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    In this latest update the cars have broken hitboxes on some tracks when u gat close to the wall it registers as if ur touching it and slows u down as well as with ai which makes racing a pain in the ass sinc u can't make most of the track limits. plsss fix soon.
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    HEY CODEMASTERS and HEY @BarryBL Do you have in plan to update Drivers Performance in F2 2020 ? You know i am asking this, because now it is very unrealistic in your game. Artem Markelov is the best A.I. in your game, in real life he was almost the weakest this year (He finished 18th in Championship). Mick Schumacher the World Champion of F2 2020 is almost the weakest A.I. in your game (He is on average 15th in your game). I dont know how other people think, but for me its a game killer if Drivers Performance are Unrealistic. I dont know how hard it is to make it realistic (I mean programming or other things ...) , but i hope you will update this problem with F2 2020. In your game F1 2019 it was amazing with F2 2018 and F2 2019, it was like in Real Life Drivers Performance, but this year it is very bad.
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    Just set an Xbox world record with that thing so you can take your gate and keep it 😉 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/834006247
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    So my desk is actually a rather sturdy corner desk so that wasn't really an issue, what really made a difference when I moved to the rig was that I was no longer using my rotating computer chair 🤣 So if a rig is out of reach (they're certainly expensive) do whatever you can to replace a computer chair with something else, something more solid. I've seen camping chairs suggested when could make sense if you get the right one.
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    I use Dri 2 on everything as the base rotational resistance is way too high. What's weird is it almost seems mechanical because it seems to change resistance even when it's not powered. I've come to the end result after a lot of time of just setting it one way and leaving it alone for every game unless it's something older that wants less DOR. Everything else like FFB strength should be set in the game. I also think being able to move the wheel quickly in DR is a great boon. You're basically drifting 60% of the time. I have triple screens I use for racing, but not full time so they also spend the vast majority of their time as a standard desktop. Any time I want to race I have to drag out my wheelstand, drop my chair as low as it'll go, attach my shifter to where the arm rest used to be, crawl under my desk to plug stuff in, pull my monitors forward, and carefully try to lower them without them slamming into my desk on top of speakers. Even then my seating position is weird. If I don't do all of that then it everything I drive has this mass disconnect because everything feels like I'm sitting in a truck. The considerations are the same, but most sim guys will tell you to buy the most expensive stuff you can't afford. Personally I have zero experience with Logitech, and initially bought a TM wheel. It died within a week. So I returned it and got another one. It died that day. I sent it back and got a Fanatec setup. Everything about it was immensely higher quality, and to date ~5.5 years later the only issue with it I've had is the rubber texture on the wheel.. center... hub thing breaking down (which is common for rubber, and I took the wheel apart to clean it and the alcantara to new) and a load cell for the brake pedal dying, which they also do. The only thing I don't really like about Fanatec is they kind of nickel and dime you. My wheel came with ~6 cables to connect to Logitech pedals and stuff I'll never use, but my (I'm pretty sure I didn't pay this i.e. I think it raised in price by ~$100) $250 shifter doesn't come with a USB cable. That's quite literally an additional $20 to use USB so I can actually use 7th gear. You won't get a wheel that works on everything, but if you have a PC I recommend one that works on PC and PS if you want to play GT. My wheel actually works on PC, 360, and PS3, but Sony and MS got real weird and annoying about controllers last gen. It actually initially worked with PS4, just like my standard earbuds with a mic worked as a headset until Sony decided they could milk money and literally patched compatibility out. Considering you can't use DS4 with PS5 I'm thinking the wheels won't work either, but I don't know. MS this time around said you can use your old controllers. I don't know why if you had a PC you'd want to play Forza on Xbox. MS had already made a commitment to the play anywhere or whatever. DD only works in supported PC titles. I will say, Austin Ogonoski put in WR times (or close to) using a G27, single monitor, and a lawn chair. Take from that what you will. Only recently did he upgrade.
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    @BarryBL Why you did not answer ? Drivers Performance are broken in F2 2020 and that is fact ... Is it really hard to make it realistic ? F2 2020 would be 10/10, but those unrealistic results are killing the game. You just need to make it like in F1 2019 game, there was very realistic results in F2 Series ...
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    It is hard to compare anything. I, and probably most of us, start with a low budget wheel (mine was dfgt) attached to a desk with a normal chair. In the meantime I bought better equipment with a playseat, a Thrustnaster ts-pc and a VR. Yes, it feels so much better and I very much like it. But also I myself got much better in driving and get good results. Offcourse I like it more with good results, but don't think it is all from the equipment. It is partly because with good equipment I have better feedback but mostly because I got better in sim racing.
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    Renders it unplayable for me, completely breaks the illusion that I'm playing the 2020 F2 season. Such a shame.
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    I'm definitely agree with you Sabolc we need to fix F2 DRIVERS performance becuase markelov was vey bad this year and in the game it's almost always first or second even schumacher ilott tsunoda and other top f2 drivers was always in the midfield or in the last places f2 2018 and f2 2019 drivers performances on f1 2019 game was excellent but in this f1 2020 are completely wrong this game in my opinion it's the best of codemasters for current gen i waited for 5 months f2 2020 season because it's the best season of f2 and i wanna play a lot of championship with differenr real drivers... please we only ask you to fix f2 drivers performances codemasters do a great job this year especially with performance patch for ferrari and racing point that put finally this cars in the right places on the grid can you do the same with f2 2019-2020 drivers? sorry for my english guys i'm italian
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    Don't you use like 270 though? Seems like a F1 rim would work fine for you.
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    PJ, your doing a fine job here. Nothing will bring the past back nor should it be faked. The "old crew" were unique in how they worked, what they liked besides gaming, etc. I said this before, though: When they popped in here, it was in a light hearted way, not drudgingly like it was part of the job. Sure they got pelted with many questions, and some complaints, but they posted enough other things (memes or whatever) to show they where one of us, passionate about the title, and just plain human. I doubt it did anything for sales in the grand scheme, but it made US fans of the games even more and fans of them. I guess they enjoyed talking to our bunch, we had enough in common about our passions and probably picked up some Subaru knowledge from @tbtstt 🙂, I believe they came here on their own time. It just linked us all to the human behind a credit line in the game that many may never look at (unfortunately). If the new devs don't see a value, that's their personal choice, but without them coming here this thread would be dead and gone long before it made it to 1659 pages. Stay safe
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    Virtual Reality please.
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    I don't suspect we will hear much, if anything at all, until the end of 2021. As much as I want a new Dirt Rally game, I want them to take their time and put the new console hardware and PC GPUs to work. Whenever they decide to release information on the next rally game, really hoping they decided to cut the cord on previous gen hardware and to wow us with a new engine, visuals and an updated physics model. If it's the same people on the team that made DR 2.0 then I am very optimistic about the next entry.
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    DEAR CODEMASTERS, Can we please have PSVR dlc back for Xmas? thank you - A paying customer.
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    Are you on PC? If yes then we do 100% races on weekends, no vehicle assists.
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    I have the same issue but I'm playing with 2 Logitech G29 Steering Wheels on PS4. I can't use them both. Only one works as P1 and the other is on and the ps4 button is working normally but he doesn't reacts as P2. There is no error code visible on the screen. He keeps saying that P2 needs to click the 'options' button. I can still play splitscreen but only with 1 steering wheel and 1 dualshock controller. I'm playing the 1.05 version on PS4. Can someone explain this? I'm trying this for days now and nobody got a answer.
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    On ps4 I am able to play with 2 controllers, 1 steering wheel and 1 controller. But not 2 Steering Wheels.
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    Hello codemasters, is this simply going to be ignored here? We haven't had a response in days, no status on what happened. If this doesn't have a solution, find a way to compensate us with part of the product's value, since for some of us it is not 100% functional and there is nothing we can do. Thanks! @BarryBL
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    Yeah I gave up to. I have send a mail to codemaster and they say it's by the development team. I hope this will be fixed because I buyed for 500 euros a second setup to race with my brother. Really sad about this🙃
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    Looks like we've been rewarded with that problem. I've searched the entire internet for anything that could help, I've tried everything imaginable to the unimaginable in search of a solution. The support for the game is also bad. The only answer we've had so far is "in the tests we did it worked", ok but not in mine. I give up
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    Yes, PC. @BarryBL Yeah @RamboDoBrasil, its my first F1 game and I bought it because the split screen feature attracted me but its highly frustrating not being able to play this mode. I've tried all on my side. My system is compatible, my hardware too. All drivers are up to date, games heavier than this are working perfectly fine. I just don't know what to do with this, my frustration has gone over the head now. I did not pre-purchased this game to face such problems. The game would have been a 10/10 for me if I had not faced this headache, its completely perfect otherwise. Amazing creation!! All I can do is hope for a correction update to be pushed soon. I request you people at codies to look into this issue with more importance as this is a matter of customer satisfaction. I understand that there are new bug reports coming up each day and our problem is not being faced by many but an issue is an issue, right ? We wouldn't have been going mad after it if it didn't meant anything to us. Por favor !!
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    1. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. There are no error codes visible. The second steering wheel doesn't react on any button only on the ps button. So I can't join the race with 2 steering wheels. Only one steering wheel reacts. 2. What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) I am using the 1.03 version. 3. Game-mode? Splitscreen 4. What are your replication numbers? Minimum test attempts are 4. Please also add EXACT replication steps for us to try too. I tried to restart my game and only use the steering wheels instead of 1 controller. I also tried to start only 1 steering wheel and start the other when I was in-game. But it all didn't work. I tried is for >20 times. I also restarted my PS4 many times but it didn't work. I also tried on many other accounts and just 2 wheels at 1 profile but it still don't work. 5. What troubleshooting have you attempted? Please always try to attempt to fix the issue I can still use a controller but it is less exiting. I also can't equip the Logitech G29 setup on the menu. Its only possible for the 1st wheel but the second one doesnt reacts. 6. What peripherals are you are using (gamepad, wheel make & model etc) 2 times a Logitech G29 for Ps4 7. Any screenshots or video of the issue? If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears. I don't have any screenshots because nothing will appear on the screen.
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    I have the same issue but I'm playing with 2 Logitech G29 Steering Wheels on PS4. I can't use them both. Only one works and the other is on and the ps4 button is working normally but he doesn't reacts. I can still play splitscreen but only with 1 steering wheel and 1 dualshock controller. I'm playing the 1.03 version on PS4. Can someone explain this?
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    Hello everyone and welcome back to the new look Codemasters forums. We hope you like it! We are still doing some poking and prodding, so if you see anything that is amiss or not working as expected, please do let us know. You can post any issues you find in this thread here, or if you’d rather, you can email us at community(at)codemasters.com (replacing the (at) with an @). Don’t forget to let us know the browser you’re using and device type!