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    Performance patch in October? So F1 2021 is being released early? Come on guys it cant be that hard to tweak the performance of the cars..Really..months and months?
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    Just sitting thinking about the guy with the 559,366 points at Monza on PS4 or whatever his score was (I don’t remember exactly) , he would have had been doing something like a 40 second lap for all 13 laps to get a score like that. CM should be able to spot either a cheater or inaccurate score like this in a second if they simply looked into it & did the math. They know that we get a set amount of points for certain areas of our scores & the biggest variable is time to complete the entire event. CM simply has to do a better job policing the scores if they want us to believe that we are all being scored fairly. It took me less then a second to realize that the guy in the number 1 spot at 8am this morning, is not legit. Over double the score of second place, please. Impossible. CM could simply delete any suspicious scores, inform the perpetrator that their score has been deleted & they are now flagged. Then also inform them that if they continue to have suspicious scores, they will be temporary banned from events or permanently banned. Something CM!!!
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    I agree with Sir_Overtakesalot, and this might be an appropriate place for this thread - it's not a bug, it's a hack/cheat/exploit. It is absolutely true that a couple of the last weekly events have had hackers at the top of the leaderboards; they're qualifying times are a couple of seconds ahead of all the legitimate qualy times, and their final results are over-inflated as well. It would be nice for CodeMasters to indicate what they're doing to eliminate or prevent this - at the least, they could have a person review the leaderboard results for each of PS4, XBox, and PC weekly events post-qualifying and post-race and remove the cheaters' scores and ban the cheater accounts. That would take only a couple of hours a week effort from a single individual. I think it would be entirely appropriate to ban those cheaters - I'm sure the account terms and conditions have clauses that would justify the action.
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    @ChrisGrovesMCM @CMTGK GRiD is probably one of the most underrated car games on the market in 2020 season. the developers' idea went in a different direction than previous Grids fans expectations, but if someone found the time to play and feel what the dev idea was (some kind inspired by previous titles in this series), they will not be disappointed. the new GRiD is a breath of fresh air with a completely new formula focused primarily on fast driving and just racing. it is clearly visible that the authors of the game tried to take the shortest possible path through the game menu towards the driver's seat. at the same time, the dominoes of competitions provide a rich grid-set of completely different impressions in different categories. I guess it's hard to find a second game that, with such a small number of tracks, allows you to enjoy a bouquet of so many different races emotions, including very nice done racing with some kind od formula cars. the sounds of engines in every group of cars is simply music to the ears, really the best sounded car game ever. despite a few graphic environment shortcomings (which game does not have them?) this is a car game with one of the best driving models on asphalt tracks. there is also no better optimized model on pad and steering wheel, poetic well balanced - big thanks team CM, can really enjoy this game if don't focus on reading the complaints snowball the thing I wanted to ask about - you mention that there is a small support team left for this title. the game is still relatively new. is there any chance that there will be even, a small DLC addition to buy? maybe some new track or bonus cars pack or some kind of event bonus car or aniversary car? the dream would be another season 4, even if short, consisting of several races I understand that the forces are now shifted to Dirt5 and the new version of F1, but it would be nice if the quite new game after less than a year could count on at least symbolic support in the form of some DLC. could You ask CM dev team about it? thanks
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    I hope this thread gets a little bit of attention... Topic: F1 2020 don't let us invite friends to ranked lobbies anymore. Why they probably done that: To ensure, friends don't boost each other to ranks they don't deserve. To ensure, friends with D rank don't get invited to S or A lobbies. This leads to: Many players stopped playing lobbies at all. The playerbase is obviously smaller than in F1 2018. S-Lobbies are rare. To find lobbies at all, they put S-players in C/D-Lobbies nethertheless. Most time you will find no ranked lobby at all 25% lobbies are dead. plus: ranked is not a bit fairer than in F1 2018 My personal experience: I am a community leader from germany. We are 750 gamers and 70 active F1 players (in our 3 leagues) at the moment. Our community and the friends from other german communities loved F1 2018 and loved playing ranked together. We don't have a single unfair player with us. Almost everyday a few of us played ranked together and we enjoyed that a lot. It is a good distraction from league races. ...Why would you play alone when you are in teamspeak with other people. Now we as a whole community stopped playing lobbies... From what I read hear and on reddit, ranked is not a bit fairer than in F1 2018. Also boosting was never a problem in F1 2018. Not like in other games like rocket league (where you still can play ranked with friends and it works great). "Just play unranked" Most players just play to compare themselves with others in competitive manner. And almost every other game let people do that with their friends. PC-Gamers trend to play games in teams und often don't care about unranked modes at all. Also unfair players are allowed to crash you in every second corner without any punishment. You can't avoid this people in unranked. We want to play together with other people online the drive as fair as we do. Suggestion There will still be people out there that will disagree with this thread. I hope all players that usually play ranked alone won't dislike this thread straightforward. 1) There is a simple solution: Bring friend-invites back, but if the safety rank of the invited player don't fits the regulations of the lobby put him in visitor state. Of course: In a C-Lobby you should still be allowed to invite S-ranked friends as they should be aware of possible D-ranked players in this lobby. Kind regards, iosis
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    First of all, I have very little knowledge on licencing issue in F1 games and game programming in general, so I'm pretty much just brainstorming and shooting out ideas from my desperation of wanted to see more from this amazing series. I'll get straight into the points, and update stuff here whenever I come up with anything new (always good to have some dream, right?) Aug 22nd: From now on any newly updated ideas will be in RED until the next update. Livery Editor: (Updated on Sep 24th) Texture options (Matt, chrome, gloss, carbon fibre, etc) for each section of the livery individually. Methods to change rims color and texture (or even the rim model). If rim color change is possible, there should be a separate option to change color of the ring area of the rims, like the rims on the Mercedes black version livery. Number values for all the sliders for color matching purposes. Need to fix the bug where the saved liveries' color values jumping around by 1-2 randomly every time you revisit them. Ability the apply the colors groups from Livery to Team Color & Race Suit and vice versa. Ability the save colors palettes for use across all editing platforms. Different fonts and ability to change color (with outline option) for numbers. Instead of forcing players to scroll through numbers of preset to edit the one they wanted every time, once you selected a design it should be saves as a template, if you want to switch it to other preset it should be an option within that template. DO NOT Remove the designs we currently have, only add more in the future. DO NOT restrict to only having preset color palettes like some other games. Ideally, instead of just having sliders, we should implement an HTML/RGB system, with the possibility to copy/paste an HTML code for specific colors. Individual color/texture changing option for the Halo and rear view mirror as an option. Option to add/remove engine supplier logo on the car with all the edit options available as the normal decals. If the option of adding engine supplier logo as decal is possible, it should contain both logo-only & logo-with-letters version. If freely editing color of the supplier's logo is not allow, there should be at least the option to pick either Black/White & the color(s) that the supplier preferred (for example: Honda's red logo like AlphaTauri). More sponsor decal slots (Please read the details of the sponsor section from below). Apart from adding more decal slots, please also include a decal slot on the engine cover where supplier logo classically took place in real life designs, we can use this slot for the supplier's logo, but it should also act as a normal sponsor's decal slot. Ability to write your own team name with different kind of fonts to place on the car and race suit. On the livery editor section of main menu, there should be an option to tide each car livery with corresponding race suit and emblem into sets. The system we have right now is quite inconvenient because if we selected a specific livery for multiplayer use, it applies to everything else (example: livery A's stickers are applied to all characters the user created, or emblem A applied to all user created liveries and race suit) The livery customization in MyTeam mode should display all user created liveries like the one in main menu instead of just showing the livery selected for career use. Ability to share paint schemes and emblems with the community to download & vote (Likes only, to prevent abuse). More historically-inspired liveries that players could try to replicate the real design (Gulf, Martini, etc). Ability to have 360 degrees camera control when editing your character and previewing your team (So you can see the back of your character with the car). All & all sections of the colors of both liveries and race suits should be editable, some designs are basically ruined from the get go because only certain parts can be edit (like DIGITAL of car livery). Sponsor Stickers & Team Emblem (Livery Editor): (Updated on Aug 31st) Needs to be able to change color for every sticker individually. Stickers on Race Suit should be untied from the car and have individual color changing options as well. Options to add outline with color changing function. Texture options or even fully textured/colored version (with color change). Resize and distort option for team emblem. Special liveries (Racenet for example) should still be allow to have sponsor decals. Player's character: Ideally, a full-fledged character editor. Or, at least add more Eastern Asian character presets (Pretty mixed feeling to know my only option is a person with the face of a sumo wrestler...) Option to add different type of beards, and accessories like glasses on ALL preset models. More audio names (Preferably more common first names and nicknames). Ability to change design of the Hat, separate from the Race Suit. Able to add and change sizes of your number and team emblem on the suit Can they not show that much teeth when talking and laughing? My Team career: (Updated on Sep 22nd) Management aspects needs to get deeper and cover wider range of things. Things such as transportation fees, part exchange/development costs and damage cost (full-chassis replacement for example), and staff salaries should be include. Make bankruptcy a real risk, so the sponsor system and any income options could plays a much bigger role. Though, It'll be ideal if there's going to be an option to tune it down and streamline it to our current system, so players can choose how deep and difficult they actually wanna go (Carl could say: "you could let our secretaries and accountants to help you on all the hassles, so you can focus on the racing.") Instead of only having Will's interview to decide your starting progression on New Game, there can be an option to do Winter Testing, where it can be serves as a platform for the players to test drive the new car to gather data/resource point to decide which R&D department they want to focus before heading to the new season. However, skipping (or just have the option to simulate it to save time) the testing shouldn't have too much of an actual impact to the game progression, it should act more as a tool and immersion enhancement for the hardcore players. Instead of benefits taken immediately after each facility upgrade, we should implement a system where each tier of facility has a certain limited capacity of "equipment/machinery slots". Players can purchase different type of equipment that bring different benefits to each facility, but due to limited facility capacity they'll need to plan wisely, removing equipment to save up slots should cost money too. Upgrading the whole facility to higher tier will unlock more slots or more advance perks, but does not actually bring any effect until you fit new equipment into the new slots (Imagine this system being similar to putting gems into weapon in RPG). Each equipment upgrade/perk will cost different amount of slots and not just a one for one, this will force the players to do more planning, and make the whole system feel more complex and not just a linear experience. Each equipment upgrade/perk shouldn't bring benefits that are too significant, instead each of them should bring small amount of effects with some bring multiple ones, the ones with overlapped effects with other perks can be stack together to get higher benefits. Implement a performance slider or some sort to individual teams during the gameplay settings at the beginning of the season so players can adjust their starting performance & potential R&D development speed freely themselves without waiting for the game balancing patches (which usually ended in more dissatisfaction), this could create nearly unlimited replayability value. Ability for players to setup the race calendar or even weathers themselves for each season like in Gran Prix mode (or at least after season 1). More rule/gameplay options like in GP mode or even expand the selections (example: no penalty, no damage on player's car, etc). May be we could implement a more complex system of staff management, such as the responsibility of hiring technical director(s) to unlock certain part of R&D, or better marketing/media staff that unlocks more different/unique types of team events that have unique benefits such as boosting specific sponsors' relationship. The ceiling of R&D should not be too far off from what the rest of the grid could potentially reach. With the current pace of progression, player's cars get too unrealistically OP too quickly and AI teams simply have no way of catching up. The pace of Resource Points generation by facilities need a nerf or re-balance. At the current state, player's team could easily reaches the top in performance within two seasons, and the pace speedups exponentially the further you've leveled up unless the player purposely hinder the progression by not investing into the point generation facilities and perks. The amount of generations either need to be slower, or other AI teams need to be able to upgrade their own facilities much faster in order to catch up with the players (or there should be a slider in the season setting that players can use to adjust the AI progression pace). The adapting parts mechanic during rule change needs to be more complex. Instead of just having reinvesting some extra points to retain that part immediately in the next season, the action should at least have certain chances of failing, but you would only get the result when the new season starts. The areas of parts that fail will be blank out and you'll need to reinvest on the research as if you never had those parts, but the successful ones will retain the paths of parts in the R&D tree that related to them, so reinvesting wouldn't be too tedious. Another way is, instead of having the mechanics of adapting parts, once new rules are dropped, there should be an entirely new R&D tree for the department that's been hit by the new rule alongside with the one from current season. The new tree will work exactly like the normal tree where it will takes full cost of R&D points, may be with slightly shorter time if you already have that part in the old tree, and chances of failure to develop. With this players will really need to plan out how they should approach both seasons, instead of like now where there's nearly no difficulty to adapt to the new season other than just some minor inconveniences. It will also really mix up the performance a lot more. Please keep the descriptions of the part upgrades in the R&D section, I really like to read these little insight of what we did to get the improvement from the parts. Engine & Reliability R&D should be a group effort between all teams with the same power unit. Instead of having a set timetable of availability for factory parts and investing on your own in the R&D, all the teams with the same PU should be sharing and investing on the same R&D tree, when new part is available it would benefits all of them. For balancing purposes, the costs of investment for each part should be much higher in these shared R&D trees, and should be possible for multiple teams to invest on the same part (Development of said part only starts when the sum of combined invested points reach the requirement). DO NOT place a story or even mention anything like that in the game, let the players make up their own story. Jeff needs to stop repeating the same dialogues every race weekends about how important practice programs are, replace it with something like how to attack each track for specific programs, or recommendations on tire settings based on the current temperatures on track, those are actually useful to everyone. We need more than just Claire and Will for interviews (How about having Murray Walker interview you when you or your team have become very successful? The interview contents doesn't even have to be related to acclaim or morale, it's more of a reward for the players) Interview overall (both contents and the system itself) needs a major overhaul, most questions are very out-of-touch from what's actually happening (Saying I have a much better weekend this time when we just had a 1-2 finish the last race, really?). Interviewers need to be more professional (I know even in real life some of them aren't...), their questions need to stop making us feel as if we're completely ignorant about the sport. Even for actual new players that really didn't know much, the questions we have now get old almost instantly and really ruins the immersion. Less childish, cringy answers for players to select (1 out of 4 at most), and restrain from using too many exclamation marks in the players' answers (too overly react & dramatic), let the players answer like a professional, mature team owner, even if the answer options are meant to attack someone or even being an A$$, there're better way say those things instead of actually being a 13 years old. If the (cost of) animations or voicing aspects are the culprit of the lack of diversity and realism in the interviews, then may be we should just ditch the unimportant ones (Like Claire's), and replace it with unvoiced interviews and a background of the paddock area with journalists (doesn't even need to be animated). Having the interviews done professionally and with depths are way more effective at producing the immersion than what we're having that seems to only exists for the purpose of existing, in fact, they're only breaking the immersion more than anything. Instead of only having ability to unlock new answers during interview by leveling up Media Coaching perk, answers should be separate into tiers. You always get to have 4 (or more) different answers for each interview question, but each answer will have extra option to answer the same thing but in better wordings or more professional which are unlock by your perk level (but you can still choose the lower tier answers if you really wanted to). The higher tier(s) of answers could give extra benefit boost, minimize the negative effect or even just serve the purpose of making players feel like a true media star. Since car liveries are being update from time to time, may be we should implement a system where the AI teams will update their livery throughout the season if the game already (or will) have multiple livery files of said team in the game files (Like Williams and Mercedes from this year). It seems like a waste to just completely replace the old liveries after updates and not use them as enhancement for the game experience. Include real reserve drivers from each team, or even have some retired drivers like Alonso, Hulk & Button in the driver market to increase the selections of driver line-ups. Make it so that F2 drivers from certain junior program are much more likely to (or will only) join the team that supported or sponsoring them (Mick to Ferrari, Guanyu to Renault or Matsushita to teams with Honda PU for examples). If we wanna get a bit wild, let's include legendary drivers from the past like Senna & Niki into the drivers market (but only appear sometime down into the career) like some football management games out there. Of course, make it so that that's an option so players who prefer more realistic experience can just turn that feature off. We can also put some restriction to these drivers, such as only one-year contract at most with very expensive contracts, and they retire from that playthrough and such. If possible I hope we could keep Anthione Hubert. There should be more options and realistic on teammate's contract, like multiple-years contract instead of just half year. We should have more control over on picking/upgrading Teammate's perks, it could be a way to actually shows the media and the teammate him/herself that you really are investing on your staff and not just talks. This could be part of the teammate relation that effect the likelihood of them staying in your team or the next part: Team order should actually exist, and it's related to your relationship with the teammate, their acclaim level, or may be even personality. All of these will effect their likelihood to actually obey the orders, but will have negative effect(s) to their relationship with you nontheless. There can be varieties of Team orders, range from telling teammate to let you overtake, be my wingman and defend me from behind to even something like win the race for us (which in this case obviously have positive effect to their morale). Teammate's training activities need to have permanent effects, but the effects can't be too significant (still needs to balance it out for the game progression), may be an exp leveling system should be implement for each stat (Note: being able to see multiple exp bars increase feels really good, that's the feeling of progression). Age and driver's growth potential should be a stat (so growth and decline period differs from driver to driver) and should be transparent to the players (Unless there's good enough reasons to justify hiding the said stats). The current stat boost from personnel facility is too OP. Instead of straight-forward boost, they should serve as speedups of the driver's growth, where their potential max-stats could be reach earlier and delay the decline (Though they'll still max out during their peak even without the facility's boost, just faster with it). We need to re-balance the performances between F1 & F2 driver by altering their peak stats, where the starting stats of F1 drivers are already near their peak, while F2 drivers are still far off from that but will eventually reaches similar level as F1 drivers if you train them. With the facility boost model mentioned above, it'll make investing on F2 drivers much more worthy of an option than it is now. If you completed a season of either F2 or F1 driver's career, the interviews should be different if you use that character to start a team in My Team mode on the first season (at least). Calendar progression needs to be more controllable instead of forcing the players to really focus on just pausing at the right day. Players need to to have more influences over Teammates's perks and cars, ability replacing their power unit's components and gearbox, purchase perks, even if they cost money or resources (I actually prefer ordering & replacing parts will cost money for both of you). For immersion purposes, anything that mention the year 2020 should be either replace or delete after the first season. In career and MyTeam mode, other driver's helmet with manufacturer or team logo on the design should be either replace by those corresponding to their new team or just delete it from the design if they switched team. Longer team name. Sponsors (My Team): Ability to sign more sponsors (There can be a new category of "minor sponsors" that provide small but additional incomes or benefits), this also means more sponsor decal slots for the livery. Add some level of background to at least the main sponsors (such as what kind of brand they are) Depends on the type of brand they are, some sponsors should be able to provide special effect to your progression (such as certain R&D boost if they're tech/engineering company, or facility upgrade discount if they came from construction industries, or, signing Codemaster will boost acclaim gain from Esport event activities lol). Make sure to only limit the special effects to some sponsors, the info will be too overwhelming and it waterdown the supposedly special ones if every one of them has it. If we can have real company as sponsor, we can make it so that the game will unlock special livery that's related to that sponsor (of course you can choose not to use the livery). Racing: (updated on Sep 24th) AI needs to be able to more reliably overtake/go around slower cars (Especially damaged ones). AI needs to be smarter on going around stationary/retired cars, right now they just all sit behind the accident scene, despite having tons of space to go around. AI needs to be able to perform better launching off the grid. For some reason their acceleration seems to stall a little right after launch, as if they wanna let you overtake them (Probably have something to do with them not weaving during formation lap which leads to cold tires). AI needs to be able to willing to fight back when players are side by side with them in the corners, they're a bit too nice atm. AI difficulty setting needs refinement so that their actual performances are more consistent between different tracks and sessions (Qualifying & race difficulty are roughly about 2-5% apart from 100% difficulty and above for most tracks). AI difficulty setting adjustment during the middle of the race should be possible. AI needs to be more willing & active on getting the inside line into the first few turns of first lap, we need to get rid of the slow 2 lanes train, and it's too easy for players to take advantage of that. AI needs to actively swerving left right to warm up their tires during warm-up lap, right now we only have that when safety car is present under yellow for some reason, it's part of the immersion (even if it doesn't actually do anything for the AI car). AI are too slow in slower corners during formation lap and safety car situations, and they shouldn't suddenly do brake-checking at the moment when the "safety car is coming-in this lap" prompt pops up. Improve AI for practice and qualifying session during their non-competitive laps, they need to know you're coming in behind them much earlier and jump out of the racing line, and not start to accelerate as soon as you're close to them as if they're trying to race you. The current ceiling of AI difficulty is pretty decent across most tracks, no major change is required, it just needs refinement mentioned above. We probably don't need safety car if it's just one car having engine problem and is already off the track. No more yellow flag when you're just slowing down during practice and qualifying session. No more suddenly and automatically cutting off your throttle during any yellow or safety car situations. Animation of car entering or leaving their pit box needs to refinement and be more organic/realistic, right now the car movements are very unnatural and awkward on many tracks, it looks especially ridiculous with modern graphics (It's been a problem since the very first Codemaster F1 game). May be there should be an option of letting players to drive on their own into the pit box (with guideline effects like racing line that could be turn on/off), or even into their start grid. If the above situations can't be control by players, there should be indications of when the auto-pilot is gonna kick in. Pit assist setting should be separate into Pit-in assist & Pit-out assist (Not the pit release assist). The clutch engage prompt at start should be separate from the MFD so players can still adjust their setting at launch without having to switch pages on the MFD every single time. MFD should be accessible during auto-pilot. More parts should be able to fell off, rear wing is a must. Damage sensitivity setting should go beyond of what we currently have, may be to the level of realistic setting with the extreme damage mod. Wheel should be possible to climb over other wheels if they made contact at certain angle, it's been done since Monaco Grand Prix in Dreamcast generation. Car components complete failure on/off should be in the setting, the higher the wear (at least from 50% onward) the higher the chance for actual failure, only failing at 100% wear is too immersion breaking. Tire punctures should be more of a possible scenario after an accident had happened somewhere on the track (because of unseen debris). Add an option for player to choose to remain as a spectator in the practice and qualifying sessions if they retired or crashed out. Cosmetic damages such as marks on bodywork, front wing and floor losing bits, should be replace/repair automatically whenever you return to garage during practices and qualifying sessions. If somehow this can't be done, then they at least shouldn't be so easily damage by simply just going through kerbs. Red flag should happens if the accident involves more than a certain amount of cars and retiring. Other Enhancements: (Updated on Sep 22nd) It would be very nice if we're able see our pit members celebrating in the pit wall during checkered flag. More variation of cutscenes for victory & podium celebration, specifically for player and our teammate's victory. I felt that what we have right now except the one for winning the championship are lacking some emotions...diving into and hugging your crew on your very first win, applause your teammate when they've won, celebrating and taking photos with the whole team holding the trophy with ending credits singing We Are the Champion when you've won the world championship and etc...something to remind those emotional scenes in F1, a memorable moment, as a true reward for the players. The current victory celebration cutscenes can surely stay because there's no real fault of their own, they can be used for other driver's victory (Because it's not important for you) and multiplayer's win to save screen time. More variations of commentating dialogues is always a welcome. Less spectators on the grandstand during practice. The volume of crowd cheering still needs to be present but lower. Ambient noises in the pit during practice and qualifying can be louder. I wish there're more emphasis on getting behind the scenes during non-racing moments, be it in the paddock with your motorhome and hospitality facilities, or showing more of your HQ and stuff...a little bit deeper and personal to the members of F1 and into things that we don't see too often on TV cameras (These are the little details I really like when I first played F1 2010, wish there's more). Motorhome & hospitality station can serve more purposes than just purely aesthetic. Like upgrading R&D departments (which changes the look of the facilities), they can bring benefits such as morale boosting (better cafeteria/motorhome), or unlocking specific perks such as improving relations with the media & sponsors (better hospitality). Even without all the gimmicks, being able to upgrade and see changes to these facilities can be extra fun and satisfaction for players to feel like they're really building up their dream team. Wow, really glad you took your time to read my non-senses all the way to the end.
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    Hi, We've been having an issue in our multiplayer league where if there's the slightest bit of contact between any cars behind the SC, both cars get a 5 second penalty for a severe collision. While the obvious solution is "don't make contact behind the SC", it seems really unfair if you get into a situation like the below where the leader had a lapped car behind him, the lapped car taps the back of the leader and they both get a 5 second penalty. I can see why the car behind might get one, but the car ahead's done nothing wrong and been penalised, and in this instance lost the race because of it. I've also had a similar issue offline where a car overtook me behind the SC (that's an issue in itself but never mind for now), we skimmed wheels and I got a 5 second penalty. 1. See above 2. PS4 3. 1.07, but it's happened in all versions of F1 2020 4. Multiplayer, although I have had similar in My Team 5. Has happened several times. To replicate, make contact with another car behind the SC 6. None - only option would be to turn off the SC 7. Various - in the video above, the driver in front was on a wheel, driver behind a pad 8. Please see above
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    LOL, it's been delayed. They can't even release their customization content on time. Don't worry it'll be released with the Performance Update, F2 2020 content, and the livery update. It's called F1 2021.
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    Yes, yes sorry! WRC 8! I just woke up! Contemplating continuing to play WRC 9 (Digital Deluxe Edition), watch Day 2 of Rally Estonia or make my Father's day gift/food haha
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    I bought WRC 8 to have in the metal box 🙂 I'll never open it. I will also never play WRC 6-7-8 again! @UnderclassGDfan I have no idea what Martinio32's problem is with his replies... some sort of attitude but I think we get his point!
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    Although I agree with you both to a certain degree, the problem isn't on the liveries themselves, but the fact that the placements of the sponsors decals (can't change colors individually) are conflicting with them, making many color combinations impossible. This is a major design oversight that I think needs to be address immediately, fixing it will instantly make any liveries obtained from the podium pass much more valuable. It's the same with decals on racesuit, although it made certain sense that they're systematically tide with the decals on the car liveries, the implementation is absolutely horrible.
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    Hungary - The finish line is at the wrong place. In the game it is between the 3rd and 4th position in the grid, in real life it is between the 5th and 6th position in the grid. - The first intermediate is at the wrong place. In real life it is at the top of the hill, right before turn 4, in the game it is much earlier. - The second intermediate is at the wrong place. In real life it is at the end of the curb, in the game it is earlier. - 100m before turn 1 is a white line across the track in real life. - The Rolex-advertisement at turn 1 is aramco-advertisement in real-life. The grass inside of turn 1 is painted in real life. - There is an additional grey curb between the red-white curb and the green "carpet" at the outside of turn 1. - In turn 3 is Rolex-advertisement in real-life, as well as between turn 3 and turn 4, there are also Rolex-boards at the right side of the track. The white line at the right side of the track right behind turn 3 is solid in real-life. - The grey concrete inside of turn 4 is higher in real life, there is no step between the curb and the concrete. - At the outside of turn 4 are the additional green-white "arrow" bumps/curb (as always: three white bumps followed by three green bumps. The green bumps are difficult to see, because the surface is also green). - There is no Pirelli board at the outside of turn 5. - There is no grass at the outside of turn 5. - The Pirelli-break-board 150m before turn 6 is white in real life. There is no advertisement at the left barrier. - The aramco-advertisment at turn 6 and turn 7 is Pirelli-advertisement in real life. - There are no red-white bumps inside of turn 6 and turn 7. There is a small orange bump also in turn 6. - There are Pirelli wheels/break boards 100m and 50m before turn 8. (as always: yellow at 100m and red at 50m). The grey concrete at 100m is not so small in real-life. - The grey concrete inside of turn 8 is wider at the vertex in real-life, the aramco advertisement is Pirelli advertisement. - The Fly Emirates advertisement in turn 9 is Pirelli advertisement in real life. - At the outside of turn 11 are the white and green bumps instead of the red curb. - The grey concrete at the inside of turn 12 is too small in the game. - The grey curb at the inside of turn 13 is bigger, thus there is no asphalt at the inside. - The white line between turn 13 and turn 14 is also across the pit entry in real life. - There is a curb at the inside of turn 14 till the beginning of the pit wall. The Rolex advertisement is from aramco. There is no floor advertisement at the outside of turn 14. - The pit wall begins in the middle between the pit lane and the track. - The grid begins earlier in real life. - The DRS activation point is too early in the game (the white line in the game is in shadow, but in real life it is behind the next grid position).
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    What a waste. Most of the liveries and helmets etc. aren’t “racing” cosmetics they are kitchie outlandish designs that look unrealistic on an F1 grid. Out of everything so far there are only 2 helmet designs that look cool and the liveries are mostly outlandish or have geometric designs which look very similar. 2019 had way better options.....
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    Hi, This is a huge issue for league racing, because you can give the driver in front of you small bumps till he get disqualified without being able to do anything about it. The person behind me got bumped, that's the reason he bumped me, which resulted in a penalty for me. That's unfair and the game shouldn't give the person in front penalties except if he is trying to "brake check", but you can't really know if that's the case. Sometimes you need to brake hard and this will result in another unfair penalty, the drivers should maintain a gap to the driver in front. Please add options to turn off (harsh) penalties during the safety car. 9xouH6eU1v.mp4
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    Hi all, We've looked into this and while Project CARS 3 banners are intended to appear in the game for a little while, something was causing them to appear on every sponsor board slot instead of just a handful as originally planned. This will be rectified 👍🏻
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    Title says it all really. Thought it would be cooler for future games that instead of the current short circuit layout we have of bahrain, have the oval one we will see this season in real life. Would be fun to drive around!
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    No, I wasn't sarcastic. The game has came from nothing to something actually 1000% better than release version.
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    Seems to be penalties for contact under SC, which technically it's not SC itself?
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    I´m very pleased to see GRID 2019 is continuously receiving updates and fixes. The game is very nice now.
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    Codies don't care about their online league racing community.
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    The obvious answer here is: give more control to online racing communities in lobby settings.
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