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    Jon (Armstrong) asked me to do the same by asking me if I could send an email to him explaining my wishes and sending some images. 😛 I actually made a promotional banner as well, just for fun, and it just works so well! 😛
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    It's not about driving fast or slow, I can drive fast as well, it's about driving like real F1 drivers...
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    All I can do is pass the word on, but I like this design 🙂
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    The auto exposure/ eye adaptation in the cockpit view is wayyyyy too much, especially in VR. Is there any setting to tone it down or shut it off completely? I tried changing the HDR values in the settings file but it doesn't do anything at all. Turned off bloom as well. Please allow us to turn off auto exposure! Its especially bad in VR because your head moves and that triggers the auto exposure every few seconds.
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    Another Point in real life is that all drivers have a "set mark" button on their wheels. This is to set a marker in all the telemetrie data to find it afterwards when discussing with the engineers, e.g. loosing grip in a specific corner. With the marker they can check afterwards if it's something suspiscious in the data which could cause the grip loss.
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    Full story: https://www.codemasters.com/dr2_9million/
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    This is a Systems and Connectivity issue, not Gameplay. Post a dxdiag
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    The current workaround is to use delay=2 in the hardware config for the game. Which works but its no where near as good as delay=1 was on windows 10 1903. If the timeBeginPeriod change in win 10 2004 is the cause then probably the only way to fix it will be a code fix in the game. Your programmers would know what i'm talking about 🙂 Thanks.
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    The issue is that, when you say that to the engineers, straightline speed can be adjusted by the following based on my knowledge: lower wing angles to an obvious extent, lower the ride heights of the car, increase tyre pressures, adjustments to the rear toe can also be done and I think there are also many ways than those in the game. The drivers need to also describe where in the track they are losing straightline speed, because it can also be a battery deployment aspect, where the team can adjust the deployment of the battery in the lap. If you watched the practice sessions, I think it was Grosjean who said that “there is no grip” on the track on the team radio. Now, if you tell that to an engineer or mechanic in the briefing with the team after practice, he will probably stare at you with the face: “are you serious? We need more than that”. Off throttle, corner exit, medium speed corners, low speed corners, high speed corners, change of direction in the types of corners, driving over the kerbs, run-off areas, under braking, after braking, etc etc... Accuracy and being specific is what they need to describe to the team. Verstappen for instance this weekend, commented on the wing levels being very off set. Now, if I understand that correctly, that can mean that the wing levels are not equal, like in the game I could apply it to it having 1 front wing with 11 rear wing or vice versa.
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    As I understand it, you always replace the number one driver - a silly decision, in my opinion.
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    You're completely wrong, the FIA rule is that at least two tyres must always keep contact with the kerb, the four tyres do not need to stay within the line
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    What I would really like to see in an F1 game for career/myTeam mode is that you have the base calendar like in real life which you have to do for a whole season. Then after each season you get the chance to replace 3 circuits with a selection others such as for example India, South Korea, Malaysia, Imola, Mugello, Portimao, Jerez, Nürburgring, Hockenheim, Magny-Cours, etc. But you can only replace 3 to slightly alter that year's calendar. Then after that season, you can change 3 again and so on. You could of course also just keep the calendar the way it is, or only change 1, etc. That's something that would make my wildest dream come true, as you could for example play 4 seasons with say... Russia on the calendar and then for 2 seasons Russia gets replaced by the Malaysian GP, etc. Oh the immersion this would give.
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    Using DX12 would be the first solution here. F1 2020 has been designed with DX12 in mind.
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    No its not, its a freakin mess..
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    Reactions to that latest design have been overwhelmingly positive so far. I now went a bit further and took a page out of the DIrt team's playbook and did what they had done, releasing a 'World Series' design with several colour variations for the VW Polo R5. In other words, I'll release the design coming Friday if all goes right including some colour variations.
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    SRD - Sim's Racing Design created a custom livery for the Ford Fiesta R5 Mk.II hoping that SRD_FlatOut (me) would be allowed to premiere it at the Dirt World Series Quarter Finals on the 31st October. Unfortunately, that might create issues and risk my quarter final. However, if you guys like the design and want to see it released publicly, just react to it and I'll see if it's worthy of release. When released, the car will have the option of generic windows (no names) and roof scope (no flag). So... it's up to you guys. What do you guys think? Do you want to see this design released?
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    Pretty sure I read (somewhere on here) a confirmation of sorts that the custom car in TT has the same performance values as the Merc? Maybe I’m mistaken though 🤷🏽‍♂️
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    We only have a few seats remaining, remember that you can sign up as a reserve if you dont feel confident enough 😉
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    I'd like to see your personal race data available online, without going into the game. "What's my personal best in the R5 Polo in Hammerstein in the wet?" Just look it up. I believe we had these stats online in Dirt Rally. "How does my time compare to the community at large?" Dirt Rally had distribution graphs online. Make looking up your community and AI challenge, including bonus challenge, performance available, and work more consistently than it does now.
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    I haven't been uploading many designs in the last few months but one of the reasons for that is this... I worked together with a friend of mine, Timothy Mabbutt, and IMG - International Motorsport Graphics on this project and we are so proud to have realised this. From starting a year and a half ago with (re)creating designs for Dirt Rally 2.0 to designing an actual rally car! It's an SRD - Sim's Racing Design original on a brand spanking new Peugeot 208 Rally4 that will compete this weekend at the Aarova Rallysprint and other rallies in Belgium later this year!
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    Hi everyone, I just released the version 2.1 with many bug fixes and improvements. You can download it at the usual place : https://bitbucket.org/Fiingon/pxg-f1-telemetry/downloads/ A lot of new features are planned for the future although I cannot give any dates. Stay tuned
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    No plans to change this, sorry.