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    On the league races I participate on, often someone will crash out of fall a bunch of places and the commentators will say 'driver XYZ spun, I wonder what happened'. It would be great if they had the ability to rewind to show what actually happened at that spin.
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    I agree with you 100%, we need this. I have thought these before but now i think about it, game saves replays for whole race anyway, so why not that last 10s could not be possible to see as replay for commentators. Something like pop-up replay for incident.
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    Although I feel this should be expanded on a bit to be a good suggestion, I fully agree with the idea here. My suggested solution would be as follows: Save the last 10 seconds when a person retires. This would allow the spectators/commentators to review the crash and give some more perspective. If needed, disable the ability to watch it again afterwards and make the driver appear greyed out (like now) but at least enable it for a single review.
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    PLEASE and I mean PLEASE tone down the rain. I have had it rain in 5 of my 6 races in my career mode to start. Either give us an option to turn off the rain or make it rain RARELY. It's really starting to make the game unplayable.
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    Hi Codemasters, I would like to suggest a feature which could be pretty useful to the players IMHO: add the MDF panel in the Pause Menu too, in a similar way the user can change the gameplay settings while loading the screens, this would help a lot and could be more realistic too, I explain you why. Today I had a troubled GP which gave me the idea. I cannot set voice command in my configuration (like the most of the players?), therefore I'm forced to navigate the MDF with the arrows' buttons of my wheel (a Logitech G29) to change the most of MDF settings. I also use the shortcuts but all my buttons are already in use for the "driving" settings like ERS, Differential, etc, so the others remain "to be navigated", always with buttons on the wheel but to make 3-4 different clicks need a bit o focus, move the eyes to the steering wheel and this may cause loss of concentration. Mainly I'm referring to the settings which are not always used but sometimes they are absolutely necessary during a GP, like choose/change the compound for the next pit stop, modify the front wing setting, or the damage repair one. If the track has a long straight this is not a big problem, although not "funny" the same to move the focus even for only 2-3 seconds, but today I had a tricky 100% race in Monaco and I needed to make changes due to dynamic weather. It was pretty impossible to do it without losing the control of the car, I had to use some Flashbacks to get over it and it was a bit disappointing. With the suggested feature it would be much more easy, just pause the game, change the settings and come back to racing in few seconds. This would also be more realistic IMHO, because real drivers don't need to play with MDF to choose the next tyres so in our game, the player won't lose his concentration during the race anymore. If add the whole MDF system (preferred if possible) in the Pause Menu is an hard matter, it would be enough to add only the toggles shown in the picture. Hope you can have a look, thank you in advance Cheers, Nuv
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    Hi, I have exactly the same issue with GamePass and a RTX3070. Game crashes at startup. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. Game does not start. "F1 2019 generated a crash dump at: C:XXXX..." Platform PC. Xbox Game pass. What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) Can't get into the game to see version. whatever is the most recent on gamepass. Game-mode? N/A. doesnt start. We need to be able to make your problem happen internally so we can fix the issue. Can you make the problem happen again? step 1: install 30 series card. step 2: try to start game. How do you make the problem happen? see above What troubleshooting have you attempted? Please always try to attempt to fix the issue. works with my previous card (1070ti) What peripherals are you are using (gamepad, wheel make & model etc) N/A. game doesn't start Any screenshots or video of the issue? If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears. N/A. Game doesn't start The existing workaround for the steam version is not applicable here as the Gamepass folder is protected. Thanks for providing a quick fix. 669979-20201205-111329.hardware_settings_config.xml 669979-20201205-111329.hardware_settings_info.xml 669979-20201205-111329.info.txt 669979-20201205-111329.dmp
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    @steviejay69, sorry not to see answered sooner, I was so happy that the game works that I forgot to post you a message thank you for taking the time to help me, finally I did not change anything and I start the game in direct x12 and all is well
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    Oh ok. I see now, thanks.
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    Currently focus is on DiRT 5. And still post release content needs to be released. So not expect in the coming months. I think earliest might be in summer or something. We can see when DiRT 5 was announced, this was in early May 2020. This was quite some time after S4 DLC, and also after the FLAT-OUT pack DLC that released in March 2020. The only content after that is the Fiesta R5 MK2. This is part of the World Series and was released September 2020. So my expectation is still that there will still be a DiRT Rally title in 2021. Otherwise the gap imo from DiRT Rally 2.0 from 2019 to DiRT WRC in 2023 is to big, especially with the launch of DiRT5 in November 2020. About any announcement for DR3, it wont be before all the planned DLC for DiRT5 is released. Though reading this "Year 1 Edition players get access to all DIRT 5 content in the 12 months after launch, including a minimum of 12 new cars, 60 new Career events, new player sponsors, rewards, liveries, and more!". This though make things a bit different. if a release in 2021 is still being expected, than an announcement would already need to be made during when D5 content is still being released. If look to releases: DiRT Rally (PS4) - 2015/2016 DiRT 4 (PS4) - 2017 June DiRT Rally 2 (PS4) - 2019 Februari DiRT 5 (PS4) - 2020 November * *One important thing to notice about this, is DR1, D4 and DR2 is made by the DiRT Rally team. While DiRT 5 is made by an other dev team. Also investing 4 years in a WRC title wouldn't make so much sense. I don't know if the ROI would be that great. I think the DR players would also buy both games: DR3 (2021) and DIRT WRC (2023). In that case the ROI would be much greater to release both games. Also DR3 could be a bit more experimental for the WRC focused title. Also another thing to consider, after the release of DR2, not soon after that a part of the team already focused on the next Rally title (and not DiRT arcade, what they though did with D4).
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    This^ I was supposed to start my military service in 2012, but I managed to get so bad shoulder injury, so they told me to stay home. 😒 "exemption from peacetime service"
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    Please Codemasters do something about it and updated the game DIRT 5 on PS5 to version 1.04, so now I can't play for that !!! I can't start the game because I get an application error Error code CE-108255-1
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    I remember reverse-engineering this video to find out how he did it, and came up with my own method 🙂 https://vimeo.com/5151549
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    Hi @Daniel Ramos, As TT uses Online Services, your custom race livery does flag as a modification on our system, and bans users from the online arenas of the game. Please remove the 3rd party modification, then verify the integrity of Steam files, and try again and it should work for you.
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    so I am back at my old AI levels which I figured out for me. back at the top of the grid - so much fun with manual shifting, damn I missed that 🙂 took really some time to get used to it but once you have the wheel feeling you ask yourself "how could I play with a pad that long?" thanks for your advice here 😉
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    Put minimal fuel in before you go out.
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    Sorry, no idea at the moment - still waiting to hear back from them.
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    I think in regards to Ferrari it isn't so much their drivers are too fast in game but rather the other teams drivers aren't as fast as they should be. Perez is the biggest example. Despite his pace stat being decent, there is something making him far slower than he should be putting him behind both Ferrari's despite being in a better car. As Sabol said, it's probably the awareness stat, which is the same reason why Bottas is so fast despite a lower pace stat than Hamilton. (Assuming all drivers have indeed had their personnel facility bonuses removed, I still personally feel that Bottas and/or the second Mercedes car needs looking at to make sure they're not getting the bonus still). I regularly find the Ferrari's are a little higher than they should be but Sainz and Ricciardo generally are ahead of them. However, Norris, Ocon and especially both Racing Point cars are underperforming which is making Ferrari's AI performance look better than it should be. I find Vettel is pretty close to Leclerc in Qualifying but in races Leclerc definitely comes out on top more often. And although Vettel is having a really bad year and his stats could be lower, I feel like they're fine based off his previous form. He's had one rough year but last year he was very even with Leclerc and it probably wouldn't be unrealistic to say he might well perform at his usual level again next season and this year is an anomaly. For that reason I think Vettel is fine in game. If it was a single season game they sure his stats should have been lower. Honestly though, this is why the game needs to give the player the ability to change driver (and team... would just be adjusting numbers of each of the three chassis, aero and engine categories) stats ourselves, similar to how other sports games do. Would allow us to personalise the game as we see fit and take some pressure off the devs in getting performance updates released, especially when half of the playerbase disagrees with some of the performance changes. I'd have dropped Bottas' awareness and increased Perez's months ago if we could.
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    The track map screen in the "My Team" and "Career" game mode in F1 2020, which displays the "live map" during different sessions and the weather for each session; is there any chance in the near or distant future you guys at CodeMasters would add the turns numbers for all the tracks on the "live map"? The turn
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    Might as well just wait till next year at this point. Just release the next F1 game with both current F1, and F2 cars for the start of the season. This mid cycle "update" for F2 is complete nonsense this year, even last year. It's almost December and the end of the F1 season... Too little too late on this matter Codies. Promise may be delivered on eventually, but its just... far too late to matter IMO
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    Hi CM, what about a new let's call it Training mode, similar to TT, but only private I would say and with some features like it follows... After choosing the track/time/weather/etc. (like TT) the player could choose how to play: - select the compound Soft - Medium - Hard - select laps number (1 or +) - select tyre wearing on/off - select starting wearing for each tyre - select the starting fuel amount - select on/off for fuel consumption - select on/off standing start This would allow a player to better simulate race pace, compare compounds, test the first lap, etc. without being in a GP/career with other cars around, retry and of course save best results like if it was a TT ranking, just made up only of player's own laps/sessions. Besides the leaderboard should allow the player to set filters about any toggle (e.g. all the compounds, or only soft, etc. + X <= tyre wearing <= Y + ...). This would be very useful for how I play this game, but of course I don't know if it may be appreciated by the most. I throw the idea there... Thank you for reading Kind regards, Nuv
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    dont forget the track conditions...
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    If you don’t know what I mean by the title I was referring to the replay mode you are able to see at the end of a single player race where you can watch the whole race from any driver and any camera angle. But in multiplayer, of course you won’t be able to watch it because of the countdown. So I suggest to have an option on the results page after the race to be able to download it, or have an option in the lobby before the race begins to have it downloading while the race is happening. I think it should be added because it could either replace the highlights feature as they don’t seem to be the best as they miss the overtaking and occasionally stare at the fans more than you. Benefits could be that they help in league races as you are able to watch the race from multiple perspectives rather then just one or two, additionally YouTuber can use it to show custom made highlights of a race.