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    Pretty sure I read (somewhere on here) a confirmation of sorts that the custom car in TT has the same performance values as the Merc? Maybe I’m mistaken though 🤷🏽‍♂️
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    Whoever decided to develop scotland (the complete package basically) needs to get more money. A masterpiece.
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    Ok I have a feeling funny will win this so here goes. 1. Team Name: Samurai Racing 2. History: In light of recent efforts to increase diversity in the sport. The FIA has recently allowed lizards to race. The one that scared Max Verstappen in Singapore in 2016 has returned to give him an even bigger challenge. The team was formed by the illuminati since that is the primary organisation of lizards. The team name comes from our fighting spirit. 3. Cult Hero: Me... obviously..... Im a lizard and I race a fast car and do human things in my effort to further the illuminati's goal of world domination. However the queen lizard deserves a mention 4. Sum up your journey: Had a pretty good first season for a new team, bagged 8th in the constructors with a few good finishes. Now onto season 2 and Charles Leclerc has just scored the lizard empire's first win. 5. Image
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    Hello everyone, with F1 2021 being in development I felt like creating something I would want to use in-game. Unfortunately the current replay’s functionality is pretty barebones, but has lots of potential to be improved. From the image below you can see I’ve added numerous features. My most wanted addition is to advance / go back a lap (LB / RB) and being able to see the current timestamp (HR:MIN:SEC) and lap. This solves the problem of scrolling through your replay for ten minutes when something interesting happened during the later stages of the race. The issue gets worse the longer your race is obviously. It’s also great to see which driver is in focus (more important for players new to F1) and which camera is selected. Pressing the Right Stick (RS) activates slow motion, which is in the game already (that effect sometimes happens during highlights iirc). I’ve also revamped the “Replay Progress Bar”. It now features a divider between laps so it’s easy to distinguish when a lap has been completed. Probably too gimmicky, but it also shows SC / VSC phases to filter these out / in as well. Something I’m not able to show but would like to see changed is deciding on what camera is being used. We all know that cool move you did, only for the game to decide an onboard camera facing the rear is the best option. More camera presets would be highly appreciated. On top of that I’d also like to see the introduction of the behind the steering wheel camera, featured in some of the trailers and marketing outlets. Personally, I think it has a pretty cool vibe to it and makes custom helmets stand out even more! Thanks for reading through this suggestion and let me know what you think about it. If someone from the staff would redirect this to the developers that’d be great. I’d also gladly send over the source UI / UX mockup if someone at Codies would like to improve the replay system.
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    No matter how many penalties the car in front or behind has, Jeff always says they have 3 seconds despite telling me they have 9. Xbox Latest version Wheel - TMX Any lobby, online or offline. Should be able to replicate with any car infront or behind that has penalties. https://clips.twitch.tv/BlitheMoldyNuggetsAsianGlow
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    Tell me someone has done impersonations of famous people as co-drivers - Morgan Freeman, Bob Dylan, Sean Connery, etc. I have to see that.
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    Do you play on PC? If so I highly recommend you to install the Extreme Damage Mod to drastically increase the likelihood of AI retiring from terminal damage. I'm almost certain the reason why SC seems so rare to happen is because AI hardly ever receive terminal damages naturally in the vanilla game, only when they have engine failure in specific spot of the track then there's a chance that could trigger the Safety Car. For driver transfer, based on my experience in MyTeam mode, you're MUCH more likely to see drivers switching around if you hire a driver from the current F1 grid, retirement usually only triggers F2 driver to replace them and the rest remain still. For Driver's Career game mode, I'm not sure if there's other method to make that happen more likely, but make sure you check the Driver Transfer option is ON in the setting.
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    I'm a bit late to the party but I don't think it should be removed. It's a very useful tool for casual players that just play for fun. However, I believe there should be an option to disable it in unranked lobbies. When playing at a competitive level, resetting to track can be considered as "cheating" as it prevents you to lose too much time after a spin or a crash. Would it be easy to include that as an option in the lobby settings ? @BarryBL
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    so, any chance remove "reset to track" of multiplayer races? or create the option like on or off when create the lobby
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    I’m not complaining, i was just questioning if this was the same for everyone?
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    And what is the problem? Can't Bottas take pole with the best car on the grid? Can't Bottas win races with the best car on the grid? I don't understand why you complain simply because the same driver won. Have you seen real F1 the last few years? There comes a time when you complain about anything. Well if you think it's convenient tell Codemasters to put it in the next patch and win the Magnussen races.
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    Center pivot based car rotation is an actual physics implementation used in several racing games, including rally games (i.e. previous Colin McRae Rally games and possibly even recent GT games) not just an idea derived from people using chase cam. I think Dirt Rally 2.0 does use some modified, complex form of a center pivot based car physics model. They may adjust where the center pivot point is in each car and have multiple variables like tires/surface interaction/mass play a role in the yaw rate but I still think it's there. I think using chase cam just makes the usage of a center pivot more obvious. It seems more noticeable with the shorter wheelbase cars and while using chase cam. Several people credit some of the strange asphalt handling symptoms in this game to the usage of a center pivot car rotation model. I always play with cockpit cam in Dirt Rally 2.0 but I still notice it and wish the physics model was changed to something more modern and realistic. Cars sometimes rotate and push sideways in a strange manner that seems unrealistic and unnatural. I'm not asking for change, just for change's sake. If it's not going to be an improvement over DR 2.0 and more realistic then please leave it the way it is (minus asphalt handling, asphalt handling absolutely needs to change). I definitely don't want it to be worse. I could also be wrong about all of this but I am speaking up because I think it can be improved. Like many others, I just want future Codemasters' sim titles (DR 3.0, WRC, etc.) to be even better. Saying all that, it's still my favorite rally game with some of the best controller handling I have ever experienced on any racing game to date.
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    Because if you use fast forward in Qualifying the AI will cheat, their laptimes are scripted unless you run in real-time, it's the same for all tracks.
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    Because releasing a new game every 12 mths leaves too little time to develop any particular aspect of it to be as good as it can be 🤷🏽‍♂️
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    We may have Time Trial in case of running without AI but you can't change other options whilst driving. If we have a Private Training mode like Project CARS 2, I would be grateful.
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    The way I understand things is that these stats apply to your team only, it is what you will get. In case of Ferrari engines, all other teams using that engine will have worse power than your team will have, if you buy their engine. Given that this also affects the engine manufacturers team, this is kinda lame, isnt it.
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    A little update, big thanks to moove design for sending me logos i have needed! And also to Simone Campedelli for posting it on his instagram stories
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    Probably, it was developed entirely from scratch afterall, whereas the other DLC Locations had a previous game's notes as basic reference.
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    Why does there seem to be so much more co-driver audio in Scotland compared to all the other rallies? Was there a decision to make it more detailed?
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    It's amazing. Also how minimal corner cuts (tire on the line) almost always result in a warning, whereas if you stay off track longer, the game lets you get away with it. All because of some arbitrary "if you go faster than the ai during your time off track you get a warning' rule) Everybody who has seen f1 knows that people don't get penalties for that like, ever. (although they might have their laptime invalidated) Especially not while fighting wheel to wheel. Only if they Consistently cut/go wide on the same corner 3+ times the stewards are gonna start giving warning flags. They said so literally in last weeks grand prix. No f1 driver, ever, in the history of f1, has gotten a 3 second time penalty for crossing the while line by 1 millimeter, 3 times in a race, at different corners. A big help I think would be if that.. 3 warnings = a penalty system would only apply to the same corner. (and even.. side of the track at a specific corner) so nog going wide in turn 1 on lap 1, then some silly wheel to wheel action in lap 17 in turn 8 and then in the second to last lap slightly go wide somewhere else and THAT'S A 3 SECOND PENALTY FOR YOU. That's just not fun game design. Especially if we can't even see said penalties on stream.
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    Team Name - CFB Racing MyTeam History - The dream of a determined young driver with 26 years in the sport since 2006, CFB Racing was the result of saving up every penny of wage earned from that driver's paradoxically long career. Even then, that driver took a considerable gamble to enter the sport in 2020, which was earlier than planned as a result of the introduction of the $200 million entry fee for 2021. As a result, the starting funds were modest, but still enough to allow for the team to ease its way in - to use the first season or two to build a base from which to challenge in the future. Considering his level of success in his career beforehand, that young driver decided that it would make perfect sense to drive for his team, with the hope that the second seat would help young drivers reach their potential. Your MyTeam's Cult Hero - It has to be Kimi Räikkönen. A driver who is all about the fun of racing - no politics, no stress, no stupid questions, just get out there and race. Who doesn't love Kimi? Sum up your save - A rough start, with four non-points finishes. Then came Zandvoort great qualifying and a 6th place finish. More points in Spain before a reality check in Monaco. Baku next - a second Q3 appearance, a P4 start and a shock win after jumping the Ferraris at the start and Bottas on the Safety Car restart. Another podium in Montreal, 5th in France (following a brilliant last second call to pit under the safety car whilst in 15th) and second in Austria (after pitting for inters at the perfect time). A rough home race and 2 races ruined by unnecessary front wing changes. The rest were points finishes. Giuliano even got a 5th place in Austin. Sixth in the Drivers and 5th in the Constructors. A new season, a new engine and a new teammate. A real statement of intent. A soaked Monaco saw my first pole, fastest lap and second win. The start of a streak of five wins and fastest laps. Max dubiously decided not to stay for the second half and is now sitting out the rest of the season. George came in from Haas for Silverstone - third for me, first for George. We top both championships. Iconic Image - Where we started to show the team's true potential.
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    Toyota makes a return to F1, but this time they bring in their fabled Rally partner Castrol. https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/myteam-toyota-castrol-power-1-ultimate-pack.34931/ All credit goes Double R who created it, it's a really, really nice livery.
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    ahahah codemasters will fix it ahahahahaha wait for it man
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    LOL Dude Grid's 19 car engine sound is the last that needs to be fixed .. The game has thousands of problems but i find the car engine sound one of the best ever made in racing games (and i have played many since early 90's) beside with Dirt rally 1 and Dirt rally 2..
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    I don’t recommend joining this league. Raced it for the first season then left, races are boring, drivers are inactive and streamer is annoying.