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    Drunk Jeff "Box now. We're going to put you on new tyres." \ "There is a new strategy available on your MFD"
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    I'm sick of Clare and Jeff saying me "huuu what's wrong with you, why you hate practice.. even if I go for P1 and P2 full time and I be in it for whole time being and miss P3 they aske me why i have it so much..YH xD Another thing is I don't see point in making the track acclimatization programs, it's not giving me much r&d points, i get more for just driving the race and upgrading factory and making good calls at off track things Yea..i just wanted to make quick rant about those two unpolite people XD
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    Just quoted you on a different thread. When I have the time I'll dig up Barry's post on it, but if I understood it correctly: All +green stats are temporary Some are provided by your facilities. Their spec level. They remain active as long as the driver is in your team. We could almost take them as being semi-permanent in this regard Some come from the Activities you're prompted to allocate into your free time occasionally. Like extra simulation training. They last for one GP only F2 drivers do develop with time.
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    Press conference style like they have in AO Tennis now would be better. Obviously a rethink of the questions needed. In the end it's like when FIFA brought in media interviews to manager career, at first it's shiny and immersive, until you realise it's as deep as puddle.
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    I have Jack Aitken as my team mate. When he's in for his stop, Jeff comes on and tell me "Jack is in the pits. Jack in the pits." Don't even try to tell me nobody thought to use "Jack in the box." 🤣 (With all due respect to Jack; I think he's a great driver.)
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    Indeed. Online is in real time. If you spin or go off track, make your way back onto the track in a safe manner. Should definitely be added to the list of Assists that can be toggled in lobbies.
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    Just to give you guys a short sitrep. I, myself, haven't been able to push out any liveries for Dirt Rally 2.0 lately because of some issues I had with my Adobe license and some other major projects. However, the license issue has been resolved now and I'm hoping to get some real and/or original designs out there in the next couple of days. I have a few of them that were 90% finished but I couldn't release them because they were not up to my quality standards. Today, I was able to finish two cars, one is the Porsche 997 GT3 driven by Laurent Vanton (in Belgium) and another is a rework of an original SRD design on the Ford Fiesta R5 for the people of RAF R&R. Unfortunately, these two will not be available to the public but I do want to share them with you as I'm quite proud of them. I am working on another car that will be available to download within the next 24 hours. 😉
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    My Team Porsche TAG-HEUER at Zandvoort.
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    This was an issue in F1 2019 and you still haven’t fixed it in 2020. Wet weather is a natural fuel saving mode, slower, earlier braking, less acceleration. The entire “Fuel Saving” practice program is about coasting into braking zones, getting on the throttle later on exit and short shifting on upshifts. ALL of which are things you do in wet weather driving. Yet, as with 2019, I use twice as much fuel in wet conditions than I do in the dry.
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    It would be lovely to see our character for a change. Preferably with a cool suit and color-matching sponsorship logos on it.
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    As much as I like Will Buxton, The Team order question always comes up. It's a bit disappointing, but I do love him in the game.
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    I think it's damning that Codemasters have basically not improved the AI model since F1 2014. 6 years and no progress. After the first corner, they still ridiculously queue up on their racing line, making it so easy to go up in the inside. They can't race wheel to wheel - if they try and overtake on the inside they get trapped on the apex. If it is just starting to rain, the model makes them pit at their scheduled time anyway. It's not good enough.
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    If we could see acclaim in numbers and how it's broken down it would be the best. As for how it seems to work is related to your performance in relation to the car performance and expected position, maybe rivalries can play a part too
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    Yup, posted the same. This would be a massive deal for me. My Team sold me 2020, because when I read there was no update to replays, I almost wasn't going to bother.
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    Hello Yours and your teammates Acclaim are added together to give your team a total, then can be used to unlock more sponsor space etc.
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    Good for Paul. Glad he is back in the drivers seat of a new racing game. Besides with Codies buying up other racing studios, its good to see some [worthy] competition. I have nothing against Codies, but competition pushes everyone for quality.
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    When did i say my team wasn't good? Asking for a friend.. Interesting new account to just post an inaccurate comment.
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    Are you doing a formation lap? Check your tire temperatures at the start - In last year's F1 2019 game, your F2 car shows up on the grid with cold tires with terrible grip, and it seems the AI cars are simulated with a formation lap and warm tires? If YOU do a formation lap and warm up the tires, you'll have a lot better traction and get better starts.
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    nearly done in f2 as it was Russia(n) time.
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    Thanks guys for the info. Good to know it's a real thing. Again, about the qualifying practice, yeah, it doesn't seem quite right, should be fixed to a more realistic result, but honestly, we should really ignore it's results or even the task itself and focuse in the other five. As I said, there will be always one of them that we won't be able to get points. We always can ignore the results of one of them if we struggle. And not earning all points is better than maxing out our team so easily.
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    Hi everyone, Please see below for update on all things Pitcoins at the moment. Xbox Pre-order coins: Should be filtering through to players now. PS4 America pre-order Pitcoins: Resolved All other Pitcoin related issues: If you have a Pitcoin related issue that is NOT covered by the two above, please contact custservice@codemasters.com who will be able to help you with your issue We are working hard to get all Pitcoin issues remedied as soon as possible. Please be patient and refrain from adding Gamertags and other details to Codemasters staff or on threads at this time. Many thanks, Barry
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    Came here to take my words back. I spent more and some more time with ACC on PS4 Pro and yes, it´s fantastic game however those few problems shoud fix asap. Like Aris say at his videos, there been nothing like this before on consoles. This one is HC sim. 4k 60fps HDR would be great, hope they do that possible for next gen consoles. Do not leave this game to shop just because there´s complains over the net...it´s not polished product yet but I´m sure it will be. https://www.youtube.com/c/ArisDrives/videos
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    Left is before the race where a training activity took place and right is after the race. On Xbox One @BarryBL No training stat boosts have lasted longer than a single race through the entire season so far. I’m guessing the effects are meant to be permanent.