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    Patch 1.11 is now live across all platforms. Please see below for notes: Vehicle performance has been updated based on real-life performance (additional details below). Livery updates for Ferrari and Red Bull. Team-wear updates for Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull and McLaren. Fixed an exploit in time trial and events caused by entering and fast-forwarding an instant replay. Fixed an issue that caused a colour mis-match between sponsors on suits, helmets and car liveries. Fixed an issue that caused the McLaren race-suit to appear broken for the player character in Driver Career. Fixed a progression issue in My Team. Fixed an issue in multiplayer that allowed the player to start a flying lap in qualifying when there is not enough time left in the session. Fixed an issue in multiplayer that stopped corner-cutting penalties being applied when quitting and re-joining a race after a formation lap. Improved texture quality on several customisation items. Addressed an FPS issue when re-joining a race Title stability improvements. Season Performance Rebalance Racing Point performance improved. Ferrari performance decreased. Alfa Romeo performance decreased. Haas performance decreased.
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    Hello racers! Just wanted to give a ‘'state of the union' address on F1 2020, its launch and our focuses moving forward with the development cycle of the game. We'd firstly like to thank everyone for the positive feedback with our new Myteam game-mode, which has been a huge success and a valuable addition to the game. We’re also delighted to see that the updates and changes to our handling model have been so positively received. We are still working towards continuing to improve our game to be the best experience it can be. We have added a little insight into our plans moving forward for the development of F1 2020 below: Firstly, we have a title update coming very soon where we have addressed the following major issues: A much-requested performance patch, bringing the game closer to the always-changing pecking order of the sport. An exploit in Time Trial and events caused by entering and fast-forwarding an instant replay has now been resolved A Multiplayer issue that allowed a player to start a flying lap in qualifying where there is not enough time left in the session. A Multiplayer issue that stopped corner cutting penalties being applied when quitting and re-joining a race after a formation lap. Colour issues on sponsors suits, helmets and car liveries in MyTeam on the PS4 Pro A Multiplayer issue where framerates will drop and lock to 30FPS when re-joining an active race session that this player was previously a part of As well as this, we have fixes currently in the testing phase for the highly-discussed issues below: A 'Leagues' game-mode issue where results do not submit after completing races A multiplayer issue where quitting and re-joining a race with a formation lap can impact race results Race Director at the end of Practice Sessions doesn't show tyre used to set time. Xbox players being kicked from lobbies with the error code H078.6443. A MyTeam issue where facilities were resetting to zero and upgrades are stuck in progress A Multiplayer issue where a host will start the race before the rest of players if Formation Lap is On - This is something still in test, as our original fix scheduled fo r the upcoming patch did not pass the testing phase. We're also aware of the following key issues and are currently under investigation as a priority with the development team: Players reporting corrupt Save games. This seemed to happen after our 1.08 update – This one is of critical importance to us at the moment, and any PS4 and PC saves people can provide to us here would be really appreciated. A Multiplayer issue where users leaving and re-joining sessions can cause game performance issues for players racing in that session. A Multiplayer issue where the Player does not see the Race Start lights display. A MyTeam issue where some players have their Facilities development reset to 0 and upgrades to these are stuck ‘in progress’ Furthermore, the issues in the second and third sections are the key issues we are currently focusing on, but have not yet found a solution for. At the moment, we are still attempting to recreate these issues in the third section, so adding your information will be really helpful. Please note that as with all issues under investigation, we cannot promise a fix for these issues. If you experience these, please send us videos, full bug reports and report codes added onto the original threads so we can continue to diagnose and aim to resolve. Wishing you all well and good fortune on your heroics into saint devote. Barry EDIT: Just to update here for others reference, F2 2020 will be coming, and is currently a 'work in progress'. At the moment, I have no specifics regarding dates, but this is something we are working towards and are committed to completing.
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    A look at the department performance at the start of a new driver career. For me the Ferrari engine still seems too powerful which is probably the main reason why they remain above Mclaren and Renault in the overall performance. For my team, the argument that the Ferrari engine needs to remain so powered for 'balance' makes no sense since it surely now makes the game unbalanced whenever a player picks the ferrari engine. It is important to remember that we'll have to test in-race first before we can really see how much performance has changed. If the performance in-race matches this then I have to admit that this patch is a little disappointing. If we had gotten a similar patch a month or so ago as a temporary fix while data was gathered for a more accurate patch this would be ok for me but for this to be the patch we get after all this time makes it pretty disappointing, especially since no changes have been made to my team. While I know many others will be disappointed may I remind everyone not to attack or insult the devs.
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    heres the bars at the start of a driver career I would have put mclaren and renault closer to RP maybe moved RP down abit and put ferrari close to them but behind all three.
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    So if you’re not a Ferrari powered car and move to them do we get the reduced engine? This is stupid if your team powered by Ferrari hasn’t been affected.
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    So according to Aarava, the Ferrari AI in MyTeam *is* affected, but player's Ferrari engines won't be. If this is true, then it's really, really stupid. Having a Ferrari engine faster than Ferrari themselves is just plain unrealistic.
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    Driving update: I must be improving, because the stages are getting harder. I was beaten up this week by Spain, Argentina, Wales, New England, Australia and Poland. Each had their own lessons to teach me, and oh boy, did I learn them over and over. One Challenge Stage I drove on Wednesday managed to stand out more than the others and prompted some questions that experienced folks might be inclined to chime in on. Do you ever just abandon a stage before terminal damage? If so, how often would you estimate that you do so? Do you ever have points in a stage when you take one too many seconds after your car has ended up somewhere off the road, or you made a miscalculation and thought "Maybe today is not the day for this stage."? How does your driving change after you've had a setback and realize this stage is way more than you thought? (if that ever happens to anyone else? Does anyone else find that there's always a "boss" at the end of stages right before the finish? Maybe I'm just too fast trying to get to the end of the stage, but I find that somewhere in the last leg, there's a corner combo or a stand of trees or a stray boulder that wait to throw you off your race. That's where I put together this video, which is part Rally stage replay and part narration. There's the doubt, and then the wipeout at the end. I'm so glad they don't expect your car to only go through those little gates at finish :D
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    Thanks for the question @GioProductions. The 2020 update for F2 is something we are committed to completing, and will be. However, it is currently a 'work in progress' at this time and there is no date set for release at the moment.
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    I really do not understand the reasoning behind this choice. I am waiting to be enlightened.
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    100% agree. Rally and RX are linked together by so many points.
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    I know it isn't for everyone, but I love how rallycross is so well - and so realistically - represented in DR2.0. I'd be gutted to see that watered down in future DR titles.
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    Why don't you make the pit limiter button work as a VSC limiter button during VSC? This would be kind of cool to have this, as the delta jumps up and down really randomly. It is sometimes impossible not to get a drive through, because the race goes green and the delta drops into the red area. Sometimes the delta can jump like 5-6 tenths within a corner. It is impossible to control unless you always leave around a second or more on the delta.
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    can we get someone who does sound at CM to put Andrew Coley's imitation of the RS200's turbo wastegate into the next Dirt Rally title?
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    If you are a clean driver, you look for challenge and want realistic races this is the league. We are always looking for drivers, if you have what it takes join us. Our discord, https://discord.gg/xAxWhAf --- Time Schedule All these times are on Central European Time (Berlin, Madrid, Paris, Rome) https://time.is/en/CET Saturday - Practice & Qualifying 17:00 - 17:30 17:30 - 18:30 Sunday - Race 17:00 - 19:00
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    Also with a perfomance decrease of Ferrari for MyTeam it would be easier to sign Vettel or Leclerc after Season 1 as it was my plan with a Aston Martin Team, but, no...
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    Same opinion from my side, thanks for nothing Codies.... So I'll stick to something else now...waited to make some new MyTeam Stuff, but not anymore now...
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    If I'm going to get Terminal I normally don't have enough time to think or pause the game beforehand 😉 Maybe at the end of a stream once I get fatigued, I'll note that I've done enough driving for the day. Restart the Stage, keep pushing, but make a mental note of that corner so that I don't make the same mistake next time. Some Stages have "that one corner" 🙂
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    Coley and getting distracted by wastegates, name a more iconic duo.
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    Whilst F1 games are going realistic every release, there is still a big amount of things that remains unreal. Yes, I'm talking about the steering wheel's dashboards for each car, which are still the "MFD" we all know. Every F1 2020 car has the same display, which is not realistic! It would be perfect to each car have their real dashes, not all of them with MFD. The MFD functions exist but I don't think the MFD itself exists in real life. If F1 games were made to be the most realistic possible, so why bother creating dashboards that doesn't even exist? It makes the cars very awkward in terms of immersion, either. Even though this remains unaltered (possibly forever), I know some real dashes of the cars, like Racing Point, AlphaTauri, Ferrari, Mercedes and Renault.
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    One other suggestion is to try stiffening your suspension (that is, set all the dampings uniformly towards the RHS, ie fast/firm, and in the springs section, lower ride height and push the others towards firm) for almost all stages (excepting say Argentina and Wales to a lesser extent). The less bumpy the stage, the more you can get away with suspension stiffness. Even Scotland and NZ I find are easier with really quite stiff suspensions. The default suspensions are too loose I believe. Then also adjusting wheel alignment so that camber and toe are closer to the centre setting. Bias it against understeer. And the same with diffs - make them generally biased against understeer. It works for me, as understeer is the killer I find. Just make sure your car doesn't spin around easily at all, which is where you've gone too far. NB the above biasing applies to FWD and AWD cars. RWD are another thing altogether as oversteer is the monster you need to kill. Apologies I know this thread is about psychology but hey, helpful setups will help your psyche!
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    But why is it open at the back? All other cars I have seen have a closed roof scoop at the back. But the article is very interesting, thanks. I know what you mean, but this game doesn't look like fun to me, because it is a fun game... 😄 They could do it a little more serious in DiRT 5 like all the other disciplines, maybe it is, maybe it just looks like a combined Mario Kart/Forza Horizon 4 clone. I still haven't looked at much PR-material about DiRT 5, because the artstyle, colours and overall presentation is just screaming "DON'T BUY ME!" to me. DiRT Rally should be rally only, the "classic" rally. DiRT 5 is the main series so to say and is the best place for a combination of many disciplines, like it was since Colin McRae: DiRT. The absolute best way would be, if Codemasters would sell all the disciplines as full sized add-on packs for one main game. So you could choose between say rally, rallycross, rally raid, hillclimb, gymkhana, trophy truck and so on. And all these disciplines would have been full games for themselves content wise. I had to laugh at that point. Do you really believe that? I bet 80% of all DR2.0 buyers are mainly interested in the rally part. At least the activity says that. And no, I don't think RX is a complete waste in this game. I own all the content, but played not much, because the AI is completely broken in this game (Hell is way too easy overall and all the other tracks are way too hard on the same difficulty for example). Especially the AI times from other heats (the ones you are not taking part) are ridiculous most of the time and destroy the full game mode for me. I'm not interested in direct PvP online racing, in any racing game, because racers are generally toxic and unfair. So a good balanced AI would have been the key for me to this mode. Cars, tracks and all are great, but unfortunately there is no point to play this. Statistics say I did 6179 rally stages so far, but only 325 heats. And most of them only because of the achievements.
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    Dear Codemasters, I dare to suggest some updates. I will focus on important things, which would significantly improve the gameplay (mostly for My team). Essentials (not having these really ruins the gameplay sometimes): 1 ) Coordinated pit stops - Some kind of coordination of strategies is essential. The most basic could be just information, when your teammate will be coming in and how many seconds you are apart. But I would really aprreciate some kind of more advanced mechanism, which would simulate team strategist. See point 2). Also, better double pitstops, if the team is prepared. 2 ) Team strategist - He would be reacting to race development, suggesting under/overcuts, reacting to SC or weather forecasts, depending also on your teammate strategy. It would be nice if AI drivers would also be simulated like this. When they come in for a pit stop one or two laps after SC, or stop for new dry tyres one lap before it starts raining it ruins the experience. Of course, some level of coincidence and bad planning is welcomed, but make it the way it makes at least a little bit of sense. 3 ) Better co-driver contract - Make it possible to negotiate about the contract length. Also, it's a nonsense to pay all of the salary at once. Let's pay him weekly/monthly with negotiable signing bonus. I like that your co-driver has some demands, but when he rejects to negotiate in the middle of the season because of the demands you were not informed about before, so it's impossible to react, it makes you want to end your career. 4 ) Better damages - I do understand, that part of the license is propably no damage to the models, but you could adapt more non-visual damages, than just wings damage and parts wear. Punctures from collisions with cars or debris, structural damages, being possible to get stuck in the gravel... 5 ) Safety car - More than one SC in a race, better behaviour of the cars (overtaking of the lapped drivers) during SC, red flag and restarts, finishing the race under SC. Nice to have: 5 ) Not so easy and predictable performance progress - If you know, that second season you will have the best car on the grid, it just takes the fun out. Make it a little bit harder to improve the car, if your base chassis is not good, but also make it possible to have a decent car already at the beginning. Possibility to start new chassis development for next season and it's stats would be dependend on RD points/money investments and pre-season testing would be nice. See point 7). 6 ) More in-depth team management - Hiring/firing staff, staff stats influencing RD generation, acclaim... At least the crucial staff like race engineers or lead designers. Being able to select from full package of events (team-buildings, PR events, simulator training...). Why should only some limited choice of events be available, it doesn' make any sense to me. 7 ) Pre season testing and car development - Your cars performance could be dependend on what kind of testing you do. It might be similar to practice sessions, but focused more on technicalities. Based on that you would get RD points and base car stats. 8 ) Better design editor - Being able to create custom liveries (shapes) with in-game possibility to input custom logos would be really nice. I hope you are working on these things, as some of these are being criticised for years now. Having all of it would make the game almost perfect for me, and I believe also others. Best regards, Otto.
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    Better driver customisation. The preset faces are a bit old at this point
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    Guys, F1 is one of the best racing games on the market. I've never bought every series game in my life, but F1 is different. first of all, thanks for listening to my post last yeaer in regards adding a 'Manager Mode' where we can create a team and manage it. Moving forward, what if we could have more tracks that are not on the traditional F1 Season, but are popular tracks in the Motorsport realm? Such examples can be all the old F1 Tracks from the moment F1 start, Notably, I would love to be able to race the new generation F1 cars on the Nordschleife, Le Mand Track, Watkins Glen, Pocono (USA), and Sepang (Just to name a few). These could of course be DLC packs which allows you guys to generate more revenue. SCENARIO MODE On top of what we already have, how about adding a scenario mode? Ex. We have the opportunity to replicate what Lewis Hamilton did in 2008 on the last corner of Brazil to win the Championship. Or perhaps when Senna finished the race with a damaged gearbox.testother historic, notable scenarios that can be found on F1 YouTube Channel. MORE CARS The current car line ups are awesome. But how about having the old school cars as well. Think back from the beginning of F1, until present times. It would be awesome yo have the option to drive any of the previous f1 generation cars (and even F2 and f3). CAREER MODE With My Team basically taking over career mode, it needs to be revamped. Similar like what FIFA did, how about creating a character from 12 years old or perhaps you guys give us an option to folloe someone's career path. E.g. We start as the 11/12 year old Lewis Hamilton meeting Ron Dennis. Then we race through the Karting series in order to qualify up towards the formula cars, and finally into F1. Based on our performance we might be offered the MvLaren seat, or we should start with a lower team in order to earn the McLaren team. Also, the decisions we make (Clothes we wear, interview questions, social media interactions with fans) should affect our career and how our peer drivers as well as teams look at us. This will seperate Career From My Tram. MY TEAM This was an awesome addition!! Let's tweak it - I love that we are not able to win everything on the first season. What if we keep everything as is, but just build on it. We start with choosing an engine supplier. But as we become more successful, we have the option to start creating our own engine units. And eventually having sister teams or new teams we buy out that they can start using our engines (More income for our team). Also, how about the ability to choose where our HQ will be located. And then within the location we choose, we are able to choose different properties for our HQ. And then we can start building in the property as time progresses. We also have an option to change HQ locations or buying bigger facilities. We should also be able to build our own test track where we have our test drivers teat new components that we develop before putting it on the main drivers cars. Also, it would be cool if you guys could approach actual real life companies where we can sign them as sponsors in the game. Smaller businesses might be interested in this or even bigger companies. This allows more brand exposure for them as people stream your games too. Also, I can envision that as a player, I have for example Samsung as my technology sponsor...and based on the money I receive and the technological Samsung powered equipment in game, I might even start like samaung in real life and even become a real life customer. just food for thought. These are somethings that would be awesome if they were implemented gradually over F1 2021 and beyond. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. My YouTube channel documenting My Team Walkthrough and tips: Minion Inc Gaming https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGYiS94GdPJ3QoIIWyWvaSZWzCHsQnlPc