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    I'm sick of Clare and Jeff saying me "huuu what's wrong with you, why you hate practice.. even if I go for P1 and P2 full time and I be in it for whole time being and miss P3 they aske me why i have it so much..YH xD Another thing is I don't see point in making the track acclimatization programs, it's not giving me much r&d points, i get more for just driving the race and upgrading factory and making good calls at off track things Yea..i just wanted to make quick rant about those two unpolite people XD
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    Just quoted you on a different thread. When I have the time I'll dig up Barry's post on it, but if I understood it correctly: All +green stats are temporary Some are provided by your facilities. Their spec level. They remain active as long as the driver is in your team. We could almost take them as being semi-permanent in this regard Some come from the Activities you're prompted to allocate into your free time occasionally. Like extra simulation training. They last for one GP only F2 drivers do develop with time.
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    Press conference style like they have in AO Tennis now would be better. Obviously a rethink of the questions needed. In the end it's like when FIFA brought in media interviews to manager career, at first it's shiny and immersive, until you realise it's as deep as puddle.
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    I have Jack Aitken as my team mate. When he's in for his stop, Jeff comes on and tell me "Jack is in the pits. Jack in the pits." Don't even try to tell me nobody thought to use "Jack in the box." 🤣 (With all due respect to Jack; I think he's a great driver.)
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    Indeed. Online is in real time. If you spin or go off track, make your way back onto the track in a safe manner. Should definitely be added to the list of Assists that can be toggled in lobbies.
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    Just to give you guys a short sitrep. I, myself, haven't been able to push out any liveries for Dirt Rally 2.0 lately because of some issues I had with my Adobe license and some other major projects. However, the license issue has been resolved now and I'm hoping to get some real and/or original designs out there in the next couple of days. I have a few of them that were 90% finished but I couldn't release them because they were not up to my quality standards. Today, I was able to finish two cars, one is the Porsche 997 GT3 driven by Laurent Vanton (in Belgium) and another is a rework of an original SRD design on the Ford Fiesta R5 for the people of RAF R&R. Unfortunately, these two will not be available to the public but I do want to share them with you as I'm quite proud of them. I am working on another car that will be available to download within the next 24 hours. 😉
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    My Team Porsche TAG-HEUER at Zandvoort.
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    Good evening, I would like to propose to you Codemasters developers, to put an alternative option, to the button "Overtake" Now you have to press once to reset it and another to disable it. Couldn't you just put the option of holding the button down and when it is released, it deactivates itself, as pilots on their steering wheel actually do? thank you very much and sorry maybe my not perfect english.
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    Why would CM remove the little things that make the game realistic?? Like....??
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    I'd fully support implementing the option to hire Weber as my simulator driver and have Butler the guy bringing him refreshments in a tray. All for that precious lap data.
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    Yeah, that's why I still think it's valid. Something along the lines of showing in regards of the manufacturer upgrades what will happen, and the true percentage of your protected upgrades, to be more clear for the user
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    Thanks, I guess that clears thing up, sounds like the better idea is to just hire new drivers with higher acclaim level than spending precious non-race days to level them up...unless you're dead set into trying to train one specific driver. I do still need more hints or data to see how their results affect their acclaim gain...atm it seems a bit inconsistent.
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    That whole thing was so TOCA Race Driver honestly I'm glad some enjoyed it. First time was okay but then they wouldn't go away *shudders*
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    I haven't test that area yet but I've been planning to assist my teammate to get the world champion once our R&D reaches certain level. Though I doubt the perk table works for them since it includes interview question abilities which I don't think they need it. Mick just retired randomly from a race where he was 7th place and I was 5th with only 6 laps left, his acclaim decreased a little after that.
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    Guys there is a bug in Driver's career in F2, the drivers are pitting in the sprint race, at least at 50% length, so it's very, very easy to win cause i'm the only driver who doesn't enter to the box:). Bruh I don't like XD
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    Spot on, sprint races are by far the worst of the three race types because you start side by side at a fast pace. 9 times out of 10 as soon as the 'go' appears on screen my opponent swerves to the side and wipes me out. The problem is this becomes a self-defence mechanism for a lot of players as they've probably had it happen to them so many times and Codemasters have done nothing to stop it.
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    How are you applying the throttle on car launch? As per David Greco himself (and after feedback from Lando Norris) F2 cars work differently. You need to go full throttle, let it go completely then resume your throttle application for it to bite the tarmac right and proper traction. He talks about it in the pinned thread here. I have yet to drive a F2 car in this game though.
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    Most of my clips have been reduced in size and quality cos discord won't take larger files
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    Sorry, but IRL during rally there is no radio music playing. If you want music, install a radio app on your phone and put some earplugs in. No need for Codies to make a radio station functionality for rally games. --------------- I do actually miss some of the good playlists previous DiRTs had in the menus. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLWDVgBTL1w&list=PL16E14218F70D7A13&index=26 One of DiRT4's few positive points was its soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1jMo7qn-ng&list=PLlWIa3Agcr7siKt0KJEdzNkRxsUsD9UV4&index=41
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    Hi everyone, Please see below for update on all things Pitcoins at the moment. Xbox Pre-order coins: Should be filtering through to players now. PS4 America pre-order Pitcoins: Resolved All other Pitcoin related issues: If you have a Pitcoin related issue that is NOT covered by the two above, please contact custservice@codemasters.com who will be able to help you with your issue We are working hard to get all Pitcoin issues remedied as soon as possible. Please be patient and refrain from adding Gamertags and other details to Codemasters staff or on threads at this time. Many thanks, Barry
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    Hello Guys. First of all. Thanks for the new game. Its really nice and I like it a lot. Good work. Nevertheless there‘s something which needs to be changed in my eyes. The Tracklimits got way more stricter than in 2019. especially at Spa. I dont think that the Community wanted even more strict tracklimits. They were strict enough in the past. Please fix That. Thanks
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    Exactly my point. It doesn't matter if its 'just' this or 'just' that. The point is we paid and we did not get what we paid for....
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    Left is before the race where a training activity took place and right is after the race. On Xbox One @BarryBL No training stat boosts have lasted longer than a single race through the entire season so far. I’m guessing the effects are meant to be permanent.
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    To be fair you don't have to buy this stuff to enjoy the game. And you can earn points towards unlocking the VIP pass to get the stuff for free, much like how COD and others do. There is a YouTuber that has already showcased it. Happy F1 season