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    Micro transactions will hopefully not be in the next game I personally prefer the old school way of unlocking content by completing tasks/challenges, fair enough if its like classic cars, tracks or drivers for example then a paid dlc is fine and I'm sure all fans would agree but basic in game content should be free or unlockable
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    For a one year game they need to remove micro-transactions and make all items free. People hardly ever revert to previous racing game except to race on missed tracks or drive classic cars, so what's up with having to pay for **** that will becomes obsolete in a year's time???!!!
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    I think what you've said @BarryBL is exactly what we are all saying, its cruel and we understand why it cannot be a mandatory game feature but the least this needs to be, is a toggle game option, we understand the casual players and that you need to appeal to them but for the hardcore player base, this would be an addition that is well overdue. I believe Aarav and Ben Daly have included it in their 'future ideas' videos for the past three or four years. With the power of next generation, there, in my eyes is no valid excuse not to make this an option to the player base, that can be turned on and off, similar to the safety car rules.
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    I just had a really close race in Hanoi chasing down Gasly with everything I've got for 1st place. He was leading by about a bit more than a second for more than 10 laps, but I finally managed to get DRS and cut down to about 4 tenths, expecting to have an epic run down the long straight with him on the last lap. Then his car broke down right before we hit final lap. I felt so dirty that I immediately took a shower afterward 🤮
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    Making it an option satifies both sites I would say
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    Random failures for the player could be heaven or hell. If they ever implement failures, there should be an option to toggle it on or off. For myself i'm not so much interested in failures which cause an DNF, more like small failures which gets you noticeable loss of speed, different handling etc. Maybe only partly. - Think about your engineer calls you in the middle of the race that they found some heat problems. You shall switch to lean fuel mode, try to avoid slipstream/dirty air and you loose an decent amount of power. After random count of laps your engineer say it should be solved and you shall try to push. - Or your box say they found a drop in tyre pressure on e.g. front left and after two laps they decide to bring you back in for another stop. - Or you will get elctric problems during a race and you have to stay away from the curbs to survive. Same should be possible for AI. This would bring in much more fun. If you have only 5 laps to go, you are 10 sec. behind and you notice some problems on the car in front. You would push like hell and if you are lucky you get him or his problems are gone after 3 laps.
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    Running on Steam and had this issue too. Deleted the files as suggested in the attached pdf and this got the game running, however it does throw up a crash report every time I exit the game still. RTX 3080 with latest drivers clean installed (457.09 10/29/2020)