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    At the moment it's almost impossible to match colors through all the different 'My Team' areas (Badge, team colors, liveries, suit, helmet) because there's no accurate way to replicate or record any colors. Please show the numeric values when setting up colors so we have something we can write down and repeat in other parts of the game. (Obviously the ability to save and load a color palette would be best but more work, simply displaying the value should be quite easily done). *Edit: Quickly nicked a screenshot from someone and made the changes to demonstrate what I'm after:
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    The rules on overtaking were never clearly written in FIA regulations and much of them are more of a "gentleman's agreement" that's been upheld for ages, but seems to me this is not the most complex incident out there. The cars are alongside each other. Back in the day (2017? 2018?) it was even expressly written in F1's Sporting Regulations, then moved to one of the Appendixes. Whenever the trailing car has a significant part alongside the leading car's rear axle, they're considered alongside each other. and by significant part they were content to accept a mere front wing. When two cars have any parts alongside each other, each driver must grant at least one car's width of space for the other. The so called racing room. Even the F1 esports regulations cover it (2.b): Note that FIA was even more generous to the attacker, considering the cars alongside each other just by him having his front wing alongside the defender's car. So yeah, Andy's at fault in my opinion.
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    Hello Codemasters, it would really be helpful if we would get a HUD for replays so we can see which lap the replay currently is in and who is leading the race and what the time gaps to all the other drivers were. The spectators' HUD which is currently used for spectating an online race would make so much sense for replays in general (especially offline mode) to be able to keep track and to make the whole experience far more exciting. Thank you 🙂
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    Codies are going full ostrich with this one, head in the sand. "If we stay like this maybe they'll stop complaining". Seriously, I don't like playing this card because it sounds preachy, but I work in game development. I know fatigued devs trying to explain themselves out of having to fix something when I see it. In bug reporting or task management softwares you will have resolutions to issues like "Fixed", "Resolved", "Cannot reproduce" etc. There are two variants there usually called something like "By design" and "Won't fix". The latter one is for smaller (in the devs' own eyes at least) issues they don't want to bother with because it takes time away from other issues. However, they can't actually say that to the community for obvious reasons, so they tell poor Barry to inform us it's "By design" instead of "Won't fix" which is just even more infuriating and kind of insults the intelligence of the players. Those are my two cents on this issue. I do outlaps in qualy and don't want to drain my battery before starting my hotlap. Why can't I use the shortcut for going up and down ERS modes when that is what the shortcut was designed for in the first place? "Sorry mate, won't fix this one."
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    Sorry for the repost, but i just added another idea : Once you left the lobby, the game should bring you back to the server list, and not in the main menu. Have a nice day 🙂
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    Driver on the left by far. He purposely squeezed him into the wall. To me, it's a textbook definition of why I hate playing online. Everyone online drives like they think they've got a bumper car, or a nascar. I get wanting to win and all, but that's lap 1. That car on the right is entitled to that space. They're essentially side by side and he gets pushed into the wall. Ridiculous really. The worst is when you're closing on someone online, have DRS, and overtake on and the driver in front just starts swerving all over... left, right, left right, it's ridiculous that the system allows it rather than one move only. I get it's likely not easy to program that as a penalty, but it's just maddening to play online. Brings me to another point... Podium Pass. The collection that rewards the Chrome livery has a section of challenges to complete online. Which sucks for those of us who dont/wont play online. No way of getting that car livery if you're me; and that sucks.
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    Agreed, andymc83 at fault - he deliberately squeezed the AI car into the wall, didn't leave a car's width of room. When Schumacher tried the same thing on Barrichello, he at least left a car's width plus a few inches - and Barrichello didn't back out either.
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    Andy was at fault because the other car was half alongside him meaning Andy must give a car width for the other car
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    HI everyone, We are receiving reports that the 'boss' has been defeated, which is excellent news for us off the back of the 1.06 patch. We had, tentatively, added a solution that should improve this. Please continue to feed back to us on this, whether it good or bad. Thank you all for the patience on this
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    @Caparron ai não é solução... É a famosa Gambiarra... o meu eu coloquei saturação em 100%, mas tem curva que instintivamente vc pisa tudo... ai complica! 😁
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    so, any chance remove "reset to track" of multiplayer races? or create the option like on or off when create the lobby
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    When are we all able to set our own weather in ALL game modes. It's ******* me off that I have to race in 6 heavy rain tracks in a ROW in the my team mode. Let me use an option where I can set the weather to dynamic, dry, clean and wet. Is that so hard ?
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    Completely different from F1 races. In F2, 9 out of 10 times the AI will have better starts than you. It's impossible to match their reaction, even without using traction control! In F1, without traction control, it's relatively easy to have great starts. But in F2 this is just impossible! Anyone else?
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    So funny . This has only happened once but I would love to hear any one else's experiences?
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    I don’t know if this can be called funny because the Safety Car feature is a total mess on this game FOR YEARS! And this video is one example of what’s happening (for those who are « happy » to have a SC). As we are asked, fulfill the bug report with this video and let’s hope the SC will be fixed (one day). Seriously Codemasters, how can such an important feature be broken for years without reaction and at the same time adding new feature (gloves, suits, helmets, store, my team). Next year, make the SC work! This will be the next great feature.
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    You have to leave a car width unless you are ahead going into a corner. That happened on a straight and Andy pretty much ran him off the road. He needs to read up on the rules.
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    This is my onboard camera, for me, it's very nice 😝 I'll share with you some of the onboard cameras (I use a fixed camera setup for all the cars, included the F2 cars) If you like this camera angles, I'll share the settings
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    I'm currently using the settings in the video below on my T300RS wheel. I may tweak them a little but they seem decent enough to me (although I'm not an expert at this!)
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    This is my car currently in season 1 of My Team -
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    1.  Thrustmaster TX Wheel (Ferrari F1 Add on) Brake = look back Wheel left = look left Wheel right = look right 2. Xbox 3. 1.05 (Just installed the update) 4. Online racing , Grand Prix, Time Trial, etc. All of them 5. What are your replication numbers? Happening all the time 6. What troubleshooting have you attempted? Restarted wheel 5 times, restarted the game 3 times, tried every preset in the controls, tried unbinding ‘look behind and left/right’, tried my old wheel, tried 3 different pedal sets This needs fixing right now, not in next patch! The game is unplayable.
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    3rd livery from Rally Bohemia 2020 is here, time for some Škodas now. It's again a bit updated older version of @JanBradáč
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    Subaru Impreza 555 - Kryzstof Hołowczyc https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/subaru-impreza-555-krzysztof-hołowczyc.33903/