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    Version 1.15 August 18, 2020 Content: New livery: Royal Air Force - Ford Fiesta R5 UI/UX: Re-enabled World Series tab on main menu to accommodate for DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series Qualifiers. Note: Players who take part in World Series Qualifiers will earn a new car (Ford Fiesta R5 MKII), which is set to be released in version 1.16. Players who take part in Qualifiers using v1.15 will get the car when it releases. Rallycross: Updated sponsor board branding on all FIA World Rallycross championship tracks to reflect real-world updates. Adjusted performance of AI drivers in wet conditions (decreased pace by 1%). Cars: SUBARU Legacy RS - Added ability to upgrade brake durability in My Team, in line with other cars across the game. SUBARU WRX STI (Rallycross) - Updated livery number which was previously difficult to see. Peugeot 208 WRX (2019) - Adjusted position of gear indicator which was previously obscured by steering wheel. Locations: Perth and Kinross, Scotland - Adjusted collision detection for some log piles, which previously resulted in invisible collisions. Perth and Kinross, Scotland - Adjusted Pace Note timings for a small number of corners on Newhouse Bridge Stage (now come slightly earlier). Perth and Kinross, Scotland - Resolved issue regarding notable FPS drop on South Morningside and Old Butterstone Muir Stages (narrow bridge section). Colin McRae Scenarios: Updated completion text in German, French, Italian and Spanish for consistency. Version 1.16 is in development, release date to be confirmed (estimate: early October).
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    I'm currently experiencing the same issue as many others in top of me, i downloaded the F1 2019 game 1 weeks ago on my pc via the Xbox Game Pass, the first time i launched it i create my own character and follow up to a infinite "Communication with online services". I tried several things to fix this issue, and nothing worked out. thats the only game to have this problems and i don't think it's my pc or internet fault. I'm equiped with a very good wired internet fiber. I don't understand what the hell you are doing with your server and this game Codemaster.
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    If the Ford Focus WRC 2006 had this livery on it, I would drive that car a hell of a lot more often! Such a shame that it isn't even provided with one official or sem-official livery... 😢
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    Hi, This is a new club - called 622. It's about reliving the career path of the legendary drivers. The first one is Richard Burns. His story in 2 championships, 8 locations each. The first part is already finished, but the second is running right now. The first three have already been completed. Now Spain is running. Everybody is welcome! Join and drive! See you on the stages.
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    As the title says, there must be random mechanical failures for humans. It is totally unfair as your rival leaves 2-3 races a season and you don't. It could be an option for the player to choose.
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    I would like to see an option where you can tell the race engineer ( Jeff) to relay messages to your team mate like on the grid but on my team mode for example Telling them to push if they was in 15th for example Or if your 1st and 2nd you can tell them hold position ( which they can ignore)
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    No i20, but we get the Mk.II Fiesta, woo!
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    Completely disagree, I find the lap to be short, simple and a pleasure to drive, culminating in the fast sweeping right hander that feels great to nail perfectly. They are distance markers coming off the long straights so I don't see where you're having issues with this, of course it's fair enough to be finding it difficult, I find Silverstone a real challenge to keep up with AI where most people love the track so it's just how it goes sometimes. but Paul Ricard for me at least, is a lot of fun.
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    Indeed. Combine that with a very wide track, virtually no trees, buldings etc. close to the road, and there's not many reference points left. It's not just driving that is affected. It feels slow, boring and simply not intense.
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    The problem with the Paul Ricard is that you have so much runoff zones painted and with no braking point in the long straight (Ligne droite du Mistral) and so many chicane that it’s very difficult to drive.
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    I've noticed that too, some of the top teams are hiring these drivers rated below 70. Which... is fine I guess because F2 drivers eventually get that shot, but I'd like to see some logic to it. First off F2 drivers ratings progress too slow. Or it's a matter of the F1 teams hiring them too soon. Either way, it needs addressing as to how drivers progress through the mode. Secondly; F2 drivers should progress through to teams that actually make sense. For example Ferrari academy drivrers should join teams in the Ferrari family when they break into F1, whether that be Alfa Romeo, or Haas. Red Bull academy drivers to Alpha Tauri; Mercedes academy drivers to Williams and RP & now McLaren as well but they have their own development program if I'm not mistaken. I'm not saying they have to have their career path locked to this team, but I hope there's at least something in the coding that "encourages" them to follow that path. It's a video game though, so I get that there has to be some randomness to it, but sometimes it just seems too far out of left field. If they ever gave us the ability to edit the roster/ratings and control driver moves ourselves though, that would be more than ideal.
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    Of course. But there is a choice of just moaning about the issue here or trying to help get it resolved by posting details in the bug section.
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    I agree with @BarryBL, you can be faster with TCS off (I even made a video on it 😉). Neither of us are F1 Esports players though so make of it what you will 😄 That being said, TCS Medium is useful in Multiplayer, you never know when you're going to get a gentle nudge on your rear tyre that sets you off-balance.
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    What about for manual gear users that experience the same issue with braking and downshift different. I am getting 2/3% wear a lap on my gearbox. PS4. Wheel.
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    This is precisely what I think needs to be improved in detail, if we have ratings for drivers, why is ferrari hiring a 64 rating driver?
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    I just had a bit of a play with this and I agree with the OP. Using T3PA pedals with a T300RS wheel on PS4 (v 1.07) there doesn't seem to be any throttle position that maintains a fixed RPM between idle and max, rather the RPM always either gradually increases or decreases. This is true even if I turn the throttle linearity up to 50. So it's possible to stay in the ballpark of a target RPM by fluctuating the throttle pedal position but not by keeping it stationary. Edit: I doubt this is relevant but for info. I tested this in TT at Hungary using the Mercedes car.
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    @janbonator All engine maps are disclosed by the team for the FIA pre-race. Whatever their ulterior motives (if any) could be, they seem to be targeting a possible gap between Mercedes and the rest of the field as their qualifying performance currently is significantly better than the relative performance to the other teams on race day. They're assuming this gap stems from their engineering an engine mode that squeezes so much performance out of their PU that all factors combined (good car + good drivers) result in that 1+ second chasm to P3. Mercedes has something between 12 and 16 engine modes: All the teams have a significant number of different engine modes that the driver can change just by rotating a dial on their steering wheel. There is this user on Reddit that has compiled a huge amount of info on the varying Merc engine modes based on documents and onboard videos and I wholeheartedly recommend reading his material. I have yet to finish reading it and will do so as soon as work allows me, prolly tomorrow. The point is, the amount of changes that are made to all the PU intricate systems just by rotating a single click of a single rotary under the guidance of the garage is mind boggling. Is this a bad thing? Mate, I love it! Rewards competency and good strategy options and frees the driver of fiddling with controls to focus solely on racing. What gives? Well, looks like FIA wants to crack down on engine modes in general by reinterpreting the "the driver must drive unaided" rule. That article is only the subterfuge, only the medium for their decision. What motivates it though? I don't think this is any secret. They look at what Mercedes is able to accomplish by running on Strat 2 in Q3 and that interval they set to P3 and the rest of the field and "oh no not good". Is it important to inject more racing and competitiveness in the sport? Sure, it is! Will the rumoured change achieve it? I heavily doubt it. You won't serve not even a tiny ***** in Mercedes glistening dominance and today's qualifying seems to prove that, as they made it a point of running it on Strat 3 just to show that "party mode" is good, but not fundamental. Who gets hurt by this decision then? Well goodbye "scenario 7, scenario 7" Lando and "WHY DON'T YOU GIVE ME MORE POWER?!" Albon. Goodbye Q2 Williams. Goodbye second row Racing Point. Goodbye... well, actually I have no idea how Haas would fare. Have they completed a single race this season? Haha I kid but the point is, when you level the field this way you'll narrow the chasm by single-digit percentages while killing the midfield competitiveness. All 16-17 drivers racing with a single engine mode and no way to equalize their individual set of perks and drawbacks through strategy? I don't see it ending well, I don't see Merc not locking out the first row, and, most of all, I don't see the midfield teams agreeing to FIA plan at the end of the day. In all honesty and in the full extent of hyperbolic and simplistic reasoning this casual can output in a internet post, there's only one driver I see gaining from this: Verstappen. The rest will only have washed out racing ahead of Spa. And again, the thing with engine modes is that by changing a single position in a single click under the guidance of your garage you're able to impact hugely different functionalities in a myriad of systems working on the car. However I don't see how FIA can ban the teams from changing individual aspects of the PU one at a time without rewriting the rules, and they simply cannot rewrite them for this season anymore. The teams are expressly allowed to change the fuel flow within the tech regs parameters. The teams are expressly allowed to change ERS deployment within the tech regs limits. All the FIA can do is limit how fast and ably the drivers can do that by saying "oh no, you're supposed to figure it out on your own! Your mechanic can't tell you what to do!" Remember Kvyat crashing at Silverstone? It happened partly because of mechanical failure and partly (or mostly) because he was busy making a plethora of changes to the car functionality by the multi-purpose dials and menus on his wheel, one at a time. Edit: regarding the "we can't keep up with it all and we fear you may be exploiting the rules" excuse, I don't see how stifling the competition in the pinnacle of motor racing would fare well with the public and the teams in the long run. The teams are competing, for god sake! Did the FIA crack down on Racing Point copying of last year's Mercedes? Nope. A response was made only after the teams presented a case. Just freaking let the teams race and if anything shady happens to be going on under the wheel switches eventually they'll sniff it out and present a case so spelled out that even a moron on the FIA board would understand. They have the money and the interest to do so. Forcing the whole field to run under a single engine mode? What is this, karting? EDIT The II: should also drag the DRS into the mix too. No pun intended. It was a mitigating solution worked on four hands by the FIA and the teams to improve racing, as current state of affairs (regs + car development) is not exactly conducive to fun lively racing with plenty of overtakes. That's the current state majorly because of the aero design of the whole field. Downforce and dirty air. The FIA and the FOM plan to address the issue comes in the form of the 2022 regulations with the reintroduction of ground force and other aero design principles. Engine modes allow for a wider array of race strategies. From your starting grid position, as it frequently happened with Williams even though they didn't capitalize on race day, to on-the-moment decisions like Lando's Scenario 7. I don't see how this could end up being anything other than a bullet in their foot in the long run. Levelling the playing field will not bring mercedes closer to the pack, will only wash out the midfield racing.
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    Porsche Racing Renault
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    I have never understood this 'Oooo....we can't lose Ferrari....they are soooo important to F1' attitude. **** em. F1 doesn't need them and the fact that they get a bigger slice of the financial pie because of their 'History' is a disgrace.
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    What a drive to win today. Middle finger to the team asking him to back off, drove hard, kept the tires, great banter on the radio. Undoubtedly a future champ.
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    I thought that too until my last race there. Between 2 and 3 battles on that long straight with a late DRS zone ending in the hairpin. And they were all 3 cars battles. Lots of fun! Had a few passes and challenges on that long left hander leading to the first DRS zone too. It grew on me.
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    Okay I'm going to ask you to report users through the PMs without needing to create a new thread, or messages chat for everything. These are just cluttering the forums even more as these also get reported and such 🙂 There isn't an easy way to develop an anti-cheat, and this certainly isn't patchable.
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    Yeh same problem same everything except I’m using a Thrustmaster 458 Italia. Codemasters do you even test these patches before releasing them? £65 for a yet another broken game what a joke.
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    Ultimately it's a game so the only 'point' is to enjoy playing it. If you like doing the weekly events, do so. If not, don't.