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    Hi everyone, Just a short update here as I am delighted to announce that @steviejay69 has joined our Moderator Team @steviejay69 needs no introduction to regulars of the forums, and will be working alongside myself, @UP100 and @1512marcel in providing support to the F1 2020 game through the forums. His knowledge and troubleshooting advice, especially on PC, is a invaluable asset to these forums and he has helped many people get back racing, as well as being a regular contributor to the Forum Championship and BETA tests throughout the years. Please join me in welcoming Steve to the team. 👍 Many thanks, Barry
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    Can confirm, the last bit is rather hard. There was a previous game that had a lot of work trying to get it to work and be first party compliant, but there were problems finishing it. It was intense and hard to get working right.
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    Thank you tarrantino for your response. Had it been a longer distance I don’t know how long the safety car would have come out for, but since it was 25% distance it was only out 3 laps, which I believe is the maximum for this race distance. Thanks for your reply, Bicarda, this is the first time in the F1 games over several years I’ve seen this. I didn’t realise it was a feature and am pretty impressed by it.
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    It's been a while since I last created a design but I've managed to wrap another beauty up for you guys... Grégoire Munster / Louis Louka - Skoda Fabia R5 - Monte Carlo Rally 2019 https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/g-munster-l-louka-monte-carlo-rally-2019.39402/
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    Yes to both. I had a storm in Austria and the safety car came out until it cleared a bit.
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    Can you post your DXDiag please @Nematsu Does this also happen with other games?
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    The further you go, the greater number of XP you require to level up. I’m at level 25 and need over 6000XP to level up.
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    I think I will make a video on youtube because is very complex. I think that it would work in future titles because what you do is to emulate a new controller. If Codemasters don't delete the x axis it will work.
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    @steviejay69 thanks for your reply. Accordingly to link you provided: 1) Check the servers are not experiencing issues There is no issues 2) Check your account my xbox live gold account is paid and active 3) Try a Hardwired Connection I've tried both wired and wireless connection, as I mentioned before. 4) Fully shutdown and reboot your console or PC I fully shutdown and reboot console few times, even turned off from power for an hour 5) Make sure your system is fully up to date Both xbox and F1 2020 game is up to date 6) Restart your Router I did it few times. I also tried another network and mobile data. Also I did check network from xbox console for multiplayer games etc. and everything looks fine. On Sunday I even reinstalled F1 2020 game. I don't think that could be my network configuration issue because I'm able to join lobbies and sessions in F1 2019 game. Also other games works fine.
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    To update here, we have a fix in test and have this scheduled for a upcoming patch. No exact ETA on this one at this time.
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    Please perform basic connectivity tests and report back.
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    I HAVE SOLVED THE PROBLEM!!!!! there is an option with vjoy which assigns you an x axis and you can play with a generick joystick
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    Must say I haven't had it happen in a race I drove in this game. But in f1 2019 we've had multiple occasions of rain causing the safety car and I assume It's still in.
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    Hey @PJTierney , had a Look , all Fixed now. Send my thanks to the Expert again , dont know why this keeps happening, but at least seems quick to fix.
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    I remember the game used to display a message saying it would only connect you to other players that have a good connection to you for voice chat, I dont see it anymore because I use the party chat. Maybe the terms for matching are stricter this year? Who knows.
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    I'm pleased if you found my ramblings helpful, sounds like you are having some serious fun there , it shows that you don't have to spend thousands to get some racing (and crashing ) done , its just brilliant isn't it , most people that I know don't get this kind of thing but its a blast if you are into motorsports. Singapore and Monaco are for wheel users only unless your a masochist I like them both but not a big fan of Silverstone if I go there I really make the most of it and set the weather to thrashing it down and slide round at a snails pace. Your choice of tracks are in my favourites list as well . I find it odd that quite a lot of F1 fans do not like the Valencia Port track saying that you had little chance of overtaking there yet they revere the track in Monaco a track that is more suited to go karting than modern F1 cars , I think if the Valencian track had been sited in somewhere a little more glamorous and awash with money then they may have responded differently , I love it there , I lived in Valencia for a year in the 90's and the Codemasters people really captured the light and the way it feels there , amazingly talented artists that make the games, its like going on holiday every time you race somewhere , pop down there soon and get a bit of sun. Enjoy.
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    You should only receive a penalty or warning from the game if all 4 wheels cross the visible white line. You can have laps deleted on this game for running 1 tyre on certain curbs in quali, whilst all 4 wheels are still well within bounds of the white line. In f1 they cut corners massively and use the run offs to their advantage, the game restricts you from exploring the full width of the track. Regular is too lenient, strict is too strict. There should be a "Realistic" setting that allows you to drive the tracks the same way real F1 drivers do.
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    reading some of these posts from January, I'll say the same thing that I have been saying for more than 10 years. Dirt Rally (not including DiRT# anymore because of the direction it has gone) needs to be able to save the replays. It seems that the tech is 90% there, but realistically I am sure that last 10 is harder than the 90 that is given, however. None the less something that is editable, customizable, and flexible enough to make content that is beautiful should be included, much the same way photo mode should be. I am biased, I worked on the "Confront the unknown" video that was shared internally at CM a long long time ago.. Had a sequel in the works for a while using only the game, but got frustrated with only limited cameras even with mods. Personally I think videos can make a impact on the promotion of the game as well, much like is put out by the Publishers. I have talked to a few at CM in the past about how much is lost not having any type of custom cameras. There is so much art/scenery/sound that is lost not having these. I am sure this can show some warts of the game at times, but those are already done showing some of the crazy unintentional physics the game has from time to time. TLDR: There is a lot to like about DR Titles, but as I have stepped away from it for a while and explored some other simulators with long histories. I am seeing it more of a game on rails than a flexible simulation.
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    Teamname : Tag Heuer Castrol F1 Drivers : Beitske Visser Nyck de Vries
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    6 days left for me in paradise, wifey is back in Australia now but working next week. I'll be home next Sat to give her the birthday present and I gotta get myself organised to go back to work on the 18th 😞
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    Hi @BarryBL and @steviejay69, I format my PC recently, and the game is loading again now. I've played I few races and had no problems.
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    2 new liveries! ASTON MARTIN V8 VANTAGE GT 4 - CLUB 622 and FORD ESCORT MKII R.U.S.T. Available on http://www.photo622.com/crdigidr24.html or https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/categories/dirt-rally-2-0.184/
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    It would be great if you can have the option of having your team name on the rear wing like the Williams / Hass / Renault and choose the font style
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    Under those conditions in real live / session would be stopped! unfortunately too often these conditions as well in Multiplayer/ and too often rain in all modes overall ...