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    To give a brief update on this one here, we've managed to replicate this one internally and the issue is now with developers and are working towards diagnosing and resolving. Thanks for your patience on this issue.
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    But that's the way it goes almost everywhere I am registered, in almost every game forum. Can anyone please list me any game for which you can find absolutely 0 bugs?
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    I noticed that setting strict corner cutting rule in the race options of F1 2020 has a very different behaviour compared to F1 2019: for example on circuits like Russia (Sochi) or Belgium (Spa) in F1 2019 if you drive like real F1 drivers you won't get any warning/penalties, instead in F1 2020 if you follow the racing line used in real life you will get tons of warning/penalties...in fact if FIA stewards had to apply in real F1 the F1 2020 Codemasters strict corner cutting rules, every car would get a black flag after only 10 laps. Not beeing able to drive like real drivers (especially using all the kerbs when exiting corners after Les Combes and Rivage or at Stavelot) is really no fun at all, furthermore is absolutely nonsense to put a corner cutting where there is sand at end of the kerb/extra-patch, so please for F1 2021 put back the F1 2019 strict corner cutting rules or even better make a patch for reimplement them in F1 2020. Thanks.
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    So it seems like it's been a thing since launch, but I've literally only just realised that it was a thing. In all of the screenshots saved from Photo Mode, there is a transparent rectangle in the top right corner. Every single one of my exported screenshots has this hole, except for my most recent one, where there are 9 of them because it was captured as a super-resolution screenshot. Google Photos album linked below, DXDiag report is attached. https://photos.app.goo.gl/mTm1iVPjy7rdarCJ8 I wanna know if there's a workaround for this, and/or if this might just be a problem specific to my hardware DxDiag.txt
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    I'm also an XB1 controller user. I assume you are having issues with corners such as the hairpin at Monaco? Try the some or all of these setup adjustments: - reducing off-throttle differential (as a general rule I don't go any higher than 60%) - increasing front downforce - sliding front toe to the left - reducing front suspension stiffness Clipping a little bit of inside kerb can help on some corners with getting the rotation, but make sure you now the corner and have sufficient ride height. Also I know its obvious, but make sure you use all of the track and swing it in from as wide as possible.
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    @BarryBL here’s the video IMG_3823.MOV
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    Thank you very much for the assistance! I will try them and hopefully the crash won't happen in the future. Have a great day, guys! Both of you deserve it.
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    I’m back on this, after a short sanity break. Have made a couple of interesting observations - Plugging in a DS4 controller (via USB cable) is detected by the game immediately & The controller works perfectly (even gives the “controller disconnected” message when unplugged again, without crashing the game & I can press anything on the wheel or keyboard to carry on). Funnily enough, every time I plug/unplug the wheel into the PC, Windows will play a little sound whereas it doesn’t play any sound for the DS4 ever. The Sherlock in me suggests that’s the smoking gun right there 🤔🕵🏻‍♂️🧐 So I’ll try USBDeView & SafelyRemove as you suggested at some point in the coming days then report back. ✌
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    I've found that commiting to 10-20 laps in time trial in wet conditions on each circuit helps. But I guess it depends on your skills. It's going to be more effective if you're not that skilled.
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    Thank you mate. I'll try and work on my consistency and calmness!
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    You were right it's way better 👍
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    NVM...I see the rules for bug reporting at the top of the forum.
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    UEFI 301 or Windows Flasher IDSA for updating the Intel VGA, agree with @BarryBL the graphics (940M) are not the best, start with Low or possibly Medium settings but the 940M is DX12 hardware You need to fix that Connexant driver for W10 20H1/H2 (ASUS don't have one, so a clean install would be faster, don't reinstall the 2015 ASUS driver).
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    Hi @Vaerrwenn Initial note is that your graphics card is due an update. Is this the first time you have experienced this, as running F1 2020 off a laptop, unless very high end, can prove to be problematic. Also, try DX11 and turning off Async Compute in your settings.
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    It would be great if this facility worked all the time. I've lost count of how many times I have been shoved off the track since ghosting has been introduced. The concept is great but it does not fully address the fair racing issue.
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    It would be nice to use a fisheye camera in the game. The real onboard cameras are fisheye cameras
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    Whoever decided to develop scotland (the complete package basically) needs to get more money. A masterpiece.
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    Probably, it was developed entirely from scratch afterall, whereas the other DLC Locations had a previous game's notes as basic reference.
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    HA HA! Ok, good point. Whoops. So, what you're saying is that, if the post is titled, "0 PI Challenge," the PI is zero? Now I get it! Whoever said there's no such thing as a stupid question, never read my post. Just give me a DNF for the thread and I'll move on.
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    Are you sleeping, or what
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    Hi all, To update here. Topics have been merged, and issue has been bugged and now under investigation with our developers. Thanks for the reporting.
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    I am definitely not interested in extensive team management aspects like in WRC 8 and 9. I want to stick to driver focused tasks not spend my time switching out team members because they need a rest. Drivers aren't usually team management or the head of the HR department. Dirt Rally 2.0 has the team upgrades but doesn't require any more time once that's done and I am thankful for that. I'm not really even a huge fan of unlocking the engine mapping and would rather unlock things like liveries or something unique (not performance upgrades) as a result of mileage or time spent in each car. I would rather have players be on a more level playing field so someone that doesn't play as much can still be fast in daily, weekly and monthly challenges. I know it's equal in clubs events.
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