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    Ford Fiesta R5 MKII - Monster Energy Assault - Ken Block - Monza Rally You can download the livery here http://www.rallygamer.com/dirtrally2/liveries/page2.php
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    We're 3 months into the life of a game that's barely, if at all, gonna live past its first birthday. My team is good enough it seems and chapeau for that. but the multiplayer is in a worse state than ever, and the lack of patches and updates is beyond comprehension. Every league I know of is already struggling to keep the disillusioned drivers aboard because despite promises suggesting otherwise, this game continues the trend of having more buggy MP than the last one. There's still countless issues from the spectator standpoint. (Startlights, leaderboard glitches, incorrect tire info, incorrectly outlined tires, still no penalties) But also as a driver there's just TOO MUCH that can go wrong and require a restart. Some examples: - Cars of disconnected people causing havok on the starts/restarts (Made worse by the fact that you cant take control BEFORE the start so there's always an ai car driving away as the lights go on and then being an unghosted obscacle. in the first lap.. with more chance of chaos as the driver tries to retake control (and there aren't even lights in my experience anymore so you better get your timing right) - Safety car still sometimes gives the instruction to overtake incorrectly and then DSQ'ing within a second after doing so (no time to slow down or something) - Safety car gets glitched out by the same bug thing that messes up the leaderboards in laps 2-3 requiring the field to overtake the s.c. sometimes etc. - Delta's are STILL unreliable. Especially on the start straight they not update/are wrong at the line. But people photofinishing behind can win, and sometimes both or NONE of 2 cars have drs..... - Screenfreezes as people join/leave sessions. - Penalties awarded by the game for things that we DONT want the game to give penalties for, cause the game OBVIOUSLY can't reliably give the correct penalties for those. we have stewards for that. - Tires in f2 being random so some people are unfairly stuck on the harder tire. - Entire lobbies glitching out because 1 driver's pc missed it's check/his game crashed. - Grip hack Cheaters (Although that's more of an open lobby/ranked issue.. in leagues they just get respectfully asked to move their folly elsewhere) - Ghosting needs to be reworked in general as it is unusable in either mode now (AI'ing disconnects should ALWAYS ghost.. even when ghosting is off) I can go on but I think my point is made. @BarryBL How is it possible that we have to wait so long for more updates? How does your statement that multiplayer is getting more attention this time around relate to the amount of updates and fixes we're seeing? Can you explain to me why not more effort is being put into testing and fixing these glaring bugs right now? We should be getting an update every 2 weeks the state this game is in. Just TRY stuff at least. it can barely be worse than it is now. The only meaningful updates that have come out so far in three (3!!!!) months are the hold button for ERS and the multiplayer car for time trial.. The first one after a huge "you think you do, but you don't" style turnaround from you guys. It was the first thing that came up in the beta and still took months. The bugs are still there. Just to compare. I sometimes play paradox games on the side. Recently CK3 was released, and just like with F1 2020, in pure Paradox fashion, it was very buggy at launch. This is where the comparison ends though. Because within a month of release, Paradox released patch 1.1. I want to invite you to have a look at the patch notes here: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/threads/ck3-dev-diary-42-1-1-patch-notes.1428193/ Now those are patch notes. Written by a company that wants to fix their bugs. AND don't want to let their customers in the dark. They contain more text than all the text in all of the f1 games combined, and are just a blast to read for anyone who likes fixes 😉 How good would it be if we could get one of those for the f1 games once. Where you read, and read, and all the things that annoy you in one way or another, just got called out by name in text and FIXED. Those developer diaries in general are super enlightening. They have us get to know the developers. what they like about working on the game. aspects of it they find cool. I'd love to know them better and have explained to me why the priorities are so far away from a stable multiplayer. IMO it is stable multiplayer that will take the game around it's lifeyear in healthy fashion. it is what gets streamed the most, gives the most exposure for both f1 and your game in general. Right now mp is only making f1 2020 the laughing stock of online racing games, and multiple leagues are already discussing moving to ACC, DESPITE most of the communities being super f1 focussed. It's just not fun anymore. We've been lied to for too long. Nothing is changing. It's getting worse every year. We went from July until now without any meaningful updates to multiplayer stability. And although the driving itself is great and fun while it works, the continuous frustrations of having to restart way too many sessions, getting the screenfreezes whenever someone joins or leaves (0,2 sec stutter can easily be your quali gone) , and the streams looking trash half the time because the info on screen is not correct, just is too much for many people, myself included. I've just kinda lost hope now myself too. Seems like you're not really bothered about multiplayer after all. For people who only play multiplayer the amount of money that you dare to ask for the buggy mess that you get almost feels like theft. Especially considering the effort that obviously went into adding a microtransaction store to the game. Something that's not gonna be able to get used a lot if people stop playing your game very early on.. But hey, I must know nothing about it, and having even the most dedicated f1 fans stop playing your game within a few months because it's just too buggy is probably a very smart move that I just don't get.
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    For the first time in my life (46 years old), I'm experiencing races I've always wanted against the AI. Races in which I am driving behind the AI for many laps and have to give everything to be able to overtake. I drive with ABS On, Full Traction Control, DRS Help On, ERS Help On, Fuelmanagement On and automatic gear change. This setup makes my car a kind of an AI car, but under human control. This way I achieve a competition in which everyone fights with the same means. The races that I experience thereby are just fantastic. I have to fight hard for every overtaking maneuver and every loss of position hurts. Add to that the driving feel, and the handling of the car - Everything is so precise and if I make mistakes I immediately know what I did wrong. F1 2020 is just a brilliant game. Can't stop driving. The developers who have balanced this setup to achieve this experience are geniuses in my eyes. Question : Does someone experience something similar with the above setting and thereby experience a very realistic Formula 1 feeling in which you hang behind the AI for many laps and has a hard time to overtake and likes that ?
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    Hey, I got them from the UK! This guys have every stickers you want! And they are able to make customized stickers for you, as they did for me. I requested Overtake and MFD for example. You can find them here: https://simstickers.co.uk/ Hope this helps
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    The patch will include F1 Performance balance F2 2020 Online fixes. Start lights, lag outs, 37 second fast laps, safety car chaos etc Graphics fixes Maybe.
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    Dear Codemasters, I dare to suggest some updates. I will focus on important things, which would significantly improve the gameplay (mostly for My team). Essentials (not having these really ruins the gameplay sometimes): 1 ) Coordinated pit stops - Some kind of coordination of strategies is essential. The most basic could be just information, when your teammate will be coming in and how many seconds you are apart. But I would really aprreciate some kind of more advanced mechanism, which would simulate team strategist. See point 2). Also, better double pitstops, if the team is prepared. 2 ) Team strategist - He would be reacting to race development, suggesting under/overcuts, reacting to SC or weather forecasts, depending also on your teammate strategy. It would be nice if AI drivers would also be simulated like this. When they come in for a pit stop one or two laps after SC, or stop for new dry tyres one lap before it starts raining it ruins the experience. Of course, some level of coincidence and bad planning is welcomed, but make it the way it makes at least a little bit of sense. 3 ) Better co-driver contract - Make it possible to negotiate about the contract length. Also, it's a nonsense to pay all of the salary at once. Let's pay him weekly/monthly with negotiable signing bonus. I like that your co-driver has some demands, but when he rejects to negotiate in the middle of the season because of the demands you were not informed about before, so it's impossible to react, it makes you want to end your career. 4 ) Better damages - I do understand, that part of the license is propably no damage to the models, but you could adapt more non-visual damages, than just wings damage and parts wear. Punctures from collisions with cars or debris, structural damages, being possible to get stuck in the gravel... 5 ) Safety car - More than one SC in a race, better behaviour of the cars (overtaking of the lapped drivers) during SC, red flag and restarts, finishing the race under SC. Nice to have: 5 ) Not so easy and predictable performance progress - If you know, that second season you will have the best car on the grid, it just takes the fun out. Make it a little bit harder to improve the car, if your base chassis is not good, but also make it possible to have a decent car already at the beginning. Possibility to start new chassis development for next season and it's stats would be dependend on RD points/money investments and pre-season testing would be nice. See point 7). 6 ) More in-depth team management - Hiring/firing staff, staff stats influencing RD generation, acclaim... At least the crucial staff like race engineers or lead designers. Being able to select from full package of events (team-buildings, PR events, simulator training...). Why should only some limited choice of events be available, it doesn' make any sense to me. 7 ) Pre season testing and car development - Your cars performance could be dependend on what kind of testing you do. It might be similar to practice sessions, but focused more on technicalities. Based on that you would get RD points and base car stats. 8 ) Better design editor - Being able to create custom liveries (shapes) with in-game possibility to input custom logos would be really nice. I hope you are working on these things, as some of these are being criticised for years now. Having all of it would make the game almost perfect for me, and I believe also others. Best regards, Otto.
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    I can't really help you about your issue, have you made sure you saved and activated the right control scheme with the change? Me personally, I also didn't like L1 as the Overtake button, so I changed the following: Overtake: A button Clutch: "View button" on the left, next to the Xbox button. I'm quite comfortable with that, I also got ERS on Hold rather than Press.
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    Short version: the Clio is rubbish.
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    Hi @HDR10, As previously mentioned, this update, alongside the next Patch, has been slightly delayed to accommodate for a few extra fixes that we have found important to add as soon as possible. Apologies for the delay, but it is coming very soon.
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    Update on this. Tag is updated to 'upcoming patch' and added to scheduling.
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    @Codemasters; I did a lot of testing and borrowed a T300 from someone else. The issue did not happen again with the other T300 Base. Although the issue with my T300 did not appear with the person who borrowed my T300 base, It just guess there's an issue with my T300 base. The ticket can be closed.
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    That can be purely graphical and have zero effect on the performance. From that (footage) we'll never know.
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    My way of getting fast: Push like hell. Crash and restart a few times. Crash and restart a few more times. Figure out where the limit is. Aim to be just below that limit in speed/placement. Be fast. If you watch my recent Twitch streams you'll see this in real time. I go from bailing half the corners to beating 100% AI on a Stage within like 20 minutes.
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    I'm continually relearning these lessons - backing off, finishing the stage, maintaining focus, not getting too 'comfortable' until the finish line is crossed. I've only ever really played games that were mostly ovals (nascar and sprint), and as hard as they try, there still comes a point in a race where you can sort of ease off the mind throttle a bit. Not so here. Let your mind wander for a second and you've hit an unseen rock 2 inches off the side of the road that upends (literally) your whole race. And I've even found myself actually going back and watching stages that I did well (or particularly poorly) on, to see what it looked like from the outside. I can't remember ever doing that in a race game before. I'm thinking about putting together a video and calling it: all the things Dirt 2.0 teaches about life. haha
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    I haven't been uploading many designs in the last few months but one of the reasons for that is this... I worked together with a friend of mine, Timothy Mabbutt, and IMG - International Motorsport Graphics on this project and we are so proud to have realised this. From starting a year and a half ago with (re)creating designs for Dirt Rally 2.0 to designing an actual rally car! It's an SRD - Sim's Racing Design original on a brand spanking new Peugeot 208 Rally4 that will compete this weekend at the Aarova Rallysprint and other rallies in Belgium later this year!
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    I use them before basically every rally. They're enormously important, and go hand-in-hand with set-ups. If you're not paying real attention to set-ups, you're compromising your performance and enjoyment of DR. It becomes second-nature after a while and doesn't take very long to change your setups once you get the hang of the various elements. Shakedowns are your 'test your setup' time and are vital. Use them wisely but be careful not to smash your car in the process! In particular, use them to test for oversteer/understeer and fine-tune your setups so you are as nimble as possible.
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    "Car repairs have... set us back a little." 😞
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    I’m guessing no.. but I bet you can expect some holiday themed liveries in the store 😜
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    If they're as fast as the WRX cars then I would find them rather interesting, especially if there's a transition season where we see ICE vs EV. Kristoffersson in a Polo vs Raymond in an electric Citroen? That'd be intriguing.
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    Actually jeff doesn't say anything that bad, but the commentators sometimes say stupid things. As a female driver you are very often addressed as "he".
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    Find it far easier to go flat out on 2020 compared to 2019.
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    Russia - First a general topic: Beside the track right after the first white line is blue surface (or the curb) and then a second white line. In the game there are sometimes grey bars, but in real life they are also painted white. Some examples: - The curb outside of turn 1 ends earlier in real life and there is more grass at the left side (the grass begins earlier) - There is only one 150m break board before turn 2. It is in the left fence in real life, but in the right fence in the game. - The 100m and 50m break boards before turn 2 are also in the right fence. - The orange bump at the outside of turn 2 is too small in the game. - Just behind turn 2 is a curb and a green carpet at the right side of the track in real life. - There is no Fanatec advertisement outside of turn 3. - The wall at the inside of turn 3 is too close to the track in the game. - The curb inside of turn 3 ends too early in the game. - The orange bump inside of turn 4 is smaller in real life. The curve is also sharper in real life. - There is a long red sausage curb outside of turn 4. - The 50m break board in the left fence before turn 5 is missing in the game. - There is no break board 50m before turn 7 in the left fence in the game. - Outside of turn 7 is a long red sausage curb. The aramco-advertsement is Rolex advertisement. Update: In the 2020 GP the advertisement was from aramco, in 2019 from Rolex. - The advertisement between turn 9 and turn 10 is from Rolex, there are tecpro-barriers outside of turn 9. Update: There is no advertisement in 2020. - The 50m break board before turn 10 (in the left fence) is missing in the game. - The red bump inside of turn 10 is smaller in real life. - The DRS activation point is earlier in real life (between turn 10 and turn 11). The advertisement is from Rolex Fly Emirates. Update: The advertisement was drom Rolex in 2019, but from Fly Emirates in 2020. - The 50m break board before turn 13 is missing in the game. The wall is right beside the track. - The Fanatec advertisement between turn 13 and turn 14 is Fly Emirates LiquiMoly advertisement in real life. Update: The advertisement was from Fly Emirates in 2019, but from LiquiMoly in 2020. - The grass on the left side between turn 13 and turn 14 is green surface in real life (the grass begins later). Update: In 2020 the advertisement is from Liquimoly. - The green surface between turn 14 and turn 15 is smaller in real life and the curb is flat less bumpy. - The red sausage curb inside of turn 15 is smaller in real life, the inside of turn 15 is painted red. - There is a white line between turn 16 and turn 17, but it is not existing in real life. - The white line and the bollard at the pit entrance is removed in real life. Update: There is a white line across the track at the first bollard in 2020. - There is a red sausage curb outside of turn 17. Update: There is no Lukoil advertisement in 2020. - The curb at the left side of the track before turn 18 ends earlier in real life. - The bollard inside of turn 18 is too close to the track in real life. Update: There is no Lukoil advertisement in 2020. - The finish line is between position 27 and position 28 in the game, but at position 25 and position 26 in real life. Thus the curb ends too early in the game. Update: There is VTB adertisement at the left barrier in 2020.
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    I’ve seen them make mistakes. The higher the difficulty the more prone they are to make mistakes because they’re driving faster. Lower difficulty and they don’t push as much and don’t use Overtake or rich mix as much.
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    "They hit the sweet spot" ! THIS is exactly what i think, too. I'm still excited about my last race in Barcelona. I drove 24 laps behind my teammate and had no chance to overtake him. This can be very frustrating for some, especially for those who want to overtake 5 cars in one lap by simply pressing the overtake button. But I think this is realistic for Formula 1. I hope Codemasters still sees it that way. If not, a slider would be optimal so that everyone can adjust the realism themselves.