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    Teaser shot DR3 swing man cam #not
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    I looked it up yesterday. Actually it was a comment of one of the Xbox Ambassadors, not an actual employee of Microsoft, but like me kinda of a spokesman. I will post the link tomorrow. And to be honest, I guess he is more referring to third party and wheel manufacturers stating it’s to expensive to create a specific SDK for a “few” users.
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    Beware you need to upgrade your Fanatec stuff too. V2 will not work on PS5 if you have the Xbox version etc.
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    thanks @BarryBL The pit stops happen from the third lap onwards.
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    NB the Xbox One X has had this feature with all games for a long while now, not sure about the S though
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    CM did an amazing job on MyTeam and I love it so far. I truly hope they are going to expand on it in 2021 and here are my views on your points and some suggestions of my own: -> More management elements like hiring engineers, strategists, mechanics would be great. Furthermore: hiring department heads would affect how well each department runs. Maybe you could even try to "steal" e.g. a rival team's head aero engineer through negotiations much like you already can with drivers. (Imagine deciding on getting an Adrian Newey kind of guy to join your team to advance your chances the next season, but with the trade-off of a huge price and angering a rival team.) -> More livery, helmet, suit, ... options would be the greatest thing, but I think we can all agree that CM isn't gonna let go of the Podium Pass / Shop system. That means we won't get a real editor anytime soon. They will want to bring out new stuff regularly as rewards or in the shop. This however shouldn't be a problem if they go with a customisation system like this: underlayers for liveries, suits and helmets. These are basic shapes which can be colored and is pretty much the system we have right now in F1 2020, extra overlay elements I would like to call "themes". These overlays could be used to give a real identity to your team as they can be applied over the basic underlayers of your livery, suits, etc. and tie it all together. These themes could be unlocked in the same way as the liveries do. One condition though: a theme is unlocked for everything (livery, helmet, ...) at once. Otherwise the whole point would be lost of course. I'll try to explain with Mclaren 2019 livery and suit as an example (see below): underlay: basic livery with orange, a black base, a blue back and a blue-black frontwing. The suit is blue with an orange diagonal. overlaying "theme": the little triangle shapes that tie everyting together on both the car and the suits. Other real life examples of possible themes: the little stars on the back of the Mercedes that helped keep their identity with the switch from silver to black or the iconic yellow nose on the Red Bull that has kept the Red Bull identifiable for more than a decade (although their liveries overal don't change that much). Going into a new season you can decide to keep the general shape and colors, but make a subtle change with the theme (like Mclaren did in 2020) or you can change the overal color but keep the theme like Mercedes did. Both would result in a new livery that still connects to the same team identity. -> I like the idea of developing your own engine. Also more fleshed out partnerships with other (bigger) teams to help advance your development would be cool. The wind tunnel is a great example! This would be really great for a startup team with little resources and who don't have good departments and department heads yet. -> Other customisation suggestions: more freedom in decal placement: scaling, moving and rotating + multi tone colors to better match your livery + customizing car numbers. Also more control on sponsor customisation on suits and helmets. adding your chosen engine supplier, #WeRaceAsOne, Pirelli, F1 logo, etc. as decals to mix up your livery and look more in tune with the rest of the grid. more options on you badge (combining them with more color variantion). Also having the badge shapes as decals (e.g. the Red Bull or Alfa Romeo logos on the side of their cars). some sponsors want you to use their company colors (e.g. pink BWT Force India) but will pay handsomely if you do -> Other gameplay suggestions: more drivers from F2, F3, Formula E, reserve drivers, the Hulk, etc. The younger ones also evolve with passing seasons and join the F1 ranks more frequently. reputation and relationships between you and other drivers, teams, engineers, press ... which will affect what contracts you can get, what engine manufacterers want to supply you, what junior drivers will be available, etc. The whole wind tunnel thing is again a great example of something you can only get if you have a good relationship with another team. more random events and more challenges in later seasons. Examples: drastically changing regulations that "punish" the player (e.g. Ferrari's engine troubles in 2020), a bad sponsor that has screwed you financially (e.g. Rich Energy) or maybe even drivers gettin ill and be unable to drive. other teams liveries change (slightly) between seasons as well. This could be a licensing nightmare though. Maybe the "theme" as explained above could vary a bit while their colors, sponsors, etc. stay the same througout the game? being able to port your character and MyTeam career from the 2020 game to 2021. Maybe only allow a 1 season save or reset most development from a later save to keep balance? -> Minor suggestions: watch your race when you simulate post-race highlights show the most interesting bits of all the cars. A new option "personal highlights" still only shows your bits.
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    After what's been happening, I'd say that calendar is strictly provisional.
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    Already did it. Currently all drivers are up to date.
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    Fog is intentional. Maybe if there was a dedicated Series X version it could be optimised but it's in there now for a reason.
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    Hi @DimitarKaloshev Your wheel is not on our supported wheels list. However, I'd recommend deleting your hardware.settings.xml file, deleting the controller from your game, verifying your Steam files, and trying to add from scratch.
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    Getting back to DiRT Rally 2.0, I've started playing it more actively again as I'm not ready to start a "new" game yet (most of my evenings this month are spent building my YouTube channel); I almost forgot how addictive Daily Challenges were, still the best feature in the game in my opinion (Clubs and Time Trial a close second and third). Anyways, I recently got an Xbox Series X and can confirm a few things for those curious: DiRT Rally 2.0 supports Quick Resume. You can switch your console off, turn it on again tomorrow and pick up right where you left off, even in a Service Area. It'll take a second to recognise your wheel and connect to RaceNet, but it works a treat. Stages load super fast, I'm talking 4 seconds even for the long ones. The game also boots super quickly too, though if you're using Quick Resume you'll never see the splash screen again. My wheel worked fine right away, as Xbox Series X supports anything you can plug into an Xbox One. Anecdotally it seems to be a locked 4k60 now (Replays 4k30), whereas previously it would float between 1880p and 2160p depending on the scenario. Screen tearing pretty much gone too though it was only evident in Poland for me on Xbox One X.
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    From what I've been told (because we had the same thing in DiRT Rally 2.0), Fanatec doesn't have an SDK for Xbox, so you're relying on the default Microsoft SDK for wheel support. This is the main reason all the fancy knobs and switches (and some force-feedback options) aren't available with Fanatec wheels on Xbox. I can't comment on Logitech (I'm not involved in the dev side of F1 2020) though GRID supports TRUEFORCE . Rally doesn't though we may be looking at adding it in if we need to do an update for other things.
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    You hope EA tests it? Have you ever played an EA game before? 😂 Fact of the matter is the whole gaming industry is guilty of this practice. It sucks bigtime.
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    Jumping in here with my first comment. I loved reading this thread as I found that a good AI difficulty is a huge factor in having a good, immersive F1 game experience. In the past, I tracked my difficulty adjustments myself. Since I started discussing this with some friends we just ended up taking a few days to build a basic tool (F1Laps). It allows you to track your myteam/career progress & AI difficulty. The tool also calculates our average difficulty & difficulty adjustments per track, which we've published here: https://www.f1laps.com/pages/resources/f1-2020-game-difficulty-by-track (updates daily). Our adjustments are not super consistent with the calculator data -- I guess it's another case of each one of us having different track strengths & weaknesses, and not enough aggregate data yet to smooth out individual inconsistencies. Personally, my own approach mostly relies on my previous seasons. I prefer setting the difficulty based on how I perform "realistically" - even if it's not consistent with the "average" driver.