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    If he wants to get better on manual gears, going back to automatic transmission won't do him no good. @vTeritron I watched only once and I'm on mobile, sorry for that. Will get back to you once I'm on PC. But a few tidbits: Zandvoort is rad, isn't it?! Haha love the track. But it's not the best one around to analyze one's driving with its lots of elevation changes and curving braking zones. It would be better if you could make a lap on a more traditional track, specially one with high and low speed corners. Even so, your braking seems to be all over the place, mate. See how you apply like 40% braking pressure, drop it to 20%, spike it again to 80% and so on? That's very detrimental. It has to do with grip. Grip is used for everything: accelerating, braking and turning. And the way these cars go around, with their massive power and downforce and speed, they have to take corners very deliberately in order to not screw their trajectory. If you're braking and turning (and sometimes even applying throttle) at the same time you won't be doing any of those things right. I mean, there's trail braking, a great technique specially for low speed corners where you're coming in hot and fast, but that's not what you're doing here - there's an actual technique for that. Notice the gearbox screeching when you downshift? That's not good. Not only for component wear, but for your performance too. When you downshift or upshift at the wrong moment in those transient handling situations (e.g. mid turning) you unsettle the car, makes it unstable. You're downshifting way too early sometimes. Go by sound, push on hard on the brakes and let the engine slow down a bit before beginning to downshift. Like a second or half a second of pure braking before going down on the gears. Notice how it sounds way different, then go by sound from there on while you try to get the first downshift closer to the moment you stomp on the brakes. There are proper techniques for that too and Driver61 probably has a video on the subject, but you can work wonders just by seeing things for yourself now. I think you'll benefit the most by watching a hotlap video by some youtuber out there. Better yet if you could watch their video and yours side by side. Pay attention to how the brake and how they downshift. Your throttle application can get better too but that's too dependant on how your car is positioned in the corner and this will change a lot once you get better on those points, so one thing at a time.
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    Made it to the overnight stop in Pt Augusta, the uni won't let us drive a long enough distance in one stint (max 5 hours, Wudinna is 6 hours from Adelaide) to get to our final destination so I broke the trip in half. Enjoying some hot chips and a piece of crumbed fish 🙂
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    I suggest clearing the time with an automatic gearbox, which you seem to be averse to, because auto and manual gearboxes are completely different. For example, I'm prone to overshifting either way, which can't using an auto, with a manual gearbox. My only assist is medium TC right now, after dumpng both ABS and the automatic gearbox. It could be down to your driving style at those tracks not meshing with a manual gearbox and the assists you're using, if any.
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    This is what I recorded quickly. It kind of demonstrates my struggling to match my time with automatic gearing. Here again missed by 0,5 seconds.
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    Yeah, it was a 1200 point part. Fix it 600, adapt it 600. Also, having seen for sure when trying a new part after reg warning it is as someone said above, in that you have to update part for season you are in, and then adapt it for next seasons regs. That is far from reality. If a team switches focus from current season to the next years car they would develop it on those regs. So really, it should give option to make parts but not fit them. Guess it was too much hassle to do. So, yeah, only option is to not touch the sections hit. Certainly if first season I can see this as valid option to get a better jump on season 2 at expense of some performance in season 1 when it won't be as critical to how you do in that years championship.
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    Ya a 30.2.... Not possible. The player should be deleted already. Jarno Opmeer did a 31.9 PB, last time I checked. And that wasn't in a qualifying session where you get 3 or 4 tries. Everybody knows TT laps will always trump a qualy lap. My qualy lap for Singapore was a 33.7 My PB in TT is a 33.0.
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    @nitraMnotsA You want the majority of the race to be done using fuel setting 2. For the straights and while in DRS or overtake, you should switch to fuel mode 3 for maximum power. The only reason to use lean fuel or fuel mode 1 is to conserve fuel if you are getting low. Fuel mode 1 can also help with getting traction out of a slow turn, but I never bother with it. It's too much of a hassle switching fuel modes. Some will switch to lean on every slow turn but it's not necessary. When you enter the race and are given the strategy and fuel amount, add a little. If you have 20 litres for example, add .6 or .7 litres. It's better to have more fuel than less. You can always burn it off. Also the extra fuel does not affect the speed of the car when it's full at the start of a race. Everybody is full.
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    Russia - First a general topic: Beside the track right after the first white line is blue surface (or the curb) and then a second white line. In the game there are sometimes grey bars, but in real life they are also painted white. Some examples: - The curb outside of turn 1 ends earlier in real life and there is more grass at the left side (the grass begins earlier) - There is only one 150m break board before turn 2. It is in the left fence in real life, but in the right fence in the game. - The 100m and 50m break boards before turn 2 are also in the right fence. - The orange bump at the outside of turn 2 is too small in the game. - Just behind turn 2 is a curb and a green carpet at the right side of the track in real life. - There is no Fanatec advertisement outside of turn 3. - The wall at the inside of turn 3 is too close to the track in the game. - The curb inside of turn 3 ends too early in the game. - The orange bump inside of turn 4 is smaller in real life. The curve is also sharper in real life. - There is a long red sausage curb outside of turn 4. - The 50m break board in the left fence before turn 5 is missing in the game. - There is no break board 50m before turn 7 in the left fence in the game. - Outside of turn 7 is a long red sausage curb. The aramco-advertsement is Rolex advertisement. Update: In the 2020 GP the advertisement was from aramco, in 2019 from Rolex. - The advertisement between turn 9 and turn 10 is from Rolex, there are tecpro-barriers outside of turn 9. Update: There is no advertisement in 2020. - The 50m break board before turn 10 (in the left fence) is missing in the game. - The red bump inside of turn 10 is smaller in real life. - The DRS activation point is earlier in real life (between turn 10 and turn 11). The advertisement is from Rolex Fly Emirates. Update: The advertisement was drom Rolex in 2019, but from Fly Emirates in 2020. - The 50m break board before turn 13 is missing in the game. The wall is right beside the track. - The Fanatec advertisement between turn 13 and turn 14 is Fly Emirates LiquiMoly advertisement in real life. Update: The advertisement was from Fly Emirates in 2019, but from LiquiMoly in 2020. - The grass on the left side between turn 13 and turn 14 is green surface in real life (the grass begins later). Update: In 2020 the advertisement is from Liquimoly. - The green surface between turn 14 and turn 15 is smaller in real life and the curb is flat less bumpy. - The red sausage curb inside of turn 15 is smaller in real life, the inside of turn 15 is painted red. - There is a white line between turn 16 and turn 17, but it is not existing in real life. - The white line and the bollard at the pit entrance is removed in real life. Update: There is a white line across the track at the first bollard in 2020. - There is a red sausage curb outside of turn 17. Update: There is no Lukoil advertisement in 2020. - The curb at the left side of the track before turn 18 ends earlier in real life. - The bollard inside of turn 18 is too close to the track in real life. Update: There is no Lukoil advertisement in 2020. - The finish line is between position 27 and position 28 in the game, but at position 25 and position 26 in real life. Thus the curb ends too early in the game. Update: There is VTB adertisement at the left barrier in 2020.
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    I personally think haveing the ability to do manual driver transfers from 1 team to the next would be a great addition to the game and save any waiting time for an update
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    I agree there should be an editor especially for character creation then players could create anybody
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    so what do you suggest ? we hide in closets using our cellphones to "secretly" discuss ? 😅
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    The answer from CM has been an unequivocal no.
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    The last picture looks very Italian.
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    Hello, given the imminent launch of ps5, I would like to know if Dirt 2.0 will be compatible .. Thank you
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    Please add it on here @Costa, will be much appreciated. You can get the report codes now by simply pausing the game in session. Easier access change we wanted to make
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    Still with the testing team, so far replication has been unsuccessful. @Costa, have you also experienced this. Please add your report, report codes and a method for us to try and replicate the issue if possible.
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    Hi @SomeIdiot16 Thanks for the comprehensive report. Due to the requirement of a few people to replicate, I've passed this onto our Online testing team for their attempt of replication. Once I have an update, I will let you know.
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    unfortunately after 10 seconds search on google you can find several cheats/trainers for f1 2020 . I hope CM will find a solution for this problem because TT is fun but , when you see that the top 10 times at Zandvoort (PC) are probably not legit then its time to act CM ! I Like to see a time trial without "assist" and anti-cheat measurements 😙
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    DanPrix F1 Team, colors inspired by BrawnGP
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    Yes and still not possible to set the weather we want. for exemple, you can have rain but you are still in dry tyre its the only thing they should add. The other weather its ok. Put the smooth rain with dry tyre
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    Anyone? This is a major flaw to the Leagues system.
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    As an Xbox One player with a controller, I'm currently at a loss with a couple of things. Firstly, use of the brake - firstly, I'll qualify that I'm literally just doing the first two Rallycross stages of Lydden Hill and Holjes without leaping in before I'm ready. In my head, I'm thinking I used be using the brake as little as possible to maintain momentum (apart from the Joker area, obviously.) So in my head I feel I should use the gears to maintain high revs but am I damaging the engine by doing so? My results are OK, but definitely not stellar. I can win Sweden, but not in the UK! (Yep, that bad!) Secondly, with my setups (I have two that I'm trying out) I honestly can't tell the difference apart from altering the gear ratio. I can't 'feel' what's transferring from car to controller, if you follow. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to deviate from the norm so early on in the game or just go for it from the off. Without being a proper car nut, I will admit I don't understand what the many sliders are supposed to do in laymans terms. I read the description of each but it's not resonating! 
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    just wondered @BarryBL if codemasters are looking to plan introducing extra tracks from 2021 realistically as a DLC ? places like mugello / Germany / Portugal? If they are not in the official calender. Id happily pay 4.99 for three tracks . Anyone else got any ideas ?
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    HI everyone, Please see below: 2020 Revised Calendar Schedule - As developer and publisher of F1® 2020, the official videogame of FIA Formula One World Championship™, Codemasters has accurately recreated the original 2020 season, which was scheduled to start on 15 March. Due to time needed to re-create the circuits in-game, it is not possible to include any of the new circuits added to the revised 2020 season. As with numerous topics on this previously, I will be locking this. Our stance remains unchanged. @MattyH1812, this topic has been discussed A LOT and this message has been added to the blue announcement section at the top of the page. Please search issues before posting 👍