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    Very disappointed by the lack of communications now from Codemasters. No updates have been given, while myteam and driver career are completely unplayable with this bug. Many bug reports and screenshot have been added to this thread and not even an acknowledgement from Barry...
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    Isn't this just art imitating life? I remember not so long ago you used be sat in your car and; Me: Call Home Car: Opening sunroof. Me: No. Call HOME. Car: Changing channel to Radio 4. Me: NO. CALL HOME!!! Car: Seat heating on. 🙄
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    I go by the words of George Russell that said F1 2020 handling is very close to the real stuff this year. It can still be improved and it will for sure. Plus that video ain't the real telemetry, can't be taken as reference. Is a good indication but not good enough for me to accept it as reference in order to do the handling. I pretty much go by feedback from real drivers whenever I can.
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    My problem is not with the penalty system per say, but how the penalties themselves are calibrated. All racing games that I've played have an imperfect penalty system, for example, the...player, who intentionally crashes into another player, even when clear as day, is not always, or even usually the one who gets punished. I get it, this stuff isn't perfect, and the algorithms do the best they can. The idea is that, over time, those who are consistently causing crashes will get caught in the systems and their rating will reflect that, makes sense. Drivers who take an extra 6 inches on a corner(entry or exit) do not deserve to be lumped into the 'D' grade safety rating as those who intentionally cause crashes! I've done 3.5 seasons on My Team mode and have learned the tracks and their limits pretty well on 'Regular' corner cutting stringency. However, if you chose to play ranked multiplayer mode, you will consistently be nailed with track limits warnings at the very least, and penalties in the worst case. Credit where credits due, the game does recognize, 6 inches of extra tarmac is not worthy of a penalty, even if that 6 inches happens multiple times in a race. The problem arises after the race, when the game assumes that because you had multiple warnings, that you weren't driving safe. <---This needs to change! Drivers getting multiple warnings for taking the smallest of liberties with the track, as is allowed under "Regular" corner cutting settings(which is truly the closest to real life settings), should not be penalized anywhere near the equivalent of drivers consistently in collisions with other drivers when it comes to safety ratings or even the initial time penalties themselves. I never, and I stress never, intentionally crash someone, and yet my safety rating puts me in with the worst of the worst. And it's because I have gotten used to the game and its tracks on a penalty system that more resembles real life, then the 'Strict' setting that's mandatory for ranked online play. And I get it, I do. Give the players an inch(or 6) and they'll take(a foot or) a mile. Regardless of that, minor corner cuts or extended track limits(to a certain extent) is just no where near the infraction as being an intentional and/or frequent collision causer, not even close, and the penalty system should reflect that.
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    I'd like to say straight up that my team is excellent so far, I love most things about it but as far as the customisation for the cars go I'd add a few things. 1. Engine supplier logos I'd add the worded versions of the manufacturers somewhere under the number on the engine cover above the next sponser slot and a small logo version on the nosecone below the first sponser slot. 2. Pirelli Logo I'd add a default pirelli logo on the nosecone above the team badge 3. Team Badge I'd add the team badge on the barge boards as they're a bit plain with most liveries 4. Driver identification Just behind the drivers head or on the back of the halo is where teams have them just the first initial and surname (J. BLOGGS for example) and a nationality flag 5. Number Colours Why was there never an option to change the car number colour, even just from black to white, because black doesn't work or stand out on dark liveries 6. Option to change individual sponser slot colours Now I know this is included technically but the positioning of the slots across multiple locations on some liveries they are less contrasting on one location as others for instance if a blue and white livery was being used some locations dont match up so each individual space a logo can be should be unconnected apart from opposite sides (L-R) 7. It would be awesome if all these could be reflected onto the helmet and racesuit logos too as well as the crew member shirts and around the garages too. Just to make it feel that you are a real team and not a generic pop up 😆
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    That is what happens when you give one man the power to design circuits and the F1 is so political. Totally agree with you. Thanks CM (and COVID) to have the opportunity to have a 16 (or 10) calendar races. I can get rid of Hanoi, Singapore.
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    Pathetic Codemasters. Almost a month since the game was released and still no word as to what is causing this or if and when a fix will be released. Expected better.
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    Zandvoort is really fun and this may shock you (sarcasm), but Tilke didn't touch any of it. Seems like older our Hermann boy gets, worse designs he comes up with.
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    If it were a lack in lateral grip (and there is, but that's not what I'm worried about), then yes. But the lack in longitudinal grip means that there is still an excess of wheelspin when the car should probably be more settled whilst power is being delivered. It feels like there's no rear toe in, even if there is a lot of it in the setup. (And yes, I'm being gentle in power delivery!)
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    The handling in general is quite nice and a big improvement on 2019... but on F1 2020 the mechanical grip at the rear has become even more floaty, less grippy and annoying at the same time. In this onboard you can see Bottas accelerating hard and quickly out of every corner without wheelspin. On the game we would spin at least 4-5 times during this lap. Important to note that this was his 2019 pole lap and this week they should be even more planted and much faster. To me, it seems like Codemasters has increased high speed grip and downforce but completely forgotten about the low and medium speed corners. Too little feel, too little grip and random spins that 1) makes it less fun to drive 2) artificially harder 3) makes racing worse as you can't accelerate out of corners if you're fighting and not on the ideal racing line. Maybe this is one for @David Greco CM to answer. Would love other people's opinions on this as well.
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    Before I bought the game I watched few videos of people driving Hanoi and thought maybe it ain't to bad but after buying the game and driving 30 plus tt laps around it I have to agree with the majority it is a shocking race track sector 3 is kind of half decent flow etc but first 2 sector are hideous I can see why zandervort was brought in fun track to drive probably dull races but will generate money with verstappen fans but Hanoi will be dull and is a absolute grind to drive whilst hockenheimring was a great track to drive baffles me the logic of dropping hockenheimring ring for this track and also the designer of this track needs to give his head a shake as he has royaly ****** up with this 1
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    That is a great post. But to me it's both enlightening and confusing. Are you playing F1 2019 on PC or a console? I'm on the XboxOne console using a pad/controller and have also at times thought that the less wheel turn whilst at higher speeds was just part of the general physics of mechanical movement at high speeds. I thought that increasing wheel turn could be accomplished by altering the steering linearity and/or saturation values in the steering/throttle/braking menu. It's maybe getting the balance between the steering linearity and saturation. Manual gears also help massively in cornering. I'm still learning the game.
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    I'm a huge fan of real F1 races at Hockenheim, but as much as I like it, I didn't enjoy driving it. Especially Sector 3. So narrow. But that being said yeah... as much as you liked it I probably disliked it and I still prefer it over Hanoi.
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    For a moment I thought people would actually be readying their pitchforks to demand Codemasters to switch those two around 😅 Coincidentally I just did Hanoi again yesterday. My second time on it, My Team season 2. I may be feverish but I actually had a blast on it. The first few turns were a challenge until I got the groove right and went on to enjoy them. Sectors 2 and 3 ranged from a blandish ok to "heh, that's nice". Overall I'm finding it a good track to race against 2-4 cars, but a pain in the ass if you find traffic. Trains in Hanoi are not conductive to good racing at all. As it stands, I'm liking it better than Azerbaijan and even Spain. Did not expect it at all. Even more so being a pad player.
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    Me: Gap to car ahead? Jeff: Confirmed, we'll fit inters on your next stop. Me:
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    It has been 10 days since i first emailed customer support witch has been no help whatsoever with my issue regarding my logitech g920 controlling my camera breaks look back wheel look side to side and throttle up. It is unplayable and unbearable how it has been allowed to happen and how long it has taken. This is not the quality i or anyone elce is expecting from a game developer who charges 60-70 dollars for a game and does not test for bugs before an update. The game is unplayable and so far there has been nothing in the way of a fix or news of a fix . It was working completely fine until 1.05 and that update just completely disrupted my play of the game. 1.06 was not helpful in alevating this problem at all.
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    PC2 is also garbage. ACC has an incredibly complex physics model which is very CPU intensive. And they've just patched it to 1080p 60fps on PS4 Pro now anyway, with a slight bit of a graphics downgrade when running it in 60fps mode.
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    I think any kind of overlay will make it transparent. I have the Steam fps counter on and any photos have a transparent square where the fps counter is.
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    Do you all have formation lap turned on? If, turn them off and feed back the results
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    100% on the race leader. If he wanted to block he should have done so quickly, not squeeze the guy into the wall. Regardless, continuing to squeeze was always going to lead to a crash. Self preservation should have made him block the inside, not the outside. More baffling is that if he'd just let him pass he'd have a straight coming up to retake the position safely. Bone headed move.
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    It is odd that there is a simple solution to correct this (simple in my head at least as I don't know how complex they have coded the shortcuts) yet Codies are sticking to their "By design". It's clear the design has not gone down well so needs changing. I guess the current issue, as suggested above, is that the shortcuts adjust the mode by 1 and so those that are locked out in-between in qualy (1 and 3) and race (0 and 2) cannot be accessed by this +/-1 movement so it cannot move up or down by this block. Solution is to simply have 3 tables of ERS mode to select from depending on the session. Practice ERS table = 0 (none) 1 (medium) 2 (Hotlap) 3 (OT) Qualifying ERS table = 0 (none) 2 (Hotlap) Race ERS table = 1 (medium) 3 (OT) This way the shortcut can increase/decrease by 1 in each table to get the desired and allowed modes - sorted!
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    was there an update for performance in the last patch? When choosing an engine for season 2 Ferrari is listet more realistic.
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    The most important thing, above absolutely anything else, is that they update the livery of the Mercedes.
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    Cockpit with halo enabled, and basically default setups except for less shaking and no look to apex (and next-to-no UI) Don't really have an answer on why. I always use cockpit in rFactor games, so I just use cockpit in F1 games.