
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    I doubt it's licensing as you can set up a custom championship in Gran Prix mode which will play out like the real thing whatever order of tracks you pick. Commentary even changes to adapt, not calling Australia season opener for example if placed elsewhere in calendar. Just hasn't been implemented as career uses a different setup process I'd guess. It would be nice to give some customisation to this as if you pick 16 for example, then races can come and go from the calendar over seasons like in real life.
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    Ok i will bite. You can have the new tracks but all the tracks not in the calendar shall be removed from the game to keep it authentic. You will need to run a few of the tracks twice in your season of course. Realism.
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    looks like a screw, but it's too big on the car
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    stay tunned XD it's work in progress i'll finish it till friday but most likely till thursday cause i;m don't have acces to the project right now (pc broke), and the other ones aren't uploaded anywhere 😕 sorry for hyping with advance XD
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    I'm not so sure about that. I'm pretty sure I've seen things for sale that are from the same set as something in the podium pass. It would be weird if you couldn't complete a set using the same method. I don't really have a problem with things you can buy now appearing in a podium pass later. You can choose: spend money now and have the item now or don't spend money and have the item later.
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    So when is the performance patch coming ...
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    Looks fixed for me with this most recent update! Thanks guys!
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    We've not changed anything apart from the 1.06 updates as per patch notes. You may just have adapted to the game better. It's expected for players to start at a lower difficulty and for that to be increased throughout the game cycle as you have more practice.
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    Amazing livery, fit so good in game.