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    Totally agree, not only the tarmac, but also the gravel stages. I find the Scottish stages fantastic in design, by far the best in the game, but the roads are 20 km of the same boring texture. All the screenshots below were taken from the same stage that is in DR2, and you can see the surface constantly changing. That kind of detail and variation is what would make the stages more interesting in a future game. Also, I think the New Zealand is a missed opportunity, they could have made the stages with two gravel colors: gray AND the color they are now (like in real life, like in WRC9...), again, more variation = more interesting stages.
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    Hi, PXG F1 Telemetry is now compatible with F1 2020. You can use it to : Compare your laps with the A.I. or other drivers to improve your driving Refine your setups Prepare your own practice programmes Analyse what happened during a race ... It is available on PC and Mac and it can be used to get the telemetry data from any platform where F1 2020 runs (PC, PS4, XBOX). You can download it here : https://bitbucket.org/Fiingon/pxg-f1-telemetry/downloads/ Any feedback is welcomed.
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    Hello, how can I install latest patch for dirt 5 (1.04) on ps5? My system says no updates. ps5 has latest firmware. dirt 5 ps5 version is 1.003.000. I tried to reinstall the game. restart my console. no updates. please help.
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    18 laps at Brazil. Host must have had TC assist switched off as I was spinning off the track for the first 6 laps or so until I realised that I had to be more gentle/smoother on the throttle. I was lapped about 4 times and still had 4 laps to go when winner took the chequered flag. Really enjoyed it though. Looks like I'll be checking the online side of the game that I've hardly used on F1 2019 or F1 2020.
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    As a single player game / modes the game is tough to beat but there seems to be a imbalance between ai aggression vs the player and v each other. The ai are pretty good to race against trying moves around outside at Singapore etc but they just loose the agressision vs each other and just sit in trains especially in rain and when drs in not been used . Would it be possible to just set the agressision to the same setting for ai v ai as they are for the player. would make the races much more fun and been in the midfifeld entertaining .
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    Hi all, I haven't been able to: 1. Access any of the clubs today. The screen only says that Clubs could not be loaded, please try again later (Club menu not opening, OK to go back to main menu) 2. Access any Leaderboard in the game- time trial, dailies, weeklies, etc. However, the bottom slider shows my position in each of the challenges I took part in today. The game launches, connects to server and loads up challenges just fine. Attaching pics for point 2, including the totally empty leaderboard. Playing on Xbox one X
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    WRC8: 14 locations, total unique 257 km, with France having most kilometres totalling almost 22 km. WRC9: 13 locations, total unique 290 km (including the 6 new stages in Portugal coming in next update next week), with Finland having the most kilometres totalling almost 41 km. Both games have several stages of 20 km and longer (in Monte Carlo, Finland, New Zealand, Japan and Chile), and all this included in the base game with no extra cost. 😉
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    There ya go. I think this is the best answer. Not only would this add more variety but it would also be adding more realism too. Killing two birds with one stone.
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    That is SIM Dashboard app for Android. The layout is my own made F1 dashboard 🙂 There are allot on the SIM Dashboard community
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    I believe F1 2011 does 1 lap 3 lap 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 75% 100% I think one of the biggest reasons for not having this many options is having to test all these modes when any changes are made. There are some problems with scaling in F1 2011 for example 🙂
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    I own PC2 on Xbox and I could never get a controller setup that was any fun to play on. I couldn't enjoy that game with a controller to the point that I uninstalled it. I think I would need a wheel to enjoy PC2. Dirt Rally 2.0 is amazing on controller. Also, assuming that they would go the PC2 route when they clearly went a different direction with PC3 might not pan out. Other studios do asphalt physics better than Project Cars in my opinion. PC3 handles better on a controller but that franchise has an identity crises and never lived up to the hype. I don't want Project Cars injected into Codemasters' rally games. I don't think PC3 handles well on a wheel from watching people's feedback. PC3 is still a fun game despite being a departure from previous titles but it just doesn't seem like a good segway into a rally game to me.
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    I'm amazed that he didn't pass out. The G-forces his body took from that deceleration would make most people unconscious.
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    If Codemaster doesn't have the decency to keep us posted on this socalled 'official Codemasters' forum, we have to find the truth ourselves; i found this post (December 2nd) on the Steam forums today: ChrisGroves18 (Codemasters) Today at 7:46 AM The latest (and first post-launch) DIRT 5 Rear View update is here, reviewing the last month of game news and community highlights! Included in here is a message concerning the next game update: After setting a tentative date for the end of November, this update and addition is now moving into early-December, as we make absolutely sure that everything is good to go and your experience in the game is further improved. Apologies for the very small delay - it'll be worth it! " In other words: we all can wait, wait, wait again. The support for this game is just too ridiculous for words...
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    Yeah. Scotland is by far my favorite. I didnt expect them to put something that difficult in lol. Almost Feels like something straight outta RBR NGP. I love it. Yes. This needs to be evolved so much and so does tire differences and wear. Plus it just looks cool. Yeah true. But maybe it could still be used somewhere. Like what if there was procedural generation for the leaves that fell from the trees on the track during autumn? Or the extra snow and rain puddles during bad weather? ooo what if when your drive past plants and leaves they get blown by the aerodynamics coming from your car? It would probably bring our PCs to their knees but I dont care. You know what I want to see? I want to see more detail on the roads especially tarmac. Just take a gander to how Germany tarmac actually looks its as if its constantly changing: A good handful of RBR NGP modded stages actually represent the different sections of tarmac on a stage and it is so cool.
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    They obviously don't even check these forums. Look at the amount of spam threads in this board with zero moderation. No support, no communication. Come on to f*#k Codies. This game was the biggest waste of money for me since Grid 2.
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    Hi Codemasters, would it be possible to reduce the length of the launching lap in Baku Time Trial? Currently one needs more than 30 seconds driving before to start the lap, really so long (also in comparison with the other tracks). IMHO it should be enough to start directly in the main straight, in the DRS zone more or less... Thank you. Kind regards, Nuv
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    75% Race Distance would be Amazing, because 1 and 2 pit stop would be equal fast. Everyone knows that in 50% Races 1 pit stop is always better then 2 pit stops. Pre race prediction of 50% Race time is sometimes equal 1 and 2 pit stops, but it is absolutely not equal, because with 2 pit stops you are losing time always behind the cars, so in 50% Races 1 Pit Stop is always faster ... In 75% Race it would be another thing ... of course you are also losing time behind the cars with 2 pit stops, but in overall you have more time to overtake those cars , so 1 and 2 pit stop would be very similar. I am playing with 50% Races, but i hate that when my teammate pitting 2x times, when 1 pit stop is faster by 5 to 10 seconds. It is very game killer for me. So we need : 100% Races 75% Races 50% Races 25% Races
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    Surprise, surprise...wifey wants to fly me and her up to Queensland for christmas. She argues that a) Covid is still around and flying on a commercial airline is a risk b) she's a better pilot then any Qantas hack (her words lol) c) if we drive she won't let me take my red italian car and she won't let me break the speed limit d) it will be hot in the car and it will take 3-4 days at least (probs 5 if I can't cruise at 180kmph the whole way lol) e) there's room in her plane for the two us, my dog and our luggage if I don't take too much useless **** (her words) f) we can hire a car when we get to Cairns. All good arguments I guess and I get the impression she's not gonna listen to my objections haha She's got a rough flight plan of 3 hops of about 800km over 3 days. Its just around 3000km by car as we'ed have to loop towards the coast where the roads are better instead of going straight through the desert, something we can do by plane. sigh guess I'm gonna spend 3 days stuck in a tiny plane with a smelly old dog and the most rule and reg conscious annoying pilot who tells me off for putting my drink bottle in the wrong spot etc.
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    Come on anybody from Codemasters at least have the decency to give us an update. This is pretty shameful on your part.
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    I've given up on this. Doubt this issue will ever be fixed. And even if they do fix it. It will be useless as i've just gone and started a new save file. Starting everything from scratch. Good job codemasters, thanks for nothing.
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    DNF sounds about right...
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    Welcome to the community feedback form for DIRT 5! If you are experiencing any problems with DIRT 5, this is the place to report it. Our Community team receive every report submitted via this form, which are then discussed with the wider DIRT 5 team to see if and how they can be addressed. SEND YOUR FEEDBACK HERE: https://forms.gle/ZraHaTN4ENtpksYN7 Using this process, we’ll be regularly updating players, on channels such as our official Discord and the Steam Forums, on what we’re looking at and any potential timelines on fixes, updates and patches. We have created this streamlined approach to reporting so that you can easily provide all the key information needed for the DIRT 5 team to investigate your issue, saving you time and increasing the likelihood of the issue being resolved. Before submitting your form, please ensure that you are playing the latest version of DIRT 5, with all relevant updates installed. If you are playing on PC, please ensure you have updated your drivers and are playing on a PC that matches the game's minimum specs, which are listed on the DIRT 5 Steam store page. Thank you for contacting us – every report is logged and investigated by the DIRT 5 and we appreciate your help in further improving the game!
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    I'd be interested in both 35% and 75% races, both seem hella cool. 35% would be my new default hands down, though. @BarryBL is this new format confirmed or just an oversight from the person responsible for reviewing the media content? On the video comments we have this tidbit:
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    Where did you read this? I personally think that a 75% race distance would be much more useful.