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    Yeah we should put corner cutting back to strict next time.
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    A DLC track pack containing: Mugello Nurburgring Portimao Imola Istanbul Park Bahrain Outer Circuit Would be something I think a lot of people would pay good money for. I know what you're going to say - "LICENSES" because that's what everybody from Codemasters says when the idea of new content comes up. But think about it, the amount of money you would make from releasing a track pack like this, would absolutely outway the cost of licensing these tracks for F1 2020. Considering also that this is the "official" game of the F1 2020 season, you would think the F1 parent company would be more than willing to help you make this happen. I know what you're going to say next as well - "time", well you will already have all the assets for Nurburgring, Imola and Istanbul at your disposal leftover from previous games, you already have Bahrain in the game so creating the Outer Circuit wouldn't be much of an issue, and whilst I appreciate that this sort of thing does take time, creating 2 tracks from the ground up sounds much more appealing than creating 6 doesn't it. In terms of gameplay content, in the Championships section of the game, a representative F1 2020 season would be an excellent addition, and the actual 2020 season could also be recreated in My Team and career using the shorter season options. Not to mention other game mode opportunities like having the ability to bomb around Imola in the 2004 Ferrari which is just a mouthwatering prospect! Custom F1 seasons in classic cars would be one of the first things on my list of things to do with the new tracks as well. I personally would absolutely pay £15 - £20 for a track pack like this, it would add so much to the games' longevity and make it a much more complete F1 2020 experience. Thoughts?
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    HI everyone, Please see below: 2020 Revised Calendar Schedule - As developer and publisher of F1® 2020, the official videogame of FIA Formula One World Championship™, Codemasters has accurately recreated the original 2020 season, which was scheduled to start on 15 March. Due to time needed to re-create the circuits in-game, it is not possible to include any of the new circuits added to the revised 2020 season. As with numerous topics on this previously, I will be locking this. Our stance remains unchanged. @MattyH1812, this topic has been discussed A LOT and this message has been added to the blue announcement section at the top of the page. Please search issues before posting 👍
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    except everyone forgot about Dirt 1 when Dirt 2 & 3 came out. and that's what Dirt 5 is going back to. I realise Horizon and the Crew kind of have a similar design aesthetic to the, but to only think of those comparisons ignores the history of this franchise: it's not an imitation of Horizon or whatever, it's a return to a formula that sold around a million copies of each of those two games, by far the most in the whole Dirt/CM series as far as I can tell. and it's not like they're hiding it. the devs mention Dirt 2 & 3 in pretty much every interview, and like half the comments on YT and twitter are along the lines of "I loved dirt 2/3 when I was younger and I am happy the series is going back to this formula." for the main series to go back to the Dirt 1 type thing would be treading on the Dirt Rally series' toes a little. it was a little more realism-oriented in the event structure and design choices of the game, and that worked. what Dirt 5 is taking from Dirt 1, however, is the massive number of vehicle and event types. that was a good call, imo, even if I would like a little more focus on stage rallies....
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    Ironically, since Codemasters bought Slightly Mad Studios, they have access to a variety of laserscsnned data of multiple racetracks. Tracks of F1, that were build and used by SMS in the Project Cars franchise, which are relevant to this topic of the 2020 season, and could be used immediately at any time: -Portimao -Nürburgring -Mugello -Imola Only Bahrains outer layout and Turkey would need to be designed from scratch. Thankfully, SMS build even other laserscanned tracks that were used in F1 (GP, or test track), or are on the modern calendar: -Hockenheinring -Circuit of the Americas -Indianapolis -Interlagos -Catalunya -Suzuka -Fuji -Watkins Glen -Monza -Monaco -Brands Hatch -Spa -Red Bull Ring -Silverstone -Zolder -Brno -Donington -Snetterton -Oulton Park Codemasters have all the data already. Now it only comes down to whether or not the budget to get the licence is big enough. "Licensing issue" is mostly a lame excuse, as anything can be bought at the right price!
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    @ChrisGrovesMCM @CMTGK GRiD is probably one of the most underrated car games on the market in 2020 season. the developers' idea went in a different direction than previous Grids fans expectations, but if someone found the time to play and feel what the dev idea was (some kind inspired by previous titles in this series), they will not be disappointed. the new GRiD is a breath of fresh air with a completely new formula focused primarily on fast driving and just racing. it is clearly visible that the authors of the game tried to take the shortest possible path through the game menu towards the driver's seat. at the same time, the dominoes of competitions provide a rich grid-set of completely different impressions in different categories. I guess it's hard to find a second game that, with such a small number of tracks, allows you to enjoy a bouquet of so many different races emotions, including very nice done racing with some kind od formula cars. the sounds of engines in every group of cars is simply music to the ears, really the best sounded car game ever. despite a few graphic environment shortcomings (which game does not have them?) this is a car game with one of the best driving models on asphalt tracks. there is also no better optimized model on pad and steering wheel, poetic well balanced - big thanks team CM, can really enjoy this game if don't focus on reading the complaints snowball the thing I wanted to ask about - you mention that there is a small support team left for this title. the game is still relatively new. is there any chance that there will be even, a small DLC addition to buy? maybe some new track or bonus cars pack or some kind of event bonus car or aniversary car? the dream would be another season 4, even if short, consisting of several races I understand that the forces are now shifted to Dirt5 and the new version of F1, but it would be nice if the quite new game after less than a year could count on at least symbolic support in the form of some DLC. could You ask CM dev team about it? thanks
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    at the very least it would be a really good tool to create our own SSS-style stages (and RX tracks, though I don't know if the AI would be able to handle them)
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    That solves the mystery. I wondered why I got a pole even though I set my time later in the session than the driver I drove identical times with.
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    In this game, Ferrari’s are the bane of everyone’s existence. Truth be told, Ferrari’s current form is mimicking the game play here. In the past, the prancing horses were live missiles, exiting the track before returning to strike you art Mach 8. Now they continue to do exactly as you mentioned, with impeccable precision in the apex of turns, chicanes, or any place we need to be.
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    While I agree that there should be more teammate options in MyTeam, w Series could be the wrong way to get them because it’s a separate license with an organization that actively selects drivers, rather than developing the same drivers over time. However, if FIA invests in W Series, that would be fixed almost immediately.
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    I hate those Suzuka S curves for overtaking it’s always risky I save the move for later. It’s tough getting two cars side by side through there
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    and another race gone....watching Charles get overtaken like a turtle on the main straigth in 5 consecutive laps by 5 different teams was painful. Even after the 2nd red fllag and the last restart the car clearly didn't have the pace to go pass Kimi or pull away from George, if it wasn't for the 5secs penalty Kimi would have ended ahead of them. Then I jump to the game and have Charles leading the WDC and making poles left and right...
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    As much as all of us would like to drive on these new F1 tracks in the game, I don’t think CM will add new tracks to the game. I disagree with you. First of all yes there are licensing issues involved due to which they cannot add new tracks in the current game. Who knew that due to the pandemic, the entire real life F1 calendar will change ? Since CM releases its F1 game in July/ Aug every year, it wouldn’t have been possible for them to add the new tracks at such a short notice. Secondly, CM’s has said many times that it takes them a lot of time to develop these new tracks. Yes they would have the data from previous games for tracks like nurburgring, but rework on the curbs, scenary, etc will have to be done to match the current game standards. So, it won’t be possible for them to add it to this years game or even next year unless these tracks are on the F1 calendar next year (which they are not)
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    Adaptation of the decoration of the Ford Fiesta ERX 2020 by Ken Block https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ford-fiesta-wrx-ken-block-2020.35934/
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    Replicated @Bicarda, just working on a diagnosis and fix. I'm still working from home, so don't worry, my Internet is nothing special. @TeenierNeilb69 do others see this on a Friday? Obviously, I don't because I'm the host and I'd like to think its my electric reactions. Clearly not
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    See, this is what I'm talking about ^. The game is colorful and probably fun, so therefore it's complete garbage. I've seen very little positive feedback about it. I mean me personally, I hate Donut Media and rather dislike Slap Train and the music sucks, but the game still looks fun.
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    Forgive the double post, but a few pictures from the opening round of the British Rallycross Championship... Few more here if anyone is interested in seeing more.
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    This is so stupid. Who would release a game like this with such an obvious discrepancy like this. Unplayable.
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    Do as the man says.
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    LOL, it's been delayed. They can't even release their customization content on time. Don't worry it'll be released with the Performance Update, F2 2020 content, and the livery update. It's called F1 2021.
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    Disable all the unused devices (Intel High Definition Audio, NVIDIA High Definition Audio). Is the G433 using it's USB device or plugged in the jacks? Because that is also a cause of crashes and stutters. You need to run off the Realtek High Definition Audio or preferably the Realtek (r) Audio - (DCH drivers) but you have to completely remove the HDA driver if so (delete the driver software).
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    They have implemented Raikkonen's AI for everyone during formation lap and SC.
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    Hi, My only real solution now is for you to reset your Xbox and do a totally clean install. No need to be abusive as I've ran every possible diagnostic with you. Without access to your savegame to identify the issue, we can't investigate. We do have updates planned to fix various crashes, but they are not in the current build of the game. If you give me exact replication steps (way to repeat your issue internally), I cant attempt to replicate so we can see the issue. But I need ALL of your settings. Myteam difficulty, length of sessions, actions performed in each session etc. Screenshots, videos. Without being able to access your savegame or to be able to replicate ourselves, we can't diagnose your issue totally.