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    There have been intermittent slowdowns all week but this is the first one where I've been notified that servers will potentially be going down for a while.
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    There is no Update for Formula 2 Drivers Performance !!! You just nerfed A.I. of Artem Markelov and thats it ... There is still very stupid and unrealistic results in Formula 2, Mick Schumacher is still 12. to 14. in the game ... And i dont want to talk about new bugs. I cant choose SS Tyre in Australia 100% Feature Race for the start of the race 🙂 All A.I. Drivers are started with SS Tyres and i cant chose that Tyre xD I cant believe guys 🙂
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    Can you just expand? Game in the menus?
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    Your credits and staff/cars should come back, if the connection is back. I had that too many months ago and it is very frightening at first, I know. I think I don't even try to start the game today, just in case. I have around 87 million credits at the moment and I wanna brake the 100 million mark this year 😃 Don't wanna risk it. I'm VERY curious if the dev-team learned from this for the next game. We will see...
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    Hi, I alredy tested it in Dirt Rally 2.0 and in The crew 2 and all work fine..
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    Hi @Monzie83, I have to thank you because your topic and more precisely your quoted UPDATE, helped me to solve my problem and finally get the radio working on the PS4, even using a steering wheel! In fact I did several attempts in the past but, I don't know why , I was always using my own headphones, mics, etc. rather than trying with the supplied earphone/mic. Now it works like a charme! In case other steering wheel players are in trouble with the radio controls on PS4, here my steps: 1) turn on the PS4 with the steering wheel already plugged in; 2) click the steering wheel "PS" button and enter the account (the PS4 mainscreen appears); 3) with the supplied earphone/mic already connected to a controller, click the "PS" button of the controller, after few seconds it will say the mic has been connected; 4) now it's enough to normally play F1 2020 with the steering wheel, the radio commands will be recognized through the controller's microphone (which should be positioned close to the driver, mine is right behind the steering ring). Cheers, Nuv
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    461.09 Actually, seeing as you have a hybrid laptop it might be interesting to see if the issue goes away if the desktop driver is also WDDM 2.7. IDSA https://downloadmirror.intel.com/30148/a08/igfx_win10_100.9168.exe (again, you may need to uninstall your existing driver and install without internet)
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    With next gen consoles finally here and id expect a new game compatible on next gen in the future surely it would be possible to maybe do a co op career of some description that included car upgrades throughout the season. That imo would be the best thing ever aswell off course hopefully an almost bug free game. Interested to hear people's thoughts.
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    DDU the display driver. Restart without internet and reinstall your latest display driver without customisation. Delete the hardware_settings_config.xml Start the game after verifying Steam files and go into the menu and select the Low preset. Set the framerate cap to 69FPS. Enable the Steam FPS counter and see if it maxes out (69) if it does, up the preset to Medium and restart the game. When you are hitting around 60FPS during regular gameplay then you have found the right setting. Let me know how the lag is then.
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    1. Platform : PC 2. Report Code : ERPM-PVGD-KABP-AXTG 3. Date and Time: Since Season Pass 3. @BarrylBL I've gone through the links you provided, I can see the server and get a green light from both links. The XML writes <OnlineServiceStatus> <ServerStatus accessible="true"/> I will post the DXDiag later on today.
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    I only wondered as the dxdiag listed an LG panel, but that might well be the internal unit. Often people don't realise the extra load it puts on a GPU to simply duplicate a display.
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    Hi @steviejay69, yeah I don't have a spare monitor so I have stick to my laptop.
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    Go to YouTube and find a video by Jarno Opmeer the F1 Exports Maestro , the title is My F1 2020 settings. He is using a Fanatec CSL Elite, his settings are very basic because he is just interested in going fast but you are not alone with understeer problems as I found it hard to get rid of mine on a Thrust master T300 the main thing that causes it is the set up of the car not your wheel settings and the most important thing of the settings is the tyre pressures as they affect tyre temperatures and this affects the grip in a big way just as it does in the real world of F1 , luckily I found this out while experimenting with set ups at Marina bay street circuit where of course corner grip is vital , Now you have the ability to control the pressure of each tyre it is excellent as you can control the temperature of each tyre individually , less pressure to cool the tyre and more to make it run hotter. I ended up with all four tyres running different pressures and it made a huge difference to handling .When the tyre is at the optimum temp it sticks to the track but only if you have the rest of the settings sorted . Watch this YouTube video and it will explain all you need to know , this is how I worked out the tyre temps thing. although he dismisses the tyre pressures as unimportant in the video ( clever work) Anyway this is the video title 'How to master the set ups in F1 2020 - Marcel Kiefer' another Exports Maestro so he knows what he is talking about which is refreshing . Enjoy your new found grip when you hit the sweet spot it is such a joyful moment and worth the time it takes , Regards. EDIT: I just noticed you are using the 2019 version of the game so the stuff above will still be relevant to a point but if you notice that Marcel Kiefer refers to 2019 set ups having less front end downforce importance in the setup requirements but other things are relevant . Here is my FFB setting for 2019 who knows it may work on your FANATEC set up as well depending on the settings on your actual wheel From top down = 100 60 65 53 0 OFF 360 this setting actually got rid of my major understeer problems regardless of car set ups but I found it helpful to add between 8 and 15 to wheel saturation in game wheel settings which has the effect of making the cars wheels turn faster than you are turning the steering wheel a sort way to make a lower ratio steering rack this is very helpful at street tracks like Monaco to get round the Station/ Loews hairpin corner etc
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    @steviejay69, OK so went into Driver Career mode and into the practice sessions for my race, and sitting there for a few minutes, Jeff comes on the radio again and lets me know I can use voice commands. Seems like if Jeff doesn’t want it to happen, it won’t 😂. Luckily it looks like if I enter Grand-Prix mode, it activates, and consistently so. Time trial mode it doesn’t. Good to have a workaround, although it’s definitely a bug.
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    Tough question, given the fact how Massa (freaking Massa) performed with that Car 2008. There's quite a good chance that could have happened. But from my experience, Schumacher was never the best Reifenflüsterer (Tyre whisperer). The rule changes requiering Tyre management during those years would have probably to his diadvantage. Ther's a good chance that he might have learned it. It would have given us the real Hamilton and Schumacher fight in 2008 though. (I'm getting Klitschko vs. Joshua Vibes)
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    Sounds like you are back racing, good stuff. Will close as 'solved'. Thanks for the feedback @kismazsi74
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    Hi @ReimvomSchleim Happy to hear you like our changes, and yes, we’ve been able to see how players are progressing and have rebalanced the amount of XP required to level up to give players a better podium pass experience based on how everyone as a whole plays the game.
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    You can change your settings back in the Workstation at any time. Here's an example for you: F1 2020 - DX12 2021.01.20 -
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    Can you add a video of this happening. You should be able to choose your setting at the start of the save. Did you have the casual settings on last year? You may need to send the save over to us. How to copy your Steam save for F1 2020 Browse to where Steam is installed, usually this will be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam Browse to \userdata\xxxxxxxxx\ (where the x’s are your unique user ID) Right click on the 1080110 folder (this is your F1 2020 save) and select Send To -> Compressed (zipped) folder Copy that new zipped folder and send it to us at community(AT)codemasters.com (replacing the (AT) with an @ - remember to add a link to the thread you are talking about in the email)
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    Hi, Thanks for adding your issue. However, we require all bug reports to follow the templates below. This is critical information Codemasters needs to be able to see your bug clearly. Link: Please add your bug report onto this thread or I will not be able to replicate or diagnose
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    Mod please ban this offensive user name. It's not funny.
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    issues again........ "The server refused your connection....."
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    Yay! First migraine of the year, my hayfever is bad so I know what's causing it. Today's a write off