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    Disagree, you're not grasping the market and people. I love driving and handling, realism to the max including damage, broken steering, suspension bits, leaking coolant etc. But the game would be pretty ***** if it only had sandbox mode and a timer. The sim part is a foundation for the game, the actual game becomes the campaign, online components incl TT, customizations, achievements etc etc. You're looking at this from a very limited user perspective.
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    Many players need more motivation than simply "here is a car, go drive" 😉
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    Sure, but it's also their job to make the official F1 calendar in the game. So if at this point those circuits are part of it, they more than likely have enough time to make them.
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    I can‘t connect with the online Services in F1 2020 Error Code 500:H
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    yes true @bn880 , i want real damage car model, hardcore mode on Dr 2.0 is bad , and how is possible to drive with very hard setup and you drive easily on off-road part ( finland australia ....) same for the brake when player drive only front brake but he have never problem with brake. exemple on PCars 2 if you drive with only front brake your car have problem ( hot brake you have bad effect on braking ...) , if you drive with very hard setup on bumpy road you have very bad effect when you driving , if you push your motor in max, the motor have problem .... personally i want really damage for DR3 for info i drive in brutal mode on PCars 2 😉
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    A guide for anyone who wants to take their screenshots in DR2 to next level and this demonstrates what a proper photomode in DR 3.0 could be like. I hope Dirt Rally 3.0 will get a proper photo-mode!
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    Yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!! whos coming to Southern Ohio Forest Rally 2021 to see the Subies ? Im there this June for sure , even if i have to sneak into the forest , LOL.
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    Next episode rain and mud yes yes yes ....
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    wow this place is quiet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! any news on new Dirt 3.0 ?
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    Does it do it on any other racing games?
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    Handling and feeling are clearly the most important thing to get right, and DiRT Rally 2.0 almost nailed it; I am sure (because it's been discussed at length) the dev team is aiming to get that 100% spot-on in future projects. That being said, you can have the best physics in the world but if there's nothing to do in a game then it's all for naught; GRID (2019) had this problem as the driving was great but activities were lacking. People know this thread exists, have done for a while 😉 That doesn't mean that every single post = thing that comes in a future game, but if there are trends or minor tweaks that line up with what the game designers have planned for a future title, then lots of people are going to be happy 🙂
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    I became unsure if I'd want to like this post thanks to the last sentence 😁 Also update on the snow thing: It's not stopping. It seems to be closer to 20-30cm a day here. It's also getting colder. Temperatures around -10C now which means they are freezing the local ice "rinks"! The trouble being that it's a bit hard to freeze them when there's 20cm of snow on top of the ice xP Here are all the ice rinks in the Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa area. Red basically means that the icing has begun, with green meaning that you can skate on it. Gray is unknown (basically meaning that the work hasn't been started). There are quite a bit of them 😅
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    Wifey otw... she finished up as acting SL this evening and is flying herself over before the sun goes down tonight (its a 4.5 hour drive here from the city but 20 minutes across the gulf by her small plane). I have to drive 1.5 hours to the larger nearby town to pick her up from the airstrip (ie a flat bit of dirt with some runway lights), looking forward to this, I've barely seen her for 2 weeks. Her 35th is on Sunday, I'm going to buy a lobster and make some salad...while her gift isn't ready yet (come on Ford!) she can have her birthday surprise anyway. So glad I've lost a lot of weight, my old catholic school uniform fits perfectly lol
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    Hi, replying in this topic following the bug report template: - Description of the issue: Since the patch from August, I'm not being able to play F1 2020, everytime I try to start the game, the EGO Dumper screen shows up. I've sent the Report a bunch of times, but no fix yet, even with other updates. - Platform: PC - Version of the game: can't tell, not even the first screen appears. - Game-mode: single-player - Can you make the problem happen again? YES! - How do you make the problem happen? Just opening the game. - Troubleshooting attempted: 1) I verified the files of the installed games a bunch fo times; 2) Reinstalled the game; 3) Reinstalled Stea; 4) Update NVIDIA Driver - Peripherals: None - Any screenshots or video of the issue? If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears. My STEAM ID: 76561198322460330 I've also sent an email to Codemasters Community with the log of dxdiag, my steam save and hardware settings.
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    I hope they will include at least all the tracks from the original calendar and the actual calendar from 2021, and give the choise to change the order of the tracks in career modes (so we could manually put Australia in November instead of March)
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    I've heard back by the way, and it does look like there are some technical hurdles with doing this for DiRT Rally 2.0 and how it's set up to call and distribute data from the servers. On the plus side its on the team's radar for the future, so fingers crossed something comes of it.
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    I was with you until you said this bit. It's discounting the importance of gameplay and also thousands of players and that's not really kosher. The fact is that it needs to be a sim but also needs a lot of feature improvements and fixes. The first post in this topic has the list of features people have requested/suggested and if they ignore 99% of that and hit only physics, well, that's going to lead to very poor reception and client dis-satisfaction.