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    I finally got to DiRT Rally 2.0 in my coverage of every PC rally game ever on YouTube. Shame the capture wasn't quite as smooth as it was on-screen! If anyone's really bored, here are my previous Codemasters ones: And if you've got even more time to kill, here's the full playlist of 147 games (and rising): https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYDobL0b26ugFuXASCIC9qmFb9_k4_fqU
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    @MacNitro @ochonpaul @SushiKilla @Den3 @Unm4rk3d
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    Hi! I would like to join the Italian GP and beyond. The team is Renault. Regards 🙂
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    Here is my hardware settings file. Motherboard is a TUF GAMING but it's INTEL/ASUS. Yes I tried DX12, the newest one, and even back-rolled them to the old ones. I'm done.... unless you guys can fix it for me at this point. I hate it too :(. Also included a text file from my system information window in windows. hardware_settings_config.xml 1.txt
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    Maybe some good footage for the developers 🙂
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    The final entry in my 10-part New Zealand livery series - a nod to e-sport's influence in 2020 😆 This is Ethan O'Hagan's (emuga12) Peugeot 208 R2 that he's competing in for the RaceDepartment Rally Championship: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ethan-ohagan-racedepartment-rally-championship-2021.39139/
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    Micro transactions will hopefully not be in the next game I personally prefer the old school way of unlocking content by completing tasks/challenges, fair enough if its like classic cars, tracks or drivers for example then a paid dlc is fine and I'm sure all fans would agree but basic in game content should be free or unlockable
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    New livery! FORD FIESTA R5 RALLY2 STEELBOOK EDITION Available on http://www.photo622.com/crdigidr24.html or https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/categories/dirt-rally-2-0.184/ Picture in the ARTWORK section.
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    They're doing exactly what it looks like - nothing.
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    Still alive and growing! Version 1.8 is now live Now with: - progress bar - support for Dirt Rally 1 - estimation of optimal RPM range - many other improvements