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    The issue compromised a critical game mode for our players, so we pushed a fix through as quick as possible to keep the integrity of people's efforts valid.
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    So after a dismal qualifying where I got taken out by another car and had to retire from the session putting me dead last on the grid, I get greated by "Great day, lets have your take on it", nope that just breaks the immersion for me. Also set weather conditions for the interviews the same as preceeding session as I was in a downpour then got interviewed in bright sunshine!
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    Hello codemasters - Add the possibility that we can put the same track twice in the career mode/myteam mode, please. For example: Austria, Austria, Hungary. - Add fisheye effect option on T cam, please. To see what i'm talking about, watch these videos : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqzZvPWdIOU&ab_channel=BULLDOZOR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lJhuctPPxk&ab_channel=Geimeris333 Thank you.
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    I have wanted this for years and I think it would be great for F1 2021. First of all, character customization. Just like in Fifa or Madden, we should be able to choos a face preset (could be from the ones available right now) and then we should have the ability to change stuff like nose shape, eye color, eyebrow type, hair style... And helmet customization. I would LOVE to be able to customize my helmet like in the Moto GP game or like in GranTurismo Sport. Where you can add any decal you want to creat the helmet exactly as you like. So we could add shapes, flags, numbers, and choose the color, shape and placement of our sponsors. Also, it would be great if we could choose different visor colors, like the real drivers, not just black. And another thing, idk if it has to do with licences or anything, but I would love to have a choice on what helmet brant to wear. (Bell, Arai, Schuberth or Stilo) I hope you can read this and maybe take my ideas into consideration. Thanx!
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    I feel like they should seriously consider doing this for this years game. But that won't happen.
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    Yeah, that one is fake news. Best person to get official patch notes is, well.... me! 😛
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    To find the amount of users affected with 100% confidence and accuracy would be a very difficult task to implement. We came to the conclusion that giving ALL users the livery in question would be the best solution for the player base as a whole.
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    Hi everyone, After internal investigation, we have decided to award everyone the ‘Chromed’ livery. Codemasters appreciate the efforts players have put into Series 1 of the Podium Pass and feel that our Community should not miss out on a reward due to an issue within the pass. Please check your in-game mail for details on how to redeem your reward. Thanks for the patience on this.
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    Probably none. As far as I know, this is the site that seems to "fabricate" information in a way. As in, I don't think they can be trusted. Just read the official patch notes 🙂
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    Can you add a DXdiag and a copy of your in-game graphics settings please @BigImpulse
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    Well when you explain it like that 😂... I know the league organiser will upgrade to 2020 by November, this gives you (and me) plenty of time to become a racing god among mortals and when the time comes you can dominate the first ever championship for Hibernia League racing on F1 2020 . Happy racing!
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    I'm sure it does. However what doesn't transfer well is me doing the following: Download f1 2019 on ps now. Cancel ps now with the plan on buying f1 2019 upon month expiry of ps now for £15.99 Get to the end of the ps now month (with no league offers), and notice that f1 2019 has gone up to £54.99 Order f1 2020 from amazon. Delete f1 2019. Get offered a sweet looking league for f1 2019.
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    If you’re a clean and respectful racer see ad below. contact PSN: Bucky-Khronic PSN: Q_K_X_V
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    My Peugeot F1 team car 😍
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    @BarryBL noticed today playing on Xbox that the mclaren drivers suit is all messed up since the 1.09 update. Sponsors on the suit are sideways, upside down, split in half, all kinds of good stuff. see attached photo. It’s like this during gameplay too.
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    Would be good if we could watch the replay of the WINNER of each race in the World Series. (could they get uploaded to this forum?) Somebody has just got 04:14.650 on Ocean Beach Sprint Forward! That's an amazing time on that degraded surface, would like to watch that.
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    Curently, players are not prompted to do any changes unless the weather changes or the player has had a crash... But here's a *suggestion (*can be switched OFF if you don't want your engineer distracting you...with VERY important information!) which will make your engineer feel like he's really watching your vehicle's data and also the weather! Because He becomes verbal and tells you very short but important information such as: "Our data is showing your tires have plenty of life. We advise you to stay out for 2 more laps longer than scheduled." "Your tires seem almost gone. Pitcrew is ready for you to come in ahead of schedule." "Your engine is overheating. Push less and back off from the car in front!" "Light rain will arrive in about 10 minutes. We have 15 laps to go. Stay out till the end of the race!" (*Player has already been driving on Mediums for about 15 laps! Or HARD tires for about 20 laps) "The slower car infront of you will pit in 2 laps, we suggest you stay out and drive sparingly till the end of the race to stay ahead of him." "The Pit window opens in 2 laps. We advise you to take the Hard tires, since you're the fastest Driver on the track!" (Before the race, the player had manually scheduled Mediums or Softs!) "That's it! Keep this pace for 2 more laps to open a gap before entering the pits."
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    Oh right, first page URL is still un-fixed, now its longer ' https://dirtrally2.dirtgame.com/clubs/club/39043 ' and of course, come join in.
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    Just search after "DRChampionship" on the club page and you should find this club. And yes, new racers are always welcome.
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    We don't have the license for that car or driver, sorry 😞
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    Sorry @BarryBL (this isn't aimed at you but you are our conduit to the Dev team), that's a terrible decision. I can only let you know how severely frustrated and disappointed I am that this is by design. With this news. The F2 section of career is more pointless than last year's! The fact that it explicitly states "How you perform will will affect how you are viewed in F1" is incredibly incorrect and the giving the player the option to skip F2 all togher should be enough to satisfy the casual player. I can also sort of understand that you don't want to restrict a player who may have finished last in F2 from choosing to go with Mercedes. But the fact that it makes zero difference to your acclaim, contract or perks is absolutely baffling. It's no different from completing an F2 championship in last year's game then starting a career. Additionally, what is the intention of the points for the practice programs if they play no bearing on your F2 career? I was super excited when I'd read previews that this would be a thing. I can only assume that the journalists were just as misled.
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    But with this sentence " "How you perform will affect how you are viewed in Formula 1". the message was, that the result in F2 has affects on the choice of f1 Team. And this is clearly not given. This sentence gave us an expectation and a immersive Motivation for finishing f2 races with good results. Nevertheless you've made a great game. Congrats to that! But this decision of you, CM, makes the f2 career before f1 just a bit senseless, what surely disappoint some of us.
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    Really lazy basically championship mode stuck to the front of career and saying its a feature.
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    But is Dirt 5 on a "new gen" game engine, specifically tailored for the next gen consoles? I personally hope that F1 2021 will not be a next gen exclusive with the newest game engine, but that F1 2022 will be the title to get the treat. As 2022 will be the year where F1 is going to move to another era of racing, and why not cherish that moment with a high quality product? Imo, this would allow for more development time to fix and iron out the "new gen" game engine and to get valuable feedback and help from Slightly Mad Studios. Maybe this way Codemasters could possibly make their game engine more complex and realistic, in terms of physics and handling. Whatever happens, hopefully Slightly Mad Studio gets to cooperate more closely to the development of the newest game engine. (Maybe Codemasters even simply takes over the Madness engine, to be the new inhouse software to work with for all departments, similarly to EA and the Frostbite engine etc.?!) https://www.slightlymadstudios.com/madness/ PS: SMS also already has multiple assets to laserscanned tracks and give the players the ability to use VR, why not make use of it?
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    I play games with track limits and others push you out of them 😄 It's not easy to solve and you would need a lot of power.