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    Renders it unplayable for me, completely breaks the illusion that I'm playing the 2020 F2 season. Such a shame.
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    HEY CODEMASTERS and HEY @BarryBL Do you have in plan to update Drivers Performance in F2 2020 ? You know i am asking this, because now it is very unrealistic in your game. Artem Markelov is the best A.I. in your game, in real life he was almost the weakest this year (He finished 18th in Championship). Mick Schumacher the World Champion of F2 2020 is almost the weakest A.I. in your game (He is on average 15th in your game). I dont know how other people think, but for me its a game killer if Drivers Performance are Unrealistic. I dont know how hard it is to make it realistic (I mean programming or other things ...) , but i hope you will update this problem with F2 2020. In your game F1 2019 it was amazing with F2 2018 and F2 2019, it was like in Real Life Drivers Performance, but this year it is very bad.
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    @BarryBL Why you did not answer ? Drivers Performance are broken in F2 2020 and that is fact ... Is it really hard to make it realistic ? F2 2020 would be 10/10, but those unrealistic results are killing the game. You just need to make it like in F1 2019 game, there was very realistic results in F2 Series ...
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    I'm definitely agree with you Sabolc we need to fix F2 DRIVERS performance becuase markelov was vey bad this year and in the game it's almost always first or second even schumacher ilott tsunoda and other top f2 drivers was always in the midfield or in the last places f2 2018 and f2 2019 drivers performances on f1 2019 game was excellent but in this f1 2020 are completely wrong this game in my opinion it's the best of codemasters for current gen i waited for 5 months f2 2020 season because it's the best season of f2 and i wanna play a lot of championship with differenr real drivers... please we only ask you to fix f2 drivers performances codemasters do a great job this year especially with performance patch for ferrari and racing point that put finally this cars in the right places on the grid can you do the same with f2 2019-2020 drivers? sorry for my english guys i'm italian
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    In this latest update the cars have broken hitboxes on some tracks when u gat close to the wall it registers as if ur touching it and slows u down as well as with ai which makes racing a pain in the ass sinc u can't make most of the track limits. plsss fix soon.
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    Hi Will there be 2020 cars? I have some wishes ... When you play rally you can choose new tires, I think it can do on Rallycross as well, choose used or new or wet tires. so that joker tactics when you go into the joker so I think there can be more choices on the spot
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    What i think they should have done is this. The lower the team at the beginning of the game them the bigger the R&D tree. This will mean that theoretically, when all teams are maxed out with nothing else to purchase, then performance should be the same. This will mean any team could get to the top first or fall to the bottom with R&D resets at end of season and changes of regulations. So the bigger teams don't pull away, then the lower upgrades for the smaller teams are cheaper so they can catch up to the midfield and the top upgrades are expensive. Hope that makes sense, does in my head haha.
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    So we have finally got f2 2020 but the new drivers are not in MyTeam which is a slight bit disappointing imo, unless if that driver stat update from a few days ago was to get ready for these drivers and codies will give us another mail to make them available?
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    Great launch to T1 for sure! Also how did you survive with those supersofts!? I wonder if F2 cars can get punctures as those percentages are mega high... I was so close to snatching that P2 from you, but I certainly didn't deserve it after all my mistakes 😅
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    Ok, got it. We clearly have different oppinions about this matter and I don't want to ruin my or anyone elses day. We (my friend and I) might try a clean installation of Windows ect. as you stated. Thank you for the tip. Only thing I want to say, is that it's really unfortunate that there are multiple reported cases similiar to this problem. Main thing is to get the game working as it should. My point was, that we should not deny the possibility that there is something wrong with how the game installs or in the fbb of the game, bacause I am not the only one with this issue.
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    fun race for me with podium on the end
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    And of course no communication from the people at codies, nothing. If they would actually talk to us about what is happening then this discussion would end. i just don’t understand why they can’t say if the new f2 drivers are coming to my team or not in the future its the same time and time again they just never communicate to us
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    I've had feedback from the developers on this. This one is 'by design' here. With the core objective being to drive through the gates, developers have decided to ensure the gates are visible regardless. I can empathise for users individual preferences here, however, keeping the gates does make a lot of sense, and makes the text at the start of the program follow a logical pattern. Without the gates, this description makes little sense to the program.
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    F for those who waited until the F2 2020 DLC to start their My Team because they wanted Tsunoda, Shwartzman etc.
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    From what I could tell you won't get anything that will play on both consoles but they all should do a console and PC. I've just started out and went with the G923 a few weeks ago. I wasn't really considering rally at the time, or at least not to the point that I would be wanting a sequential and handbrake. I'm using B button HB atm but keep losing track of it. ***When the shifter arrives I'll try paddle up, shifter down + hb***. So whilst it isn't as powerful or as quiet as belt/DD the only real drawback is no handbrake without modding the 'B button' or shifter, but then losing the shifter and nullifying the warranty. But for games that don't use handbrake I think it's great, though not at RRP. I've yet to try out the dual clutch and the new buttons, and even the RSB/LSB buttons that were on the G920, don't yet work on some games like DR due to covid delays on updates. Also not convinced by the 'trueforce' vibration. It only works on a few games and, maybe I'm just not in tune with it, but for the most part in ACC it just makes it sound like you're on a skateboard. I've read iRacing is better but I'm on xbox. I'm using the dining table with the pedals screwed to some lengths of wood which rest against the wall to stop them moving. Some videos say put a box behind them but this will end up bending and breaking the cable. I have some more as a frame behind the office chair to stop it rolling back. A rig is on the horizon. I don't know whether I'd go as far as fanatec when I change but perhaps the CSL kit depending on what TM are doing price wise at the time. ***Or I'll do the more sensible thing and mount it on the right and paddle shift gears with the shifter as HB.***
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    PJ, your doing a fine job here. Nothing will bring the past back nor should it be faked. The "old crew" were unique in how they worked, what they liked besides gaming, etc. I said this before, though: When they popped in here, it was in a light hearted way, not drudgingly like it was part of the job. Sure they got pelted with many questions, and some complaints, but they posted enough other things (memes or whatever) to show they where one of us, passionate about the title, and just plain human. I doubt it did anything for sales in the grand scheme, but it made US fans of the games even more and fans of them. I guess they enjoyed talking to our bunch, we had enough in common about our passions and probably picked up some Subaru knowledge from @tbtstt 🙂, I believe they came here on their own time. It just linked us all to the human behind a credit line in the game that many may never look at (unfortunately). If the new devs don't see a value, that's their personal choice, but without them coming here this thread would be dead and gone long before it made it to 1659 pages. Stay safe
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    I'll list some of the things we have which are also considered popular in other Finnish families: Baked ham ("Joulukinkku", Christmas Ham) Rutabaga casserole, carrot casserole and sweetened potato casserole Freshy salted salmon (my favourite by far) https://finland.fi/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/26265206-350x525.jpg Rosolli salad 1727153-700x461.jpg (700×461) (finland.fi) These are the ones that are the most popular I believe, after which there are a lot of different choices such as if you want to have potatoes, vegetables and fish (hot or cold). Then foods that are enjoyed usually outside of the Christmas meal: Rice porridge 2490-riisipuuro_paiviniemi_visitfinland-jpg-700x378.jpg (700×378) We usually have this on the morning of Christmas Eve. There's usually a single almond hidden in it and apparently you can make a wish or something when you find it. The thing is that I usually find it on the first spoonful of porridge I eat 😁 Christmas pastries, gingerbread cookies and glögg (though I drink non-alcoholic which may even be the more popular choice) You can't hide from these. I wish it would even be cold here. Some years it's -20C here, sometimes it's closer to 0 😕
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    Only available for time trial and championship mode? This is a joke, most players play online mode, career mode and My team. It doesn't make sense. It is the same as EA updating teams in FIFA to play only friendly matches.
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    Started a new team after the patch, still Raghunathan, Sette Camara and Hubert to choose as teammates, no Armstrong, Shwartzman or Tsunoda.
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    You can't even use F2 2020 cars in CAREER mode it appears either. So, A slight bit disappointing?? It's far more than a slight bit disappointing to me. That's the whole point of having the F2 2020 drivers; so you can build your team and mode with CURRENT drivers, not drivers from over a year ago. Another case for making Codies realize the next F1 game needs to be released with the 2021 F2 driver roster, not just a copy and past of this new update we just got As you said, hopefully there's a fix incoming for this; but given how long this update took to begin with, I'm not going to hold my breath. Used to have alot of faith in these guys but the way this year's game has panned out I'm seeing why many others around here have been beyond frustrated over the past few years. Hard to believe we waited this long for this, just to use them in "grand prix" mode. The good thing about this update is that it's free, I guess you get what you pay for.
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    When a VSC ends in the game, then it is not very consistently when you are not on a delta anymore. The game just says VSC ending, wait for green. Then it sometimes takes forever to get green, and the risk of getting a drive through is high, because the delta is not very predictable. So a countdown timer when VSC is ending would be nice. The it could count down from 5 seconds, and you would still drive under delta, but you would have a better feeling of how to manage that. Right now it is a gamble every time.